Talkin’ Tarot with Shaheen Miro

by Theresa Reed on October 1, 2014

Talkin’ Tarot With is a monthly feature designed to introduce my readers to different tarot readers from our wonderfully diverse community!  Each month, I’ll be asking various tarot readers 3 questions about their tarot philosophy and style, plus pointing you to their websites and blogs so that you can learn more about them!  I like to hand pick tarot readers that I feel are talented and interesting.

Shaheen Miro

Some readers walk softly but carry a powerful message.  That’s how I would describe Shaheen Miro.  He seemed to float in an out of my orbit for a few years before we eventually connected.  I’m glad we finally did.

Shaheen is a gifted writer and a gentle soul.  His dedication to his craft and clients shines through in every lovely post he writes.  From articles such as 7 Ways to Make Time for Stillness to his weekly readings with his very own Tattered Nomad Oracle (yes, he designed his own deck!), he’s helping and inspiring tarot fans all over the world. This free spirit describes himself as a “spiritual nomad” and  says “you have to go where the wind takes you!”  From what I can see, the currents are sailing strong yet softly for this gypsy soul and I cannot wait to see where his journey takes him (and us) next.  Keep an eye on this guy, friends.


Shaheen Miro is an intuitive reader, tea leaf reader, energy worker, fashion designer, artist, writer and spiritual nomad. He is the creator of, Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle, A deck of 43 Lenormand style cards for divination and introspection. Shaheen coaches people to live more consciously through spiritual practices such as spiritual cleaning, protection, and intuitive development. To read Shaheen’s writing or to learn more about a reading visit his Blog.

Connect with him all over the inter webs:

Website: Shaheen Miro

Twitter: @ShaheenMiro

Facebook Page: Shaheen Miro Insights



Check out his fabulous answers to my questions below:


Q: What is your philosophy about tarot reading?

Shaheen:  Tarot is a language. You work with it, becoming fluent which allows you to tap into Universal wisdom, and your higher self. This line of communication can help you gain clarity and understanding about you path, and all the things that are at work around you. This insight is constantly blooming and unfolding around us, sometimes they are subtle messages, and other times they are earth shattering. Sadly, most people have grown numb to this natural process connecting with the energy around us.

Luckily, the Tarot creates and organized point of reference for you. The cards slow down and organize the constant stream of information that is swirling through the atmosphere. This gives you an energetic snapshot of what is happening, where you are and what you are manifesting in your life. Which is awesome because if you don’t like the energetic story you are telling, you can change it!

Q:  How do you feel a client might get the most out of a reading with you?

Shaheen:  I would say the most successful readings are with people who are open, and ready for change. A reading is a partnership in which you and I will access the energies at work in your life, the more open you are… the more information we get! From there we can get down to business and create a plan of action.

A session a process of self-empowerment, it allows you to realign with your goals and intentions so you can consciously manifest the life you want. Most of my clients comment that they feel as though they’ve had a conversation with an old friend, whom they’ve never met… and seem to know things about them. This always confirms for them things they knew, but didn’t trust.

Q:   What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring tarot reader?

Shaheen:  My best advice for an aspiring reader is to trust yourself! Every step of the way, trust the information you are getting, and try not to second-guess yourself. Always notice what is happening around you. A reading is a living thing… it happens in the cards, in you the room you are reading in, and in your spirit. Your intuition is the string that pulls the whole thing together.

And stay humble because you’ll never stop learning. The cards have a sense of humor, and sometimes they make us think, throw us for a loop, and knock us on our butts. But as you grow, the cards evolve with you. They are a tool, but never forget you really have all the tools inside of you… they just make it more fun!


Massive shout out and love to Shaheen for making time to talk tarot with me!  Get in his groovy world at:  Shaheen Miro Insights



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