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February 2019

All the planets are direct in February. Not a retrograde in sight! Hot damn! This means stuff is moving along at a better pace. If you felt off your game last month with all that eclipse action, February will put everything back in order. Things are gonna get right ’n tight at long last. I’m already feeling the relief over here, friends.

Romantic Venus enters sturdy Capricorn on the 3rd, bringing the energy down to earth. We’ve had a few weeks to consider what freedom in relationships might mean – now we can focus on commitment. Are you ready to settle down? Do you have issues with partners that need work? What are you willing to do to take your romantic life to the next level? Venus in Capricorn demands that we take things seriously. No more roaming around – it’s time to get serious or get stepping.

A New Moon in Aquarius on the 4th paves the way for new friendships. If your social circle has felt stagnant, look for different social circles. A new crew could liven things up! This is also a magical moon for setting goals. What do you want to manifest this year? Write down your intentions and trust that the Universe will work hard to make magic happen.

Communication gets emo when Mercury enters Pisces on the 10th. Everyone’s emotions are right on the surface, which can be lovely if you need to express your feelings. Are you comfortable wearing the old heart on the sleeve? Let it out! Say what you feel without censoring your emotions. That being said, this Mercury can also make folks a bit too sensitive. Which means: you’ll want to practice compassionate communication. If someone takes what you say the wrong way, don’t write them off as “too sensitive.” Blame the Mercury in Pisces thing!

After weeks of passionate, exciting action, Mars will be in Taurus on the 14th. This may slow things down a bit. The progress that was blazing along becomes plodding. Be patient. This may not be a negative. Sometimes we need to slow the hell down to make sure all the I’s are dotted, and t’s are squared. Use the weeks that Mars is in Taurus to get thorough. Slow ’n steady can be a great way to win your race!

The Sun in Pisces on the 18th casts a mystical, creative glow over everyone. Suddenly we’re all interested in karma, art, and all thing intuitive. It’s easier than ever to express feelings. Imagination is king now – what you believe, you can conceive. Dream big – and see what unfolds. This is a compassionate Sun, which also means the focus is on being selfless. Empathy and kindness go a long way during the weeks the Sun floats through Pisces. 

A Full Moon in Virgo on the 19th indicates it is time to clean house. This can be literal as in an early spring cleaning – or a metaphor for clearing up some emotional debris that is clogging your energy. Declutter the home. Get rid of stinkin’ thinking. Throw out the toxic people in your life. Let go, let go, let go. Make way for a fresh start by deep cleaning every part of your life!

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:

Aries:  As the month commences, your ruling planet Mars is still zipping through your sign. This gives you superhuman abilities to move through even the toughest challenges like a champ. Use the first two weeks of this month to continue moving towards your goals. Mid-month, Mars will enter Taurus, slowing things down considerably. Venus will be in your career sector on the 3rd, marking off a few weeks where you can attract favorable people and circumstances in your professional life. Work relationships will be harmonious, and authority figures will be helpful. You might even receive a positive review before the month is over. A New Moon in your 11th house is the perfect day for overall intention setting. On this auspicious day, the Universe is ready to cooperate with you. Write down your big goals and wishes. Then: manifest your destiny! This is also a fab day for networking. Attend an event. Rub elbows with power players. You never know who you’ll run into or how it might impact your career! Top secret projects and research are in vogue when Mercury slides into your 12th house on the 10th. The weeks that Mercury rests here are ideal for study and working in solitude. If you have a killer idea, you can get hopping on that – but do keep your mouth shut. The last thing you want is some biter throwing salt on your game. The 14th puts Mars in your money zone, and this could play out two ways. For one, you may be hungry for more dollar bills, which may increase your hustle. The other side of this transit makes money burn a hole through your pocket. Practice a bit of restraint if you want to avoid trouble. Book a meditation retreat on the 18th when the Sun enters your 12th house. A few weeks away from the daily grind might restore your fire. Rest more. Don’t push yourself. The Full Moon on the 19th brings a project to a close. Something you’ve been slaving away on finishes at last. It’s also possible that some other aspect of your work may end around this day too. Take care of odds and ends. Clean up your office. Whatever you can get done today, do it. Then take a moment to ask yourself: is this where I want to stay? If you’re getting a feeling that it’s time to move on, trust that and start searching the job sites. 

Taurus: February is a mixed bag, dear Taurus. With the Sun and Mercury sitting high in your 10th house at the beginning of the month, you can shine at work. You have a few weeks where your leadership style will inspire others. Your communication skills are sharp at this time – and when you speak, people will listen. A stunning new moon on the 4th opens up a fresh career start. This could come in the form of a new job or a promotion. It’s also possible you may receive some attention from the public at that time too. Whatever the case may be, things are looking up on the job front! Travel promises to be quite lovely also when Venus enters your 9th house on the 3rd. Perhaps it might be time to schedule in a little r ’n r with your honey? A bit of play time could bring you closer together. Mercury will slide into your friend sector on the 10th, creating a buzz around your social life. You may be hitting the clubs or heading out to see your buddies for the few weeks that Mercury hangs around here. It all sounds great, right? Well, there is a but. Mars is holding court in your 12th house at the beginning of the month, which can lead to problems with secret enemies – or you may be your own worst enemy. You will need to check your motivations in everything you are doing while watching your back at the same time. When Mars roars into your sign on the 14th, you may be rarin’ to go. Your energy increases tenfold, giving you the competitive edge – and superhuman ability to get shit done. BUT it can also put a selfish, aggressive tint to your personality, which could undo any goodwill you’ve been trying to build in your career. Keep your ego in check and use this vibe to move a few mountains instead. When you focus your attention that way, you are unstoppable! You’re able to attract the attention of influential types starting on the 18th when the Sun graces your 11th house. This would be a terrific few weeks for networking. Get your face out there! Rub elbows with shot callers! You never know who you’ll bump into. The Full Moon on the 19th clears up a romantic issue once and for all. If you’ve been in the dark about a situation, everything gets illuminated all at once. You know where you stand. Closure is possible. You’ll be able to make a robust and clear decision going forward.

Gemini: Your wanderlust is severe as the month begins, dear Gemini. With the Sun and your ruler Mercury sailing through your 9th house, you may feel the urge to grab your passport and head off to somewhere exotic. If you can go, please do. A mid-winter journey could satisfy that itch. But if you cannot leave, look for ways you can create an excursion – even if that means a weekend holed up at a local bed ’n breakfast. The new moon on the 4th is especially favorable for a little trip. Mark that day off on your calendar and try to do something fun. This new moon could also bring exciting news around school or publishing. If you’re hitting the books or writing one, the news you receive at this time could feel like an auspicious omen! Intimacy levels are bumped up starting on the 3rd when Venus heads into your erotic zone. You’ll have a few weeks to get the temperature rising with a significant other. The forecast could be hot indeed! Turn your attention to work starting on the 10th when Mercury steps into your 10th house. Your way with words will help you to capture the public’s imagination. If you’re a public figure, use this time to launch your campaign. If you’re not, then this vibe is best used for meetings and work communications. You can easily pitch your best ideas at this time, which could elevate your status as the office problem solver. It’s also possible that you may be signing significant contracts during this transit. Mars will enter your 12th house on the 14th, which means it’s time to dial things back just a little. You’ll need to find the balance between killing it at the office without killing yourself. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you feel that you’re heading towards burn out, carve out some “me time” to recharge. Increased presence and power is yours starting on the 18th when the Sun lights up your 10th house. All eyes are on you. You’ve got a few weeks to shine brightly and gain the respect you so richly deserve. An elevated position or status comes much easier at this time. You worked hard last year so know that this is a just reward for your good efforts. A full moon on the 19th brings closure around a family situation. If a loved one has been undergoing a tough time, an end is in sight. This is also an excellent day for making decisions around your home. 


Cancer:  Security is important to you, dear Cancer. With the Sun and Mercury palling around in your 8th house at the beginning of February, it’s the right time to reflect on what you need to do to create lasting financial stability. Which means: you might want to go over your budget. Examine where you’re spending money. Are you investing in your future or just living for the moment? It’s never too late to make smart moves. The new moon on the 4th brings an opportunity to get on the right path. This would be an excellent day to start a new budget or to schedule in a consultation with a financial advisor. You can speak the language of love fluently when Venus saunters in into your partnership sector on the 3rd. Courtship is IN. Bring on the romance with flowers, candlelit dinners, and love notes. If you make an effort to show how you feel, you may just get a few weeks of romantic bliss! Start planning your trips for the year when Mercury enters your 9th house on the 10th. Where do you want to go? Pull out the map and pick a destination. Organize your journey, so it becomes real. The 14th puts Mars in your 11th house, which energizes your social life. You may be hitting the dance floor with your besties or engaging in some other sort of physical activity. It’s also possible that your buddies will motivate you in some way. If you’ve been feeling a bit meh, they may give you the push you need to go after your ambitions. As the Beatles sang: “I get by with a little help from my friends.” This is a pretty good theme song for the weeks that Mars holds space in your friend zone. The Sun joins Mercury in the 9th house on the 18th, amping up the travel mojo. Dust off the passport hit the road, and embark on a journey. GO. Indulge your wanderlust! The Full Moon on the 19th is great for getting something off your chest. If you need to say something, do it now. It will free you. 


Leo:  February puts the focus on romance, dear Leo. Venus will be in your 5th house while the Sun and Mercury join forces in your relationship zone at the beginning of the month, setting up the perfect situation to get some lovin’. If you’re single, you may want to get yourself out there. You might just run into someone special. Already partnered? Look for ways to woo your sweetheart. Home-cooked meals, tickets to the theater, or a vase of flowers could add some swoon to your situation. Don’t skimp on this! The New Moon on the 4th brings a fresh start in love. This might be an especially good day for single Leos to freshen up their online profiles. A little update could get new eyes on you!  For partnered lions, take things to the next level (ex: a ring, moving in together, finally going into couples therapy). Work relationships become harmonious when Venus moves into your 6th house on the 3rd. If communication has been problematic as of late, this transit will smooth things over and create pleasant conditions. Venus in the 6th is also fantastic for health. If you’re working on a particular physical goal, results may come this month. Talk about finances with your boo on beginning on the 10th when Mercury enters your 8th house. If you have concerns about the budget or are thinking of buying a home together, you’ve got a few weeks to start creating a plan of action. This would also be a splendid time to make an appointment with your accountant to get ready for tax season. Start early, and you’ll avoid the April 15th rush. Ambition gets super-charged when Mars enters your 10th house. Go for the gusto! Assume the leadership role. Boss UP. You may just nab the top rung. The 14th finds the Sun in your 8th house, which puts the focus on money matters. You may be dealing with joint finances, taxes, or inheritances at this time. If you have some financial situations that need to be resolved, the weeks ahead should get things under control. A Full Moon on the 19th sheds light on a place where you may be leaking money. Use this day to fine-tune your budget. Clear up outstanding debts, organize your wallet, and balance your checkbook. The path to security never looked better!

Virgo: The Sun and your ruler Mercury are both sitting tight in your 6th house at the beginning of the month. Which means work demands are piling up, but that doesn’t bother you, dear Virgo. It’s because you shine when duty calls. Your efficiency allows you to push through even the most intimidating load. It won’t be long before you’re on top of your game – and saving the day for everyone else. The New Moon on the 4th is an especially good day for taking care of business – or starting a new job. Romance hits a high note when Venus shimmies into your 5th house on the 3rd. If you’re looking for love, the chances are high that you may find someone sweet to cuddle with in February. If you’re already partnered, Valentines Day might just see your relationship getting serious AF.  Make an effort to bring the romance full force and watch the fireworks fly all month long! Begin making plans for the future with your bae starting on the 10th when Mercury enters your 7th house. You can begin to plot out the next big step: moving in together, getting engaged, planning a wedding – all of that. This transit is also divine for sorting out communication issues as well. Talk it out! Honest conversations clear the air and lead to a healthier relationship. You can hit the road or make travel plans beginning on the 14th when Mars bursts into your 9th house.  A flurry of trips may be in the stars for you. This could be for work or pleasure…maybe both. Put the focus on others starting on the 18th when the Sun settles into your 7th house for a few weeks. All relationships can thrive at this time if you put your partners first. Think about what the other person may need from you and do your best to be present. If there is something you need from others, assert yourself on the 19th when the Full Moon lands in your sign. Let them know what you want too. A balance could be struck if you’re willing to speak up with equal measures of active listening. 


Libra: Ah, love. No one does romance as beautifully as you, Libra. The Sun and Mercury in your 5th house bring things to a crescendo. You’re writing sonnets, creating menus for intimate dinners, and showering your boo with slobbery gestures of love. It’s no wonder they stick around. When you’re getting it this good, why look elsewhere? The New Moon on the 4th opens up a portal for a fresh romantic beginning. This might be the perfect night for running a bath and putting deep red petals all over the comforter. Single, you say? Well, why are you sitting around hoping that some hot stranger is gonna magically show up? If you want love, you’ve got to do something about it. That might mean updating that antiquated online profile or saying yes to that intro from your neighbor. In other words: if you’re looking, you have to get cooking. Consider this your day to refresh those scouting efforts. Beautify your nest when Venus migrates into your 4th house on the 3rd. You’ve got a few weeks to make your home a haven (and romance-ready!). Clean up your lair, fluff the pillows, and make it nice ’n pretty. No need to wait for spring to get some order happening. Important work meetings need your attention starting on the 10th when Mercury enters your 6th house. Expect lots of communication going forward. If you have a point to make, this is your chance to say it with your usual Libran flair. Your sex life gets red-hot when Mars jumps into your 8th house on the 14th. All that lovin’ you’ve been working on since the beginning of the month turns the heat way up. Temperatures are rising, windows are fogging – who needs a furnace? Attention comes your way at work on the 18th when the Sun joins Mercury. Those brilliant ideas you’ve been bringing to the table start to catch fire, giving you the aura of office genius. Accolades and promotions are on the docket. Keep at it. You’re making your mark, yo! Take some time for yourself on the 19th when the Full Moon puts a bright light on your 12th house. This is a day for self-care, retreats, and time spent in quiet. After such a gangbuster month, a solo day brings things down to a sweet simmer. February ends on a lovely note, with you loved up, recognized, and rested. BAM!


Scorpio: February is made for hunkering down at the ole home fort, dear Scorpio. The Sun and Mercury are nestled into your domestic sector at the beginning of the month, creating the perfect vibe for hibernation. But that doesn’t mean you’re a recluse or sleeping away this time. Instead, you can get much-needed stuff done around the house (ex: finally take down those holiday decorations). It’s also the right time for baking, decluttering, and dealing with family matters. Get it all sorted out and you’ll be facing spring with a sparkly home – no need for spring cleaning! The 4th is an especially good day for starting a home improvement project. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get that bathroom retiled, this is your GO. You speak the language of love with great fluency when Venus moves into your 3rd house on the 3rd. This marks a few weeks where your words are like honey – sure to attract what you want. It gets even better when Mercury lands in your 5th house on the 10th. There has been no better time for letting the one you love know how you feel. If you’re single, this is also an active period for getting your flirt game on. A bit of lash-batting could equal hot action! Speaking of hot, your ruler Mars is heading into your 7th house of partnerships. This can add a heaping dose of fire to your romantic life. You may be creating your own sizzle reel for real! Haha! This Mars transit also favors business relationships – energetic cooperation between you and biz partners could lead to fantastic productivity. That being said, this transit can also bring out aggression – you’ll want to keep yours in check while also setting boundaries with others. The Sun joins Mercury in your 5th house on the 18th, giving your love life a powerful boost. If you missed Valentines Day, you still have plenty of time to get it right! Make your move, playa. The Full Moon on the 19th indicates a change in a friendship. A friend may move on, or you may decide to exit the relationship for some reason. It’s okay. Not everyone is meant to be your lifetime buddy. 


Sagittarius: Your thinking feels big, expansive, and optimistic this month, dear Sagittarius. It’s no surprise when you consider that Jupiter is in your sign and you’ve got the Sun and Mercury resting up in your 3rd house. This combo brings out your confident best. Share your truth, speak out, do and say things to inspire others. Be the one who keeps hope alive! Finances improve when Venus enters your 2nd house on the 3rd. You’ll be a money magnet for the weeks that Venus resides here – so defo get your hustle on, ask for the sale or raise, and watch that bread RISE. The New Moon on the 4th brings essential news. Something is beginning to shift around that day. You’ll want to be alert for announcements that may be affecting you. This day could also be heavenly for taking a little trip. If you can, schedule in a getaway. Begin heartfelt conversations with your family starting on the 10th when Mercury slips into your 4th house. You’ve got a few weeks to talk things out. If there is an issue with a loved one, don’t slide that stuff under the welcome mat. Instead, let ‘em know how you feel. Seek compromise and understanding. Also: if you’re struggling with a personal challenge, this is your signal to reach out to your family. A quick call to mom might help you sort shit out. Procrastination becomes a thing of the past when Mars bursts into your 6th house on the 14th. No matter how intense work demands may be, you’ll cut through that pile like a sword made of Valerian steel! In other words: you’ve got the fire to burn through your duties and blaze trails. Move forth and conquer, warrior! Get your home projects organized starting on the 18th. The Sun will be in your domestic sector then, giving you the ability to Martha Stewart the hell out of your house. Paint walls, declutter junk drawers, hang up those pics of your pup. Make your crib a showpiece of your awesome! On the 19th, a Full Moon lights up your 10th house, which means you have an opportunity to be in the spotlight. Do not hold back. This is your star turn – and a chance to show the world what you’re made of. The public is waiting for you, superstar!


Capricorn: Ready to make some fast cash, dear Capricorn? Heck, when aren’t you? You’re one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac – and when there is cash involved, you crush it! The Sun and Mercury are visiting your 2nd house at the beginning of February, perfect for getting your hustle on. Depending on your circumstances, this would be the right month to raise your rates, close the sale, or ask for a promotion. The New Moon on the 4th reveals a new money-making opportunity. Do not hesitate to say yes – it will pay off! You have the charm to attract whatever you want beginning on the 3rd when Venus enters your sign. Use that charm to your advantage at work…or love. Intellectual pursuits arouse your curiosity when Mercury ends up in your 3rd house on the 10th. This transit favors learning a new skill or signing up for a class. It’s also sweet for any sort of mini travel. If you need to take a short trip in the weeks that follow, go without hesitation. Get frisky when Mars blitzes into your romance sector on the 14th – just in time for Valentines Day! Put on the mood music and declare your intentions. Winter temps are sure to rise. The 18th finds the Sun joining Mercury in your 3rd house, giving you the ability to convey your ideas with gusto. Say it like you mean it. Don’t be afraid to be the resident authority in your field. This transit also increases the likelihood that you may be traveling within the month (maybe somewhere warm!). The 19th is an especially lovely day for travel. The Full Moon will be in your 9th house at that time, which means the path is clear for take off. 


Aquarius: You’ve got the power of the Sun and Mercury on your side as the month kicks off, dear Aquarius. This gives you the ability to get the point across – and get recognized. You’ll have no trouble expressing your genius ideas or pitching the media. The “it” factor is yours in spades. The New Moon in your sign on the 4th is an especially potent day for you. This is your day to stand out, speak up, and let the world see your brilliance. Opportunities that show up around that day could catapult you to the next big level. Romance goes hush-hush on the 3rd when Venus slips into your 12th house. This could bring clandestine trysts or secret affairs. If you’re doing something behind the scenes, caution may be needed. The last thing you need is to get busted! Of course, this transit could also indicate possible someone is crushing on you but keeping it on the down low. Be on the lookout for mixed signals and coy behavior. Your radar might reveal who’s hot to trot for you! Discuss money matters with your tax advisor starting on the 10th when Mercury heads into your 2nd house. Organize your finances, trim the budget, get your papers in order. File early and get the tax stuff off your back! Begin aggressive home remodeling projects when Mars zooms into your 4th house on the 14th. You’ll have a few good weeks to rip carpets, paint walls, or declutter your closets. If you use this energy wisely, your home will be in tip-top condition – and ready to par-tay. Finances show signs of improvement when the Sun joins Mercury in your money zone. As February begins to come to a close, you’re seeing the potential for higher cash flow. Ideas conjured up earlier in the month may open a door for more significant earnings. Go for the big cheese and be unapologetic about your thirst for cash! The Full Moon on the 19th brings clarity around monies. This day could free you up from a loan or other such arrangement. Which means: more capital to invest in YOU. 


Pisces:  Start the month by chilling out as much as possible, dear Pisces. The Sun and Mercury are residing in your 12th house, signaling a quiet beginning to February. Hibernate, rest, spend time in retreat. These activities will restore you on a deep, cellular level. Friends beckon you to come out and play when Venus shifts into your 11th house. You’ll be tempted to dance the night away, and while there is nothing wrong with saying yes to some of those invites, you must temper this with time alone. The New Moon on the 4th could bring a major release. Use that day for therapy if you can. You may receive clarity you need around an old issue. This could free you for the life you want. Express your thoughts when Mercury enters your sign on the 10th. The weeks that follow give you the ability to share your brilliant ideas with the world at large – or at work. This gets amplified when Mars heads into your 3rd house mid-month. When you speak, people will listen. Your creative juices also give you the edge. While everyone else scrambles for solutions, you can intuit the best way forward. You can make your mark at work, so don’t hold back. When the Sun joins Mercury on the 18th, you get the attention you so richly deserve. You’ll have a few weeks where the accolades are all yours. This will lift your confidence! The Full Moon on the 19th takes your romantic relationship to a new level. If you’ve had fears about your love life, those will vanish like an old ghost once and for all. Now you can see where you stand – and where the future might be heading. If you are in a relationship, this could be that moment where you can finally allow vulnerability. Single? This is the right day to let go of that ex once and for all so the real deal can show up. 


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