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You might be asking, “why can’t we be friends?” when the Full Moon in Aquarius shows up on the 3rd. This day brings changes to groups and associates. A friendship may come to a close, for better or worse. Or this might be another sort of difference to your social circle. For example, social distancing may be forcing you to hang with your pals in a whole new way. 

Mercury in Leo on the 4th puts a dramatic, creative flair to communication. Instead of small talk, this transit wants big conversations and bold statements. There is no time for the petty stuff. After all, Leo rules the heart – so every word must be kind, noble, and generous. Look for ways you can infuse that vibe into everything you say. Mercury will remain in Leo until the 19th.

Tender loving care is on the agenda when Venus waltzes into Cancer on the 7th. This caring Venus is ideal for home-cooked meals, quiet nights on the couch, and lots of snuggles. Show your affection by making your honey feel genuinely cared for. This is also an excellent transit for updating your nest. Clear out the clutter, do a deep clean, and reorganize the furniture. If you need to purchase new things for the home, Venus in Cancer is the perfect time to do it. Venus remains in Cancer until September 6th.

Reconnect with old pals when Uranus stations retrograde on the 15th. If you’ve lost contact because of the whole social distancing thing, why not reach out and strengthen those bonds? Uranus retrograde can also create restless energy that is hard to express. You may want to do something…but what? And how? No matter what you try to shake up, it seems to fizzle instead of pop. Rebel without a cause – that’s what you may be feeling like for the months that Uranus is retrograde. Because of the placement in Taurus, there may be tension in the economy. This might not be the best time to gamble with your resources. Instead, err on the side of caution until you see where things are really heading. Uranus will be direct on January 14th. 

The New Moon in Leo on the 18th opens the door for heart-to-heart conversations and new creative projects. EXPRESS YOURSELF BOLDLY NOW. Don’t hold back! This is a fab time for a romantic upgrade as well. If your lover isn’t treating you like the King or Queen that you are, buh-bye! Thinking about starting a family? Get that discussion popping today. 

Mercury in Virgo on the 19th favors an analytical approach to problems. Deep dive into the details. It’s okay to be a perfectionist now. In fact, sloppy work won’t do. Same with communication. Don’t go into a situation without the facts. You’ll look like a dummy. With the right information by your side, you can make your point, win the debate, and bush your shoulders off. Mercury will remain in Virgo until September 5th.

Virgo season is on when the Sun heads into the sign of the Virgin on the 22nd. This marks a few weeks where service is rewarded. Rather than asking, “what’s in it for me?” (so Leo!) look at how you can be useful. The more willing you are to tend to what needs to be done, the more likely progress will be assured, and folks will feel secure. The Sun in Virgo doesn’t like messy. If there is any aspect of your life that has descended into chaos, you’ve got four weeks to clean it up. It’s never too late to get it right – and Virgo LOVES perfection! The Sun will remain in Virgo until September 22nd.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes
Aries: You may be restless as August begins, dear Aries. You’re ready to get out and have some summer fun. The Full Moon on the 3rd is a sweet spot for hosting your very own midsummer party. Send out a few choice invites, but remember to wear masks! Mercury in your 5th house on the 4th helps you speak the language of love like a poet. Your words can bring closeness with a current paramour. They can also attract new suitors if the current batch is duller than duct tape. An urge to beautify the home strikes when Venus drifts into your 4th house. You’ll have a few good weeks to pretty up your crib with a fresh coat of paint or new furniture. If you’re short on cash, a declutter and reorganization effort will make your home feel good as new. Keep an eye on the money starting the 15th when Uranus stations retrograde in your 2nd house. The rest of 2020 will be somewhat unpredictable for your cash flow. With a funky economy, it’s best to put your cheddar away somewhere safe until the economy has a full rebound. Minimize your risks until then. The New Moon on the 18th is marvelous for starting a new relationship or trying to conceive. Mark that in your calendar and then “get busy.” Work matters need your attention when Mercury enters your 6th house on the 19th. The devil will be in the details. A half-assed effort won’t do – you’ll need to be on your shit if you want to avoid costly mistakes. Of course, if you are willing to handle all the small stuff, you could prevent big problems. The Sun in your 6th house on the 22nd nudges you to take the lead on a major work project. You can do this – step up, take command, and you might see a promotion before summer comes to an end.
Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: The Full Moon on the 3rd brings completion on some aspect of your career, dear Taurus. A project may come to an end, or you may be getting ready to move to something entirely new. One door will close, but another will open soon. Family matters need your attention starting on the 4th when Mercury takes up residence in your 4th house for a few weeks. This might mark a period of late summer activities with the kids or much-needed conversations with a loved one. With Venus in your 3rd house on the 7th, you’ll have no trouble knowing what your family needs from you. If there are issues on the table, you’ll find the right words to get things on course. Uranus retrograde in your sign on the 15th allows you months to ponder a rebrand. If you’ve been unhappy with the way the world perceives you, what might you need to change up? Use this time to consider ways you can improve your image. While this period might be fab for a completely new look, it’s also crucial to think of other things that might impact people’s opinions. For example, if you’ve been acting belligerent online, perhaps it’s high time to knock that off. If you’ve been pissing people off, you can still turn that around (that is unless you enjoy that!). The New Moon on the 18th could bring excellent news about your home – or a potential real estate deal. If you’re looking to update your lair, this is your green light! Thinking of starting a family or expanding your brood? Begin those conversations when Mercury enters your 5th house on the 19th. This is the right time to make those plans! It’s also a swell few weeks for talking things out with your honey too. The Sun joins the party on the 22nd, casting a warm glow on your romantic life. As summer begins to wind down, you’re just getting heated up.

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: If you’re suffering from a case of idea diarrhea, blame the Sun burning up your 3rd house. You’ve got the most active mind of the zodiac, and now it’s on FIRE. August will be divine for writing, communicating, and turning your flashes of inspiration into sold gold. Indulge your wanderlust when the Full Moon lights up your travel zone on the 3rd. This would be a beautiful day to hit the pavement with your besties for a late-summer road trip. After all, Mars is roaring through your 11th house for the rest of 2020, making everything you do better with friends! Mercury slips into your 3rd house on the 4th amplifying restlessness. If you’ve been feeling like a caged tiger, free yourself! Your cash-attraction abilities magnify tenfold when Venus enters your 2nd house on the 7th. You’ve got a few weeks to up your hustle. (Psst…it won’t be hard for you to charm ’em. You’re a natch.) Uranus retrograde in your 12th house starting on the 15th gives you months to navel-gaze. Like Bowie, you’re ready for some ch-ch-changes…but what? You’ve got plenty of time to transform yourself from the inside out – and no doubt when 2021 comes, you’ll be surprising us all! The New Moon on the 18th brings exciting news. This could be an opportunity you’ve been waiting for or one that comes out the blue. You’ll need to make a bold decision fast – so be on high alert that day for any opportunities that come your way. Much needed conversations with the family will be happening once Mercury heads into your domestic sector on the 19th. When the Sun tags along on the 22nd, you’ve got the floor – and your loved ones are ready to listen. Whatever you have to say, you’ve got a few weeks to get it off your chest.

Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: Security is essential to you, dear Cancer. With the Sun sitting pretty in your 2nd house of money at the start of August, you’ve got a few terrific weeks for solidifying your revenue. Pay down your debts, put money aside, and look for new ways to amplify your cash-attraction skills. The Full Moon on the 3rd could bring sweet fiscal relief. You may receive a loan, raise, or another source of income around that time, which could ease your worries. Ideas for a side hustle can become real when Mercury glides into your money sector on the 4th. You’ve also got Venus in your sign starting on the 7th, which will give you the charm to get manifest whatever you want. As you can see, August is the beginning of a much better financial period for you! Uranus retrograde in your 11th house starting on the 15th provides months to examine your friendships. Are you supported in a way that feels right – or is your posse one-sided? As the rest of 2020 unfolds, you’ll get clarity around who’s real…and who’s fake. The New Moon on the 18th brings a fresh source of dough. This could be one of those brilliant ideas paying off or a raise at work. Short journeys are possible when Mercury enters your 3rd house on the 19th, followed by the Sun on the 22nd. A few late summer road trips might be on the list – and a welcome break from all the work you’ve been doing. Slip in some time off, and you’ll be ready to hit it hard in September.

Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: You’re in your element, dear Leo. Your ruling planet, the Sun, is holding court in your sign for the first three weeks of August, putting the spotlight squarely on your beautiful self. Shake your mane, toot your horn, and show off a bit! You’ve earned those bragging rights – so don’t be shy about taking center stage. You belong there! Relationships get clarity on the 3rd when the Full Moon illuminates where you stand with a partner. If things have been weird, the breakthrough will arrive just in time. Mercury in your sign starting on the 4th helps you talk it out in any situation. You can express your ideas with eloquence and your usual dramatic flair. If you’re in the public eye, you might have a chance to wow folks with witty bon mots! A secret romantic opportunity shows up on the 7th when Venus hides out in your 12th house. Do you go for it or not? That depends. If no one gets hurt, sure. But if there’s a possibility that this could upend a relationship that matters, take a pass. (You can still be flattered for the offer.) Uranus retrograde in your 10th house could bring sudden changes to your career and reputation. This could be good or bad – so you’ll want to be mindful of the opportunities to succeed or put your foot in it. The more aware you are, the more likely you’ll stack the odds in your favor and keep unwelcome surprises to a minimum. That being said, don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly! Be your authentic self and trust that the ones who “get you” will and the ones that don’t …do not matter. The New Moon on the 18th is ideal for debuting a new look. Update your hair, purchase a new frock, or adorn yourself with a bit o’ bling. Then: STRUT. Set up an appointment with your financial advisor on the 19th when Mercury will be heading into your 2nd house, followed by the Sun on the 22nd. Go over the budget and start looking for ways to get your financial house in order. You’re pretty savvy with money most of the time, but it doesn’t hurt to get an expert’s eyes on your nest egg.

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: Rest up, dear Virgo. The Sun is taking up space in your 12th house as the month begins, which means it’s time for introspection. What have you learned about yourself in the past year? More importantly: what needs to go to make room for the new you that has been brewing? You’re gearing up for a personal evolution – and this month will give you the final nudge to release whatever has been holding you back. The Full Moon on the 3rd brings an important ending at work. This could be the end of a job or the completion of a project. Secret communications for new ventures start on the 4th when Mercury enters your 12th house. If you’ve been looking for something new on the down low, you can begin negotiations behind the scenes. Romantic date nights add spice to later summer when Venus shimmies into your 11th house on the 7th. All work and no play doesn’t leave room for lovin’. This transit of Venus will ensure that you get some action! If you’re single, there is no better time to cast a wide net. You might forge a real connection. If you’re thinking about shifting career gears, you might want to consider going back to school when Uranus stations retrograde in your 9th house on the 15th. Explore universities and think about what might stimulate your mind. With the economy being so up in the air, a new skill could prove to be valuable. You’ll have months to examine your possibilities. This transit could also find you expanding your horizons through other means such as travel or spiritual studies. Try something you’ve never done before and see where it takes you. The New Moon on the 18th brings an “aha” moment and a chance to put something in the past once and for all. The inner work you’ve been doing finally pays off – when Mercury and the Sun move into your sign starting on the 19th, you’re ready to spread your wings and SOAR. Your moment has arrived – and your birthday will signal a new chapter of awesomeness.

Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: If your social life has been a drag lately (hasn’t it been that way for all of us?), August brings some sweet, friendly relief, dear Libra. The Sun in your 11th house indicates you’ll be getting more face time with your besties. You thrive on relationships, so this will buoy your spirits significantly. The Full Moon on the 3rd could bring a change with a significant romantic relationship too. A new level or new paramour? Maybe both! Having options on the table will add some suspense. Gossip amongst friends heats up when Mercury slithers into your 11th house on the 4th. They may be sharing their secrets…or yours. All this intrigue won’t impact your career negatively, though. Your ruling planet Venus floating through your 10th house starting on the 7th gives you that untouchable status for the whole month. While a few snipers may want to tarnish your good name, there you are with your usual je ne sais quoi, winning over even the most vicious haters. Uranus retrograde in your 8th house on the 15th gives you added intuitive radar. If someone is up to no good, you’ll be too wise for that nonsense and sail past the trouble like a glorious swan. In other words, you can see it coming and know when to bounce. The New Moon on the 18th finds you at the center of a cool happening. The eyes are on you as you descend the stairs in your finest. You’ve arrived (you do this arrival stuff better than anybody). Simmer down when Mercury and the Sun rest up in your 12th house starting on the 19th. You’ll have a few weeks to get out of the public’s eye and recharge. What you’re up to next will keep everyone guessing.

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: When it comes to your career, August is hotter than a ghost pepper, dear Scorpio. You’ve got the goods, and everyone is going to know that before the month is out. There will be ample opportunities to take command. Step up your game, and you’ll be in the corner office before you know it. Put the finishing touches on summer home projects on the 3rd when the Full Moon lands in your domestic sphere. If you have a few loose ends to tie up, make this the day you get it out of your hair. It’s hard to rule the world when your house is a mess! Create order, and you’ll be free to focus on bigger things. Meetings with big shots fill your calendar starting on the 4th when Mercury joins the Sun. The weeks that follow will put their eyes on you, and you’re going to wow them. Thinking about a romantic trip? Start plotting that out on the 7th when Venus will be in your 9th house for a few weeks. A well-planned getaway with your honey could get your pulses racing and create deeper intimacy. When Uranus stations retrograde in your 7th house on the 15th, there could be changes on the horizon for some of your key relationships. Some may improve, while others may fade without warning. A few friendships may come to a close as new players emerge. By the time January arrives, your circle of most trusted peeps may look completely different. The 18th brings a remarkable opportunity when the New Moon lights up your 10th house. This is your star turn, a well-deserved moment where you can step into your full glory. Accolades you receive now are due to your hard work. Take a bow and be proud of how far you’ve come. Get ready to par-tay when Mercury and the Sun saunter into your social sector beginning on the 19th. As the summer starts to wind down, the fun is just getting started.

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: If you’re itching to indulge your wanderlust, August may be the cure, dear Sagittarius. The Sun in your 9th house for a few weeks signals your best time of the year for a getaway. If you can schedule a vacation, do it. Even a short road trip to the city next door might up your happiness level times ten. This is also the right time to apply for university, especially when Mercury joins forces with the Sun on the 4th. You’re always happiest when you’re traveling or studying – maybe you can find a way to do both? (Graduate school across the country? Yes, please.) The Full Moon on the 3rd is a superb day for a last-minute adventure somewhere new. Play hooky and see where the roads may take you! Hot date nights are possible when Venus moves into your 8th house on the 7th. If you’re craving more S.E.X., you’re about to get very lucky. The sizzle is real, yo. Changes at work start creeping in when Uranus goes retrograde on the 15th. Over the next few months, you’ll need to as adaptable as possible. Nothing is rooted. Everything seems to be up for grabs. The more flexible you are, the better. Circle the 18th in your calendar. That day finds the New Moon illuminating travel or educational possibilities. A door may open for a trip of the lifetime – or an opening at a university may finally get you moving towards an academic goal. The public adores you starting on the 19th when Mercury heads into your 10th house, giving you the ability to speak your truth in the most inspiring way. Step onto every stage you can and be ready to INSPIRE. When the Sun joins up on the 22nd, you have the bold charisma of a true leader. This is your time in the spotlight. SHINE.

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: If your finances got janky during last month’s Mercury retrograde, you could get back on track in August, dear Capricorn. You’ve got the Sun in your 8th house for the first three weeks of the month, perfect for illuminating financial leaks and fixes. Get your budget in order, and you’ll coast to the end of the year with peace of mind (yassss). The Full Moon on the 3rd could be especially revealing about your money situation. You may discover something that needs immediate attention. Take care of it right away. Schedule an appointment with your financial advisor when Mercury slips into your 8th house on the 4th. A sit down with a trusted expert could help untangle any fiscal knots that are too gnarly for you to handle on your own. Even though a lot is going on in your financial life this month, Venus in your relationship zone beginning on the 7th puts love on the front burner. How can you make time for lovin’ when you’ve got money on your mind? You’ll need to figure that out if you want to avoid a dry spell. Uranus retrograde on the 15th could bring sudden changes in your romantic life. If you’ve been preoccupied with business, you could see a relationship come to an abrupt end. It’s also possible that there may be unusual circumstances around your romantic life that add a twist to things. The saying “it’s complicated” may apply to your status for the rest of 2020. A New Moon on the 18th gives you a chance to get the intimacy back. This is also a stellar day for updating your budget. So what’s it going to be: money or sex? Your call will depend on what’s most important to you. If it all gets too stressful, start plotting an extra-long vacation when Mercury enters your 9th house on the 19th, followed by the Sun. Sometimes the best way to see what’s up is from a distance. Go away, and you’ll come back with a new set of priorities in September.

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: Do you feel that, dear Aquarius? I’m talking about the changes that are happening in your life at the moment. So much is starting to shift. The Full Moon in your sign on the 3rd brings a significant ending that may pivot you into a whole new life. If anything comes to a close around that day, it will LIBERATE you. You’re finding the strength to stand up and be yourself, even though others may try to hold your feet to the fire. With the Sun blazing in your relationship sector, you must be willing to hear them out but hold your ground simultaneously. Mercury will help you find the right words at the right time when it joins the Sun on the 4th. Your ability to negotiate terms firmly has arrived, giving you the power to get what you want. At work, Venus in your 6th house starting on the 7th, puts you in the charm offensive position. No matter what’s going down, you’re only going up from here. In short: WINNING! Start updating your pad when Uranus stations retrograde on the 15th. If you’ve been meaning to purchase some shag carpet and lime green curtains, now’s your time! Pick up some paint, plop some dough on new furnishings, and you’ll have the dopest crib around! Yeah, baby! The New Moon on the 18th brings an exciting new partner into your orbit. Single Aquarians – this could be worth pursuing. If you’re partnered, ignore that bait. Instead, do something to surprise your current honey. When Mercury and the Sun take up residence in your 8th house starting on the 19th, you’ll have a few good weeks to get it on…and get your cash right. September could bring dividends and hot weekends.

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: Work matters will keep you hopping all month, dear Pisces. The Sun in your 6th house puts you in the leader’s role, so be ready to take the reins. You can score victories galore if you’re willing to steer the team firmly. Any fears about taking control vanish when the Full Moon on the 3rd helps you come to terms with imposter syndrome. All those old anxieties – poof! You’re large and in charge – and it suits you! Mercury in your work sector on the 4th, give your words power. When you speak, the team listens. Know that. Romance hits a high note when Venus shimmies into your 5th house on the 7th. The rest of August has plenty of room for love notes and date nights. Be sure to schedule in time with your boo for lovin’! (Psst…single Pisces – you can get that flirt action working to your advantage now…). Genius ideas and out of the box thinking are yours when Uranus stations retrograde on the 15th. The rest of 2020 will give you many opportunities to be a bold original. If you’ve got an idea, pitch it, no matter how weird it seems. You might be on to the next big thing! A new job or promotion is possible when the New Moon shines a light on golden opportunities on the 18th. If something lands in your lap around this day, say YES. Be ready to say yes or pop the question when Mercury and the Sun enter your 7th relationship sphere starting on the 19th. If you want to get serious with that special someone, September could be a month to remember. Pisces in new relationships could be getting pleasant surprises as summer comes to a close. The weather may be about to cool down, but you’re just getting started.

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