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JUNE 2020

I’m not gonna lie…June is going to be intense. Buckle up, strap yourself in, and keep the chocolate (or cognac) nearby.

It begins with a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 5th. Eclipses signal change and this one promises to bring a massive shift around spirituality, higher education, freedom, and travel. Issues around these topics come to a head, changing the way we learn, worship, and see the world. If the virus is not contained at that time, we can expect new rules going forward.

This Eclipse will also shed light on things that have been kept in the dark. Remember, Sagittarius wants the truth. If something is hidden, a revelation around this day could change the whole game – in your life or on the world’s stage.

Everything gets complicated when Mercury stations retrograde on the 18th. Travel delays, tech fails, and drama-fueled communication sets everyone’s teeth on edge. The weeks that follow could be an emotional rollercoaster – you’ll want to practice as much self-care as possible. Also remember the golden retrograde rule: add “re” before everything. Redo, rethink, repair, and relax. You get the picture.

Put family first when the Sun enters Cancer on the 20th. This transit wants everyone at home with their kin. Reconnect with your family through dinner at the dining room table, backyard barbecues, and game night. Keep in mind that emotions are strong at this time, especially with Mercury retrograde. A few rows with a loved one could spoil the vibe if you don’t keep that in check.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 21st is one to watch when it comes to family matters. This day could find folks touchy as can be, so you’ll want to be mindful of how you approach delicate topics. This Solar Eclipse could bring a change around the household, parents, property, children, or your home business. Something new is taking shape, which could alter homes and families for some time. On a more mundane level, this is your green light to move or get started on those home improvement projects. If you’ve been uncertain about your living situation, an answer may come around this day.

Reality checks in when Neptune is retrograde on the 23rd. We can’t ignore the truths that are sitting right underneath our noses. This transit brings answers to the most confusing information – and an ability to see what’s real…or fake.

If your love life has been anything but loving, you can start talking it out when Venus stations direct on the 25th. After weeks of mixed signals, ghosting, and communication woes, you can see where you stand. If you’re single, you may have been feeling like your game has been off, but there’s plenty of time to get a summer romance brewing, so get your app updated, and mack on!

It’s easier to take a few risks when Mars zips into Aries on the 27th. Mars rules Aries, so it’s hot-to-trot and ready to roll! What do you want to start? What chances are you willing to take? You’ll have a few good weeks to be brave and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

When Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 1st, businesses will be able to revisit their strategies. This marks a few months where we can see if the rush to open was wise…or not. One thing is for sure: this will not be business as usual. We’ll be able to get a glimpse of what might need to be adjusted. For folks working for other people, you’ve got the rest of the year to think long and hard about your career. How have things changed in the pandemic? What have you learned, and more importantly, how will you innovate for the next chapter?

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes
Aries: How can you broaden your horizons, dear Aries? That may be the question you’re asking when the Lunar Eclipse lights up your 9th house on the 5th. Perhaps it might be travel…or completing that degree. Or maybe you’ll find a bigger worldview by spending time studying the words of the greatest philosophers. You can change the way you think by engaging in any of these activities. Mercury retrograde on the 18th brings issues with loved ones to a head in the three weeks that follow. It may be challenging to get your point across during this time, so be patient with your family…and yourself. The Sun will amplify family issues when it slips into your 4th house on the 20th. If there are problems with anyone, be mindful that things don’t get out of hand. State your peace, but don’t forget to listen. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st could bring an essential change in the home. This could be a move or the beginning of a home improvement project. Whatever the difference may be, it will be for the best. Get into therapy when Neptune begins its annual retrograde in your 12th house. A few months with a skilled counselor could unravel old limiting beliefs. Romantic options start to improve on the 25th when Venus stations direct. Summer lovin’ gets an upgrade as your love language takes you into smooth operator status. Mars in your sign, starting on the 27th, gives you a blast of energy! You feel unstoppable as the summer kicks into high gear. Saturn retrograde back into your 10th house on July 1st signals an opportunity to get your career in order before the end of the year. If you’ve been out of work or experiencing problems on the job, this is your green light to begin looking for a better path.
Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: This is the right month to square up with your finances, dear Taurus. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th could bring important news about your revenue – be ready to make a change around that day, even if only a new budget. Mercury retrograde on the 18th brings communication breakdowns for the weeks ahead. It may be hard to get your point across, which means you’ll need to be as patient as possible. You’re known for your ability to remain calm, so this shouldn’t be too problematic. When the Sun eases into your 3rd house on the 20th, you’ll find the right words at the right time. Even if they don’t land immediately, by the time Mercury is direct next month, folks will see that you’ve been right all along. Solar Eclipse on the 21st could bring a whole new way of looking at matters. If you’ve been stuck on a particular issue, a flash of inspiration around this day will give you clarity. Neptune retrograde beginning on the 23rd further clarifies problems, especially around your circle of friends. You tend to be a loyalist, but now some of your most trusted alliances may not be what you thought. Over the few months Neptune is retrograde, you’ll need to consider who stays and who gets the boot. Your ruling planet, Venus, will be direct on the 25th in your money zone, which could bring balance to your fiscal situation in the upcoming weeks. If your spending has been out of control or if you’re fighting with a partner (or ex) over money, you can be assured of a resolution soon. Carve in extra rest days when Mars slides into your 12th house starting on the 27th. As summer looms, you’ll want to enjoy as many lazy days as possible. Saturn retrograde on July 1st opens doors to revisit favorite travel destinations…or going back to school. If you’re serious about getting expanding your world, the possibilities will be many for the rest of 2020. 

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: Your birthday month has ups and downs, but you’ll shine like a sequined ball gown through it all, dear Gemini. You’re the most adaptable sign of the zodiac, and this month, that quality comes in handy. The Sun is in your sign until the 20th, giving you a few weeks to toot your horn. Don’t hold back. If you’ve got something interesting to say (you always do), grab the bullhorn and out it out loud! The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings closure around a relationship issue. A change will occur that proves to be final. Don’t look back. You don’t have time for that. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde in your sign starting on the 18th, setting off all sorts of possibilities for public flubs and misunderstandings. Be ready to clarify your intentions and course correct if your put your foot in it. Put your attention to your bank account when the Sun enters your 2nd house on the 21. You’ve got a couple of weeks to get your cash hustle right. Keep in mind that Mercury retrograde is sitting here too – expenses could be high if you’re not on top of your game. You’ll want to put as much effort into saving your cheddar as you do toward making it! The Solar Eclipse on the 21st could open up a fresh opportunity to get your money situation moving in the right direction. This could be a new job – or an idea that turns into a major side hustle cash-generator. Things will be looking up, but you’ll still want to manage that flow until Mercury is direct next month. Speaking of retrograde, Neptune will be joining that party on the 23rd in your career sector. You’ll have a few months to get clear on which opportunities are moving you up the company ladder…or taking you toward the exit. This also marks a time when you can get more visible. If you’ve been holding your awesome back, the public is waiting for your arrival. Put your face out there more, and this could open the doors that seemed closed. Get your summer romance(s) happening for real when Venus stations direct on the 25th. After a few weeks of rom-com drama, you’ll be on everyone’s radar, which could lead to increased love opportunities – or a chance to fix things with your boo. It’s also time to boost your signal further with a new ‘do or updated look. Freshen up your look, and get ready for your admiration squad to swoon! After months of lockdown, your social life gets super-charged when Mars zooms into your 11th house on the 27th. You’re ready for playtime (with a fashionable mask, of course). Say yes to the most enticing invites and have some fun! Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 1st, and lands in your 8th house. You’ll have an opportunity to focus on long term security for the rest of the year. If your budget has gotten out of hand or too tight, there may be a way to get your situation turned around. Be patient, responsible, and ready to do the work. No matter how things stand, there will be genius ways to get your revenue straight.

Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: What do you want to do with your career now, dear Cancer? The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th allows you to ask that question and ponder the future. If your work life has been upended by the pandemic, you may be ready to close the doors on the old chapter. New possibilities beckon. Change can be frightening, but it can also be liberating. Choose to view this time as your chance to pivot into a whole new direction. But do be mindful about making snap decisions about the future when Mercury stations director the 18th in your sign. Instead, reflect on where you’ve been…and what your first steps should be. Nothing should be rushed. The Sun will be in your sign starting on the 20th, which means it’s Cancer season at last! Your energy improves, and your outlook is about to get a whole lot sunnier. If you’ve been stewing in pessimist mode, you can start to find the light in the dark in the weeks ahead. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st is significant because it’s in your sign. This means you have a chance to reinvent yourself. If you don’t like the image you’ve been projecting to the world, let this day be your cue to start a transformation. It’s never too late to become the person you always wanted to be. Nothing can hold you back after today…except yourself. Start dreaming of faraway adventures when Neptune begins its annual retrograde on the 23rd. You can still explore other cultures and countries during this transit if you’re not able to travel. It’s also possible that you may be getting spiritual insights that could illuminate future goals during this retrograde. Whether you’re seeking adventures or enlightenment, this summer could bring both in unexpected ways. Venus, direct on the 25th, opens the door for secret romantic relationships to move forward. That undercover lover may be ready for the big reveal in a few weeks. Ambitions are super-charged when Mars leaps into your 10th house on the 27th. Go for the gusto – and take command where you see fit. Leadership opportunities could open up – and this could pave the way for the brave new future you’ve been envisioning. When Saturn moonwalks back into your 7th house on July 1st, you’ll have the rest of the year to get your relationships right. Commit to the work you need to do, and you may secure a partnership once and for all.

Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: Are we friends or lovers? If you’re wondering about the status of a relationship, clarity comes on the 5th when the Lunar Eclipse shows up in your 5th house, dear Leo. This day could give you the information needed to make a solid decision. A friendship may turn into something more around that day – or you may be ready for the “I’m not feeling the vibe” talk. Mercury retrograde in your 12th house starting on the 18th provides the perfect backdrop for deep inner work. If you’ve been hanging on to the same old negative stories, this is the right time to clear that energy once and for all. Seek support from a trusted therapist if you need help doing the work. The Sun will join forces with Mercury on the 20th, helping to illuminate where those tender spots are. A Solar Eclipse in your 12th house on the 21st could bring great clarity. This is an excellent day for inner work. Schedule in self-care, therapy, or meditation on that day if you can. Above all, be kind to yourself around that day because you may be extra-sensitive. Go over your finances with a fine-toothed comb starting on the 23rd when Neptune begins its annual retrograde. It will be sitting in your 8th house, which means money, especially joint finances, might need an overhaul. You’ll have clear ideas on where you need to trim the fat. Be sure to talk this out with your partner before you start going gonzo on the budget. Invitations start pouring in when Venus is direct on the 25th. If you’ve been sheltering in place, this will feel like a hall-e-loo moment! The Sun is shining, and you’re ready for coffee dates, drinks with friends, and maybe even a picnic. Just remember to observe social distancing when you’re out and about. Plot a few summer travels when Mars brings the heat to your 9th house on the 27th. Even if your budget doesn’t leave room for a trip around the world, a road trip or two will cure your wanderlust. If you’ve been neglecting your health with the pandemic, you can start to get back on your regime when Saturn eases back into your 6th house on July 1st. A new routine will get you feeling fit as a fiddle in no time. If you’re an exercise hating Leo, you might be appreciating it in a whole new way now!

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: June brings changes around the home and social life, dear Virgo. The eclipses are going to hit both sectors, which could mean shelter in place will ease up for you – or you’ll be ready to change the way you are dealing with your homestead and friends. It begins with the Lunar Eclipse in your 4th house on the 5th. This day could bring a great ending around your home – again, you might be getting out more or making some sort of change to your living situation. If you’ve been working at home, you may also be receiving some great news about your job…or a new offer. Mercury retrograde on the 18th puts your ruling planet in a tough spot with your circle of friends. There may be miscommunications, or more than a few of your pals may be struggling as the summer begins. How can you be a good friend? That’s a great question to ask going forward. The Sun heads into your 11th house on the 20th, which could put you in a leadership position in a group situation – or heading out for gatherings under moonlit skies. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st brings a significant change to a friendship – or an opportunity to throw a small bash for your crew. Something may be changing around your group o’ pals, so be ready for plenty of news too. Neptune retrograde on the 23rd gives you the green light on relationship goals. If you’ve been holding back for any reason, you can see which way to go as the summer unfolds. You’ll get the clarity needed to make smart decisions about any and all partnerships. The career spotlight turns favorable when Venus stations direct on the 25th. Suddenly, you’re the hot commodity. Work this vibe right, and you could see a whole bunch of doors starting to open up. If your sex life has been a bit lackluster, it’s gonna get hot as hell when Mars blazes into your 8th house on the 27th. You’ve got a couple of weeks to turn that heat up to scorch level! Start planning your family or wedding when Saturn retrogrades back into your 5th house on July 1st. If you had to put your love life or family planning on hold due to the pandemic, you could begin moving ahead at last. You’ll still want to err on the side of careful. Baby steps, ya’ll. (Get it? LOL)

Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: Change the way you view the world, and your world will change this month, dear Libra. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings “aha” moments and clarity at last. You can let go of limiting beliefs, old stories, and anything that has been holding you firmly in stuck mode. Contemplate the image you’ve been presenting to the world when Mercury stations retrograde on the 18th. You’ll have three solid weeks from that date to revamp or repair your image. A rebrand at this time could up your visibility and position you as a shining example of transformation. The career spotlight turns to you on the 20th when the Sun skates into your 10th house. This brings many opportunities to lead on the job, no matter what your position may be. If you’re willing to take command, you could take the team to a sweet victory and open up the possibilities for a promotion. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st brings a unique opportunity to pivot. A total career change is possible at this time – if you want to start fresh, this day or the ones that surround it bring the glorious exit you dreamt of. Neptune retrograde on the 23rd helps you to sort out the details. You can see where to go and how to get there. Sally forth and continue moving toward your big visions. Your ruling planet, Venus, will be direct on the 25th, and this puts your romantic life back into a deeper groove. A relationship could broaden your horizons as the rest of summer evolves. Single Libras could find love with a sexy newcomer, possibly someone from a distance. Do not be hasty, though. Mars roaring through your 7th house starting on the 27th could cause you to say “I do” before you’ve had time to thoroughly inspect your prospective partner. Let’s not do that, m’kay? Finish home improvement projects or solving family drama when Saturn retrogrades back into your 4th house on July 1st. The rest of the year could lead to a peaceful, harmonious (and beautiful) nest if you put home/family first.

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: Your financial situation changes this month, dear Scorpio. The Sun in your 8th house for much of the month, coupled with that Lunar Eclipse in your money zone on the 5th, puts your revenue front and center. If you’ve been struggling, there may be a shift happening around the Eclipse that brings relief. You’ll also need to be ready to make a bold move at that time too. Thoughts and prayers won’t cut it – you must take action. If an opportunity arises, nab it. Don’t see any? Start looking for ways to turn the tide. Travel plans remain on hold for a few more weeks when Mercury stations retrograde in your 9th house on the 18th. If you’ve been sheltering at home, it may be wise to stay in place until mid-July. Even if restrictions lift, that retrograde is bound to cause delays. Why give yourself an ulcer when you can kick back at home instead? The Sun will shimmy into your 9th house on the 20th, which could get you feeling stir crazy but again: keep your wanderlust in check. It’s not worth it. Expand your world instead by taking classes, reading good books, or debating the state of the world with your closest friends. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st could open up a door for a new learning experience. You might discover an online class that intrigues you. It’s also possible that day will bring a spiritual awakening that changes your whole outlook on life. Remove the rose-colored glasses on your romantic life when Neptune begins its annual retrograde on the 23rd. If you’ve been having trouble getting a clue on the status of a relationship, this summer will give you ample opportunities to see if it’s for real…or not what you thought. Avoid making rash decisions until you’ve examined every red flag and green light. Only when you get the clear sign should you proceed. Until then, go slow. Venus, direct on the 25th, brings further romantic clarity as the summer continues to unfold. Again: you’ll be getting the low down so slow down and remain open to the signs. If you’ve been slagging off on your fitness regime, you’ll be back on top of that when Mars enters your 6th house on the 27th. Join the gym, hire a personal trainer, or dust off your sneakers and head out for a run. It feels good to move your body if you’ve been cooped up way too long. Start your home improvement projects when Saturn dips back into your 4th house on July 1st. You’ll have a few good months to update your crib. Clean up the joint, slap some paint on a wall, or tear up the yard – it’s all good!

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: You are about to complete a significant transformation that began months ago, dear Sagittarius. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th marks an end to the old you. Be ready to let go of an old story or limiting belief. Shed the skin that doesn’t fit any longer…and reveal the new you to the world. The Sun and Venus retrograde in your partnership zone at the beginning of June provide opportunities for your loved ones to adjust to this metamorphosis. The ones who “get you” will be delighted, and the ones who don’t will simply move on. Mercury retrograde on the 18th provides ample opportunities to go over your budget in detail. If your finances have experienced a change, you’ll be able to see where to fine-tune your expenses. The Sun will join Mercury on the 20th, which could illuminate new sources of income in the four weeks it hangs here. The more awareness you are to the comings and goings of your money, the more likely you’ll get a handle on your revenue well before the year ends. A Solar Eclipse on the 21st reveals an exciting financial opportunity or much-needed relief. It’s also possible that there may be news for your partner. If they’ve been furloughed, new work could turn things around. Neptune retrograde in your 4th house starting on the 23rd clears the way for getting your domestic sphere cleaned up. You can see what needs to be done now. As the months unfold, channel your inner Marie Kondo – and create divine order in your domicile. Romance blooms again when Venus stations direct on the 25th. If you’ve been too preoccupied, suddenly, your thoughts turn to more amorous adventures. Schedule in some downtime with your honey and let the sparks fly! Single Archers can get back on the prowl. Update your online profile, and get ready to swipe! Mars, in your 5th house, starting on the 27th, brings many potential suitors competing for your attention. Have fun – and take your time before settling on one person. When Saturn begins waltzing back into your 2nd house starting on July 1st, your finances will need your attention once again. The rest of 2020 depends on your ability to be wise with your resources. If you have not, the next few months will show you how to turn that around.

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings an opportunity for closure, dear Capricorn. This day is your chance to release old relationships, attachments, and limiting beliefs. Let it go. Free yourself! Set boundaries with loved ones when Mercury turns retrograde on the 18th. Communication could get discombobulated for the three weeks that Mercury backtracks through your relationship zone. Strict boundaries will minimize potential problems and keep shit disturbers out of your orbit. This leaves room for the dynamic, interesting people that might begin to show up when the Sun enters your 7th house on the 20th. Why keep the drama llamas around when you can engage in summer fun with like-minded (and respectful) types? The Solar Eclipse on the 21st could bring a significant new person into your sphere. This may mark the beginning of a special relationship, so do stay alert for any newcomers around this day. Neptune retrograde on the 23rd brings lucid thinking for the next few months. If you’ve been foggy in any area of your life, you can see the truth. The clouds are parting, giving you the clarity needed to make significant decisions. Venus direct on the 25th opens the door for harmonious relationships on the job…and maybe a summer office romance! The whole vibe at the workplace is improving, bringing a positive environment for the summer months. Get the barbecue pit fired up when Mars blazes into your 4th house on the 27th. You’ve got a few good weeks to host some events at home – or to get to work on renovations. Whether you’re tearing up the lawn or throwing some shrimp on the barbie, your castle will be full of life when July rolls around. Saturn will be back in your sign on July 1st, making the rest of the 2020 ideal for contemplating the image you’re projecting to the world. Is it authentic? Are you hiding out? Imposter syndrome? Use the rest of the year for confidence-boosting moves. Above all, no more holding back. You’ve come too far for that.

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: A major change in your social life arrives on the 5th when the Lunar Eclipse lands directly in your friend zone. This could mark the end of a friendship – or the end of social distancing. Whether you’re getting out and about after months of self-isolation or ditching a social circle you’ve outgrown, you’ll feel liberated in some way. Mercury retrograde on the 18th brings trouble at work. Technology woes and communication issues could put you in the hot seat on more than one occasion. Be mindful of how you express yourself, and be sure to back up your work if you want to minimize drama. Thankfully, the Sun will enter your 6th house on the 20th, shedding light on where you need to lead or seek support. Even if there are problems, you’ll find the way…or get help. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st could bring a new job or complete direction change. Be ready to pivot at that time – and don’t look back once your decision is made. Get your money in order when Neptune stations retrograde on the 23rd. If you’ve been ignoring the bills, you won’t want to keep that practice going forward. Instead, sit down and face the facts. You may not like what you see, but you’ll be able to find a better budget if you take a realistic approach. The old head in the sand attitude isn’t going to wash if you want to be secure. Venus direct on the 25th gives you the go-ahead for romance. Pop the question, take things to a new level, or start getting out there if you’re single. If you’ve had a dry spell, the summer is about to get a whole lot juicier! Plan some short trips when Mars hops into your 3rd house on the 27th. If you’ve been itching for a road trip, have at it. You don’t need to go far to have an adventure either. Just remember that Mercury is still retrograde for a bit longer – expect a few delays on Route 66. Slowing down isn’t so bad, yo. Get back into therapy when Saturn takes a step back into your 12th house on July 1st. You made a lot of progress on your inner work in the past two years. Now you get to revisit the issues and see how far you’ve come…or how much work is still left to do.

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: A career milestone is reached on the 5th when the Lunar Eclipse lights up your 10th house, dear Pisces. This marks the end of a chapter or project. Whatever gets completed is genuinely final, paving the way for new directions going forth. Romance could get a bit complicated when Mercury retrograde backtracks through your 5th house starting on the 18th. Mixed signals or missed texts could lead to misunderstandings. Your love life could resemble a rom-com for a few weeks, so brace yourself…and aim for clarity in all your words (and deeds). The Sun will slip into your romance sector on the 20th, giving you plenty of opportunities to find the right words. Even if you biff it, you can fix those errors! You’ve got enough game to get it right. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st opens up a new love opportunity. If you’re single, this may be one that you won’t want to ignore. If you’re in a relationship, this day might clear the way for a fresh start…or a baby. Neptune retrograde on the 23rd is your cue to reveal the real you to the world. If the imposter syndrome has been getting in the way, you can push that nonsense aside. The world wants to see you as you are (you’re pretty awesome, by the way). Cash ambitions get amped up when Mars strolls through your 2nd house starting on the 27th. The weeks that follow will be busy as you find new ways to get your hustle on. You may be working long hours – or taking on a side job. It may feel like you’re entering the summer of work, but know this: it will be worth it upon later reflection. When Saturn steps back into your 11th house on July 1st, you’ll want to rethink your social life. No doubt the whole shelter at home thing has gotten on your last nerve. But do you really want to take chances with your health? Look for ways to reconnect with your posse while still keeping yourself safe. A summer gathering or two could be on the agenda…but the time spent solo could be rewarding too.

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