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It’s not a secret: I LOVE to teach. My favorite? Live, in-person events. I teach everything from beginning tarot, intuitive tarot, astrology basics, business astrology, as well as some super-duper specialty workshops on creative ways of using tarot. If you love learning live, my classes and workshops might be your jam!

Here’s a list of all the cool classes and workshops coming up:


Pens and Cards: A Tarot Inspired Writing Workshop with Sarah Selecky and Theresa Reed

Pens and Cards: a day full of tarot exploration and writing with author Sarah Selecky and moi. Date: October 13th. Location: Skybarn, Prince Edward County, Ontario. SOLD OUT!

Astrology For Total Newbies at Boston Tea Room. Date: Wednesday, October 10th Location: Ferndale, Michigan.

 Are you interested in astrology but intimidated? Worried that you can’t make heads and tails out of those mysterious symbols? Wondering what the heck it means when someone talks about rising signs and transits? You don’t have to worry or wonder any longer because Star School is in session! In this two-hour introduction to astrology, Theresa is going to walk you through the basics of natal chart interpretation with clear, easy to follow instructions. No astro-babble or complicated lingo. Just straightforward, jargon-free (and fun) explanations geared for complete beginners. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have a working knowledge of understanding how to navigate your astrology chart. For this class, you’ll need a notebook, pen, and a copy of your natal chart. You can get that for free by going to or

Intuitive Tarot Reading at Boston Tea Room. Date: Sunday, October 14th. Location: Ferndale, Michigan.

Learn how to trust your gut and find your own unique interpretations for the Tarot cards!

Sick of relying on the little white book? Find yourself interpreting the cards…but it doesn’t seem to be coming from you because you’ve got Rachel Pollack or some other tarot author stuck in your brain? Do you get intuitive hits when you lay down the cards but have trouble trusting them?

We’re going to change that in this two-hour workshop. I’ll show you the secret (surprise!) intuitive tarot hack that will get you tuning in and finding meaningful interpretations…without having to rely on a book. When you trust your gut, you are going to create a living, breathing, three-dimensional tarot reading. Join me and let’s get your spidey-sense tingling and your tarot readings popping!


More classes will be added as info becomes available.

Want to host a private class? All the details for that are right here, pardner.