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JUNE 2024

As the days grow longer and the skies turn sunny, we step into the exhilarating Gemini season. This period not only invites you but also entices you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace social interactions. The cosmic energy, relatively calm this month, sets the stage for laid-back summer vibes. Let’s dive into the exciting details.

Prepare for a double dose of Gemini energy when Mercury joins the Sun in this sign on the 3rd. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in its element during this transit. It’s a time when conversation takes the spotlight and wit reigns supreme. This period is also known for its dynamite flirty energy. So, take advantage of it, engage in lively conversations, and forge fun (or new) connections. Mercury in Gemini also favors short trips, gossip, and learning. Indulge your curiosity – whether that be through reading books, asking questions, or taking classes. Mercury shifts gears when it sails into Cancer on the 17th.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 6th brings important news to light. You might receive critical information, or someone may make an exciting announcement. This day is also your best for signing up for classes, catching up with friends, or starting a much-needed conversation. Set intentions on communication, education, and travel. 

Get ready for a change of pace when Mars settles into the tranquil Taurus on the 9th. This transit may not be known for its speed, but it compensates with its incredible persistence. It’s a time when you can make steady progress on your goals, as long as you maintain a slow and steady pace. Mars in Taurus also adds endurance to your romantic adventures. However, be cautious of the shadow side of this transit-unreasonable stubbornness. Mars bids farewell to Taurus on July 20th, moving into Gemini.

Romance becomes cozy when Venus slips into Cancer on the 17th. Old-fashioned courtship, home-cooked meals, and snuggles on the couch will win hearts. Instead of bold, try tender. It will work like a charm! One caveat: this is also a highly sensitive placement for Venus. Feelings can hurt easily. It can also bring out the clingy side in some. Be kind – and know when to let go. Venus remains here until July 11th.

More Cancerian vibes: Mercury joins Venus in Cancer on the 17th. Emotions can color your thinking during this period, which lasts until July 2nd. If you want to remain objective, you’ll need to find the balance between head and heart. Mercury in Cancer tends to improve memory, but it can also lead to obsession with the past. It’s not the easiest transit, but it can help cooler types get in touch with their feelings.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 20th. So now we have a buildup of Crab vibes! Woo hoo! Cancer season is for home, family, sentimentality, and feeling your feelings. It’s your best time to gather loved ones by the pool for backyard barbecues and lazy days. Enjoy this mellow, sensitive season until July 22nd, when Leo takes over the realm.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st is your day to bask in the glory of your wins. What have you achieved so far this year? How are your goals panning out? What are you most proud of? This Full Moon is a powerful lunation for tying up loose business ends, cleaning out the office, and most importantly, taking a summer vacation. You’ve worked hard. You deserve to celebrate and play.

Saturn will be retrograde from the 29th through November 15th. Use this time to explore your creative structures. Do you make time for art? If not, what might need to change to create space for your creativity to flourish? You’ll also want to consider your energetic boundaries. If you’ve allowed people to step all over you, it may be time to erect firmer boundaries. You can be friendly without being a doormat. 


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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes

Aries:  Your communication zone is lit this month, dear Aries. This means you may receive important information. The big day to pay attention: the New Moon on the 6th. An announcement or offer could profoundly change your life. You’ll want to leap at this chance! Of course, that’s easy for you because Mars is in your sign until the 9th. Once it heads into Taurus, your focus shifts to making money. While others are out playing, you’re hustling your tail off. Don’t get distracted by everyone’s party mode – you’ll have plenty of time for that later. The week of the 17th puts the focus on home and family when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun enter your domestic scene. This trio brings luck with real estate and the possibility of better relationships with your loved ones. A career-defining moment arrives with the Full Moon on the 21st. Suddenly, you are at the top of the pack, right where you belong. Celebrate your win with a shindig at your crib. Yay! 

Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes
Taurus: Finances need your attention, dear Taurus. A busy 2nd house puts your cash situation front and center. If you’re in great shape, carry on. But if you feel pinched, it may be time to update your budget – or look for a new job. Your best day to apply is June 6th, when the New Moon arrives. Send in your resume then. It won’t be long before you’re on your way to a better situation. Mars enters your sign on the 9th, which amps up your energy. Now you’ve got plenty of fuel to work hard and party down. Long days and nights? No problem! Pay attention to the week of the 17th. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will enter your communication sector, which could mean lots of big news or gossip! Keep your ears peeled – you might learn something! The Full Moon on the 21st is ideal for a summer vacation. Let your inner beach bum come out to play!
Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: June takes your life in exciting new directions, dear Gemini. First, it’s YOUR season, which means the first three weeks of the month are all about YOU. So stand tall, shoulders back, and strut your stuff! Second, Jupiter, the planet of luck, just entered your sign in May – you’re starting to get a taste of how big your world can be. Pay attention for opportunities to expand, especially when the New Moon in Gemini arrives on the 6th. This could be when the obstacles clear, leaving you free to grow wildly. You can take risks, start new things, or finally get that fresh start. Sally forth and trust the Universe is on your side (it is). Once Mars enters your privacy zone on the 9th, you might be ready for a little quiet time. How can you balance your need to rest with all this star power potential? It will be challenging, but if anyone can find the middle ground, it’s you. On the week of the 17th, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun enter the money section of your chart, a lovely trio that could bring more cash your way. Suddenly, it’s raining Benjamins for weeks – and you’re getting soaked! Whoopee! A surprise windfall is possible when the Full Moon shows up on the 21st. Once this day comes and goes, you should be geared up for big-time security. Smart move: make an appointment with a financial advisor on this day and learn how to multiply your moolah. 

Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: This month feels like a dichotomy, dear Cancer. On the one hand, a bevy of planets is sitting still in your introspection zone as June kicks off, which puts you firmly in your shell. However, your social life is activated, especially once Mars moves into Taurus on the 9th. The invitations are plentiful, so you’ll need to be discerning. Does it sound like a good time – or more work for you? Choose wisely if you want to avoid squandering your energy. The New Moon on the 6th is your best “me day.” Spend that day away from the fray in a spa or at home. It will restore your sense of balance. The week of the 17th is a game changer as Venus, Mercury, and the Sun enter your sign. Cancer season is off with a bang! The following four weeks have you out of hibernation mode and firmly in the spotlight. You can charm anyone now – so stand tall and own the stage, starchily! The Full Moon on the 21st reveals something about a loved one. This news inspires deep conversation and a fresh commitment. If you’re willing to go all in, you might discover a new layer of connection. 

Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: Summer is your favorite time of year, dear Leo. After all, you’re ruled by the Sun! June finds the Sun sitting pretty with Venus and Jupiter in your social zone, which gets you out of the house and amongst the beautiful people. Parties, weddings, and hot dates add intrigue and fun to your month – enjoy! The New Moon on the 6th is hot for a gathering with your besties. Send the invites to your closest pals and throw a celebration (early birthday party?). Mars in the career section of your chart on the 9th elevates your ambition. If you aim to be the top dawg in your industry, your hustle will ensure you get there. You’re ready for downtime when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun head into your 12th house the week of the 17th. Once this occurs, you have four weeks for solo time, which will prepare you for your season, which will happen next month. Health goals set earlier in the year reach a happy point when the Full Moon arrives on the 21st. All that hard work paid off, and you feel better than ever. Keep up the good work – your well-being loves the attention!

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: You can rise to a new level this month, dear Virgo. Your 10th house of reputation is active, a sign that your career ascent is inevitable. Your ruler, Mercury, puts the right words in your mouth, cementing your star status. A defining moment arrives with the New Moon on the 6th. If an opportunity lands in your lap around that day, do not question it. Go for it – and trust this is the beginning of your rise to the top. Travel beckons when Mars spends a few weeks in Taurus beginning on the 9th. A celebratory vacation or various work trips might put you on the road for most of the summer. Your social life gets a mega-boost when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun prance into your 11th house the week of the 17th. Suddenly, you’re getting more playtime. This will balance out the hard work. Romance hits a new octave when the Full Moon in Capricorn glows up your true love zone on the 21st. Could this be the one? Are you ready to commit to a current partner? If you feel your heart singing, put a ring on it! Single Virgos could also be prepared to enter the dating pool after a timeout. Cast your net wide – there are plenty of fish! You might pull in a fantastic catch! Of course, you’re the biggest catch out there. 

Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: Summer’s here, so it’s time to goof off, dear Libra. The travel zone in your chart is filled with a bundle of planets as June begins, your perfect excuse for trotting the globe. A few smartly planned road trips should suffice if you can’t visit distant lands. The New Moon on the 6th is an ideal day for going somewhere you’ve never gone before. Why not broaden your horizons with a new adventure? Your ambition for cash accelerates when Mars marches into Taurus on the 9th. You’ll work hard for the money, but the payoff will be worth it! The rewards appear when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun enter your career sector the week of the 17th. This trio brings opportunities to steal every spotlight. Use this to your advantage by stepping up your game at every possible turn. The best night for a cozy evening with the family: the Full Moon on the 21st. Grab some popcorn, an action flick, and all the blankets. Who needs to go out when you can cuddle with your loved ones on the couch?

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: You’re bringing the heat this summer, dear Scorpio. The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are illuminating possibilities for intimacy. If you’ve been in a dry spell, this is excellent news! The New Moon on the 6th is incredibly delicious for a sexy night in with a new or current flame. Break out the satin sheet and get it on! This lunation also brings the possibility of a positive change in your financial situation. A windfall, tax break, or loan could put you back in the black. Your ruling planet, Mars, will sail into your relationship zone on the 9th. Aggression from yourself or others could bring big-time drama. If you want peace, you’ll want to choose your battles wisely. The week of the 17th finds Venus, Mercury, and the Sun sailing into your 9th house, a terrific trio for travel. Schedule your summer travels – and ships ahoy! The Full Moon on the 21st is dynamite for a quick getaway. Gas up the car, and happy trails!

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: Relationships get an upgrade this month, dear Sagittarius. As June begins, the Sun and Venus are commingling with your ruler, Jupiter, in your 7th house, a terrific trio for dynamic partnerships. Mercury enters the scene on the 3rd, boosting your communication skills. This will come in handy for negotiations – or flirting. If you’re single, the New Moon on the 6th directs your attention to a hot newcomer. Summer lovin’ could happen real fast! Partnered Archers could enjoy an intimate date night, reigniting sparks. Work demands intensify when Mars darts into your 6th house on the 9th. This could be stressful or exciting. Maybe both. Expect to put out a few fires before Mars moves on next month. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun head out for the joint resources sector of your chart in the week of the 17th. Finances should improve around that time, which is great news if you’ve been stressed about your cash flow. It’s also possible your partner could receive a raise or new job, adding more moolah to the coffers. The Full Moon on the 21st is the perfect time to examine your spending habits. If you have been on a bender, dialing it back for a few weeks might be the most brilliant move you make all summer.

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: You’re one of the hardest workers in the zodiac, dear Capricorn. June finds you busier than ever, thanks to a conga line of planets moving through your 6th house as the month begins. Expect a full schedule, tons of projects, and people to manage. It’s a lot, but if anyone can handle this load, it’s you. The New Moon on the 6th delivers a fresh opportunity – you’ll want to say yes because this could be the golden ticket for your career. June won’t be all work. You’ll get a lot more action once Mars enters your true love zone. Single Caps could be in high demand, while partnered Goats get a blast of heat. In other words, it’s gonna be FIRE. More good relationship news: Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will prance into your 7th house the week of the 17th, creating possibilities for exciting partnerships. This isn’t just centered on your love life (which will be hot), but also business connections. Movers and shakers will be drawn into your orbit, raising the stakes for your career. Your chance to wow ’em arrives with the Full Moon on the 21st. Step into that spotlight and strut. You DO own the place.

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: Could this be the summer of love, dear Aquarius? Your busy 5th house suggests it may be. New flames could add sizzle to your June, which is excellent news if you’re on the market. Already in a relationship? Date nights, quality time, and plenty of PDA bring closeness. Enjoy this vibe – and let your heart open wide! The best day for professing your love or interest: the New Moon on the 6th. Say what you feel, and let the sparks fly wildly! This lunation could also bring a new suitor into the picture, so it’s wise to get out there if you’re looking for love. Home improvement projects get the green light when Mars roars into the domestic sector of your chart on the 9th. Rip up the lawn, paint the walls, and declutter your lair! It feels good to spruce up the joint! Your career sparkles when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun tour your 6th house, beginning the week of the 17th. You’ll have a few weeks to take command and steer your team toward multiple wins. Life’s good when you’re in charge! The Full Moon on the 21st is your best rest day. Reward yourself with a pampering session at your favorite spa or hit the beach. You deserve it!

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: Your place will be swinging this month, dear Pisces, thanks to a cluster of planets hobnobbing in the home zone of your chart. Pool parties, barbecues, or cocktails in the hot tub bring out your hostess with the mostest mode. Let your inner Martha Stewart take the cheese wheel! The New Moon on the 6th is ideal for a shindig at your pad. Perhaps you might want to host a family dinner or intimate event for your best buddies? Whatever you decide, folks will be in good hands with you as the chief party planner. Short trips are on the menu once Mars leaps into your 3rd house on the 9th. Gas up the car and hit the road as often as you can. It does you good to get out of town! The week of the 17th puts Venus, Mercury and the Sun into your romance sector for a spell. You’ll have ample opportunities to connect, flirt, and snuggle – so make your move and enjoy! The Full Moon on the 21st is the best for single Fish to hit the beach parties. You might bump into a hot newcomer at a clam bake. Nothing fishy about that…


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