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April 2020

April has arrived, spring is on the way, and we’re all ready for some sunshine (even if we’re cooped up at the moment)! Here’s what’s hopping in the cosmos this month:

You can find the right words at the right time when Venus enters Gemini on the 3rd. This transit adores love notes, funny texts, sonnets, handwritten letters, and swoony songs. Put your effort into making every word you utter sound like the soundtrack to your favorite romantic movie. Do this, and you’ll win hearts every time!

Attention: Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 5th brings a power surge! Jupiter conjunct Pluto can be positive for transformation, both on a personal and global level. It can bring about a change in your philosophic outlook and a deeper understanding of how we are all connected. This could be a favorable time to revamp cultural, educational, and religious institutions.

This transit can impact money too. Financial benefits come through corporate business, joint finances, and taxes. On a less happy note, this aspect can also bring about those who try to reap profits off the backs of others – watch out for exploitation and power mongers who want to hoard all the goodies to the detriment of the collective.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 7th is the right time to speak out on issues around justice and equality. Write an op-ed piece on something you believe in. Stand up for marginalized folks. Demand fairness. Full Moons bring conclusions. Why not make today about smashing the patriarchy once and for all? This day is also ideal for bringing closure around relationships, especially the one-sided kind. If a partnership isn’t fulfilling your needs, bye, boy!

Fire up your bullhorn and make noise when Mercury blazes into Aries on the 11th. This transit favors bold, original thinkers and trailblazers. Instead of sitting quietly, waiting for your turn to speak, step up to the mic with confidence! If you’ve got something to say, now is the time. Mercury in Aries is also superb for taking creative risks, spontaneity, and quick decision-making. Just remember to look before you leap!

Get real when the Sun enters Taurus on the 19th. This transit brings a down-to-earth vibe to everything. Slow, steady progress toward goals is possible now. Tap into the determination associated with this transit, and you’ll move mountains! Security is important, too – find the balance between risk-taking Mercury in Aries and the conservative Sun in Taurus before making financial decisions.

The New Moon in Taurus on the 22nd opens the door for a new financial outlook. This is the right New Moon to start that new side hustle, job, or creative venture. It’s also a swell day for going over your budgets and tidying up any messes you might find there. It’s never too late to turn over a new money leaf, and this New Moon is the best day to get going toward the secure future you deserve. It’s also ripe for setting intentions around abundance. Learn how to do that with New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller. (Psst…if you’re in financial trouble, this might also be the day to seek help.)

Review and revise your relationship to power when Pluto stations retrograde on the 25th. You’ll have a few months to examine how you stand in your power….or don’t. This transit brings opportunities to explore the abuse of power in government too – and find real solutions. If the powers that be aren’t doing their jobs, start thinking about how to get their attention. Remember: they are hired to serve the people, not their own interests!

Practical thinking is in when Mercury saunters into Taurus on the 27th. After weeks of impulsive Aries action, we prefer thoughtfulness, patience, and pragmatic solutions for the weeks that follow. As election season heats up, look for the practical leaders. Now is the time for common sense rather than pie-in-the-sky promises.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes
Aries: It’s your birthday month, dear Aries, and time for you to shine. All of the eyes are turned on you – and you won’t disappoint. Venus in your communication sector on the 3rd magnetizes people to you. Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 5th puts the spotlight firmly on you. You’re standing in your power like never before – and bound to impress the world at large! A Full Moon in your 7th house on the 7th brings closure around a relationship. An issue gets resolved, at last, opening the door for new levels of intimacy. You can speak your truth like never before when Mercury glides into your sign on the 11th. This transit makes it easier to step into the thought leader category, so do not hold back on sharing your wisdom with your adoring public. Money talks when the Sun heads into your 2nd house on the 19th. Your cash attraction skills are about to level up, making it possible to finally get ahead. The New Moon on the 22nd is especially suitable for starting a new job, position, or side hustle. This day may open up a new way to make some dough – or a new budget to trim the fat. Pluto retrograde starting on the 25th is your annual check-in around power. How are you using your energy, especially in your career? Are lifting others up or only focusing on your rise to the top? Take some time to review and course correct if you don’t like the way you’re leading. If you need to have a discussion about money with the boss or family, wait until the 27th when Mercury steps into your 2nd house. You’ll have a few weeks to get what you want – or to reach a consensus for financial goals.
Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: Rest up, dear Taurus. With the Sun chillaxing in your 12th house, self-care should be your priority for the first few weeks of April. Venus in your 2nd house of money starting on the 3rd, brings extra cash – but also temptation to spend it as fast as it comes in. A little restraint goes a long way now. Put the credit card on ice and be mindful when it comes to every expense. Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 5th opens up possibilities to expand your horizons through travel or education. If you’ve been dreaming of seeing the world or going back to school, this is your cue to make that happen. The Full Moon on the 7th could bring a change with your job. This could mark the end of a project or position. Be ready to pivot around that day. People begin revealing secrets to you when Mercury hides out in your 12th house, starting on the 11th. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be like a confessional – hearing every detail. It’s also possible you may receive some information that you need too. Keep your mouth shut and ears open. You’ll learn more that way. Power up when the Sun enters your sign on the 19th. Happy birthday! Your star power will help open doors for the month ahead. You can get what you want – and command the respect of others. Yay, you! The New Moon on the 22nd is so good for rebranding. Chop off your hair, get some fresh threads, and update your look. Show the new you off as much as you can, hot stuff! When Pluto is retrograde on the 25th, you can examine your big vision for the future. What does that include? Where do you want to go from here? What mark would you like to leave on the world? Ponder those possibilities as much as you can. Mercury in your sign on the 27th could be the start of a new PR campaign or writing project. Memoirs? Why not? You’ve got plenty of stories to share and things to say. Speak up and let us hear all the juicy stuff! 

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: As the zodiac’s official social butterfly, nothing makes you happier than a full calendar of parties and gatherings, dear Gemini. With the Sun holding court in your 11th house, you get your wish. You’ll be on everyone’s “must invite” list, so get ready to RSVP your pretty little face off! Venus in your sign the 3rd guarantees you a spot in the VIP section at every club. Plenty of flirty action keeps your heart thumping as you work the room (psst…if you’re still social distancing, you can find novel ways to connect with folks – you don’t have to limit your interactions to in-person gigs). When Jupiter and Pluto conjoin on the 5th in your 8th house, you’ve got that sexy swagger that will open doors. This aspect also brings new financial clout. In other words: the beginning of April is LIT. Keep your eye on the Full Moon on the 7th. That day could bring an old flame back into the picture – perhaps for closure (you’re a hard one to forget). This clears the way for a romantic upgrade later on. Mercury in your 11th house starting on the 11th, brings friends out of the woodwork. You’ll be able to reconnect with old pals over coffee or drinks. SO. MUCH. FUN. But things begin to simmer down when the Sun takes up residence in your 12th house of rest. Perhaps you’re a bit burnt out or needing a recharge. Generous self-care days in the weeks that follow will have you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your birthday month, which is just on the horizon. The New Moon on the 22nd brings a revelation. A secret door opens up. Is it an opportunity or Pandora’s Box? You’ll have to wait and see how this shakes out. That day is also super-fab for a staycation. If you can take the day off to lounge about in a chenille robe and face mask, do it. Pluto retrograde on the 25th creates the right conditions to get fiscally wise. If you’ve been careless with your rubber bands, you will have a few good months to go over the budget and revise. Schedule in time with your financial planner, and you’ll be creating future security. Mercury slips into your 12th house on the 27th, a most excellent placement for ferreting out secrets or undercover work. Not much escapes your notice – gather the facts and be ready to use them when you need the upper hand.

Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: Are you ready to step up your game, dear Cancer? The Sun is sitting pretty in your 10th house of career as April begins, which means you can rise to the top like a total boss! Set your sights on the end goal and trust that you’ll slay. Accolades are bound to follow as your star rests firmly in the public’s eyes. Secret romances are possible when Venus hides out in your 12th house beginning on the 3rd. If you’re trying to keep something on the down-low, you’ll probably get away with it…for now. A Jupiter Pluto conjunction in your 7th house on the 5th puts a spotlight on power dynamics in your relationships. Are you equals in all of your partnerships? Or do you feel like a doormat? This is your chance to even the scales – and take back your own power. The Full Moon on the 7th is rad for spring cleaning your nest. Open the windows, declutter your lair, and get to scrubbing! Grab the mic and get your self-promo happening when Mercury zips into your 10th house on the 11th. The media is ready to hear what you have to say, so speak up and toot that horn! Invite friends over to your spruced up home to celebrate when the Sun heads into your 11th house on the 19th. Throw a few parties or intimate gatherings. Even if you don’t have a “reason” to party, it will feel great to surround yourself with your besties. The New Moon on the 22nd is a stellar day for social activity. Circle that date in the calendar and make plans with your buddies. Pluto retrograde kicks in on the 25th, giving you many months to explore boundaries. Once again, your relationships may need a check-in. You’ll have plenty of time to consider how you show up in your partnerships…or don’t. If you’re playing bully or martyr, you can turn it around and find that healthy balance. Mercury in your 11th house on the 27th amps up the social calendar bigly. Your inbox is about to blow up with invites. Spring has sprung, and you’re ready to bring the par-tay wherever you go!

Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: As the weather begins to warm up, you’re itching for adventure, dear Leo. Your ruler, the Sun, is moving through your 9th house, sparking wanderlust. Where to go? Get out a map, and think about which destinations might be worth exploring. Schedule in some time off, and plan your dream vacation. Social activity is picking up too when Venus enters your 11th house on the 3rd. Suddenly, you’re in demand and ready to kill it on the dance floor. Say yes to invites, kick up your heels, and flirt with wild abandon! Jupiter conjunct Pluto in your work sector on the 5th is a cosmic nod to step into a power role on the job. You’re more than ready to lead – so be brave and make your move! The Full Moon on the 7th provides the perfect opportunity to clear the air with a sibling. Use this day for a heart-to-heart. If you’re the one who needs to say, “I’m sorry,” be the bigger person and do it. A few short trips are possible when Mercury joins the Sun in your 9th house on the 11th. You don’t need to go far, either. A simple road trip to a nearby city might brighten up your spirits a bit. More chances to shine at work are possible when the Sun crosses into your 10th house on the 19th. If you’re in the public eye, you will be in your element: courageous, inspiring, and benevolent. Applause erupts as your fans continue to grow. Don’t be shy about taking center stage – OWN IT. The New Moon on the 22nd is a sweet spot for recognition. This day may put you squarely in the limelight – with opportunities galore to follow. But Pluto retrograde on the 25th will force you to review how you’re leading. You’ll have a few months to ponder your use or abuse of power – and make adjustments as necessary. Mercury in your 10th house, starting on the 27th, gives you a few weeks to use your words to influence the public. What you say could be critical and could shape the way people see you. Use your words with great care, and you may motivate people to get behind whatever you’re promoting.

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: Tax season is looming, dear Virgo. The Sun in your 8th house will give you the nudge to get on top of it if you haven’t already. You’re usually a stickler for fiscal management, so you are probably in good shape…but just in case you let things slide, you’ve got enough time to get it done. Venus in your 10th house starting on the 3rd, makes you the media’s darling. April will put you front and center – and folks are gonna eat it up. Who can resist that Virgo charm? (Psst…no one.) Jupiter conjunct Pluto in your 5th house of romance on the 5th says “yes please” to love. Single Virgos are ready to meet the one while those who are already partnered are stepping into the “power couple” mode. This conjunction is a go-ahead to planning or expanding the family too. If that’s on your wishlist, get busy! Finish up fiscal odds and ends on the 7th when the Full Moon looms large in your 2nd house. Take care of that business, and you can put your energy into more pleasant things for the rest of the month. If you want to plan for the long term, schedule in an appointment with a financial advisor once Mercury lights up your 8th house on the 11th. A sit down with a trusted money person will help you get set for the future. Being prepared feels SO good! Get your passport out and start planning your yearly travels when the Sun marches into your 9th house on the 19th. If you’ve been stuck inside for too long, the chances to depart for somewhere amazing has arrived! The New Moon on the 22nd is a great day for hitting the road for parts unknown. Mercury joins forces with the Sun on the 27th, bringing opportunities to expand your horizons through globetrotting adventures – or school. If you’ve been considering an advanced degree, start researching schools. Psst…Pluto retrograde in your 5th house starting on the 25th might bring a few tests to the romantic front. Compromise is better than “being right.” Keep that in mind going forward if you want to see real progress.

Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: This month, you get to focus on your favorite subject: relationships! That’s because the Sun is touring your 7th house, dear Libra. You’re a star when it comes to giving folks your all, but you mustn’t forget about your own needs while you shine the light on the other people in your life. The Full Moon on the 7th will remind you to do just that. If you’ve been holding back on stating what you want – or if you’ve been in full-blown people-pleaser mode, this is your day to stop that nonsense and demand equality! Set sail for adventures when Venus takes a lap through your 9th house beginning on the 3rd. You’ve got a few weeks to schedule in an experience, preferably the romantic kind. A Jupiter Pluto conjunction on the 5th restores the order in your household. After months of power plays and problems with your home, you can take command and turn the beat around! Talk it out with your boo when Mercury steps into your 7th house on the 11th. There is no better time to let them know how you feel, so speak up! Intimacy heats up to new levels when the Sun begins moving through your 8th house starting on the 19th. If you’ve been following my advice and letting your partner know what you want, real depth is possible in the weeks ahead. The New Moon on the 22nd is superb for a sexy night. Break out the incense, oils, and candles – and stay in! Hubba hubba! Pluto retrograde starting on the 25th signals a few months for resolving family-of-origin issues. If you’ve been holding on to a grudge with Mom, use this time to find forgiveness or set boundaries. Mercury begins making noise in your 8th house on the 27th, which brings money conversations with your partner or accountant into the picture. If you’ve been ignoring the bills, you’ve got a few weeks to update your budget. The more attention you give to your dough, the more likely your revenue will rise.

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: Work demands put you in the hot seat this month, dear Scorpio. The Sun moving through your 6th house at the start of April is your time to take command. If you want to garner the respect of your peers, step it up and show ‘em what you’re made of. SHINE. Finances improve when Venus moves into your 8th house starting on the 3rd. This could indicate a tax break, loan, or some other windfall. If money has been rocky as of late, this is good news! Venus in the 8th brings a boost to your sex life too. The heat is on – so get out the candles and satin sheets! Plan your travels for the year on the 5th when Jupiter is conjunct with Pluto. World domination? Book tour? Hooking up the RV and exploring the country? Your choice. This aspect also favors writing – if you’re working on your next big thing, this signals a period where the blocks are removed – and your genius can emerge! The Full Moon on the 7th is best for self-care. Take that day off to putter about the house or spend time in meditation. Communication at the job gets fast ’n furious when Mercury leaps into your 6th hope on the 11th. You’ve got the words to inspire the team. If you play your cards right and keep the motivation going, you may score a promotion. Relationships are needing your attention starting on the 19th when the Sun wanders into your 7th house. What can you do to make your loved ones feel special? If you’ve been spending too much time at the office, perhaps a spring getaway may be in order? This is also a fab few weeks for single Scorpios to meet someone new. Mingle, flirt, and make some bold moves. The New Moon on the 22nd is a lovely day for all sorts of romantic adventures – and new levels. Again, any effort you make in the love department around this day will move you in the right relationship direction. Pluto retrograde beginning on the 25th is best for working on your own stinkin’ thinkin’. If you’ve been feeling dour about the state of the world, use the next few months for a mental upgrade. Clear away the old limiting beliefs. Find a new, better perspective through meditation and methods such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Mercury tears your 7th house on the 27th, giving you the ability to talk things out with anybody. If you’re having an issue with a loved one, May could be the best time for that long-overdue heart-to-heart.

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: Romance is on the rise, dear Sagittarius! The Sun is putting a lot of sizzling energy into your 5th house, ideal for finding a new paramour – or making things official with your current boo. If you’re thinking about starting a family, this transit is oh-so-good for busting a move in that department too. Venus sweetens the lovey-dovey romance vibes when it slips into your 7th house on the 3rd. April is LIT for LOVE, yo! The chances for financial power increases when Jupiter aligns with Pluto in your 2nd house on the 5th. This could signal a new job, promotion, or an investment that suddenly takes a turn for the better. Host a gathering with your besties on the 7th when the Full Moon glows up your social sector. A night under the stars with drinks would be a perfect catch-up time! Start talking about moving in or making a commitment when Mercury joins the Sun on the 11th. The weeks that follow could move your relationship into a swoon-worthy direction. Single Archers have tons of game at this time, too, making it easy to get those digits when you’re bumping and grinding on the dance floor! Showcase your leadership skills starting on the 19th when the Sun skips into your 6th house. You’ve got four good weeks to show ‘em who the real boss is – so stand up and take charge! The New Moon on the 22nd is most excellent for starting new health regimens. If you’ve been slacking off over the winter, there is no better time for getting a move on! Pluto retrograde on the 25th means it is time to review and revise your budget. You’ve got a few great months to go over the bills and make adjustments. Mindful money moves will ensure you have real long-term security. Mercury, in your 6th house on the 27th, is the green light for negotiations, meetings, and contracts. Those may be happening in May – and you’re in the best place for scoring the deal of a lifetime!

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: Home is where your heart is this month, dear Capricorn. You’ve got the Sun resting up in your domestic sector for the first few weeks of April, an excellent transit for getting your nest spring cleaned. Venus, in your 6th house on the 3rd, creates the perfect conditions for harmony on the job, which means this month is starting off on the right foot at home and work. Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 5th finds you totally in your element. In essence, this day is like a “power surge” that will electrify you and amp up your manifesting ability! The Full Moon on the 7th brings a career-defining moment. Get ready to celebrate a win – and a new level. Talk things out with loved ones when Mercury gallops into your 4th house on the 11th. If your family has been frosty as of late, you can melt those icicles and get a truce. Start adding fire to your love life when the Sun lends it’s warmth to your 5th house on the 19th. This sets off a fantastic month for getting close – or finding the “one.” Both single and partnered Capricorns could be getting plenty of play as the weeks ahead unfurl. Love is in the cards, so play your hand! The New Moon on the 22nd could be super-swell for popping the question – or asking someone out on a date. Don’t be shy! The doors are open for a love match! Pluto retrograde on the 25th signals a few months to think about whether you’re ready to lead – or step back. If you’re angling for a public position, you’ve got time to plot that out. But if you’re sick of being in the spotlight, you may find the exit you’ve been craving. Mercury in your 5th house on the 27th sparks interesting conversations with romantic partners. Let your big, beautiful heart lead your words – and let love bloom like the daffodils!

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: You’ve got a lot on your mind these days, dear Aquarius. The Sun is beaming in your 3rd house, blessing you with creative ideas and perfect ways to express your thoughts. But at times, you are feeling overheated too. You tend to worry about the start of the world far too much. With Saturn recently in your sign conjoined with Mars, the tendency to fret is stronger than ever. Watch that this serious vibe doesn’t make you escape into hermit mode. The world needs you too much for that! Besides, Venus will be slipping into your love zone, starting on the 3rd. This bodes well on the romantic front. Single Aquariuses could enjoy a few spring flings new while those who are partnered find new levels of intimacy. Could love be in the air? Perhaps. Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 5th in your 12th house brings a significant breakthrough. If you’ve been holding back in any area of your life, this day brings the truth to light – and helps you rediscover your power. A Full Moon on the 7th opens up travel opportunities. Whether you go around this day or make plans for future journeys, be sure to take advantage of the portal this day offers. Mercury, in your 3rd house on the 11th, is terrific for short trips or signing up for a class. When you focus your brilliant mind on mentally stimulating activities, you worry less. Hit the road or the books – and you’ll feel better. Clean up your lair when the Sun flits into your 4th house on the 19th. The four weeks ahead are great for a major decluttering – or starting home repair projects. If you don’t want to do it yourself, hire an expert. The New Moon on the 22nd could be the perfect date for moving. If you’ve been considering a new home, this is the right day to begin looking – or packing! Pluto retrograde on the 25th sets the perfect stage for an inner transformation. The months that follow are ideal for introspection, meditation, or therapy. As the old saying goes: it’s an inside job. Look within, and you’ll find healing for any issue that has been bubbling under the surface. Mercury in your 4th house as the month is your cue to gather the family for a reunion – or a housewarming party. Call up your loved ones and host a bash!

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: Your revenue is about to get an upgrade, dear Pisces. The Sun in your 2nd house amplifies your earning capacity – which means your hard work begins to pay off in April. Keep your nose to the grindstone – rewards will arrive soon enough. Use some of this extra cheddar to beautify your home when Venus glides into your domestic sector on the 3rd. Spruce up the joint with new bedding, a fresh coat of paint, or a bit of landscaping. Make it pretty – and invite over your loved ones for an Easter egg roll! Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 5th in your 11th house puts power behind your goals. What’s your big vision? Set your intentions – and then take action! The Full Moon on the 7th is the perfect day to get your taxes finished. If you’ve put them off, make this the day for handling that business. Start generating new money-making ideas when Mercury enters your 2nd house starting on the 11th. If you begin working on a side hustle now, it could turn into something profitable later. Take your ideas and run with them! Short trips and in-depth conversations with siblings will be in vogue when the Sun heads into your 3rd house on the 19th. You’ve got a few good weeks for all that, so defo ring up your family or hit the road! The New Moon on the 22nd brings news that could alter your life in some way. A door opens, a path clears, or something drops in your lap. Whatever happens will feel like a chance for a complete reinvention! Pluto is retrograde on the 25th, and suddenly you feel like an introvert. Instead of celebrations, you may feel like sitting home and contemplating your place in the Universe. This retrograde will also give you a perspective on who your real friends are. If you’ve been feeling some type of way about a particular buddy, you may get clarity during this transit. Mercury in your 3rd house beginning on the 27th will help you to find the words to start crucial conversations. If you have something to say, you’ll be ten times more effective in the upcoming weeks. Speak your truth and clear the air!

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