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July 2019

July has the potential to be exciting, emotional, and wonky AF. Read on and get ready for a wild summer ride: 

Mars roars into Leo on the 1st, and suddenly, communication becomes theatrical. Everyone is eager to strut their stuff in the showiest way. This can lead to lots of exciting conversations, bold creativity, and egos on parade. One thing is for sure: it won’t be boring!

A solar eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd heightens sensitivity. The emotions will be ultra-strong, which means folks may be more reactionary than usual. Mood swings could be wide – you’ll want to get out of the way if you see someone ready to blow. That being said, the creative muses are alive and well today, making this an inspiring day for artists, musicians, and mystical folks. Keep in mind that Cancer rules the home and family – changes could be happening in the domestic sphere. Lessons from the family of origin are up for review. What are you carrying forward – and what will you release? 

Venus in Cancer on the 3rd signals a sentimental time for romance. Flowers, candy, and home-cooked meals are on the menu. If you want to make your partner’s heart sing, a nurturing approach will do wonders. As the saying goes: the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach – feed ’em well, and you’ll get lucky in love.

Heads up: Mercury is retrograde starting on the 7th. It starts out in Leo so you can be sure that the loudest ones in the room will be ready to make some noise and start some drama. Stay out of the line of fire and watch that your words don’t ignite a war. Mercury will move back into Cancer on the 19th, and emotions could get in the way of clear thinking. Nothing seems to make sense, and everyone is crabby as can be. Summer home improvement projects run up against obstacles galore and family gets unreasonable. It all starts to ease up at the end of the month when Mercury is direct on the 31st. Until then: keep your cool, avoid shit disturbers, and practice more patience than usual.

A lunar eclipse on the 16th in Capricorn could be pivotal, especially for business or government. Endings are possible around this day – or something could be revealed that proves to be a game changer. An issue comes to a head at last, but that may be precisely what’s needed to create progress. Keep in mind that the Mercury retrograde is still happening during this time – it’s possible that someone may try to pull a fast one but may get caught in their tracks. Be on high alert on the job – or with world events around this time.

The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd. The Sun rules Leo, so it’s happy here. Sun in Leo transits mark a time when self-expression and creativity are king. The weeks that follow are ideal for indulging in creative works – or play time. It’s also a period for standing in the spotlight and being proud of yourself! Just be mindful that you allow others to shine brightly too. Don’t hog the stage!

After weeks of old-fashioned romance, Venus in Leo on the 27th sets the stage for grand gestures, bold moves, and flamboyant bedroom antics. Get extravagant with your boo. Create a red-hot lair in the boudoir with soft lights, satin sheets, lingerie, and plenty of toys. Single? Then get like a lion and head out on the prowl for a new mate. A few daring moves on your part could land you a hottie that makes your summer sizzle!

The New Moon in Leo on the 31st is super-sweet for starting creative projects – or making babies. It’s also a stellar day for self-expression. If you have something big to say, get on the stage and let ‘er rip. A bit of attention on this day could elevate your cause (or your brand). Also: if you’re in the market for love but have been holding back, consider this your cue to get back out there. Love isn’t going to show up unless you do too.

And remember: Mercury is direct on the 31st. Can I get a Halleloo?

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes

Aries: Domestic matters need your attention this month, dear Aries. A solar eclipse in your 4th house on the 2nd brings a sudden change. This could be a new home, the beginning of a renovation process – or a shift around the family dynamics. The difference could be dramatic as this signals a fresh start for the house…or inhabitants. Venus will slip into your 4th house on the 3rd, which lends a lovely touch if you’re beautifying your home. Paint the walls, rip up the carpet, buy new furniture – make your dream home come true! You could be tongue-tied int he romantic department when Mercury is retrograde beginning on the 7th. Expressing your needs may come out all wrong, leading to frustration. Watch your reputation on the 16th – a lunar eclipse will be putting the spotlight on you. You’ll want to be on your best behavior then if you’re going to avoid trouble. This is also a great day to clean up the online reputation – if you have a negative review, do what you can to clean that up. Likewise, delete old tweets or posts that may be embarrassing. Family disagreements are possible when Mercury steps back into your 4th house on the 19th. It will remain here for some time, and due to the retrograde action, squabbles and misunderstandings could derail summer gatherings in the home. Watch out that you don’t waste too much time arguing with your uncle over politics when you could be enjoying time in the pool instead. The Sun blazes into your 5th house on the 22nd, perfect for getting the sizzle back in your love life! Turn your attention to romantic matters. Make bold moves and see what happens (hint: sexy times). Venus will join forces on the 27th, giving you total game and elevating you to player status. The New Moon on the 31st will open the door for a hot new love interest – or a chance to get it on with your current flame. Mercury will also be direct on the 31st, and suddenly your communication is back on track – just in time to get your flirt on all the way.



Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes

Taurus: You’re in the midst of a mental reboot, dear Taurus. The solar eclipse on the 2nd brings an epiphany. Suddenly, you’re able to see what needs to go and where you need to head next.. Have you been chasing the wrong dream? Focusing your good efforts on something that seemed right…but wasn’t right for you? This day will clear the fog and help you find your true path. You can speak your love language with confidence when Venus moves into your communication zone on the 3rd. This gives you the golden tongue – the ability to charm whomever you wish. Your flirt game improves dramatically, so get your mack on! But do it before Mercury is retrograde on the 7th. Suddenly, you hit a wall and cannot seem to say what you mean. This can cause misunderstandings. Worse yet, Mercury retrograde begins in your domestic sector where Mars is hanging out – this could bring an argument with a loved one that blows sky-high. Schedule in a vacation around the 16th when the lunar eclipse shows up in your 9th house. This is a perfect day for a getaway! Keep in mind that Mercury retrograde will add some potential for travel drama when it eases back into your 3rd house on the 19th. Make sure you have some extra just-in-case time padding your travels because a delay is possible. Your home becomes the center of activity when the Sun dips into your 4th house on the 22nd followed by Venus on the 27th. You’ve got four weeks to host summer shindigs, and pool parties so get your home company-ready and host away! The 31st is an especially sweet spot for a gathering as the New Moon creates a welcoming vibe, and Mercury turns direct. Pencil in that day and fire up the barbie! Your loved ones will be more than happy to bring the potato salad and beer!

Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: The best plan for July: take it one day at a time, dear Gemini. Mars is ripping through your 3rd house all month long so no doubt you’re rarin’ to go, but a series of eclipses and Mercury retrograde could trip you up. The first eclipse hits your money zone directly on the 2nd. This could bring a new opportunity – or news that could be somewhat unsettling. You’ll need to give yourself a few days to see how things play out before making your move. If you’re too reactive on that day, it could cost you. Venus in your 2nd house on the 3rd amps up your money attraction game but also leads to an urge to splurge. Keep tight reins on your income, no matter how tempting that bling may be. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde from the 7th through the 31st – which means travel and communication are about to get frustrating as all get out. Delays, missed appointments, misunderstandings keep things messy for the rest of July. Your patience is being tested greatly (psst…you’re not known for being patient). The next eclipse in your 8th house on the 16th could reveal something crucial about your financial situation – or a business partnership. This could feel a bit shocking in some way – for example, you may discover an unpaid bill or some shady money moves from a trusted person. It’s also possible that this day could bring closure to a financial situation. Whatever the case may be, you’ll defo want to watch your cheddar closely around this day! Mercury complicates matters when it slips back into your money zone on the 16th, making financial missteps more likely. It doesn’t hurt to repeat this: keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind if you want to avoid trouble. Your powers of self-expression improve a thousandfold when the Sun shimmies into your 3rd house on the 22nd followed by Venus on the 27th. Even with Mercury retrograde, this eases some of the tension around communication. You’ll still want to err on the side of caution with your words but do know you can get your point across a bit better at this time. The 31st puts a New Moon in your 3rd house, perfect for a short trip, writing, or taking a class. Mercury will be direct that day too, giving the green light to all the plans that have been on hold. As August commences, you’ll be glad to leave July behind. Really, f*ck this month.


Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: Happy birthday, dear Cancer! With the Sun shining brightly in your sign, you may feel ready to step into the spotlight. A solar eclipse on the 2nd is your chance to do just that. This marks a day when you can bring the real you forward. If you’ve been hiding out, let this be your cue to stand proudly in front of the public. This is also a fab day for a makeover. If you’ve been craving a new look, circle this day in the calendar and schedule time for a mani/pedi, new do, and a wardrobe upgrade. Venus is in your sign on the 3rd, adding another good astro-reason to spend some time and money on yourself. You deserve it! But do keep an eye on your spending when Mercury is retrograde beginning on the 7th. You’ll want to watch out that you don’t go over your budget. There is nothing wrong with a bit of splurging but if it threatens your security (so crucial to you), know when to back off and close the wallet. A relationship needs your attention on the 16th when the lunar eclipse hits your 7th house. This day could bring critical news for a significant other – or a complete end to a partnership. Be ready to accept any changes that may be happening now. Mercury eases back into your sign on the 19th, bringing old insecurities to the surface. Use the rest of the month to examine your feelings of self-worth. Are you sending yourself messages of “not being good enough?” If so, where is this coming from? Face those feelings and begin working to change that mindset. Repeat after me: “I am worthy.” The Sun will be taking up residence in your money sector starting on the 22nd followed closely by Venus on the 27th. This is good news for you as these planets bring opportunities to earn more in the next four weeks. Your cash flow could improve, making it easier to justify expenses earlier in the month. The 31st opens up a door for a major cash up level when the New Moon illuminates your 2nd house. This could be a new job, promotion, or side hustle. Your dough is about to rise high! Mercury will be direct on this day as well, which gives you the green light to up your game even more. There is no stopping you as August arrives. Heck, you’ve arrived!


Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: Mars roaring through your sign gives you the firepower to deal with July’s tricky transits. No matter how big the obstacles seem, you’ll keep on trucking, showing all of us how it’s done. Rest up on the 2nd when the solar eclipse sits in your 12th house. This is the one day of the month where you need to conserve your energy so choose to kick back, even if you’re ready to slay. Romance blossoms behind the scenes when Venus slips into your 12th house on the 3rd. Quiet nights with your boo or secret trysts with a forbidden love add spice to your love life. Keep things under cover (in more ways than one). No one needs to know your business. Mercury retrograde in your sign on the 7th marks a few weeks where your public image may take a hit. Trolls and judge-y types may try to knock you down a peg or two. On the one hand, you must choose to ignore these jerks. On the other hand, do watch what you say or do in public. A faux pas on your part will open the door for an attack. A meaningful relationship may move to a new level on the 16th when the lunar eclipse lights up your partnership sector. This could be a change like an engagement or marriage – or it could be the day when you decide to part ways. It’s also possible that something may be revealed around this day that could make you look at your relationship differently, too. Your secrets are apt to be exposed starting on the 19th when Mercury moonwalks back into your 12th house. As the rest of the month trucks on, you’ll need to work hard to keep your private life secure. Be careful who you trust with your most intimate details. Better to say nothing if you are concerned about a revelation becoming public. Your ruling planet, the Sun, is in your sign starting on the 22nd. Let the festivities begin because Leo season is ON. You’ve got a few weeks to celebrate YOU so get the party started! Throw a bash, pamper yourself, put your sparkle on for all to see. Your star power rises considerably when Venus joins the Leo party on the 27th. Suddenly you’re everybody’s darling. All that icky stuff that was happening a few weeks ago? No one cares. Even if you messed up royally, the public is forgiving and ready to love you up! Strut your stuff and know that the world is watching – and loving every minute of YOU. The 31st puts a New Moon in your sign, a perfect day to upgrade your wardrobe or change your look. Why not try a sassy new hairstyle or a fresh set of threads? Mercury is also direct that day, giving you the confidence you need to rock the world’s stage next month. You are in your element – and we’re in awe.

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: Summer is in full swing, and your social calendar will be full, dear Virgo. The Sun is sitting in your 11th house, promising invites galore to all sorts of fun events. An eclipse on the 2nd could be a great day for hanging with friends and moon gazing. The next day, Venus will enter your 11th house, bringing possibilities for date nights with your honey – or opportunities to meet someone new through your social circle. This lends a sweet vibe to the month. BUT (yes, we have a but), Mercury will be retrograde in your 12th house starting on the 7th. You may have trouble conveying your feelings or may be torn between all those enticing invites and a desire to stay home and eat popcorn. Find a happy middle if you can. Another eclipse will land in your romance zone on the 16th, bringing an important revelation about a romantic partner. This could change things in a significant way so pay attention. It might be your cue to make a move – or move on. Mercury steps back into your 11th house on the 19th, causing havoc with friends. The rest of the month could bring drama with a bestie – or a frenemy! You’ll want to be extra careful if you’re sharing private things you don’t want out – someone may break your confidence and blab your business. URGH. Begin pulling back from the world when the Sun enters your 12th house on the 22nd. The weeks that follow are better suited for rest and quiet time. You’ve had enough time on the summer party circuit, so this will bring the balance back. Venus will join the Sun on the 27th, excellent for private parties with your sweetheart. (Or for getting it on with a secret lover!) The New Moon on the 31st is ideal for taking a sabbatical. Spend that day searching your soul. You might like what you find. Mercury will be direct that day too, bringing an end to any madness you’ve been experiencing with friends. Now you can see who your real friends are.


Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: The Sun in your 10th house puts the limelight squarely on you, dear Libra. This is your month to take center stage and strut your stuff. Enjoy that applause – you’ve been working hard, so this is long overdue. An eclipse on the 2nd could be a game changer for your reputation. This day or the days that surround it could bring a stellar opportunity, one that could catapult you to superstar status! More good news: your ruler Venus is entering your 10th house on the 3rd, giving you that special sparkle that makes the public fall in love with you! If you’re looking to get public acclaim, you’re in luck! Even if that is not your bag, your street cred is elevated for weeks! Yay, you! Trouble with friends is possible starting on the 7th when Mercury is retrograde. Misunderstandings could turn into full blown wars. You’ll want to avoid that as much as possible. Another eclipse lands in your domestic sector on the 16th, bringing a change at home. This could be a move, renovation, or a loved one leaving the nest. Something will come to an end, although there may be months before everything is said and done. Mercury will dip into your 10th house on the 19th and sit here for the rest of July. Because it’s retrograde, you’ll want to watch what you say in public for the upcoming weeks. This is not the time for rude comments, online drama, or snark onstage. You’re generally polite but could wade into treacherous waters if you allow your opinions to get the best of you. Watch what you say, and you can avoid damaging your sparkly rep. Your social life improves beginning on the 22nd when the Sun dances into your 11th house. Venus follows suit on the 27th, perfect for mingling at summer soirées and the like. You never know who you’ll meet now – so be sure to get out there and enjoy yourself! It’s an especially sweet time for single Libras – this combo could indicate a new romance through your circle of friends. The New Moon on the 31st is fabulous for any sort of party. Why now throw a bash and invite all your faves? Mercury will be direct that same day, so if you’ve had any drama with your buddies, that can smooth out. As the month ends, you’re surrounded by people who adore you and having fun.

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: If you’re thinking of traveling, there is no better month than July. The Sun in your 9th, creates the perfect vibe for summer journeys. A solar eclipse on the 2nd might be the sweetest spot for a getaway. If you can, go somewhere far. Roam where you want to. If you cannot go away, use that day to research future travels. Venus joins the 9th house on the 3rd, adding lust to wanderlust. A trip with that special someone could bring summer heat. Even a weekend at a local bed and breakfast could add sparks to your relationship. Mercury is retrograde in your career zone starting July 7th. You’ll need to manage your reputation, both online and off carefully. A slip up could be costly. Minimize the risk by laying low – or taking a less controversial stand…for now. A lunar eclipse on the 16th is fab for a short trip or finishing up training. If you’ve been learning a new skill or polishing an old, tie up those loose ends now. Travel woes are possible when Mercury edges back into your 9th house on the 19th. Between now and the end of the month, you may experience delays or setbacks. If you avoid travel, that might be smart. If you need to go anywhere, pad extra days into your schedule. The Sun leaps into your 10th house on the 22nd, which means it’s time to be seen! If you messed up publicly earlier this month, you could do damage repair over the next few weeks. If your rep is in the clear, use this time to make some noise and get some long overdue recognition. Venus will join the Sun on the 27th, giving you star appeal. Suddenly, everyone is clamoring to know who you are and what you’re all about. You can attract all the attention you want so why not strut your stuff and show ’em what you’re made of? (The good stuff, of course.) A New Moon on the 31st brings an opportunity for a promotion or fame. Mercury will be retrograde later in the day, making it easier than ever for you to go far (both in career or travels) in August. Baby, you ARE a star!  

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: Get your money in order this month, dear Sagittarius. You’ve got the Sun in your 8th house, an ideal transit for taking care of taxes, joint finances, loans, and budgeting. An eclipse on the 2nd will reveal where you’re falling short – and where you could start fresh. Use this day to get ultra-clear on your money leaks. That clarity will help you to design a financial plan that sets you up for the future. This would also be the best day to sit down with a financial advisor, especially if you’re uncertain about how to manage your money. Venus will be in your 8th house on the 3rd, which helps bring harmony to all financial issues. This could bring business opportunities through social interactions or cooperation with joint finances. Watch out for travel problems when Mercury is retrograde on the 7th. Unexpected delays, cancellations, and weather issues could derail your plans. Take a deep breath, be patient, and ready to find an alternate route if necessary. A lunar eclipse in your 2nd house brings a financial reality check. Pay attention to any news around your income or expenses around this day. It may feel as if you are being tested but do know a solution is at hand if something arises. Mercury moves back into your 8th house on the 19th, which means you’ll need to be extra cautious around expenditures until the end of the month. This is not the time for unnecessary risks or playing loose with your debts. Instead, err on the side of caution, and you may sidestep money grief. When the Sun leaps into your 9th house, you’ll be more than ready to indulge in some much-needed travel (your favorite thing). Venus joins up on the 27th, upping the wanderlust and making it so tempting to go somewhere exotic. But do keep in mind that Mercury is not direct until the 31st. Once that day arrives, go forth and conquer. Until then, play it cool and wait. The 31st also brings a New Moon in your 9th house – making this an outstanding day for taking a trip. Really, if you can hold off until this day, you will be glad you did!

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: Brace yourself, dear Capricorn. The planets are intense and gnarly so you must remain resolute as you maneuver your way through the storms ahead. Relationships need special care but so does your money. The focus is on merging while remaining autonomous. Tricky? Yes. The cosmos will challenge you to find that delicate balance. The Sun in your 7th house brings a dynamic quality to all of your partnerships. Relationships feel elevated. Growth is happening but perhaps with a bit of pressure. An eclipse on the 2nd brings a fresh start. This could be a new partner or a new level. You’ll want to remain open to the possibilities and ready to do your part. Venus enters the relationship picture on the 3rd, adding a warm glow. You can connect deeply, romantically, and with your whole heart. But Mercury will turn retrograde on the 7th, bringing financial snafus and miscommunication. It can be hard to talk about tender things such as feelings or mingling resources. The lunar eclipse on the 16th wants you to stand on your own two feet as an individual. How can you connect and share while still keeping your personal space intact? You’ll need to be as transparent as possible about your needs. That may become hard to articulate when Mercury ends up back in your 7th house on the 19th. No matter how challenging that may be, keep trying. Remember: your partners are not mind readers. You must say what you feel, no matter how awkward you feel. Money improves when the Sun saunters into your 8th house on the 22nd. You can make great strides in all of your financial affairs for the next four weeks. Even if you had some missteps this month, you could regain any losses. Even better, Venus will dip into the 8th house on the 27th, upping your money attracting skills. You’ve got the golden touch for the next month – focus on your financial goals and trust that you can make money magic happen! The New Moon on the 31st brings excellent news about joint finances or a cash flow issue. Things are evolving, and Mercury direct on the same day means your revenue and romance are about to get much brighter in August.  

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: If you’re looking for a change at work, you’re in luck, dear Aquarius. BUT there is a catch. Here’s the scoop: an eclipse in your 6th house on the 2nd opens up a new opportunity. This could be a change in your position or a whole ‘nother new job. Be alert and ready to take action. Venus will flow into your 6th house on the 3rd, sweetening the vibe and upping your chances of getting your dream job. But Mercury is retrograde on the 7th, so you’ll want to pore over any contracts with care. If you’re not attentive, you could say yes to something that feels like a limitation on later reflection. The eclipse on the 16th is best spent in solitude. This would be the perfect day for a retreat – or to head into therapy if you’re wrestling with some issues. Put the focus on self-care. It could be the beginning of a massive internal shift. Mercury will be back in your 6th house on the 19th, making the rest of July a bit wonky on the job front. If you were hasty with signing a contract, this could be the time when you can see what you got yourself into. Or it’s possible that you may find some old insecurities rising to the surface as you claim your new office. This could be the “imposter syndrome” at work, creating doubt about your abilities. STOP THAT. Work on your confidence now because the higher ups and coworkers are paying attention. If you act like you don’t deserve this goodness, they might wonder why you said yes. Miscommunication at work is also a possibility too. Watch your words and your attitude as the rest of the month shakes out. Romance is on your mind beginning on the 22nd when the Sun crosses into your 7th house followed by Venus on the 27th. If there was ever a time to meet someone, this could be it! It’s also a marvelous few weeks for bringing sexy back into a relationship gone cold. Add new meaning to summer heat by making your move! A New Moon on the 31st is exceptional for forging a new connection. If you’ve had your eye on a special someone for a while, this is your day to say hello and ask for their digits. Mercury is also direct on this day, giving you the courage to speak up at last.  

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: Take your love life to the next level in July, dear Pisces. The Sun is moving through your 5th house, creating the best energy for finding love – or making it official with a current sweetheart. The eclipse on the 2nd is a game-changer. This day could put a new partner in your sights – or be the right time to begin planning your wedding. Whatever happens around this day could significantly alter your romantic life forever. Venus will be in your 5th house starting on the 3rd, kicking off a seriously lovey-dovey few weeks. It’s easier than ever to find love or make a commitment. This would also be a beautiful time to begin trying for a child if you’ve been thinking of expanding your family. The 7th finds Mercury retrograde in your 6th house of work. You’ll want to keep on your toes on the job. Mistakes made now could piss off the boss. Watch your communication with coworkers too. People may take things the wrong way, and that could make the working environment feel like a landmine. A lunar eclipse in your friend zone on the 16th might bring news around a pal. Something may be changing in your social circle. For example, a buddy may move away. Or a friend may reveal a truth that could be shocking. Watch what you say to your bae when Mercury heads back into your 5th house on the 19th. You might mean well, but they may take it out of context, leading to epic fights. If something erupts, know when to shut your pie hole. The spotlight is on you at work when the Sun blitzes into your 6th house. Even if you made a few errors earlier in the month, you can course correct and take the lead. Better yet: Venus will join suit on the 27th, giving you the charm to win over clients – and superiors. You’ll have a few good weeks to up level on the job. A few wise moves over the upcoming month, and you’ll be up for a promotion or raise sooner than you thought possible. The 31st brings a new job possibility when the New Moon lights up your 6th house. This could be a change in the job, such as a new position – or another company may want to woo you away with a sweet offer. Stay alert for possibilities and ready to say yes. Hold off on that until August 1st though. Mercury will be direct on the 31st but not until late in the evening. Therefore it’s best to give it another day before jumping in.  

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