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February 2018

As February progresses, romantic Venus will be the recipient of a ton o’ aspects, both good and not-so-good. This may feel like a bit of a rollercoaster but if you’re mindful, it should be manageable. However, those who tend to be a bit reactionary and extravagant may find themselves in hot water, both romantically and financially.

It starts off when Venus squares Jupiter on the 4th. This transit brings over-indulgence and laziness to the forefront. Venus wants luxury and Jupiter says “have it” even if there is nothing in the cupboards. This is not a day for going buck wild. Instead, pay attention to those urges to buy crap you don’t need. Practice restraint. This also applies to love. A moment’s pleasure without contemplating the consequences could lead to those “what did I just do” mornings. Let’s avoid that, m’kay?

On the 6th, Venus will form a sextile with Uranus. This could bring exciting romantic opportunities out of the blue. Relationships could also take surprising turns. This energy is quite changeable but certainly not dull. For those who are looking for love or want to spice things up, this day could be one to circle on your calendar.

After weeks of hanging out in brainy Aquarius, Venus moves into Pisces on the 10th. Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning she’s blissful here. This brings on a total emo-vibe with the capacity for compassion for all. This is a “wear your heart on your sleeve” placement, perfect for expressing deeper feelings. Relationships can flourish under this transit. Even partnerships that have gone kaput can, at the very least, find forgiveness.

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 15th is also an eclipse. This day could bring major revelations or changes around friendships. If you’re having trouble fitting in with your social circle, perhaps it is time to look for new peeps. Seek a different tribe, one that may broaden your horizons. It’s also possible that this day may signal a need to break from the group altogether and stand on your own feet as an individual. You can still look out for the good of all while shining brightly as your own person. This is also an excellent day for examining your goals. Do they still feel authentic? Or is it time to refine them? Use this day for setting intentions and making fresh starts. Keep in mind, this eclipse is extra-powerful because it’s making a sextile to Uranus. This gives it a boost so anything you start on this day could be life-changing.

Hot-headed Mars squares Neptune on the 17th – this is not a good day to drink and drive. Do so at your own peril. Impulsive actions around substances could lead to dangerous consequences. This day can also be ripe for deceptive activities. Watch out for fraudsters or people with hidden agendas. Keep your wits about you.

Luckily, Mercury moves into Pisces on the 17th, amping up intuitive hits. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore the red flags. This transit will hang around for a few weeks, keeping the psychic stuff buzzing strong. Also, this placement is ideal for giving voice to your feelings. Speak up and let people know what’s in your heart. Let it out! For writers and artists, this transit kickstarts the muse. The creative juices will flow, bringing about a prolific few weeks.

The Sun will head into Pisces on the 18th, which brings power to empathy and intuition. Feelings are healing in the month ahead so do let your heart guide you in all matters. Compassion may be necessary, especially if world events have been stressful. It’s all too easy to feel passive and helpless when the world is full of so much negativity. Avoid escapist tendencies. Instead, face what’s going on with as much kindness as possible. If things don’t feel peaceful, be peace.

On the 21st, Venus will be conjunct Neptune, a perfect day for dreamy romantic adventures. Take your boo on a surprise date to that hot new restaurant everyone is talking about. Up your amour factor by going all-out. Creativity is also high on this day. Write, paint, express yourself in whatever format you prefer.

Venus will square off with fiery Mars on the 25th. This day could pop the romantic bubble. Fighting and jealousy are possible. Moods are volatile, making this a day to play it cool if you want to avoid drama.

Two days later, Venus moves into a sextile Pluto. Kiss and makeup? Perhaps. Or there may be a powerful new romantic beginning. This could be a commitment or a completely new partner. This day is also divine for artistic endeavors and business ventures, especially those that relate to creative industries.

Lastly, Mercury will square Mars on the 28th, one more volatile day before February closes shop. Any gains in relationships could be lost if the sarcasm and anger aren’t kept in check. A good practice on this day is to think before shooting off your mouth. Do that and you can avert disaster and keep the good vibes humming.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  A full social calendar may be yours this month, dear Aries. With a busy 11th house, you can expect the invitations to come pouring in. Get out and enjoy yourself! Be the life of the party (you usually are)! This could put you in the orbit of a fascinating new person. If you’re looking for love, the party circuit is where it’s at. Keep in mind that this could also be a strong period for networking. If you’re looking to grow your influence, it’s time to get your face out there. Be seen. You may just hook up with some major shot callers who might open a few doors, especially when the Solar Eclipse lights up your social sector on the 15th. Romance heads behind closed doors when Venus enters your 12th house on the 10th. The weeks ahead are wonderful for clandestine trysts and time spent away from the outer world. Book a few days at a quiet locale – it may up the intimacy factor 1000%. With Mars in your travel zone all month long, it’s possible you may be able to take more than one little spontaneous sojourn. On the 17th, Mercury moves into your rest zone with the Sun following suit the next day. After all this social stuff, you are ready to chill. The weeks ahead are best suited for taking a strategic timeout. Meditate, journal, pray, clear energy – any sort of self-care practice. Do this and you’ll be in lamb-mode when March comes roaring in like a lion.


taurus astrology

Taurus: The possibilities for career advancement loom large in February, dear Taurus. With a stellium floating through your 10th house, all eyes are on you. This is your time to up your game and be as ambitious as you want to be. Opportunities to rise will be yours – set your sights on the top o’ the company ladder and climb until you reach the pinnacle. Luckily for you, there will be benefactors who want to help you succeed. If a boss, mentor or other VIP opens a door, walk on through. Know that you’ve earned this. On the 10th, Venus heads into your social sector, perfect if you’re single. This is a strong month for meeting someone through your circle of friends. If someone wants to play matchmaker, keep an open mind. You may get a pleasant surprise. For Bulls who are already partnered, this is an excellent few weeks to schedule in date nights. Make time for fun – it could kick the romance quotient into high gear on even the most complacent relationships. The Solar Eclipse on the 15th is auspicious for your career. Something important may be happening on that day or the days surrounding it. Keep your ears peeled for an announcement – and be ready to act. Even if the news seems a bit worrisome, you can move into an advantageous position by being pro-active. The 17th and 18th put talkative Mercury and the Sun into your 11th house, which is marvelous for networking. Hobnob with industry bigwigs, go to places where your “right people” congregate, attend a few networking events – do that and you’ll max this out and may just land an outrageously good offer. As the old saying goes: “it’s who you know.” Get to know as many influencers as you can – and you’ll be unstoppable.


gemini astrology

Gemini: If you’re itching for a vacation, there is no better time than February to hit the road, dear Gemini. You’ve got a loaded 9th house this month, so grab your passport and book your dream vacation. Hit the slopes in Aspen, chill out on a beach in Bali, indulge your wanderlust with a guided trek through China. Or, if you’re on a budget, take a few days to explore sights and landmarks in your own hood. This time out ’n about will satisfy your curiosity and calm the stir-crazy that winter often brings. On the 10th, Venus will head into your career zone, marking a few weeks where your charm could open some significant doors. This period will give you the charisma to wow your superiors – or confidently deal with customers. Kudos are sure to come your way! Pay close attention to the 15th when an eclipse lands in your 9th house. It could be an especially good day for an excursion – or you may discover a deal that makes it possible to take a fabulous world tour later in the year. The 17th finds your ruler, Mercury, moving into your 10th house of career and honors, followed by the Sun the next day. It’s a potent combo for career success. The weeks ahead will find you at your creative best, making waves and progress like never before. The spotlight will be on you – and you will not disappoint. You’ve got that special sparkle that could lead you to the top of the mountain. Don’t stop climbing. Keep on keepin’ on. The future is oh-so-bright.


cancer astrology

Cancer:  This month puts intimacy at the top of the priority list, dear Cancer. With a bustling 8th house, it’s time to merge with your partner like never before. If you’ve been craving a deeper connection, shed your inhibitions and explore new erotic zones together. Things could get downright sizzling hot if you make the effort. Bonus: you get to enjoy a profound connection with your boo. If you are single, do know that this month could bring a new sexual partner into your orbit. But before you give it away, give it away, yo, take your time to make sure that they are on the same page….and not just a hit ’n run. Venus will glide into your travel sector on the 10th, perfect for arranging a romantic weekend away. Second honeymoon or a quickie elopement in Vegas? Or something a bit more scandalous? (Psst…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.) The eclipse on the 15th could signal a make-it-or-break-it moment. Take a breath before making a decision. In fact, wait a few days until after you’ve had time to think it over. You’ll be glad you did. On the 17th, Mercury will saunter into your 9th house of travel followed by the Sun on the 18th. If you’ve been thinking of going away for an end of winter expedition, you can start making plans now. Somewhere sunny may be just what the doctor ordered. One warning: avoid travel on the 28th. Mercury will be in a hard square with Mars – a day more aggravating than what it’s worth. Sit tight and schedule your sojourns before or after that date – then go, go, go!


leo astrology

Leo: Relationships will be on your mind, dear Leo. You’ve got a cluster of planets palling around in your 7th house, which means it’s time to get real on who’s in your life. Are you getting what you want – or left hanging? Do you feel content with your current status or are you craving something new? Begin by getting clear on what’s working (or not) and then talk it out…or make a bold move. You are at your lion-y best when you are courageous. Speak up and you might just get that stale relationship kicking into overdrive…or kicked to the curb. For single Leos, a bit of chutzpah on your part could open the door to some exciting new paramours. It pays to daring, darling. Sparks fly when Venus moves into your erotic zone on the 10th. You’ve also got passionate Mars blazing a hot trail in your 5th house of romance all month long. This is kinda like the Universe saying: you can get more if you’re willing to let your heart do the talking. That will be easier to do when chatty Mercury leaps into your 8th house on the 17th, followed by the Sun on the 18th. Pillow talk and sexy texts might amp up the heat and bring new closeness (or plenty of sizzling encounters). One thing to note: an eclipse is hitting your 7th house hard on the 15th. This could be make-it-or-break-it time with a relationship (romantic or business). Something could be revealed that could change the course forever. With all the other good things happening in the cosmos for you, know that no matter what goes down, your prospects for love are strong.


virgo astrology

Virgo: Your productivity skills are going to be off the chain this month, dear Virgo. A planet-heavy 6th house puts the focus on your work, making February a month to get shizz done. You won’t mind though. After all, you’re the workaholic of the zodiac. Long days may be ahead and you’ll max those out like a total boss. Expect to zip through your to-dos with lightning speed. Everyone around will be amazed. But they shouldn’t because you’re a top-notch worker bee like that. On the 10th, your mind begins to think about romance when Venus shimmies into your 7th house. This is the relationship zone and chances are someone may be requesting more of your time. Find the balance between that workload and some good lovin’. It will keep you humming along and out of the burn-out danger zone. All work ’n no play is never a good thing, yo. The 15th will reveal something major about your job when the eclipse lights up your 6th house. This could be an opportunity or a major problem that only you can fix. Be ready to make a move on that day or the days that follow. On the 17th, your ruler Mercury will sail into your relationship sector followed by the Sun on the next day. This puts even more emphasis on your love life, which means you cannot neglect it any longer, no matter how tempted you are to burn the midnight oil at the job. If you want your love life to be as successful as your career, you’re gonna need to put some work into that too. The weeks ahead are going to be the right time to get clear on a relationship once and for all – or, if you’re single, it’s the time of the season to start putting on the ritz and making yourself available for all the suitors who’ve been waiting for a babe like you to hit the scene.


libra astrology

Libra: February could bring love or fame…maybe both, dear Libra. With a packed 5th house, this marks the time when you can make a big move – romantically or in your career. If you want to get the attention of that special someone or the public, this is your time to be bold as can be. Your ruler, Venus, will step into your 6th house of work on the 10th, signaling harmonious relationships and a better working environment. Your team is on your side, which will help you to make the most out of even the trickiest situations. You’ve also got boatloads of charm, which may help the public fall in love with you! Don’t shy away from taking the lead or stepping in front of the cameras. OWN IT. An eclipse on the 15th could be a truly epic day for your career. You may get that lucky break – or some PR that catapults you the forefront in your industry. In love, that day could also bring a massive shift in your romantic life. This could be the day when you finally hear the words you want – or are ready to make that commitment once and for all. SWOON! On the 17th, it’s back to business. Mercury will be heading into your 6th house, followed by the Sun on the 18th. Although you’ve made some headway at the office, a few complications may arise before the month ends. Confront the issues but remain diplomatic. Even if all sides are warring or stuck in a rut, you have the chops to maneuver through the obstacles towards a sweet finish.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: Domestic matters need your attention this month, dear Scorpio. Your 4th house is jammed with a bundle of planets as February kicks off – making the home your focal point. Whether you’re nesting, renovating, decluttering or dealing with family issues, you can be sure that your home and the inhabitants will keep you on your toes. You may not mind this though – you’ve had plenty of action at work so this month could be the one where you finally get your domestic sphere in divine order. The 10th opens up the door for canoodling with your partner when Venus enters your 5th house. Plot out Valentine’s Day for the one you love. Look for ways to add a bit more amour into your daily grind. It could sweeten up even the grouchiest relationship. The eclipse strikes your 4th house on the 15th, a day that could shake things up at home. This might be a big issue with a family member that finally comes to a head – or perhaps this could be the day to get started on that major upgrade on the house. If it’s the former, do your best to keep the situation contained. If an argument blows sky-high, it might alter the family dynamic for a long time. On the 17th, Mercury will exit the 4th house and head into your romance and fame zone, followed by the Sun on the 18th. This puts the spotlight on your love life and your street cred. Those earlier romantic moves may start to pay off as your relationship starts to heat up in the very best way. If you’re single, the weeks ahead could find you being in the enviable position of having more than one lover to choose from. (You know you love it!) These weeks could also see you getting a spotlight turned on you. You are SO ready for your star turn! Because of the aspects to Jupiter, you may be receiving attention for work well done. Or you may be on the receiving end of a stellar opportunity from a big-wheel in your industry. It’s a great time to be you – and a wonderful few weeks to say yes to intriguing prospects that may raise your stature.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: If there was ever a month to express yourself, February is the one, dear Sagittarius. A crowded 3rd house signals a perfect time to put your feelings and ideas on the table. Whether you need to let a loved one know what’s going on in your heart – or want to share a clever solution at work: spill it. Do not hold back. Your words will have power so this is your time to open your mouth…and your heart. At the same time this is going on, passionate Mars is in your sign, giving you the energy you need to be both productive and brave. This will serve you well – expect plenty of progress in both work and love matters. On the 10th, you’re ready to aim your attention at your home when Venus glides into your 4th house. The weeks ahead will be marvelous for putting your home in order or making an important purchase (new sofa? or a whole new home?). Go ahead and splurge. Treat your home to something nice. Put a gold star on the 15th – on that day, an eclipse will open up an opportunity for a quick trip. If you’ve been thinking of taking your loved one on a long weekend getaway to somewhere special, book your tickets and make this the day you head out. On the 17th, Mercury will be heading into your home zone followed by the Sun the next day. The weeks ahead will be excellent for chilling in your crib. Small gatherings with family and friends are fine but even better: quiet nights all to yourself or with your boo. Let your home be your sanctuary and place to heal. (Psst…you may be tempted to hibernate for the rest of winter!)


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: Now that Saturn is fully settled into your sign, you’re at your productive best, dear Capricorn. You can steadily move towards your goals. This month, that persistence pays off financially. Your 2nd house is fully-loaded as the month begins, which means you may be attracting more of the money you want. Hard work done months ago begins to yield rewards. This could fatten up your bank account considerably if you’re handling that extra cheddar with care. On the 10th, Venus will dip into your 3rd house, giving you the ability to communicate with grace. The weeks that follow are favorable for public relations or for making smooth romantic gestures. Your charm is strong – if you work this right, you can woo the public or that special someone. The 15th opens up a major financial opportunity when the eclipse lands in your 2nd house. This could be a killer job offer, promotion, or windfall that could change your overall money outlook in a positive direction. Keep in mind that eclipses can also be challenging. If you’ve been irresponsible with your bank account, you may also receive a wake-up call on this day. Get your money right before that date and you may avert fiscal drama. The 17th puts Mercury in your 3rd house with the Sun right on its heels the next day. This transit gives your words power. How will you use that energy? Will you use it for good? You can impact the world if you care too. Think about how you might want to inspire others – then take a stand. The world needs bold leaders at this time…and with Saturn in your sign, you’re in your element. Grab the mike!



Aquarius: With a bunch of planets in your sign plus an eclipse, you can be sure that your birthday month will pack a punch, dear Aquarius! All eyes are turned squarely in your direction and you will not disappoint. Your swagger is extra-tight at this time so be sure to work that mojo to your advantage. If there is something you want, you can get it. The golden touch is all yours so use this power wisely. Lovely Venus will be sitting pretty in your 2nd house of income starting on the 10th. This brings extra cash your way but you may be tempted to spend those rubber bands on some bling. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself – just make sure you don’t go overboard (Venus in the 2nd can often be overindulgent). The 15th is a power day for you. The eclipse will hit your sign, giving you the ability to clear away anything that no longer serves you. Consider this day a reboot – you get the opportunity to release the old you but also you’ll receive a chance to move your life in an exciting new direction. This is a perfect day for a rebrand or to introduce a whole new you to the world (ex: new ‘do and wardrobe). When the 17th rolls around, Mercury will head into your 2nd house followed by the Sun the next day. This puts the focus on your money well into March. Which means: you may be receiving more cash flow through a new gig, side hustle, or promotion. Manage this well and you could be seeing signifiant growth as the year rolls on. One note: do not mix business with friendship on the 28th. Mercury will be squaring off with Mars, an unfriendly aspect that could bring drama later on down the road. Keep those parts of your life separate and you’ll avoid a big hassle later on.


pisces astrology

Pisces:  This month will feel like a split between career domination and hibernation. With Mars ripping through your 10th house, you can make great strides in your profession. This is boss level energy, suitable for leadership. Are you ready to take the team to victory? If so, step into this and you may score more than one big win. At the same time, your busy 12th house shows a need to balance all of that kapow with plenty of rest. Look for the sweet spot between being a public figure while enjoying a quiet private life. The way to get there: say no to anything that does not align with your values and carve out “me time” to ensure you stay fueled for the things that matter. Venus will slip into your sign on the 10th, adding grace and diplomacy to your presence. This will help you to win people to your side. It’s a strong attraction factor, which could elevate you to public darling status – or help you find romance. Work this to your advantage and you can score at work and in love. The eclipse will hit your 12th house on the 15th – this could bring a revelation of sorts. A secret may emerge, perhaps something you don’t want out there. You’ll need to manage your rep carefully around that time, especially if you are trying to keep something under wraps. On the 17th and 18th, Mercury and the Sun will head into your sign, giving your star power extra sparkle. This marks a few weeks where the world can truly be your oyster. Just be mindful of the 25th and 28th when Venus and Mercury will clash with Mars – you’ll want to wield your power with care. If you get a bit too sure of yourself, you may just find that your charm will only get you so far. Stay humble and you’ll get what you want.


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