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December 2018

December finds us still in the Mercury retrograde vibe for the first few days of the month but soon enough, it’s back on track – and life will seem to calm down just in time for the holidays.

On the 1st, Mercury will dip back into Scorpio, bringing secrets out into the open. If you’re trying to keep anything under wraps (including your Christmas shopping), you’ll need to be extra careful. A little discretion will pay off. 

Speaking of Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio on the 2nd brings heat and intensity to romance. This marks a few weeks where you can get hot ’n heavy. Desire rules the day. Get your lust on! One caveat: this transit can bring out a possessive streak in some. Jealousy could lead to misunderstandings – keep that in check. 

Things begin to move forward when Mercury turns direct on the 6th. After weeks of travel woes and communication drama, progress is ahead. If you’re going out of town for the holidays, Mercury will be back in Sagittarius on the 12th, excellent for any sort o’ road trip. 

A New Moon in Sagittarius on the 7th creates a vibe of hope. Optimism and big thinking are in vogue today. Look for the good around you. Create your big vision for the future. If you can, take the day off and head out for an adventure. 

When the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, we’re ready to focus on the traditions. How might you honor your family’s holiday customs? What practices would you like to bring back? This Sun also favors getting end-of-the-year projects completed. If there is something big at work that needs to come to an end, you have the momentum to make progress. 

A Full Moon in moody Cancer on the 22nd creates emotional intensity. Everyone is more sensitive than usual. Be extra-kind. Take nothing personally. Think of how your words or actions might impact others. This is also an excellent day to hash out any family crap. Talk it out. Clear the air with loved ones. Put the past in the past and your holidays could be peaceful and meaningful. This Moon is also great for intuition. Hunches may prove to be correct around this day (I’ll be busy trying to guess what Santa is bringing!)

Mars will be in passionate Aries on the 31st, which means New Year’s Eve could be exciting! Do something special with your partner. Hit the town, watch the ball drop, throw some confetti, drink campaign – all of it! Single? Get ready to mingle – you may meet someone interesting – just in time for a kiss as the year turns. More importantly, this is a good day for setting the tone for 2019 – if you set your intentions tonight, you’ll be ready to slay in January and beyond. 

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  Now that Uranus is firmly back in your sign for a few months, you can express yourself freely, dear Aries. You do not have to go along with the status quo (not that you never did). But do practice a bit of restraint for the first few days of December. Mercury is retrograde until the 6th, which could lead to regrets if you’re a bit too cavalier with your mouth. With the Sun and Jupiter holding space in your 9th house, you may be hit with the travel bug. I would advise you to put your wanderlust on hold until Mercury is direct. Once the 6th is here, you can speak or move about freely. Go where you want, be yourself – all that jazz! Venus will be in your 8th house of joint finances on the 2nd, making holiday purchasing smooth as silk. You’ll have creative ways of handling your money now and should also be able to get cooperation from partners. A New Moon on the 7th is incredible for a quick getaway. Perhaps a weekend away at a holiday fair is in order? Even if you cannot head out of town, this might be a good weekend for a little staycation and online shopping – or for recommitting to your spiritual life. It’s all good. More wanderlust strikes when Mercury zips into your 9th house on the 12th. Grab the passport, schedule your Christmas travels, or start planning a winter ski trip. You’ll have a few ideal weeks for any sort of traveling, even if just a fast journey to see the family on Christmas. The Sun glides into your 10th house on the 21st, which elevates your star power to a new level. The month that follows could bring incredible career opportunities. (Psst…you’ve earned them!) If you’re the one hosting the holidays, the Full Moon on the 22nd is splendid for getting your home in order before the guests arrive. Get your Martha Stewart on and create an idyllic holiday scene complete with cookies ’n cocoa for Santa! You’re ready to raise hell on New Year’s Eve when Mars sashays into your sign. This evening and the weeks ahead find you at your fiery best.  Dance the night away, watch the ball drop, set your intentions for 2019 – and be ready to kick everything up a notch the next day. 


taurus astrology

Taurus: This month, you’ll want to take a long, hard look at your finances, dear Taurus. With the Sun and Jupiter sitting pretty in your 8th house, you have the potential to attract a lot more of the green stuff. But you may be tempted to spend it all as fast as it comes in. A budget is necessary if you want to keep your gains. The New Moon on the 7th is especially potent for getting your financial house in order. Use that day to go over every detail with a fine-toothed comb. Where have you been spending too much? Where should you invest your resources? Have you been blowing money fast in 2018? Take stock and use that information to formulate a sound budget for the upcoming year (and for your holiday spending as well). If you do that, you’ll be in great shape next year. Romance calls when your ruling planet, Venus, shimmies into your 7th house on the 2nd. This could bring many opportunities for love. For single bulls, this could lead to a new partner before the year is out. Partnered? You’ll have plenty of chances to heat things up around the house. Let’s talk about sex when Mercury hits your 8th house on the 12th. If nookie is on your mind, let your honey know. Don’t be shy! This transit is also fabulous for discussing financial matters with your partner. Whether you’re talking about making love or making cash, a frank discussion in the month that Mercury sits here should get the ball rolling. Get ready for winter travels on the 21st when the Sun shines brightly in your 9th house. Whether you’re going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house or heading somewhere warm to escape the holidays, your travels should be safe. The Full Moon on the 22nd is an especially good day for hitting the road. In fact, if you need to go anywhere for the holidays, why not go on this day? That way, you’ll ensure you have plenty of time to arrive in style. Plan a quiet night for New Year’s Eve. Mars will be in your 12th house of rest then. While everyone else is battling the crowds and getting crunk, you’re chilling at home with a nice big glass of champagne – the perfect end to a busy year. 


gemini astrology

Gemini: Relationships need your attention this month, dear Gemini. The Sun and Jupiter are sitting in your 7th house, bringing significant gains in any and all partnerships. Give your full self to others. Support the people you love. Do your part to reach out – and listen deeply. You will be surprised at how effective this will be in improving even the most challenging relationship. Venus will grace your work sector starting on the 2nd, giving you the ability to get along with everybody – even the office grump. Your charm will get everyone on your side so use it wisely. Things improve further when your ruling planet, Mercury, turns direct on the 6th. This is good news indeed! After weeks of retrograde action, you’re able to communicate effectively. The 7th puts the New Moon in your 7th house, which could change a relationship in a significant way. This could be a day for a fresh start with a current partner – or a new person may suddenly show up in your world. Mercury will zip into this house on the 12th, increasing communication even more. The motto for the rest of December: TALK IT OUT.  This transit may also bring exciting social events. As the holiday season begins in earnest, you’ve got plenty of places to go. The Sun will enter your 8th house on the 21st, bringing some money matters to your attention. It may be that you have some end of the year tax things to sort out. Or your holiday budget might need to be reviewed. It’s also possible that you may be getting some unexpected money. If you’ve been nice, Santa may be bringing a sweet reward! Treat yo’ self when the Full Moon hits your 2nd house on the 22nd. Nothing wrong with putting aside some of that Christmas budget for yourself. Hey, you’re a generous type – why not pamper your own damn self a bit? You deserve it! Mars will be in your 11th house of friends on New Year’s Eve. This is a GREAT night to make merry with your besties. Hit the town, pour the bubbly, and ring in the new year with people who make you laugh. Then, get ready to nail 2019 like a BO$$!


cancer astrology

Cancer:  You have plenty of opportunities to shine like a supernova at work this month, dear Cancer. The Sun and Jupiter are both hanging out in your 6th house, which puts all eyes on you. Your chances of rising to a new level are here – so use those first few weeks of December wisely. Step up your game, take the lead, show the boss what you’re made of – this approach will serve you well. Your love life gets a bit more romance when lovely Venus enters your 5th house on the 2nd. If you’ve been in the midst of a lull, more action could be coming your way. These few weeks are also splendid for conceiving a child. If that has been on your agenda, you can start trying now. Conversations with romantic partners improve when Mercury turns direct on the 6th. Whether you’re single or partnered, this is good news. You can express your feelings with confidence, which can help you get more of what you want in the department. The New Moon on the 7th is ideal for staring a new health regime. If you’ve been slacking on your diet or exercise, this is the right day to change the course. With the impending holidays, it might be a smart thing. Schedule important business meetings after the 12th when Mercury leaps into your 6th house. The weeks that follow could be productive. Compromises are possible, and your brilliant ideas are bound to wow ‘em at the office. On the 21st, it’s time to focus on your loved ones when the Sun warms up your relationship sector. Make plans for holiday gatherings. Carve out time for winter fun. Look for ways to put the spotlight on the people you love the most, and you could enjoy lots of closeness as winter continues to unfold. The 22nd puts the Full Moon in your sign, great for changing up your look. If you’re badly in need of a style upgrade, this is a marvelous day for updating your wardrobe or your hairdo. Get spiffed up, and you can surprise everyone on Christmas eve with your fab new look! The 31st puts Mars in your 10th house, signaling a few weeks where your ambition is about to get turbocharged. Take a minute to celebrate the new year but don’t stay up too late. You’ve got big plans to kick off in 2019, and you’re gonna need to preserve your stamina for the huge push ahead. January is about to get lit for your career.


leo astrology

Leo: December could be quite romantic, dear Leo. With the Sun and Jupiter nestled in your 5th house, you may be getting more loving. If you’re single, this might be a fantastic month for hitting the holiday social circuit. You never know who you might meet. Already in a relationship? Things could be heading to the next level. Which could mean engagement, marriage, moving in together, or conceiving a child. All of these things are favored for you, making December quite sweet. Venus will be in your 4th house on the 2nd, casting a warm spell over your home. If you’re thinking about hosting the holidays, your crib will no doubt be the most elegant, lovely place to be. Your warmth will make everyone feel at home. Solve communication issues with the family on the 6th when Mercury turns direct. If you’ve had a beef with anyone, you can squash that – just in time for the festivities. Circle the 7th in your calendar – the New Moon could bring a romantic surprise that day. You might meet someone special, or a current flame may have an early prezzie for you. This day is also excellent for new creative projects – let the holiday crafting begin! Speak the language of love when Mercury wriggles into your romance zone on the 12th. You can chat up that hottie you’ve been admiring or send a message to that attractive person on your dating profile. If you’re already in a relationship, the weeks ahead are extra good for pillow talk. Work will command your attention starting on the 21st when the Sun settles into your 6th house. You have a few weeks to wrangle end of the year/beginning of the year duties. Between work, family, romance, and holidays, this could be a hectic time for you. Set aside the 22nd to chill out and bring yourself back to center. That day puts the Full Moon in your 12th house of rest – perfect for stepping back and a little self-care. This will keep you in good running order for the upcoming weeks. Start making your travel plans when Mars moves into your 9th house on the 31st. Where do you want to go in 2019? Get out a world map and begin plotting your next big journey. 


virgo astrology

Virgo: Your home will be the hot spot for the holidays, dear Virgo. The Sun and Jupiter in your domestic sector make the first few weeks of December perfect for getting your nest ready. Set up your tree, put out the decorations, clean up the clutter, and you’ll be Santa-ready just in time! Venus in the 3rd house on the 2nd adds an extra charm factor to your communication. This can aid you in handling sensitive matters at work or speaking the language of love with your honey. You get even more articulate when Mercury turns direct on the 6th. After weeks of feeling tongue-tied, you can find all the right words. The New Moon on the 7th is excellent for making decisions around your living situation. If you’re thinking of doing a massive purge of your belongings, this is a day to get that going. It’s also possible that you may get good news from a family member around this time. The social activity around your home begins to pick up in earnest when Mercury edges into your 4th house on the 12th. There will be a lot of coming and going. Loved ones may be dropping by, or you may be out and about, enjoying the winter festivities. Romance heats up when the Sun heads into your romance zone on the 21st. A relationship may be going to the next big stage in the weeks ahead. Or, if you’re single, you may be connecting with some promising new suitors. The chances for having someone to snuggle with as the weather gets cold are getting better than ever! The Full Moon on the 22nd is especially lovely for social activities. Mark this day on your calendar – and get out of the house! Attend a gathering with friends, hit the dance floor, go caroling. HAVE FUN. You may get a pleasant surprise that weekend. When Mars leaps into your 8th house on the 31st, it’s time to get your 2019 budget organized. Look over your taxes and financial dealings. Get your money affairs in order in the upcoming weeks. The more attention you give to your cash flow, the more likely you’ll be setting yourself up for a winning 2019. 


libra astrology

Libra: You’ve got big, bold ideas this month, dear Libra. The Sun and Jupiter are nestling in your 3rd house as December begins – time to create your vision for your future. Where do you want to go next? What impact do you want to have on the world? What does it mean to “play big?” Contemplate all of these questions and then begin putting your action plan for 2019 together. Finances improve on the 2nd when your ruling planet, Venus jumps into your 2nd house. You may experience an influx of cash through work – or Santa! It’s easier to attract abundance while Venus sits here – the weeks ahead could help to pad your bank account nicely. But do keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde until the 6th and will be in your 2nd house until the 12th. Unexpected expenses or foolish impulse buys could quickly wipe out your gains. Watch your bread closely. When it comes to spending on the holidays, less is more. The New Moon on the 7th is great for a quick trip. Take that weekend to explore somewhere new. Even a short jaunt to the next town over might make you jolly! The 12th puts Mercury into your 3rd house – time to get those holiday cards in the mail. This is also an active few weeks for any sort of travel. If you need to be on the road for work or festivities, you should be good to go! You’re the center of attention at family gatherings when the Sun eases into your 4th house on the 21st. You may be getting a lot of loving at this time – or may be holding the parties at your crib. Either way, enjoy some holiday fun with the ones you love – and don’t forget to put out the mistletoe. The Full Moon on the 22nd has you finishing up an important work project, just in time. If you have an end-of-the-year deadline, you should be able to make it, even if it seems like the 11th hour. Watch out for New Years eve drama when Mars enters your 7th house. A loved one may want to pick a fight. Or you may be the one itching to start a row. There is NO NEED for fussin’ and feuding. Keep your cool and ring in the new year with love. It’s the right way to end 2018. 


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: If you’re feeling a bit tongue-tied as the month begins, blame it on Mercury retrograde, which moves into your sign on the 1st, dear Scorpio. It will be direct on the 6th, which will help you to find the words to speak your truth again. But until then, mind your mouth carefully. You certainly don’t want to put your foot in it especially with the Sun and Jupiter lighting up your money zone brighter than the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. December (and 2019) are giving you ample amounts of opportunities to earn some serious bread. If you play it right, the first few weeks of this month could be taking you to baller status. Venus will be in your sign on the 2nd, giving you the attraction factor that could help you to get what you want in any situation. Unstoppable? Yes. Luck and charm are on your side – and once Mercury is direct, it’s SO ON. The New Moon on the 7th opens up a promising door you didn’t think was possible. This could be a new job, position, or project. Lady luck is smiling on your bank account – be ready to say yes if you receive an offer. More good news arrives when Mercury joins forces in the 2nd house on the 12th. This leads to weeks of brilliant ideas. Your thinking could help you turn a mighty fine profit. It’s also a strong period for financial planning as well as short trips for business reasons. If you’re thinking of spending some dough on your education, that’s cool too. The more you know, the more you earn – invest in your future! The Sun will settle into your 3rd house on the 21st – just in time for holiday travels. If you need to head anywhere at all, you can proceed without worry. The Full Moon on the 22nd clears any travel obstacles (including excuses you may be making). There is no better time to head home for the festivities – or to take a winter holiday than this time of year. As the year comes to a close, your ruler Mars will be entering your work sector, which makes you rarin’ to go as 2019 kicks off. Ring out the new year with an exciting activity and then get ready to slay the next day. 


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: If your 2018 has been a bit of a bumpy ride, things are about to turn in your favor as the year coasts to a sweet close, dear Sagittarius. You’ve got the benefit of both Jupiter and the Sun in your sign this month, which is like putting the world right in the palm of your hands. Set big intentions. Take inspired action. Be bold as you go after your dreams. Say yes to the good stuff that is starting to show up in your orbit! The Universe is truly on your side. Venus will join Mercury in your 12th house of rest on the 2nd, perfect for meditating on your love life. What do you want? Is there someone you need to release? Are you holding on to unhealthy, old dynamics? Ponder what’s happening in this area of your life – and then start doing the inner work necessary so that you can get the love you deserve. The New Moon in your sign on the 7th is perfect for revealing a new look. A funky new hairdo and some slick duds could help you move into the holiday season in style. Mercury will be direct on the 6th and moving into your sign on the 12th, giving you the ability to speak your truth eloquently. This is great for sharing your thoughts with the world – or for sending out some handwritten holiday cards to your loved ones. Your income potential increases when the Sun enters your 2nd house on the 21st. If you’re ambitious for wealth, your chances of attracting it are heightened for the weeks that the Sun hangs out here. Go after the material things you want – and don’t be afraid to spend some of that coin on a little bling for yourself! Also: if you haven’t gotten around to getting your holiday shopping done, you still have a few days to get on it! A financial situation resolves on the 22nd when the Full Moon graces your 8th house. If you’ve been waiting for a bill to clear or a loan to come through, the path may open up now – just in time for the festivities! Mars will be in your 5th house starting on the 31st. For single Sagittarius peeps, this could be the beginning of an exciting dating period. Do NOT sit home. Get out there! You might just meet an interesting new paramour on New Year’s Eve or shortly after. 


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: The month starts out a bit on the quiet side, but things will be roaring by the time the holidays arrive, dear Capricorn. With the Sun in your 12th house at the start of December, you’ll want to conserve your energy. Work on things behind the scenes. Wrap up your end-of-the-year duties. Rest up. Resist the urge to rush about. Venus will be in your 11th house of social life on the 2nd, which means friends will be begging you to come out and play. Do note that Mercury is retrograde for a few days – if you want to get social put that stuff off until the 6th. At that time, Mercury will be direct, much better for spending time with your besties. The New Moon on the 7th is excellent for a little soul searching. Take stock of your life – and set new intentions for 2019. It’s easier for you to keep your secret holiday stuff under wraps when Mercury slides into your 12th house on the 12th. This marks a few weeks where you can operate without detection. If you’ve got some top-secret plans, you should be able to carry them off without a hitch. No one will be able to do that Secret Santa stuff quite as well as you! Your vitality increases when the Sun enters your sign on the 21st. You’ve got that leadership glow – if you need to take command at the office or home, your confidence will inspire everyone to get behind you. You can make a strong impression on others at this time. Max this out and you’re sure to see opportunities fall in your lap. The Full Moon on the 22nd may bring a significant change to a relationship. Someone may leave the picture at that time, or an issue may get resolved once and for all. This day brings a sense of closure – which means the holidays will have less drama. Host a New Years gig at your home on the 31st when Mars enters your domestic sector. A lively shindig brings out your best hosting skills and might be the best way to ring out the year. But don’t stay up too late. You’re gonna have a busy 2019 right out of the gate. 



Aquarius: December promises to be social, dear Aquarius. The Sun and Jupiter in your 11th house guarantee you’ll be on everyone’s invite list. Get your nog in hand and be ready to RSVP to all sorts of fun events. You’ve also got the benefit of Venus sitting pretty in your career zone, which means you may be on the rise up the company ladder, another reason to celebrate! You might want to schedule in your own party on the 7th when the New Moon lands in your 11th house. Host a private gathering for your VIPs. Why not break out the frosting and get some gingerbread cookies happening? It could be a blast! Communication with your friends improves after Mercury turns direct on the 6th – and moves into your 11th house on the 12th. Conversations could get deep. Or you may simply be seeing more of your pals. Whatever the case may be, you’re in the mood to mingle – and there are loads of opportunities for that. You begin quieting down on the 21st when the Sun slides into your rest zone. Suddenly, all that holiday cheer gets on your nerves, and you want some downtime to play video games or hang out with the cat. Give yourself permission to say no to the events that seem like a drag but do know you won’t be able to get out of everything! Work projects complete beautifully on the 22nd when the Full Moon lands in your 6th house. This is a great day to get all that last minute crap handled so you can take a nice, long vacation. This Full Moon is also ideal for quitting a bad habit. If you’ve been thinking of giving up your drinking habit or easing up on the carbs, this is the right day to start. You’ll feel so much better! Your thinking becomes energized when Mars moves into your 3rd house on the 31st. Suddenly you’re bursting with ideas for a few weeks! The question becomes: will you take action on those? You should


pisces astrology

Pisces:  You are moving at warp speed and slaying plenty of dragons this month, dear Pisces. That’s because Mars is zipping through your sign – which increases both your physical energy and your ambition. Not much can stop you now – take advantage of this energy and go, go, GO! Goals will be checked off faster than you can say “badass!” This could also bring out a bit of restlessness. You may feel an urge to hit the road for some far-flung adventure. I’d advise you to hold off until Mercury is direct on the 6th. The roads will be wide open then, which means you can indulge your wanderlust without a hitch. Because Venus will be in your 9th house on the 2nd, you may even want to take your honey with you. A romantic journey for the holidays? Yes, please. The Sun is powering up your 10th house for the first three weeks of December, which means accolades are coming your way at work. Long overdue recognition for all your efforts feels like a lovely close to a busy year. The 7th puts the spotlight directly on you when the New Moon illuminates your 10th house. You may receive good news about your career at this time. If an opportunity presents itself to you around this day, grab it! It could pave the way for a whole new level of success. Hold important meetings after the 12th when Mercury will be in your 10th house. You’ll have a few weeks to communicate bold ideas to the boss. Your brilliance will be deeply appreciated as 2018 comes to an end – do not hold back. Social activities begin taking up more of your time when the Sun slides into your 11th house on the 21st. Holiday parties, dinner with the fam, hot date nights at the local jazz house – so much fun! The Full Moon on the 22nd is a lovely night for romance. This day could change things in your love life in a dramatic way. If you’re single, you may meet someone exciting. In a relationship? Why not make it official? Move in, change your Facebook status, pop the question – go for it! This Full Moon is also excellent for letting go of old relationships. If your relationship has died on the vine, release it. Create space for someone new to come into your life. Mars will leave your sign on the 31st and hop into your 2nd house of money. Ambition for cash will be your theme going into 2019. If you’re serious about improving your financial outlook, the weeks ahead could find you making decisions that will change things in a powerful way. 

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