Full Moon in Pisces 2021 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Get ready for magic when the Full Moon in Pisces 2021 illuminates the sky on Monday, September 20th at 7:55 PM EDT. This particular lunation happens shortly after Mercury trines Jupiter, a lucky aspect that casts an optimistic glow over the evening. When you mingle this energy with the intuitive power of the Pisces Full Moon, you have the perfect recipe for making dreams come true. What you feel can become real – visualize the future you want and allow your instincts to show you the way to make it happen.

That being said, emotions are elevated. Everyone has a case of the feels – be mindful of other people’s feelings…and your own. An evening devoted to self-care will restore your sense of balance and keep your feet on the ground.

Als: something seems to be coming to a close this evening. The Full Moon in Pisces 2021 may feel like the culmination of a long, emotional journey. If this year has been trash, consider this your green light to take that garbage out to the dump and release it. Let go so you can be ready to start new things when the Moon zips into feisty Aries at 11:13 PM EDT. Why carry the old baggage into the future? You can go faster toward your desired destination if you travel light.

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Pisces 2021 Tarot Readings with The Sugar Skull Tarot!

Full Moon in Pisces 2021 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: King of Cups reversed – Don’t let your emotions douse your fire. Ground yourself.

Taurus: Six of Cups – An old friend reemerges. Revisit the past – but don’t get stuck there.

Gemini: Ace of Swords – A brilliant new idea comes out of the blue. RUN WITH IT.

Cancer: The World – A situation comes to a perfect close. You did it! Pat yourself on the back!

Leo: The Lovers – Choose love, not war. Let every decision be made from the heart.

Virgo: Three of Wands – A change is on the horizon. Take a minute to set new goals.

Libra: Seven of Pentacles – It’s hard to remain inspired when you don’t see rewards. Keep going anyways.

Scorpio: Six of Swords – Put the past in the past. There are zero reasons to look back.

Sagittarius: The Tower reversed – The drama comes to an end. You’re out of harm’s way now.

Capricorn: Temperance – Why rush things? Good things take time to develop. Slow it down.

Aquarius: Ace of Pentacles – A golden opportunity is on the way. Things are about to change for the better.

Pisces: Judgment – What’s done is done. Focus on the life you want, not what you had before.



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