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October 2017

October promises to be chill for the most part but we have one major shift happening: Jupiter will leave justice-loving Libra and head into mysterious Scorpio on the 10th. More on that in a sec.

Let’s begin by talking about the brilliant Full Moon in Aries on the 5th. For me, the Full Moon in Aries is always when I begin planning my upcoming year in earnest. It’s like a “reset button” of sorts – a chance to clear the old to make way for the new. Anyhow, this is a great moon for starting fresh on any thing – or for quitting something (ex: a bad habit). Just be sure that you’re not being rash. Take inventory of what needs to go in order to make space for your next big thang.

On the 10th, Jupiter will slide into Scorpio, where it will sit until November 2018. Jupiter is all about expansion and optimism. In watery, passionate Scorpio, it may be time to dig deep and figure out what you really want. Once you are clear on your desires, you must then go in, all the way. Keep in mind that the energy between Jupiter and Scorpio needs a bit of handling. The expansive, optimistic Jupiter may find intense Scorpio brings wide extremes. Excess and over-indulgence could lead to major issues. You’ll want to watch that you don’t go overboard or into obsessive control-freak mode. By all means, go full throttle but know when to pull back on the reins. Sex, rebirth, and power are on the agenda for the year ahead. You could get more of the above…or too much to handle.

Venus moves happily into its ruling sign, Libra, on the 14th. After weeks in nitpicky Virgo, things lighten up and romance is in the air! For single peeps, this could be a good time for getting your flirt on. Do mingle as much as you can because being seen may help you find a special someone worthy of your attention. What not to do: sulk, go passive-aggressive, or bend over backwards for that jerk who couldn’t care less. Venus in Libra can sometimes be a people-pleaser – which can lead to putting someone else’s needs before your own. In troubled relationships, this could be amplified now. You’ll want to watch out for a tendency to over-give. Instead, seek balance and compromise. And if they don’t want to meet your needs? Get rid of ‘em. After all, Libra wants fairness. If you’re not getting that, it’s time for a little justice…or cut ’n run.

On the 17th, Mercury enters Scorpio, which adds a new level of intensity to the way we think. This is a probing Mercury, best used for getting to the bottom of things. I like to call it the “detective Mercury” because it’s the best transit for uncovering dirt. We can all see right through the bullshit with this placement. If you’re looking to get clear on motivations – yours or other people’s – you can be sure that you’ll get to the heart of the matter before Mercury leaves Scorpio. This transit is also ideal for deep conversations, sexy texts, and spilling your deepest, darkest secrets (or keeping a secret!). What to watch out for: obsession. If you’re moving into bunny-boiler mode, check yourself.

The New Moon in Libra on 19th is excellent for starting new relationships or for bringing harmony into existing ones. Set an intention today for finding love or improving partnerships. Give as well as you get. Be diplomatic and above all, be fair. If you’re thinking about embarking on a new business partnership, this day is great. The New Moon in Libra is also a strong day for beautifying your surroundings…or yourself. Adorn your body, get a new do, freshen up your crib with a few plants or some abstract art. It’s all good.

When fiery Mars heads into diplomatic Libra on the 22nd, it’s time to think about how to meet others halfway. Instead of trying to force an issue, this Mars prefers negotiating. Fairness is going to be important as the weeks ahead unfold. One caveat: this Mars can be maddeningly indecisive and passive-aggressive. If you find yourself heading in those directions, cut it out!  On the political stage, this Mars could bring tense negotiations to a head – or there may be a major break in a legal situation.

On the 23rd, the Sun will move into Scorpio and fall season will begin in earnest. This is a time for going deep and getting all mysterious. Instead of being out in the open, the Sun in Scorpio favors going behind the scenes. Desires will be strong and the energy will be intense AF. Jealousy and obsession can be magnified. Revenge could also be a theme. If you’re looking to settle scores, you may just get even in the coming weeks. Keep in mind, that works both ways – a foe could emerge with an axe to grind. A better use of this white-hot energy: research, sex, meditation, inspiration, art, boundaries.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  October is going to give you the opportunity to explore your relationships in depth, dear Aries. You’ve been learning a lot about them all year long and now it’s time to put what you learned to the test. With a slew of planets lighting up your 7th house, you may be getting a chance to get it right once and for all. If your romantic relationships have been struggling as of late, the weeks ahead are perfect for make-it-or-break-it decisions. The Sun and Mercury put the power in your hands – and a New Moon on the 19th will give you the information you need to make a smart move. If you’re single, this month may give you more options to peruse. Cast your net wide and you may snag a fabulous playmate! You’ve also got the Full Moon in your sign on the 5th – which is ideal for putting yourself out there. Not just for love but also in for work. Promote yourself, push your ideas, take that spotlight! Don’t fear being assertive – you’ve got Venus and Mars commingling your work sector until mid-month. If you’re going to take center stage, you’ll want to do that before then. Circle the 10th on your calendar. Jupiter will be leaving your relationship zone and heading into your 8th house. This is good news for your financial outlook! The year ahead could find you attracting a lots of money. Manage that flow with wisdom and you could get a whole lot richer as the year progresses. This transit can also bring positive vibes to joint finances, taxes, and loans. Even better: it can bring sexual opportunities – or greater intimacy with a current partner. Mid-month finds Venus entering your 7th house, which could boost your romantic potential. Your ruler planet, Mars, will join up on the 22nd – this could add some real heat to relationships but it could also make you more impulsive and aggressive. Watch that you don’t push things too fast – or push people away. Adversaries may come to the surface but when the Sun edges into your intuition sector on the 23rd, you’ll be able to see them coming a mile away..and get out of the way.


taurus astrology

Taurus: Get ready to slay at work, dear Taurus. With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter hanging out in your 6th house, you have the power you need to make a huge impact. October could find you upping your game, nabbing that promotion, or launching your next big thing. A Full Moon in your 12th house of rest on the 5th may be the one day to catch some zzz’s but other than that, this month is better suited for moving towards your bigger goals. Your romantic life could be hopping this month as well. With Venus and Mars holding court in your true love sector until mid-month, more action could be coming your way. Single bulls could meet that someone special while those who are already partnered could be enjoying some blissful date nights and chances to reconnect. On the 10th, Jupiter will head into your 7th house of relationships, where it will sit for an entire year. This is good news indeed for love!  A commitment is possible. Or, if you’re more of a player, you could be seeing more notches on your belt. Either way, it’s going to be an exciting year for romance. On the 14th, lovely Venus will slide into your 6th house, giving you that special charm factor that could wow the boss. This could also signal a few weeks for a possible office romance. The New Moon on the 19th paves the way for a stunning new work opportunity. This could be a promotion or a new job. It’s also the right day for you to make a big career move – if you’re thinking of starting your own business, get the ball rolling on this day. Mars will give you a hefty push when it moves into your 6th house on the 22nd. You’ll have the gumption necessary to make your career goals happen. Not much can get in your way now – push on and you can succeed like never before. The Sun in your 7th house on the 23rd marks a period of a few weeks where relationships could intensify. You’re on fire in both love + work. One thing is for sure: October won’t be dull. Bam!


gemini astrology

Gemini: If you’re in the market for romance, you’re in luck! That’s because your true love sector is hopping with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter at the start of October. This could be an excellent time for meeting a potential suitor or for taking a current relationship to the next level. The Full Moon on the 5th is most excellent for hosting a gathering with your best pals. Gather your friends and enjoy some long overdue bonding. If you’ve been too busy for your besties, this day is superb for a reconnect. Work and health will become big themes for the next thirteen months, when Jupiter heads into your 6th house. This transit usually brings better health or opportunities to finally get on the right track once and for all. It’s also a time when your work could expand, bringing you more responsibilities or lucky breaks that could uplevel your career in exciting new ways. Mid-month, lovely Venus graces your 5th house, which means romance becomes even sweeter. You’ve got that extra something that could find you attracting a lot more love – or interested parties. This could signal a few weeks where your love life is full of date nights, good fun, and maybe even a little drama! (Juggling more than one suitor can be exhausting, ya know?) This transit of Venus is also quite good for creative self-expression – if your career involves anything artistic, you could be getting some terrific exposure! Your ruler, Mercury, will head into your 6th house on the 17th, which gives you the ability to speak up at work. If you’ve been having trouble saying what’s on your mind, that won’t be a problem any longer. The New Moon on the 19th is stunning for both love and fame. This day could bring a big shift in the romantic sphere – or a door could open up that might put you in the public eye in a major way. This is not a day to be shy in matters of love or career. Be brave and trust that a bold move now will pay off later. Mars will join forces on the 22nd, giving you the confidence you need to ask that special someone out – or to step into the spotlight with your head held high. On the 23rd, the Sun moves into your work sector, giving you a full month of star power at the office. All in all, October is your month to kill it at the office…or in love.


cancer astrology

Cancer:  October begins with some family drama but overall, the month ends well for you, dear Cancer. Do hang in there! With a bevy of planets in your 4th house at the start of the month, you may find yourself negotiating some tricky family situations. You don’t mind being the center of attention with your loved ones but this may require you to hash things out with senstivity. You can settle the energy but it will test your patience a bit. On the 5th, the Full Moon signals that a change is on the way. Your mind may need to turn away from the family fracas to an issue at work. This could be a chance for you to complete an important project or to solve a problem. If something comes up, don’t get distracted – take care of the situation and trust that there will be a reward later. On the 10th, everything shifts when lucky Jupiter eases into your 5th house, where it will linger for thirteen months. This transit brings a huge improvement in the love department and the possibility of a baby. If you’ve been hoping to settle down or conceive, the next thirteen months could make this dream a reality. Romantic Venus turns your home into a love nest when it settles into your 4th house on the 14th. The weeks ahead are splendid for decorating your crib and making it worthy of entertaining your sweetheart. The New Moon on the 19th is especially good for buying property or starting renovations. When Mars joins up on the 22nd, you can expect plenty of progress on your real estate. If you found a house you want to purchase, this is a strong period for putting down an aggressive offer. Move on it! If you’re knee deep in repairs, stay on it – you can get a lot accomplished as the weeks unfold. The 23rd will put the Sun into your 5th house, adding heat to an already hot romantic situation. As the leaves begin to fall, you may be falling too.


leo astrology

Leo: You’re an idea machine this month, dear Leo. The Sun and Mercury are palling around in your mind sector at the beginning of October, which means you’ll be a star when it comes to negotiating a big deal – or coming up with the brightest concepts. Your mind is on fire now! Not much will escape your notice. This means you can ace any test that comes your way and talk your way into or out of all situations. The 5th brings a shimmering Full Moon in your travel zone. This could open up a window for a quick getaway. If you think you’re too busy, you might find a way to cut a deal and get some time off. Expansive Jupiter will move into your 4th house on the 10th, creating a lucky energy around anything to do with property. Wanna buy a bigger nest? Looking to expand your property to baller status with a sweet home makeover? It’s all possible in the next thirteen months. Yep, you’ll have a whopping year to get your home spiffed up. This transit is also sweet for selling property. If you’re a Leo in the real estate market, you might have one of your biggest years yet. All in all, you’re gonna be fortunate in all things home related. Jupiter in the 4th is also pretty nice for fixing things with the family. If you’ve been on the outs with mom, this year could find you patching things up. Venus lands in your communication sector mid-month, which elevates your love lingo to Shakespeare level. Your flirt game? On point. Talkative Mercury will help you sort out family dynamics when it ambles into your 4th house on the 17th. If you’re trying to solve family dilemmas, it gets easier at this time. Smooth things over, open up a dialogue, hug it out. The New Moon on the 19th gives you one of your best ideas ever. This could be the creative stroke of genius that finally gets you noticed. Mars will follow up on the 22nd, giving you the energy you need to take this idea forward. You’ll have the courage necessary to impress the boss, start that novel, or create something that might change the world. When the Sun comes to roost in your home sector on the 23rd, you can celebrate with your loved ones close at hand. The weeks ahead may find you the center of attention with your family cheering you on as your star continues to rise!


virgo astrology

Virgo: With Venus and Mars in your sign at the beginning of the month, you can be sure that all eyes are on you, dear Virgo. You have that certain je ne sais quoi that will make you stand out amongst the crowd. As the old saying goes: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Let that be your motto for October. Your attraction power isn’t just limited to romance and street cred – with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in your income sector, your ability to earn more bread is moving you to baller status. Make that cheddar now by asking for the raise, negotiating deals, meeting with honchos, or launching that next big thing. On the 5th, a Full Moon clears the financial hurdles once and for all, paving the way for mo’ money, less problems. Take note: Jupiter will ease out of your 2nd house and into your 3rd house of communication on the 10th. This will give you a year to get your message out to the world. If you’ve ever wanted to get the world’s attention, you’ll have a year to make that happen. This is splendid for writing a book or launching a PR campaign. It’s also a fabulous transit for thought leaders in the making. Don’t be shy – instead, crush it!  Mid-month Venus will enter your financial sector, which also gives a green light to your income goals. If it feels like money is your BFF now, it IS. Go ahead and get yourself a little something-something, especially if you’ve been burning that midnight oil. A little reward won’t hurt. Mercury joins Jupiter on the 17th, which helps to elevate your message further. When you speak, people will be listening – you can make your point in the weeks ahead with astonishing clarity. One thing’s for sure: October is allowing you to make an impact. Don’t squander this opportunity! A New Moon on the 19th opens up a fresh financial door. This could be a deal you’ve been working on or an entirely new job. You’ll be working hard for that money when Mars enters your money sector on the 22nd. Your ambitions for cash will be strong through the rest of the year. No shame in that. Make that cake, boo. Rich looks good on you! The Sun slips into your 3rd house on the 23rd, marking a month-long period where your words are powerfully received. Speak up – the world is listening!


libra astrology

Libra: Happy birthday, dear Libra! October promises to be pretty magical for you overall. For one, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are hanging out in your sign as the month commences. This means that you should be enjoying lots of sweet birthday wishes and feeling pretty popular. Your rep is strong at this time. Don’t be surprised if you find out that people are singing your praises – you deserve it! Relationships get the green light when the Full Moon shines brightly in your relationship sector. If this part of your life has been less-than-stellar, this could be the signal of a much better period. A new love may arrive soon – or your current flame may finally open  up about how they really feel. Your financial outlook is going to get a lot brighter too when mighty Jupiter drops into your 2nd house and stays put for thirteen months. This will give you a full year to get your financial act together. Jupiter here can attract more moola but you still want to practice good habits. If you manage your resources at this time, you could be in excellent shape by your next birthday. Romance hits a new octave when your ruler, Venus, slips into your sign on the 14th. This will bode well for your love life in many ways. If you’re single, you’ll be like a magnet, attracting fans by the droves. Everyone wants you! And why wouldn’t they? You are known to be one of the most fabulous signs of the zodiac! Partnered Libras could be getting more of the attention that they want from their loved one. It feels good to be you! A dazzling New Moon in your sign on the 19th is your day to set intentions for the upcoming year – or to take a huge risk. The Universe is on your side that day so think big! Fiery Mars will add to the magic when it joins the Libra party on the 22nd. This marks a few months where you can get it all done and make major strides in anything you put your mind to. You’ve got the gumption and sass to make a huge splash! More good money news arrives when the Sun arrives in your money zone on the 23rd. The weeks ahead could shine a light on many exciting money-making opportunities. If you’ve been killing it at work, a bonus may finally come due. Or this could be the right time to get that side hustle up and running. Keep your mind on your money – and your money won’t mind.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: The year ahead is going to be YOUR year, dear Scorpio. That’s because lucky Jupiter is going to settle into your sign on October 10th for a good thirteen months. This transit will give you a lot more confidence – and the ability to attract more of what you want. Your normally reserved personality is bigger, optimistic – and you can be sure that you’ll get the public’s attention. This is the year to GO BIG in everything that you do – it will pay off handsomely with new opportunities and plenty of accolades. You can be as ambitious as you want. LEAD. Just watch that you don’t overindulge too much or let your ego run wild. Keep your habits and your attitude in check and you’ll do fine. On the 5th, a Full Moon in your health sector may give you the impetus to jump start that diet or fitness regime. If you’ve been slacking lately, you may finally find the time or initiative to get-up-and-go.Venus and Mars are palling around in your social sector until the middle of the month, ideal for hanging out with friends – or hitting the dating scene. Have fun when you can but do make time for rest. You’ll want to reserve some of that energy for later this month. Venus will shimmy into your 12th house on the 14th, which could open the door for a secret romantic tryst in the weeks ahead. Ooh la la! It’s time to start upping your game and presence when talkative Mercury moves into your sign on the 17th. Cut deals, speak up, say what’s on your mind. Your words = impact. The New Moon on the 19th is perfect for reflecting. What needs to go? What do you want to welcome into your life in this glorious year ahead? Take stock and set your intentions. Magic is afoot! Mars will join up with this magical energy on the 22nd, giving you the focus to make those intentions become reality. Remember: Mars likes to take action. Instead of dreaming, you’re doing. It may be behind the scenes but one thing is for sure: you’re creating the life you want from the inside out and the outside in. When the Sun powers up your sign on the 23rd, there’s no stopping you. You have the rocket fuel needed to go as high or far as you want! Get ready for liftoff!


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: October starts with a busy social calendar but as the month comes to a close, you’re ready to put your energy into healing. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are lingering in your 11th house as the month kicks off – this could bring a string of invitations for all sorts of interesting gatherings, both personal and professional. Heck, you could even mingle the two together and find ways to make it fun and profitable. It’s totally possible! On the 5th, a Full Moon in your true love zone creates the perfect condition for getting it right with your partner or for finally letting go of that pesky ex once and for all. Just in time – because the focus is turning inward. Your ruler, Jupiter, is heading into your rest and recuperation sector for a full year starting on the 10th. This marks a period where you can deep dive, get in touch with yourself, and heal. Reflection, meditation, and quiet activities will be balm for your soul. If you’re questioning any part of your life, this year will give you the space to find the answers. Venus and Mars are lighting up your 10th house of honors until the middle of the month. Recognition for past deeds may finally arrive. Peers and superiors give your props. Take a bow! You may want to celebrate with your sweetheart on the 14th, when Venus moves into your 11th house. Fun date nights could add some sweetness to your month. If you’re single, this might be a good time to put yourself back on the dating scene too. Dust off that online profile, hit the town, and see what’s out there. You might be surprised. The New Moon on the 19th could bring one of your cherished wishes to life. If you’ve been hoping for something in particular, luck is on your side! This is also a strong day for networking and making connections – romantic, platonic, or business. It may lead somewhere marvelous!  On the 22nd, Mars has you pressing the flesh even more when it joins up with Venus. If you are looking to expand your network with some high rollers, the weeks ahead could make that happen. You’ll want to begin turning it down just a notch when the Sun heads into your 12th house. This signals the time when you can begin the healing process in earnest. Find the balance between expanding your world – and tending to your inner world as November looms.


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: October is going to be one of the strongest months for your career, dear Capricorn. With a full 10th house, you’re in the spotlight and ready to wow ‘em. The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter amp up your ambitions – and your presence. This is a great time for you to take a more visible role in your career. Whether that means boldly asking for the corner office or launching that brand new website, you’re meant to be seen! You’re bound to be noticed by all the right people so don’t be shy. Family may need your attention on the 5th, when the Full Moon illuminates an issue. Resolve it quickly and move on. Don’t get stuck in family drama. (Not worth it.) Your social life is going to expand into exciting new directions when Jupiter makes its big move into your 11th house. For one, you may be more social than usual. You’ll be on everyone’s invite list and many of those requests could find you in some interesting circles. The other positive about this transit is that you may be rubbing shoulders with some influential types – people who could help further your ambitions. Also, the 11th house is connected to goals and wishes, which means some of your bigger goals may be easier to achieve. All in all, you’re going to enjoy the upcoming year – and make a lotta cool new friends to boot. Travel is possible this month but once Venus slides into your 10th house on the 14th, you may be starting to put more energy into a beloved work project. This is especially true when the New Moon on the 19th opens up an important career door. This could be your golden chance to step up into an exciting new role or to launch that new business you’ve been dreaming of! The 22nd adds fire power to your career when Mars steps in to the 10th. Mars will remain here until December, stimulating your ambition. You’ve got your eyes on the prize – don’t stop now. Go, go, GO! On the 23rd, the Sun will head into your 11th house, amplifying your social life with intriguing soirees and community events. Most of this will be fun – but there may be more opportunities for you to become the top dawg in your game. Remember: it’s who you know. You’ve got the chance to know some shot callers – and to become one yourself.



Aquarius: If you can go away this month, do it. A full 9th house says that October could be one of the most exciting periods for travel, dear Aquarius. If you feel that itch to hit the road, carve out as much time as you can – and go. Let your inner globetrotter come out and play! See the world or just the town next door. The Full Moon on the 5th may clear your calendar for a trek to somewhere interesting. If you’ve been making excuses as to why you can’t take time off, this day may erase them once and for all. Circle the 10th on your calendar. On that day, fortunate Jupiter will be sprinting into your 10th house of honors and recognition, where it will settle for a sweet thirteen months. This is going to mark a groovy period where your career can really take off. You can expand to glorious new heights in the year ahead – which means a bigger paycheck, a promotion, or the successful launch of your own business. This will be one of the best career years you’ve had in a long time so do make the most out of it and let your ambitions run wild! A romantic trip is possible once the 14th hits. Venus will be moving into your travel house at that time, perfect for honeymoons or weekend jaunts with that special someone. If you’re single, you might meet an beguiling hottie on one of your journeys. Your negotiation powers at work are extra sharp starting on the 17th when Mercury blasts into your 10th house. It will be easy for you to express yourself in the weeks that follow – expect others to hang on to your every word. This is an especially good transit for those born under this sign who may be involved in sales. You’ve got the silver tongue, yo. You can sell ANYTHING.  The 19th is another strong day for travel when the New Moon nudges you to feed your spirit for adventure. If you’re restless that day, consider it a sign to book a ticket to parts unknown. Mars will add more fuel to this wanderlust when it joins up on the 22nd. This transit begs for adventure. Why stay home when the world is beckoning? When the Sun settles into your 10th house on the 23rd, your reputation is on the line. You can get some big time recognition as you ease into November. That may come with extra responsibilities but hey…as long as you can continue to carve out time for play, you can make that work.


pisces astrology

Pisces:  October will give you plenty of chances to get it right in romance, dear Pisces. With Mars and Venus sitting pretty in your relationship sector and a full 8th house, this is the right time for canoodling with your honey – or fixing lingering problems that have been creating romantic static. It’s also a strong month for meeting someone new. Whether you’re single or partnered, October finds you “getting lucky” and finding the balance between your need for independence and your desire for a secure relationship. The 5th brings a Full Moon into your financial zone – this could bring up an issue that needs resolving. An unpaid bill or money owed may get straightened out on this day or the ones that follow. The 10th brings out the jet setter in you when Jupiter enters your 9th house of travel. It’s going to be here for thirteen months, which means you may feel restless all year long. If you’ve ever wanted to be a vagabond, this is the right year to update your passport and make plans. You could be traveling a lot more than usual and no doubt it will expand your horizons and perspective like never before! Your sex life heats up more intensely when romantic Venus slides into your 8th house on the 14th, joined by passionate Mars on the 22nd. This could deepen the intimacy factor in a current relationship – or it could bring a hot newcomer that adds some sizzle to the bedroom. Explore your erotic zones and indulge in romantic adventures. One thing is for sure: the temperature around you is rising! The New Moon on the 19th could clear the way for a loan or a new financial beginning. If your financial outlook has been a bit gloomy, this could signal a favorable time for getting it together. Take a deep dive into your finances, seek out the problems, and trust that you’ll find the solutions. More good travel news arrives on the 23rd, when the Sun transits your 9th house. Schedule a vacation and seek adventure. Or, if you can’t possibly go away in the weeks ahead, sign up for a course that interests you. You don’t have to go far to expand your world, friend.


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