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April 2018

April starts off a bit clunky with potential for drama that could quickly escalate. That’s because Mercury is retrograde and in Aries – a combo that is fiery and mismatched. Which means: if there is trouble afoot, situations could go sideways in a flash. You’ll want to take your time and think before you react. Even if someone is being an ass, is it worth it for you to go ballistic and burn things to a crisp? Probably not. A calm mindset will serve you (and everyone else) well. If we can all practice patience this month, most drama will deflate on its own. Because that’s the thing: if you’re not adding to it, it has nowhere to go but out. This retrograde is also best for taking a chill approach to travel and tech. The more mellow you are, the better.

On the 15th the energy eases up when Mercury turns direct. Can I get a hallelujah? It will still be a few weeks before we’re out of the shadow period but for many of us, it will seem as if suddenly the fire dies down and we can go about our business without feeling that road rage vibe. Ahhhh….

The 15th also finds the New Moon in Aries, ideal for starting anything new! A creative venture, lifestyle change, new project – it’s all possible. Consider this your green light to get going on anything you’ve been dreaming about.

Saturn will be retrograde starting on the 17th. This marks a few months where you can dig deep into your long-range goals. What needs to be updated? What have you been slacking on? Where do you need to bring more discipline? Remember: Jupiter is also retrograde for a few months. This combo is ideal for getting clear on your big vision and working out the details. Examine your mission closely and fine-tune anything that isn’t leading to results. If you use this time well, you’ll be seeing big time progress before the year ends.

The Sun heads into down-to-earth Taurus on the 19th, which means that feisty Aries energy is coming down to a slower pace. This is a methodical, practical Sun, favorable for working in a grounded manner. For those of us who like a gentler groove, this will feel heavenly! Those of you who like to operate at warp speed may find this vibe to be a bit sluggish but bear with it! Slowing down will ensure you’re not rushing through projects – or the present moment.

Pluto will join the retrograde jam on the 22nd. Pluto retrograde signals a few months where you can explore your shadow. If there  is something lurking in your consciousness that needs to be examined and brought into the light, you have months to do this. Also remember: if there is some dark part of yourself that you are avoiding, it may rise to the top now. Do not push it down. Transformation happens when we allow this stuff to come to the surface. Let the light in!

On the 24th, Venus will glide into friendly Gemini, which means: it’s time to get your flirt on! This Venus loves to talk – if you’re single, why not chat up that sexy person you’ve been admiring? Partnered? Do your best to let your honey know how you feel. Perfect your word game and the weeks ahead could be maximum hotness!

A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th promises to be intense. This could be a day for brooding – or bringing sexy back. Your choice. Put your energy into what you want to create instead of what you want to hate – and you may see some miracles arising soon after.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  This is your birthday month, so make the most out of it, dear Aries! With the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury floating through your sign as the April kicks off, you have both brilliance + charisma, which means you can get people’s attention. This bodes well for your career and with your ruling planet Mars circling your 10th house, you can be sure that April will give you a major leg up the company ladder. That being said, Mercury is retrograde until the 15th so don’t be surprised if there are a few missteps along the way. If you put your foot in your mouth, brush your shoulders off and try again. You’ll get it right eventually! When Mercury turns direct on the 15th, all systems are a go and you’re no longer in danger of stumbling. That day also finds a gorgeous New Moon in your sign, perfect for reinventing yourself or for maxing out a new look. Update your wardrobe or test out a new hairdo. A freshened up visage will turn heads and amp up your star power to the next level! On the 17th, Saturn will begin its yearly retrograde motion in your career zone, making a few months where you can examine where you’re heading. Are you feeling confident about your path? Or it is time to begin looking for a new career? You’ll have plenty of time to sort this out. The Sun sashays into your 2nd house on the 19th, upping your earning potential. The work done earlier this month  may begin to pay off. New opportunities to make more cash will begin to show up. If you’re in sales, the weeks ahead could see you reaching your goals with ease. The 22nd transformational Pluto will join Saturn in the retrograde vibe, perfect for deep diving into your career like never before. If you’ve been unhappy with your work in any way, you can start researching other possibilities. In the long run, no matter whether you stay or go, you must find peace with your decision. That can only happen when you are willing to question where you are, how you got there, and what other possibilities may exist. Remember: you can be good at your work but still wish to be somewhere else. No shame in that. Thoughts turn to love when Venus enters your 3rd house on the 24th. This signals a period where you can speak the language of love fluently – and that may get you more of the action you desire. As the month winds down, a Full Moon will illuminate something important about your financial situation. This could be a new source of income – or an issue that needs to be cleared up. Take care of this as soon as you can so that you’re free to enjoy the spring time fun that May promises.


taurus astrology

Taurus: April starts off a bit on the slow side for you, but you don’t mind, dear Taurus. With a busy 12th house and your ruling planet, Venus, in your sign, you are perfectly content to amble along and take things in stride. Even Mercury retrograde won’t be able to bust your chill vibe. As long as you make time to rest, you should be golden. However, if you are tempted to push yourself beyond your capabilities, you may get pulled right back in line. Don’t take that chance. Go with the flow and trust that things will work out. The New Moon on the 15th will land in your 12th house, perfect for soul searching! Put your life under review this day and sort out what you want to move towards and what needs to be released. Set intentions for the life you want and let go of anything that no longer serves your bigger vision. The 15th will also find Mercury turning direct, which means you can begin taking your new plans forward, albeit the energy is still a bit lethargic. Greatness doesn’t need to be rushed! There will be plenty of time to gather steam as the weeks unfold. On the 17th, Saturn will turn retrograde in your 9th house. This transit will give you plenty of opportunities to consider your life’s philosophy. What is the meaning of all this? That may be the question to ponder in the months ahead. All of this looking within will only serve to deepen you, so let the navel-gazing commence! The Sun will be in your sign on the 19th, which will get your energy moving in a big way. After weeks of slow-mo, you’re ready to get yourself out there more. This is your time to be seen so stand tall in the spotlight and be confident! Above all, be you and unapologetically you. The world wants to see that. Pluto will also be turning retrograde on the 22nd, adding more of a transformational vibe to all this soul work you’re doing. Paired with Saturn retrograde, this promises to be a DEEP period. As you continue to look within, you’ll be able to see the dark spots that need healing. This will lead to a glorious rebirth by the end of summer. For now, keep on doing that inner stuff. Good financial news arrives when Venus heads into your 2nd house on the 24th. Things are looking up on the money front as more moolah comes your way. You’ll be tempted to splurge on a little bling – go ahead. Treat yo’ self. You deserve it! The Full Moon on the 29th will signal a game change in the love department. This could mark a day when a relationship gets serious – or gets stepping. If you’re ready to say yes or get out, this is the day to speak your peace, babe.


gemini astrology

Gemini: April may bring some pleasant social invites but you’ll want to keep a close eye on interactions with friends, dear Gemini. The Sun and Uranus are floating in your 11th house, perfect for intriguing events and nights spent shaking your groove thing on the disco round. But your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde until the 15th and this could lead to some missteps with friends. A problem may come to a head or a friend may decide to ghost you for no reason at all. Try to take nothing personally but if you decide to confront a situation, do so with as much tact as you can muster. This could clear the air and perhaps mend any misunderstandings. On the 15th, Mercury will be direct and things should smooth out – and you can get back to boogieing down. That same day, a New Moon will clear the way for one of your big goals to come to fruition. If there is something you’ve been working towards, the obstacles are moving out of the way, which means you can gain traction as you move towards the finish line. Finances need care starting on the 17th when Saturn begins it’s annual retrograde motion in your 8th house. This is the right time to explore how you’re managing your money. Are you being responsible or taking a flippant approach to your budget? Take your time to get clear on your role in this – and make changes where necessary. On the 22nd, Pluto will also be retrograde in the same house. This powerhouse combo could give you the ability to completely transform your financial outlook for the long term. All it requires from you is personal responsibility. Yeah, I know, that’s a drag but actually personal financial responsibility is a cool thing, especially for Geminis. You are one of the most independent signs of the zodiac – think of how great you’ll feel when you have your bank account perfectly balanced and debts under control. This will empower you and give you the ability to live life on your terms. So get on it and adult this money thing, yo. The 19th puts the Sun into your 12th house, which means it’s time to step off the dance floor and rest up a bit. The weeks that follow are great for working on top secret projects or for self care. Don’t push yourself more than necessary. Instead, treat this as your retreat time. Venus will be in your sign starting on the 24th. This adds a bit of oomph to your attraction factor. Not that you ever have trouble charming people, but this placement makes you even more irresistible! Work that moxie and you may be getting more of the right people in your orbit. The 29th finds the Full Moon in your 6th house. If there was ever a time to upgrade your fitness regimen, this is it. Make a vow to yourself to eliminate the bad habits that sabotage your goals and you could see yourself looking fitter and healthier just in time for summer!


cancer astrology

Cancer:  Despite the funk of Mercury retrograde, the possibilities for you to up your career game are strong this month, dear Cancer. With the Sun positioned high in your 10th house at the beginning of the month, this is your right time to be as ambitious as you care to be. You’ve got the ability to take the lead and if you do, you could be seeing victories ahead. Because of the Mercury retrograde though, you’ll want to plot things out with care and watch out for aggression on your part or the part of a rival. Keep that in check and you will come out smelling like a rose, even if the other side pulls a bitch move. On the 15th, things accelerate for you when Mercury turns direct. As the month rolls on, real progress can be made. Obstacles will melt and you’ll be able to charge ahead like the boss you are. The 15th also puts a New Moon in your 10th house – this is auspicious for your career. An opportunity or project could land in your lap. If something opens up, say yes and trust that this is aligned with your bigger ambitions. Relationships come up for review mid-month when Saturn and Pluto begin their yearly retrogrades. The months ahead are good for examining the people in your life. Are these relationships healthy? What’s your role in any drama? Are there people that need to go? You’ll have a few months to sort things out. Because Mars is hanging out here this month, don’t be too quick to dismiss anyone. Make sure you reflect long and hard before saying adios. A whim could lead to regret later. The Sun heads into your 11th house of social activity on the 19th, marking a few weeks where you can get out and have some fun. With so much focus on career, this will lighten you up considerably. Invitations to swank parties or chill brunches with your besties kick the warm weather off nicely. Venus will be holding space in your 12th house starting on the 24th. This can indicate a clandestine romance or a chance to connect with your spiritual life. Time spent doing quiet activities nourishes your soul. Secret trysts provide intrigue and make the upcoming weeks feel a bit naughty. This is a soul + spice combo and yes, you can be both spiritual and a bit racy if you’d like. Your call. The Full Moon in your fame sector on the 29th puts a major spotlight on your work. This is a chance to express yourself to a bigger audience. Put yourself out there with total courage. Be SEEN as you want to be seen.


leo astrology

Leo: With a busy 9th house at the beginning of the month, you may be tempted to indulge in your wanderlust, dear Leo. While a trip may be divine for your spirits, do note that Mercury will be retrograde until the 15th. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go or can’t go – just know that if you hit the road, there may be a few obstacles in your way. You’ll want to carve out extra time “just in case” something gets bungled. If you do this, you’ll be less likely to break a sweat over it. When Mercury turns direct on the 15th, you have the green light you need to go forth without too much worry. The skies and roads will be much friendlier, giving you the ability to move about freely. The 15th also puts a New Moon in your travel zone – this could open up the door for an exciting journey! If you’re traveling around this date, adventures await. It’s also possible that you may find a great deal that could make it easier for you jet off somewhere you’ve been dying to visit. Saturn and Pluto begin their yearly retrogrades mid-month in your 6th house of work. This will give you a few months to consider your job. Are you happy with your work? Or are you being called in a new direction? Start examining where you’re heading or what needs to change. The information you gather will allow you to make smart career changes later in the year. On the 19th, the Sun heats up your 10th house, giving you the a few weeks to shine brightly at work. Take on responsibility where you can. Lead your team to victory. Do this and you’ll reap the rewards and may snag a promotion. Venus saunters into your 11th house of social activity on the 24th and the question becomes “are we friends or lovers or what?” If you’ve been confused about the whole friends with benefits thing, now you get to sort it out. It’s also possible that the social scene could be the right place to meet a new partner. If you’re single, be sure to mingle. (Psst…don’t be waiting around for his/her texts though. If they ain’t consistent, it’s time to sashay away to someone more into you. Yes…there are lots of fish in the sea. SWIM.) The Full Moon on the 29th could reveal something important about your love life. Maybe something you’ve been refusing to see. Whatever comes to light this day may change the trajectory of a relationship in a major way. It may be time to move on or move in!


virgo astrology

Virgo: As April kicks off, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your finances, dear Virgo. You’ve got the Sun and Uranus hanging out with Mercury retrograde in your 8th house, which could bring problems around joint finances or taxes. Being that this is tax season, it would be wise to not put off filing until the last minute. If you still have not yet dealt with your taxes, get on them before the 15th or ask for an extension. This can help you avoid issues. Of course, nothing is better than working directly with an accountant. Get your finances under the microscope of a trusted financial advisor just to make double sure everything is in order. After all, when Mercury is retrograde, particularly in a money house, you don’t want to take any chances! The 15th will get things moving in the right direction when Mercury turns direct. If you’ve been feeling financially constipated the last few weeks, your flow is about to get a lot better. Things ease up and you’re back in control. The New Moon is also shining a light on new money-making opportunities on this day. Be on the lookout for a side hustle or new client that could amp up your earning capabilities. Romance slows down and becomes contemplative mid-month when Saturn and Pluto begin their annual retrogrades. The months ahead, ponder what you want in terms of your love life. Do you want a commitment and family? Or are you bored with the status quo and need something new? You have time to get clear so do not rush this. Decisions made for the romantic future shouldn’t be hurried. Get ready to grab your passport and head somewhere fun on the 19th when the Sun starts warming up your travel zone. Grab a map and pick out an adventure that you’ve never experienced. The crystal clear beaches of Fiji or warm nights and jazz in New Orleans – whatever is calling you – do it! Venus will progress into your 10th house of career on the 24th. Romance at work? Or just the public falling in love with you? Whichever it may be, know that your charm will get you far. Max this out by upping your PR or wowing the office with your boss skills. On the 29th, the Full Moon creates a restless, wanderlust energy. If you can, take this day off and seek a little adventure. A day spent strolling around an open-air market or visiting a local museum could squash that jittery energy. Keep in mind: you’ll also be more psychic this day so pay close attention to your hunches. They will not steer you wrong.


libra astrology

Libra: April is the time to focus on your relationships, dear Libra. With a busy 7th house, the spotlight is on the people in your life but also: how you’re dealing with them. You can be sure that Mercury retrograde will be testing your boundaries until it turns direct on the 15th. Before that day arrives, you’ll need to be firm with others and watch out for a tendency to people please. Also, if you find that old passive-aggressive stuff rising up, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Because here’s the truth: in relationships it takes two to tango and if you’re dancing to a different beat or refusing to lead, how can you expect things to progress? Not only is this month good for examining your self but also: look under the hood your relationships. Is it time to ditch those dead-end booty calls or friendships that drain your energy? If you struggle to say enough’s enough, it will be easier when Mercury turns direct. On that same day, the New Moon will give you the courage to break free from stale partnerships or relationship-sabotaging attitudes. This is the right day to make major decisions and to start turning over new relationship leaves. In the days that follow, Saturn and Pluto will turn retrograde in your 4th house, giving you months to decide what home and family mean to you. This could be a time of home renovation or a move. Or you may be finally ready to address some old family-of-origin crap. It may seem like this month is setting off a lot of triggers and personal challenges (it is) but know that facing the issues and taking constructive action is your key to liberation and a life well-loved. The 24th puts Venus in your 9th house of travel, ideal for heading somewhere romantic. A trip to Paris or even just your local boulangerie could spark romance. The month finishes off with a Full Moon in your money sector. Address financial issues, particularly with partners. Are you both on the same page? If not, this might be the right time to sit down and go over your budget together. A new plan started now could change the course of your financial outlook for the future. Initiate change and stick to the new path.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: Work demands will keep you on your toes this month, dear Scorpio. The Sun and Uranus are hanging out in your 6th house, putting the emphasis on routines. But Mercury is retrograde here as well, which means despite your best efforts, you may have a hard time staying focused on the project at hand. Upheavals and distractions may pull you away from important work, creating a one-step forward one-step backward vibe. It will take every fiber in your soul to stay on track. Limit the troublesome interrupters as best as you can. Discipline will be your BFF now, even if it’s hard to come by. On the 15th, Mercury will be direct again, which should help to get things moving in the right direction. This day will also put a New Moon in your 6th house, which  signals a new beginning. This could be new habits or structures that better support your work – or an offer that might pave the way for a new level of success. Whatever it is, it will create a positive vibe that will carry you for the rest of the month. Mid-month finds Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion in your 3rd house. This is the right time to sequester yourself away from the world to write that next big novel or to reflect on your mindset. If you’ve been engaging in stinkin’ thinking for some time, the months ahead will give you the opportunity to transform your thoughts. Remember: what you focus on can become your reality. If you’re looking at only the dark, now is the time to seek the light! The 19th will find the Sun heading into your 7th house of partnerships, giving you a few weeks where you can work on relationships of all sorts. Whether you’re trying to get more lovin’ from your boo or looking to strengthen business partnerships, you’ve got time to express your needs and forge good alliances. Venus will be entering your erotic zone on the 24th, igniting your libido. Dim the lights, cue the Barry White and get it oooonnnnnn! Lastly, the Full Moon will be in your sign on the 29th, perfect for expressing your feelings. If you have something to say, let it bleed. Keep in mind that you’re also more sensitive this day – don’t allow someone else’s opinion of you to rock your world. Remember: what others think of you is none of your business. Brush that nonsense off and move on.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: At the beginning of the month, the Sun, Uranus, and pesky Mercury retrograde are holding court in your 5th house of romance. This could bring miscommunications, upheavals, and a big dose o’ passion. Hot? Yes. But also maddening at times. This energy could bring a break-up followed by make up canoodling. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll want to ride the wave and stay grounded. Single? Watch out for flaky, emotionally unavailable types who come on hot ’n heavy only to ghost a few days later. On the 15th, things start to calm down a bit when Mercury turns direct. You can talk things out and or hug it out. Hold off on making any major romantic decisions until then if possible. You’ll be in a better position to see exactly what you want or what the other person is all about. That day also brings a glorious New Moon in your 5th house, signaling a fresh romantic start. You can get back on track or get moving if that’s your plan. Mid-month also finds Saturn and Pluto turning retrograde in your 2nd house of money. The months ahead are excellent for getting your financial house in order. Look over your budget. Put together a plan to pay down debts or to earn more money. This could be a fantastic time for starting a side hustle. It’s also a strong period for doing an internal audit. How do you feel about your relationship with money? Is it healthy? If not, go within and start examining where the blocks lie. Do the inner work and you could transform your entire financial picture. The 19th finds the Sun shining brightly in your 6th house of work. You’ll have a few weeks to stand out like the super-nova you are.  Attention comes your way now so don’t shy away from taking on a starring role. The 24th puts Venus in your 7th house of partnerships, which could sweeten up relationships nicely. Bring on the romance! Candlelit dinners, lingerie, smooth moves – all of it! Bada bing! You’ll be ready to rest up when the Full Moon lights up your 12th house on the 29th. Take the day off if you can and chill. Time alone on this day will recharge your batteries and have you ready to slay in May!


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: With Mars currently sitting in your sign, you can get a lot accomplished, dear Capricorn. Organize that to-do list at the beginning of the month and then push on through with your usual determination. You’ll be amazed at what you can do this month! This will also keep you in productive mode (your fave way to be) and out of family drama, which threatens to derail your peace in April. The Sun, Uranus and an irksome Mercury retrograde in your 4th house at the beginning of the month can bring out the worst in the people you love the most. If there is turmoil brewing, opt-out of that nonsense. Do NOT stir the pot. Even if you want to get your point across, why bother? Mars may help you to stand in your power but it may also bring out your aggression – and that won’t help matters at all. On the 15th, this tension eases up when Mercury turns direct. You’ll be able to get some progress with your family so do wait until this time before engaging in battles. This same day finds a New Moon in your 4th house, an optimal time for starting your spring housecleaning or home improvement projects. Look at what needs to be done and get popping. Your nest will be happy for the attention! Mid-month also finds Saturn and Pluto turning retrograde in your sign, marking a months-long journey of self-reflection. Look within. Do you like the person you are? Or are you ready to make some large scale improvements? As you mull this over, you may see where you need to transform, both inside and out. This doesn’t mean you have to be overly critical of yourself, boo. Instead, look at this as a chance to love yourself up by recognizing your goodness as well as those part that need a bit of tweaking. An attitude of self-love combined with self-reflection can move you towards becoming the best version of yourself, EVER. The 19th puts the Sun firmly in your romance sector for a few weeks, which could warm up even the stalest relationship. If you’re single, this could also be your cue to get your flirt on! Nothing wrong with making some moves, especially if you’ve been stuck in a dry zone for too long. Romance at work is also possible when Venus sails into your 6th house on the 24th. If you’ve got your eye on a coworker, there is nothing wrong with letting them know. But do keep it pro. Flirting is fine but dry-humping in the office broom closet…not so much. This transit isn’t always about love at work though – it could be that you’re just loving your job or charming your clients. On the 29th, the Full Moon illuminates your social sector, indicating a perfect evening under the stars with your friends. Mark this day off on your calendar and create an event of sky-watching and cocktails for your besties. Cheers!



Aquarius: April starts off a bit funky, dear Aquarius. For one, you’ve got a busy 3rd house with the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury retrograde holding court. Your thinking may swing between genius, powerful, and irrational. You’ve also got Mars simmering in your 12th house, which indicates secrets, intrigues, hidden motives…and enemies. Best advice? Keep your mouth closed until you gather the facts. Do not jump to conclusions nor should you share private information freely. Instead, you may want to keep those confidences close to your chest. Same with your brilliant ideas – this is not the time to divulge. Someone may be waiting around to snatch up your best insights. Play it cool and do not show your hand. Once Mercury turns direct on the 15th, you can drop the cloak and dagger act. The New Moon also falls on this day, giving you the opportunity to clear the air and express yourself without problem. Going forward, communication will improve. In the middle of the month, Saturn and Pluto will be retrograde in your 12th house. This will give you a few months to search your soul thoroughly. Meditation, retreats, and time spent alone will give you the answers you seek. Remember: answers are rarely found in another person. Most of the time, what we need to know is right there within ourselves. The months ahead will give you the clarity and peace you need, provided you look inside for the truth. Start your spring home improvement projects on the 19th, when the Sun heads into your domestic sector. Lay out your plans, hire your contractors, and get the ball rolling. You can make some serious progress in the month ahead! Result: a finished, organized crib you’ll be proud to show off to your friends. The 24th puts Venus in your 5th house, which amps up the romantic factor in your world. If you’re in a relationship, this could be a cozy time with lots of moments for bonding. Single? A new love interest could bring a spring to your step. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on love – a little risk could pay off. On the 29th, the Full Moon will sit high in your 10th house of honors and recognition. An opportunity to step into the spotlight arrives. You may get some much-deserved applause for a job well done – or a new offer that could propel you in an exciting and perhaps public direction. You’re more than ready for this – go big!


pisces astrology

Pisces:  Finances will be a mixed bag this month, dear Pisces. Although the Sun sits in your 2nd house and indicates possibilities, Uranus and Mercury retrograde will be working overtime to upset your delicious apple cart. You may find yourself making headway only to come up against a setback that derails even the best laid financial plans. Frustrating? Yes. But don’t sweat it – on the 15th, Mercury will be direct and progress is at hand. As the weeks unfold, you can get back on top of your money game. The 15th also puts a New Moon smack dab in your 2nd house, which may bring good financial news or an opportunity that could put you on the right path. A few days later, Saturn and Pluto will be retrograde in your social sector. This will give you a few months to explore which friends nourish you – and which don’t. It may be time to spring clean your circle of pals. As you clear away the deadweight, you will create space for better friendships to come your way. The 19th finds the Sun shining brightly in your 3rd house. This marks a time of mental power and self-expression. If you have something to say or share, don’t hold back. Have pride in your concepts! On the 24th, Venus will be hanging out in your 4th house, bringing greater harmony to the family. Spend time with your loved ones, host gatherings in your home, and spread love! This is also a strong period for beautifying your habitat. Splurge on some nice things, put out some guest towels, spruce up the joint. Make it invite-worthy and then throw a little shindig! Keep your eyes on the 29th when the Full Moon signals an opportunity for travel. This could be the day to go – or to nail down your summer travel plans. Road trips, exotic locales, or somewhere across town – choose your fave and get the wheels in motion!

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