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December 2017

As December begins, Venus glides into free-wheeling Sagittarius, where it will hang until Christmas Day. Venus in Sag is independent and loves to roam. This could be an excellent time for a romantic adventure! Whether it’s a trip to a far-flung destination with the one you love or exploring your passion with new playmates, you’ll certainly want to remain ready for intriguing experiences. Wanderlust (emphasis on lust) will be strong, which may create a restless vibe for even the most committed couples. Best plan of action: keep things moving. Shake up your romantic routine. Add some fire by changing the game. Most of all: be honest with the one you love. That’s hot.

Jovial Jupiter will be a gorgeous trine with dreamy Neptune on the 2nd. The energy of this day is hopeful and creative. It’s a fab day for indulging in creative works, such as music or dance. It’s also excellent for doing good works such as getting involved in a special cause. If you can create ease for someone less fortunate than yourself, do it. This trine also favors all things psychic – get a reading today! This Scorpy-Pisces vibe is especially auspicious for that sort of thing.

On the 3rd, it will be easier to tell it like it is when a Full Moon in Gemini clears the way for an important conversation. If you need to say something, you may feel compelled to open up your mouth once and for all. BUT (yes, there is a but), Mercury will also be turning retrograde on this same day. Which means: those words need to be chosen carefully. Think hard about what you want to convey: then say it with truth and kindness.

This particular Mercury in retrograde is hanging out in Sagittarius all the way until the 22nd. If you’re heading anywhere for the holidays, you might want to have a plan B just in case your travel plans fall through. It’s possible that weather woes or other annoying things could derail your journeys. Even if you don’t have an alternate plan, stay patient. Sometimes that is all you can do.

Mars moves into intense Scorpio on the 9th, which ups the aggression. Now is the time to be ambitious and go for what you want. Mountains can be moved. But this determined energy can also become obstinate and overly-sexual. That can lead to too much emphasis on desire without thinking about the other. Don’t get me wrong: Mars enjoys being in Scorpio. But it’s kinda like putting a bunch of gasoline on a bonfire. Things can get hot, fast. But also, if this is not handled properly, you can get burned.

The New Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius on the 18th sparks wanderlust. The energy is restless – perfect for travel of any sort. Even if you cannot go away that day, book your tickets and start making your plans! This is also a day for truth-telling. Come clean. You’ll be glad you did. (We may also see some interesting revelations this day or the three days that follow in the public sphere. Pay attention to what’s happening in politics closely. Things may be getting interesting.)

Big news: Saturn finally leaves Sagittarius on the 19th and jumps into practical Capricorn. This is a happy placement for Saturn. It favors career and ambition. The three years ahead will bode well for those who are ready to up their game and go for the top position. Climb the company ladder through pragmatic yet ambitious moves. Anyone willing to work hard can see their star rise. Because this transit favors building, it’s also a strong time for tearing down the old and building something solid. This can literally be a physical building but it can also indicate building other things: government structures, boundaries, walls, etc. What do you want to build? How high do you want to go? Ask yourself these things – and then get ready to work hard to make it happen.

On the 21st, the Sun also saunters into Capricorn, putting the emphasis on tradition. As the holiday season looms, honor the traditions of your family. Or create new ones if you’re called to do so. Don’t want to partake in the ugly Christmas sweater contest with grandma? Take a pass!

Mercury will turn direct on the 22nd. If you have put off your holiday travel plans until this day, you’ll be glad you did. Travel snafus should be getting straightened out by now, making it easier for everyone to get home for the holidays. (This should also get Santa on his way too!)

Christmas day finds Venus in conservative Capricorn. Instead of wanderlust, security and respect are the themes. The weeks ahead might be nice for making a commitment. Or for letting that one who has stood by you through thick and thin know how important they are to you. Heck, if you have a partner that is reliable through the hard times, why not give them their props now? It’s only right.

Happy holidays!

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  As the year comes to a close, you’ll want to organize your holiday plans with care, dear Aries. Your 9th house is full, amplifying your need for an adventure. With a Full Moon in your 3rd house on the 3rd and a New Moon lighting up your travel sector on the 18th, there will certainly be ample opportunities to go somewhere. But Mercury retrograde from the 3rd until the 22nd could throw a wrench in the plans. A delay, missed connections, or weather woes – any one of these things (or some other bizarre situation) are possible. Best plan: have a plan B, C, and D. Or perhaps schedule your travel dates around this zone. That may mean arriving at granny’s house right at the last minute but it’s better than getting stuck at the airport! On the erotic front, December promises to be like a big ole mug of steamy hot chocolate. With your ruler Mars heading into your 8th house, you can be sure you’ll be getting it on. Cue the Marvin Gaye and make your move. Be bold! It may get you into some interesting positions. Ahem. In the most excellent news of all: Saturn slides into your 10th house of honors and recognition, where it will remain for about three years. This is good news indeed for this is the best position for Saturn to be! Max this out for the next three years by channeling your most ambitious side. Go for the top position, be visible, amp up your PR. No shame in plugging your work or being a go-getter. It’s the surest path to becoming a shot caller in your industry. The Sun will join forces with Saturn on the 22nd, marking an incredible month ahead for your career. The snow may be falling but your star can rise during these four weeks. Christmas day promises to be extra-sweet when Venus moves into Capricorn and your 10th house. The public is ready to love you up. As the year comes to a close, you’re just getting started. 2018 is gonna be great!


taurus astrology

Taurus: This month, you’ll want to keep an eye on your overall financial picture, dear Taurus. With a stellium in the 8th house, you may find yourself seeing an improvement overall. BUT do keep in mind that Saturn and your ruler, Venus are hanging out here. You’ll need to add an extra dose of discipline to your money management or you risk blowing your wad on extravagant holiday gifts or senseless splurges. If you’re traveling this month, Mercury retrograde on the 3rd says: think twice. Unexpected delays could prove to be costly. The same day, a Full Moon in your 2nd house of money might illuminate a money issue that needs your attention. This could be a bill come due or a mistake on your checking account that leaves you in the red. Relationships become testy when Mars heads into your 7th house. Partnerships of all sorts, both personal and professional, are more aggressive than usual. It may seem as if everyone is trying to push your buttons. Keep your cool as the rest of the year comes to a close. You don’t want to do or say something you’ll later regret. The 18th brings a New Moon into your 8th house – a day best suited for deepening your intimate connection with your boo. Turn off the phone, dim the lights, and get vulnerable. MERGE. Saturn heads into Capricorn on the 19th and settles into your 9th house and forms a harmonious angle with your Sun. This is good news for you! For one, the three years ahead are excellent for higher education. If you’ve been thinking about going back to school, this is your green light! The 9th house also rules travel – this might be a time where you are traveling more for work. This Saturn transit also favors publishing. Have you been thinking of writing a book? If so, get cracking! The discipline you need is here. Tap into it and you may be creating the next great bestseller. The Sun will give you an extra boost of awesome when it also moves into the 9th on the 21st. The weeks ahead are especially good for applying for admission to a university or taking a big holiday journey. The travel part is easier when Mercury turns direct on the 22nd. Suddenly, the skies seem to open up and you can go anywhere your heart desires. A trip back home for the Christmas? DO IT. Venus sprints into your 9th house on the 25th, signaling a holiday spent with people you love the most. Merry Christmas indeed!


gemini astrology

Gemini: Take a deep breath and hold on to your mittens because this month promises to be a bit intense, dear Gemini. Your ruler, Mercury, will be retrograde from the 3rd until the 22nd, a three week period where communication issues may test your patience like never before. Although you’re the communicator of the zodiac, this retrograde will land directly in your 7th house of partnerships – misunderstandings with your loved ones or your biz partners could make even the staunchest relationships feel shaky. Sometimes, you’ll feel as if you’re speaking a whole different language. Be prepared to repeat yourself and to clarify things constantly. Do watch your words with care because it’s also likely that you may say things you regret if you are careless. Drama can be avoided if you practice listening first and taking a moment before you speak (or send that text, email, etc.). Keep in mind that your 7th house is lit up with a stellium for the first few weeks of the month. This puts the emphasis on relationships and can create situations where you can harm or heal. It’s up to you to be mindful and not blame others if you’re the one creating the issue. A Full Moon lands right in your sign on the 3rd. This may create a need for attention. Once again, remember that Mercury is turning direct the same day! The best way to get that attention may be through doing good works or taking a leadership position in your community. If you’ve been hankering for some positive PR, that’s the way to do it! Assertive Mars lends a hand when it pushes into your work sector on the 9th. This marks a period where you can take charge at work. If you’re in sales, you may be able to negotiate some important deals now. But again: Mercury retrograde looms…keep in mind that people don’t need you to be overtly pushy. Instead, focus on what the client actually needs and you’ll be a winner and a beacon of integrity. The New Moon on the 18th hits your 7th house. This could bring clarity around a relationship issue – or a whole new partner if you’re single. Your game is beginning to shift – for the better. Good news: Saturn is heading out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on the 19th. For the last three years, it’s been opposing your Sun, creating lots of challenges with relationships. As it eases into your 8th house, you can begin creating structures for your overall financial picture. This is a three year period where you can begin working on debt repayment, budgets, and long term financial planning (hello retirement!). Responsibility is the key word so don’t play loose and fast with your cash. The more attention you give to it, the better your security will be in the future. The Sun heads into your 8th on the 21st, perfect for financial planning and all sorts of money management type stuff. Set your budget for the year now. Look at where you’ve been overspending or neglecting your money situation. Plan ahead and you may be setting yourself up for success in 2018. This is also a strong four-week period for getting your groove on. If your sex life has been ho-hum as of late, this is your chance to add some sizzle fo’ shizzle. Get the lingerie, pop a bottle of bubbly, and turn the lights down low. It’ll be easier to get that pillow talk happening when Mercury turns direct on the 22nd. Finally, you can say what you mean without any confusion. Lay your heart on the line and let your silver tongue do the work! On Christmas day, Venus will join in the fun as it heads into your 8th house. The intimacy factor is gonna get deep and intense. Get ready to connect with your lover like never before! MEOW!


cancer astrology

Cancer:  The end of the year is looming and you’re up to your neck with work related stuff, dear Cancer. With a full 6th house, responsibilities at the office will keep you grinding until the holidays kick in. While this may sound dreary, do know that you’ve got the firepower to get this done. Commit to your duties and go, go, go until every last detail has been wrangled. The Full Moon on the 3rd will land smack dab in your rest zone. Take this day off to recharge and make your plans for the holiday. It will do you good. This day also brings the last Mercury retrograde of the year – in your work sector. The three weeks that follow could bring all sort of work-related drama from miscommunications, misplaced emails, and computer crashes. Be sure to back up your computer, especially if you are working on important end-of-the-year projects. The last thing you need now is to lose your files!  Mars zips into your 5th house of true love on the 9th, which may up the passion factor. If you’re partnered, you may find that your loved one is fired up and ready to canoodle. Single? Get your flirt on and you may be kissing someone sweet under the mistletoe! A gorgeous New Moon on the 18th is the right time to start your fitness regime. This may keep you in good shape, even with all the tempting treats that might be sitting out at the office. When Saturn heads into your relationship sector on the 19th, it’s time to start thinking about what steps you are ready to take in love. For example, if you’re digging the idea of a commitment, the next three years should be most excellent for tying the knot. Totally single? This may be the right period for you to get more proactive in love. Update your online profile, start looking for good places to mingle, and stay on it. This is your time to make love happen – do not sit around hoping things will change if you’ve been experiencing a dry spell. The Sun will lend a helping hand when it warms up your 7th house. This puts a glow around you and makes you irresistible to potential partners. Be sure to say yes to holiday parties – you might meet someone interesting. Mercury will turn direct on the 22nd – the work pressures are finally ready to ease up. As Christmas arrives, Venus saunters into your 7th house, promising romantic opportunities ahead. Put romance on your wish list and maybe you’ll be getting a special surprise before the year ends.


leo astrology

Leo: This month puts the spotlight on your romantic life, dear Leo. Your ruler, the Sun, is joined by a bevy of planets for most of December. This could be the make it or break it month for an issue-fueled relationship or, if you’re single, someone intriguing may catch your eye. Think about what you want this month and be ready to do the work necessary – and love could find a way, no matter where you stand at the beginning of the month. The Full Moon on the 3rd is especially good for hitting the town. You might just find yourself dancing the night away next to a sweet new love interest! Keep in mind that this day also brings Mercury retrograde –  it might just tie your tongue. If so, it may be hard to express fully what you’re feeling. Take your time and think before you speak. Mars blazes into your 4th house on the 9th, giving you a few weeks to get your house in order for the holiday. If you’ve been putting off getting that tree up or cleaning up your living room, you’ll be getting the energetic kick in the pants to start taming your domestic sphere. Hustle hard and your crib could be the chicest place to be when Christmas arrives. A New Moon on the 18th is an excellent day for romantic matters. This could be the day when something major happens that changes things for the better. For those Leos who are thinking about having a baby, this is your green light to get busy! You may be seeing a little one arrive late next year. Big news: Saturn will moving into your 6th house on the 19th. This signals a three year period where you need to get serious about your career. You can achieve a lot but you’re going to have to work harder than you ever have. Nothing will be handed to you during this period – it must be earned through your sweat. Put together your career goals and plans – and when 2018 starts, you’ll be ready for the effort that this transit demands. The 21st puts the Sun in your 6th house, which could bring applause and bonuses before the year comes to a close. If you’ve already been killing it at the office, you may receive a stunning opportunity at this time. This could put you in good shape for what’s to come in 2018. Venus joins forces with the Sun on the 25th, giving you the grace and charm to wow the boss. As this year ends, you’re just getting started.


virgo astrology

Virgo: Home is where the heart is this holiday season, dear Virgo. Your domestic sphere is lit up with a whole bunch of planetary goodness as December gets going. Get your nest set up with a tree and all the trimmings. Create a festive mood and welcome your loved ones in. Yes, even those relatives who drive you nuts. Just remember: Mercury will be retrograde from the 3rd through the 22nd. You’ll want to keep friction to a minimum, even if certain people can’t behave. Set the example of what it means to be gracious and you may just make even the Scroogiest relative a bit more jolly. The 3rd also brings a Full Moon in your 10th house. This could be an important day for finishing up a major project at work. Tie up those loose ends and be sure to examine what end-of-the-year stuff needs to get done before this year comes to a close. Mars heads into your communication zone on the 9th, which may bring out a bit of aggression on your end. Restrain that energy as much as you can, especially if you’re dealing with some pushy people during your holiday shopping. The last thing you want to do is get into fisticuffs with some stranger over the last thingamajig that everyone wants. Keep your cool, no matter how boorish others are acting. Again: gracious example. Be that. On the 18th, the New Moon lights up your 4th house. Put the finishing touches on your holiday decor and menu. Make sure ever detail is handled – it will make entertaining a snap! Serious Saturn slides into your 5th house of romance on the 19th. The next three years are ideal for making a commitment with the one you love, having a baby, or finding a more worthy partner. No matter what your status is, you now have a strong period for getting it right – set your sights on what you want and then make the effort. It will pay off! Keep in mind that if you are involved with someone who isn’t emotionally available, this may be the time where that becomes abundantly clear. If they’re not giving you what you want, sayanora! There are plenty of other fish in the sea – and the three years ahead are righteous for setting sail and casting that net wide. But if they are “the one,” make a commitment and don’t look back. (Psst…you’ll know.) The Sun will light up your 5th house starting on the 21st – marking a four week stretch of romantic possibilities. This is a fab time for mingling at those holiday parties if you’re single – or for lighting a fire and snuggling with your honey. Christmas day brings more good romantic energy when Venus, the planet of romance, hops into the 5th house. There is no better time for adding more sizzle to your love life. This month starts the trend – it’s up to you to take action going forward.


libra astrology

Libra: December could offer plenty of chances to travel, dear Libra. With a ton o’ action happening in your 3rd house, short journeys may be on the menu. You may be hitting the road for family events or taking a quick sojourn to parts unknown. Just be aware: Mercury will be retrograde on the 3rd until the 22nd. If you are heading anywhere, you’ll want to keep your plans rather loose just-in-case. Delays are possible but know this: you’ll get home for the holidays if that’s your plan. The 3rd also puts a Full Moon in your 9th house. This day could open up a travel deal that is too good to pass up. If tickets for your fave destination go on sale that day, snatch ‘em up and start putting your itinerary together. Mars will be hanging around in your financial sector starting on the 9th. If you are ready to hustle, you could bring in some extra cash for the holidays. Just keep in mind that Mars energy is impulsive – you could burn through that extra stash faster than a brushfire. Keep that in check and you’ll be glad you did, especially when those credit card bills come due after the holidays. The 18th brings a New Moon in your 3rd house – the perfect day to speak your truth. If you need to get something off your chest, do it now. Clear the air! On the 19th, hard taskmaster Saturn steps into your 4th house and will set up camp for about three years. This marks a time where you can begin to put down some real, tangible roots. You may move or purchase a house. Or you may begin a much needed renovation on your current abode. Think about what home means to you and then put your good energy into creating a nest you can be proud of. This is also a strong period for taking care of family matters. You may end up caring for a loved one – or you may finally gather the courage to address some family-of-origin bullshit that has been bothering you for some time. The work you do now could redefine your entire family picture so be brave and let your heart lead the way! The Sun will move into your 4th house on the 21st – excellent for hosting a shindig with your favorite people. Get the eggnog flowing and make your home the merriest spot to be. With Venus joining the Sun on the 25th, your crib may just be the loveliest, warmest, most loving place of all!


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: The money’s on you, dear Scorpio. With your 2nd house full of planets as December arrives, you can be sure that a lot of financial activity will be swirling around you. This planetary emphasis means you may be seeing a lot more money coming in…and going out. With the holiday season nipping at your heels, you could find yourself going overboard with your expenses. Luxe gifts, big meals, all of the things – this could be a costly holiday if you are not mindful. Keep in mind that the Sun promises extra cash but if you’re not heeding the wisdom you’ve learned through Saturn’s trek in your 2nd house, this could disappear as fast as it comes in. Budget like a pro and you can avoid a hefty credit card bill later. The Full Moon on the 3rd is ideal for taking a good, hard look at the old budget. If you sit down on this day and hammer out a plan, you could cruise through this month with ease. The 3rd also brings a Mercury retrograde in your 2nd house – perfect for reviewing your financial picture and course-correcting as necessary. This Mercury retrograde will last until the 22nd – if you can avoid purchasing electronics during this time, you’ll be glad you did. You’ll also want to take extra care around signing any contracts. If you are making any large purchases (ex: a home), read the fine details carefully. Scrutinize everything as closely as you can when it comes to any financial transaction. Aggressive Mars partners up with jovial Jupiter in your sign on the 9th. This powerful duo gives you the drive to make epic things happen. If you’re looking to climb your way to the top, you’ll have ambition and luck all the way until January 26th. It’s a great time to grab the brass ring and pull yourself up to the next level.  A New Moon on the 18th lands right in your 2nd house – this could illuminate a new financial opportunity. Whether it’s a new job or a side hustle, say yes. It could bring about a positive change with your cash flow. The 19th puts somber Saturn in your 3rd house, where it will remain for about three years. This could be an excellent time for serious study, formal education, writing, or teaching. Research and communication will be big themes too. In fact, you may be ready to refine your communication by cutting out the idle talk and other such distractions. Your thinking will be more cautious and disciplined. This doesn’t mean you won’t be any fun – you may just have a lot of bigger things to focus on and no time for mindless jabber. Trouble with travel and siblings also falls under this transit – be patient and try not to let any nonsense around either get under your skin. Ain’t nobody got time for that! When the Sun heads into your 3rd house on the 21st, you’re ready for the festivities. This marks a good period for holiday travel and small gatherings. Mercury will be direct the following day, putting you in a better mood overall. When Venus joins the Sun on Christmas day, you’re at your most gracious. Whether you’re hosting a gala or attending a dinner with the fam, you’re sure to be the life of any party! Happy holidays indeed!


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: All eyes are on you this month, dear Sagittarius. With a stellium in your sign as December rolls in, you have the star power necessary to wow ‘em. This is a strong time for making your entrance, charming the crowds, and revealing the real you. You’ve had to work hard on yourself for the last three years and now you’re in top form. This is the time when all that hard work pays off, leaving you with greater confidence, unshakeable boundaries, and the courage to be you. Own that. On the 3rd, the Full Moon in your relationship sector could bring resolution to a sticky situation with a loved one. This is a day to clear the air once and for all. But do keep in mind that Mercury is turning retrograde on the same day. This may cause a bit of tension around that communication so defo think before you speak. Because Mercury will be retrograde in your sign until the 22nd, you’ll be wise to add a dash of caution to any and all communications. You’ll also want to think carefully before signing any contracts or buying electronics. This doesn’t mean you can’t do it – you just need to curb your usual impulsive side. Sure, you like to gamble but stack the odds in your favor by taking your time and you’ll win. Ambitious Mars joins your ruler Jupiter in your 12th house of rest on the 9th. The weeks ahead are fantastic for working on big, top secret projects. You’re brimming with ideas but tis best for keeping that shizz under wraps for now. You can take that out into the world in January. For now…shhhhh. The annual New Moon in your sign lands on the 18th. This is a great day for getting in some “me” time. Set aside the 18th for pampering and primping. If you’re thinking about getting a new ‘do or holiday outfit, this might be the best day for doing that sort of thing. You’ll be ready to slay at those holiday parties with a brand spanking new look! Big news: Saturn is heading out of your sign and into Capricorn on the 19th. This heavy-hitter has been in your sign for long enough. It has forced you to work on you and now, as it slides into your 2nd house of money, the focus will be shifting to your finances. You’ll have a three year period to get hella serious with your cash flow. If you’ve been irresponsible in the past, this is the time to get right with your money. Create a budget before 2017 comes to an end and be ready to stick to it for the next few years. If you are willing to work hard, budget wisely, and curb your spending, you’ll emerge financially sound. If, however, you are determined to be a spendthrift, the Universe will find a way to get your attention. Let’s not allow that to happen, shall we? Remember: astrology shows trends. Saturn in the 2nd house can be a time of great responsibility or big money lessons. You have a choice in the matter so lean into the pragmatic side of this energy and you’ll be glad you did. When the Sun dips into your 2nd house on the 21st, you may see a rise in your income in the weeks ahead. You may be tempted to blow that cash fast but if you have already gotten your brain wired to Saturn’s disciplined energy, you’ll tuck that money aside for a rainy day. Saving looks good on you! Venus will be holding court in your 2nd house starting on Christmas Day. Some luxe gifts may be coming your way! Splurge a little on the holiday but then get back to your new thrifty self as the year comes to a close. On New Years Eve, give thanks for all that you have and remember: a grateful pocket attracts more riches.


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: Do you feel that rumble? You should, dear Capricorn. Later this month, Saturn is heading into your sign, where it’s going to rest for about three years. Bottom line: this will indicate hard work ahead but it’s all good – or for your highest good. More on that in a sec. As December commences, a slew of planets are converging in your 12th house of rest, which may mean a slow start to the holiday season. You might be thinking about hibernating, even though the party invites are tempting. With Jupiter in your social sector soon to be joined by Mars on the 9th, you can be sure that your besties want to see you. But you’ve been working hard (as usual) so those small slices of chill time at the beginning of this month might be a necessary way to keep your balance right. A Full Moon on the 3rd in your 6th house is ideal for finishing up odds and ends at work. Take care of whatever is needed. Clear space in your office, tidy up your files, and make way for new work. The 3rd also brings troublemaking Mercury retrograde in your 12th house. This retrograde will be annoying as can be. Until the 22nd, it may seem as if a bunch of your plans seem to disintegrate. Issues behind the scenes could be holding things up – or making changes that you have no control over. This period can also bring some of your secrets out into the open. If you’re trying to keep something under wraps, by all means, shut your mouth. A slip of the lip could prove costly. Take a time out to review matters on the 18th, when the New Moon sheds light on what needs to be done. This is a day for checking in, soul-searching, and taking generous time outs. Taking a step back to scrutinize situations will give you the information you need to get back in control. Now the big news: as I mentioned earlier, Saturn is changing signs on the 19th. It’s going to be in your sign and hear this: Saturn LOVES to be in Capricorn. Why? It’s Capricorn’s ruling planet. In short: Saturn digs being here and feels right at home. For the last three years, Saturn has been lingering in your 12th house, which meant you’ve been spending quite a bit of time navel-gazing and clearing away old self-limiting beliefs. You’ve had to work hard on yourself. Now you’re in a cycle of rebirth. The three years ahead will give you the opportunity to bring the new you forward. Begin heath regimes, change your look, rebrand yourself or your biz. If you have not been happy with how you’ve been perceived, this is your chance to get serious and find a stronger sense of self. Do not be superficial about this (ex: unnecessary plastic surgery). Instead, focus on the inside out and let the real, authentic you shine brightly. Lead like the baller you are meant to be! Do that and you’ll feel confident – and instill confidence in others. Your morale gets a powerful boost when the Sun enters your sign on the 21st. This four week transit gives you that extra glow that gets people talking…in a good way. You have star power now – use that to your advantage and you may see new doors opening up. On Christmas Day, lovely Venus joins your 1st house with Saturn, Pluto, and the Sun. This is like adding an extra dose of awesome to your image. The attention you deserve, both professionally and romantically, is at an all-time high, which means this year may end with you firmly in the spotlight like a total rockstar. You’ve arrived…and it’s about damn time.



Aquarius: With a full 11th house at the beginning of the month, you’re in your element and ready to par-tay, dear Aquarius. You’ll be on the invite lists of all the swankiest soirees and jolliest events. You tend to be a social butterfly anyhow so no doubt you won’t mind flitting from one fete to another. On the 3rd, a Full Moon could open up the door for a new romance. An introduction at one of these parties might just lead to something bigger later on. If you’re already partnered, mark this day on your calendar and surprise your loved one with a romantic night on the town. The 3rd also brings Mercury retrograde. Over the three week period when Mercury is retrograde, you can expect some misunderstandings with friends. Do not let this ruin your party spirit. Instead, look at what you can do to foster healthy communication with your pals. That being said, you’ll also want to set some strict boundaries with certain friends. If you have a bestie that is doing nothing but dumping on you this month, it’s time to let them know that you’re not their personal dumping ground. Career kicks into hyper-gear when passionate Mars heads into your 10th house on the 9th. You’re going to have the gumption to take charge and make big things happen. This is pure leadership stuff, so step right up and take the reins! The 18th puts a New Moon in your 11th house, perfect for creating goals for the upcoming year. Set your intentions now and put them out into the Universe. The weeks that follow could see some of those goals coming together beautifully. This day is also stellar for networking. Get out there and make some new contacts. You never know who you’ll bump into! The 19th puts serious Saturn in your 12th house, where it will rest for about three years. It’s time to go within and go deep. Saturn in the 12th favors introspection. What’s been working in your life? What hasn’t? Where have you been sabotaging yourself? Examine your fears, limiting beliefs, and mistakes. Look at what needs to heal. If you feel the need, seek therapy. This period may feel like a whole lotta navel-gazing and slow as molasses but know this: you are in a powerful transit that can clear out the old to make way for a rebirth. The more willing you are to look within, the more growth is possible. The Sun will slide into the 12th house for a few weeks starting on the 21st. This marks a period of rest. After so much social activity, you might enjoy this. Take as much time out as you can. Reflect, chill, recharge. If you’re not feeling especially festive, don’t feel bad about opt-ing out of the holidays or having a quieter event at your home. The 22nd puts Mercury back on track, making it easier for you to let people know what’s up. You won’t have any trouble getting your point across or to say no to parties that just don’t sound like your sorta jam. As Venus enters your 12th house on the 25th, your urge to hibernate becomes even stronger. Instead of the big celebrations, you may prefer a peaceful night with a special someone. Turn off the phone, shut of the computer, set the lights to low, and pull out the mistletoe. You might end up getting the best gift of all.


pisces astrology

Pisces:  Your career is on fire this month, dear Pisces. With your 10th house lit up like a Christmas tree, you can be sure that all eyes are on you. This is your month to step up your game and step into the spotlight. You’re finishing up a three year cycle of career growth – don’t let your foot off the gas just yet. Power up and you’ll be collecting a few more kudos before the end of the month. A Full Moon on the 3rd may bring a family issue to a head. Take care of your duties at home as swiftly as you can – and don’t let this stop your professional momentum. The 3rd also brings a Mercury retrograde, which hangs around until the 22nd. This period could put some snags in your business negotiations. You’ll want to be extra-careful around signing contracts or saying yes to any sort of deal. Read between the lines and scrutinize every detail as closely as you can. Anything signed in haste during this stretch could bring regrets later on. On the 9th, intense Mars blazes into your 9th house of travel. If you’re thinking of taking a trip for the holidays, grab your tickets and make your plans. Try to schedule this adventure for after the 22nd, when Mercury is direct if you want to avoid travel woes. Circle the 18th in your calendar – with a New Moon in your 10th house, an interesting new opportunity may show up. This is also a strong day for scheduling in important meetings with the boss or with anyone you want to impress. It’s also most excellent for PR of any sort. Toot your horn as loudly as you can! Sober Saturn steps into your social sector on the 19th. This begins a three year period of cleaning out your circle of friends. If you’ve been feeling sick of the company you’ve been keeping, it may be time to bid adieu. Superficial relationships may no longer interest you. Instead, you may find yourself being drawn to serious, deeper friendships. At times, you may also take on responsibilities for your friends. For example, if a pal is going through a rough time, you may be the shoulder to lean on. Or perhaps you may be asked to take on the role of best man or maid of honor at your bestie’s wedding. On the 21st, the Sun warms up your social sector and a month long period of increased social activity is ahead – just in time for the holidays! You may be attending all the cool events or heading out for some caroling with your chums. The 25th puts Venus smack dab in your 11th house. This lends a happy glow to all of your social events. Who knows? You might even meet someone intriguing when you’re out ’n about. As the year comes to a close, you may just be kissing someone special as the ball drops. Hello 2018!


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