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August 2018

August is a mixed bag, but if you’re patient, things will be looking up by month’s end. 

As the month begins, we’ve got a few retrograde planets hanging around: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. Uranus will be joining this retrograde party on the 7th, so expect things to move at a funky, disjointed pace for part of this month. In a way, the first part of August feels a bit like Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong, will. The best way to handle this: take your time, slow down, and be ready for a redo on more than one occasion. Mistakes will be made, by yourself or others, but there is no need to get worked up into a lather. The more chill you can be, the less the cosmos will get under your skin.

Venus will be in lovely Libra on the 6th, which amps up the romantic factor. This signals a few weeks where romance is on the rise and courtship rules the day. Bring flowers, wine and dine, make sweet gestures – and you could see a relationship blossom. Keep in mind that the retrograde motion of the other planets advises against rushing matters though. Instead, take your time. Savor this period. Let things unfold slowly. There is no hurry, especially if you are just getting to know someone.

The 11th brings an eclipse in Leo. Eclipses signal necessary changes so the days around the 11th could bring a dramatic shake-up. Something big may happen in the news – or in your world. Whatever it is, know that it could be the game changer you wanted – or dreaded. Also: think back to what was happening in your world in August of 2017, when there was another eclipse in Leo. This day could bring about the completion from whatever happened then. Keep an eye on the news around this day – a leader could fall, or a scandal may erupt. This could signal a significant change around someone in a position of authority.

Mars will retrograde back into Capricorn on the 12th. This will ground some of the energy and bring about practical solutions to issues around work, ambition, and passion. The last few weeks, Mars retrograde in Aquarius seemed to embolden trolls and bring more erratic online aggression. Things will still be a bit wonky, but at least the Capricorn energy will appear to tidy up the messy vibe and put a bit of restraint on the aggression factor.

Mercury will be direct on the 19th. Can I get a hallelujah? Summer travels will improve after this time and communication will seem to lift. Clarity arrives, and you can make your point without aggravation or confusion. If you’ve been thinking of buying new gadgets or signing contracts, you can move ahead with confidence after this date. 

The 19th also finds expansive Jupiter in a trine with Neptune. This aspect is ideal for dreaming, intuition, meditation, and inspiration. We all have a chance to explore the spiritual realms. Soul-search, go on a vision quest, set intentions for your big vision. Karmic rewards for right actions in the past come due. Empathy and generosity will be active during this transit, giving everyone an opportunity to put themselves in the other person’s shoes. Result: high vibes all around. 

When the Sun heads into perfectionist Virgo on the 23rd, we’re all ready to declutter and clean. Details matter in the weeks ahead. Look at where you need to clean up your act – and waste no time getting things in order. Whether you’re finishing up home improvement projects, major work issues, or getting the back-to-school stuff organized, this is an active few weeks for creating an orderly, neat environment.

The Full Moon on the 26th is in sensitive Pisces – emotions will be amplified to the max on this day. Everyone has a case of the feels so be gentle with yourself or others. This is also a hugely psychic Full Moon. Look for omens and signs. Trust your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s a definite no. 

Lastly, Mars will be direct on the 27th. The last two months have forced us to examine our aggression and ambition. Hopefully, we’ve all learned that behaving with kindness is much better than engaging in forceful, trollish actions. If you’ve been dealing with a lot of asshats as of late, things may calm down. If you’ve been the one treating others like peasants, maybe it’s time to finally start a new way of acting: treating people like equals. 

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries: Your romantic life may be going through a bit of a bumpy period, dear Aries. Although the Sun is holding court in your 5th house, Mercury is also sitting there – and it’s retrograde at the beginning of the month. It may be hard to get relationships rolling in the right direction. Feelings may get jammed, and miscommunication is possible. Steamy texts come off the wrong way – or they may get lost due to tech issues. You’ll want to be ultra-clear on your intentions, so you don’t leave a partner or potential paramour in the dark. Venus will head into your relationship sector on the 6th, which can help bring the romance but things may still feel like a rom-com until Mercury goes direct on the 19th. Observe finances when Uranus begins its annual retrograde motion. Unexpected expenses could derail your progress over the next few months. This is not the time for gambling – take no risks the rest of 2018. Instead, budget with care and err on the side of conservative. A Solar Eclipse on the 11th may open up the door for an investment opportunity. This could be worth looking into, but I’d still advise you to err on the side of caution. This Eclipse could also signal a change in your romantic status. For example, you could meet someone new – or you may be ready to release that ex once and for all. For some Aries, this day could mark a milestone in a relationship such as an engagement or pregnancy. Whatever it may be, it will be the beginning of a whole new chapter. Your social world comes to life when Mars turns direct on the 12th. If you’ve been craving for some summer parties, nothing’s holding you back now! Gather your friends and dance the night away under the stars or head to the lakefront for a picnic at the beach. Work becomes demanding on the 23rd when the Sun heads into your 6th house. You may need to take the lead on a significant project. This is your chance to shine – so don’t play small. Rest up when the Full Moon lights up your 12th house on the 26th. This day is better spent in contemplation. Do not push yourself. Give yourself permission to do nothing at all. A secret could be revealed on this day too. Something may come out that could be a game changer. You can take action on that when your ruler, Mars, turns direct on the 27th. After weeks of sluggishness, things are beginning to move again. You can proceed with enthusiasm in all parts of your life!


taurus astrology

Taurus: The month moves along at a snail’s pace, but you don’t mind, dear Taurus. After all, slow ’n steady is your preferred way of operating. With all the retrograde action happening in August, it’s giving you time to pause and think about your next big move. No need to rush that, right? The 6th puts your ruler, Venus, into your work sector, giving you the charm factor to win over the office. If you use this wisely, August could find you closing deals, wowing the boss – or the masses. Don’t squander this – you’re in your element, and your career could get a nice boost. Uranus turns retrograde in your sign on the 7th, creating internal restlessness for the months ahead. Even if life is going fine, you may feel a sense of unease – or may feel like doing something drastic. Keep that tendency in check. The last thing you want – or need – to do is something impulsive. That’s not the Taurus way, and it could upend your goals. The 11th puts a partial Solar Eclipse in your 4th house, indicating a change with the home or family life. You may find a house, move, renovate, or there may be news around a family member. This is a time for fresh starts or unexpected change – trust that whatever happens will lead you towards the home life you want. Mars will retrograde back into your 10th house on the 12th, which could thwart some of your higher ambitions. Projects may get stalled, or someone else may aggressively take the lead from you. Stand up for yourself and do your best to stay motivated, even if you’re feeling salty about things. Mercury turns direct on the 19th, opening up communication with your family. If something needs to be said, you can do so with grace. If there have been issues with a loved one, this marks a few weeks where you can talk it out – or hug it out. The 19th is also an auspicious day for a party. Jupiter will be in a trine with Neptune – why not get your favorite folks together to celebrate something? Maybe an end to Mercury retrograde? Huzzah! On the 23rd, the Sun will be sitting pretty in your romantic zone, adding more sizzle to your love life. This is the right time to put your attention on your partner. A little effort could go a long way. If you’re single, it’s time to mingle and get your flirt on! You’ve got that extra something that could attract the right partner so get out there and strut your stuff! The Full Moon on the 26th is another ideal night for socializing. If you get an invite, go. Even if nothing comes through, go ahead and grab your buddies for drinks. This day could also reveal something about a friend. A pal may let you in on a deep, dark secret – or you may discover that someone you trusted is a frenemy. If the latter is the case, that relationship could end on this day. Ambitions are rewarded when Mars turns direct on the 27th. The weeks that follow will super-charge your career, giving you a big shot at claiming the top dog spot. As you sail into September, your persistence pays off as your star climbs higher and higher. You’ve more than earned this – take a bow!


gemini astrology

Gemini: You’re full of ideas and plans this month, dear Gemini. The Sun shines brightly in your 3rd house, giving you a boost of brilliance and the ability to be innovative. BUT your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde at the start of August, which means that you may have trouble expressing your ideas – or putting them into action. Best plan: sit on them and come back to them later when the energy shifts. Romance can blossom when Venus heads into your 5th house on the 6th. If you’ve been neglecting this area of your life, now is the time to up your game. Send poetry, bring flowers, scatter petals around the bedroom – light that flame! Even the stalest relationship can get a fire lit if you’re willing to bring your all. If you’re single, this isn’t a wrong time to put yourself back on the dating scene, however, try not to rush matters. With Mercury and Mars both retrograde, a slow hand will yield better results. Uranus turns retrograde in your 12th house on the 7th, which means: it’s time to go within. Meditation and spiritual work may prove to be beneficial. If you’ve been struggling with an issue in your life, this may be the best way to face the dark and release those unconscious hangups. This transit can also bring frenemies out of the woodwork. Keep an eye on who is hanging out in your social circle. If you suspect a friend is not on your side, you’ll be proven right. A partial Solar Eclipse in your 3rd house on the 11th may open up a door for a short trip. If that happens, go without thinking. Of course, this could also indicate an epiphany too. Pay attention to any flashes of insight that crop up. It could be solid gold! Mars will move back into your 8th house on the 12th, which means you’ll want to keep a close eye on your money situation. An unexpected expense could derail your progress. This could come through an accident or a case involving business…or your partner. If you’re alert, you should move through this period, which lasts a few weeks, with a minimum of stress. But if you’re not attentive, your money may “get your attention.” The 19th puts Mercury direct – whew! You’ll feel as if you can see clearly and articulate your ideas much better. Now you can move ahead with those brilliant brainstorms and wow the world! This is an intense few weeks for communicating, study, as well as travel. Best of all, you’re feeling more like you. This day is also pure magic for your career – there may be a stroke of luck or out-of-the-blue opportunity that could move your job in exciting new directions. The 19th is a game changer so be aware of possibilities. Attention turns to the family on the 23rd when the Sun glides into your domestic sector. The weeks that follow could find you helping out a loved one or getting projects completed around the home. Maybe a little bit of both. Take care of your family and your nest. Create order and security for yourself and the people you love. A significant career door opens on the 26th when the Full Moon illuminates a new possibility. This could be a new job, promotion, or some positive PR that puts the spotlight on you. Make your power moves this day – and you’ll be on top of your game before summer ends! Finances begin to straighten out when Mars turns direct on the 27th. As the rest of the season unfolds, you’ll be able to recoup your losses and get back on track. Security is your reality as you ease into fall.


cancer astrology

Cancer: Finances need your attention this month, dear Cancer. The Sun is sitting in your 2nd house, which can indicate gain but tricky Mercury retrograde promises to goof up your progress. Unexpected bills, bank errors, or bills lost in the mail are possible. You’ll want to control-freak every aspect of your money from what’s coming in to what’s going out. Any sloppiness on your part could prove disastrous. Venus saunters into your 4th house on the 6th, which is sweet if you’re looking to spruce up your crib. A fresh coat of paint, deep clean, or a new piece of furniture could update your surroundings in the best way possible. Friendships may go haywire starting on the 7th when Uranus turns retrograde in your 11th house. This could bring about misunderstandings, flakiness, or sudden drama. Pals could become unpredictable or, in some cases, treacherous. Someone you trust could turn out to be a traitor. Watch your back in the months ahead and if you sense someone might be up to no good, don’t ignore that. A partial Solar Eclipse lands in your 2nd house on the 11th – this could bring a large-scale change to your overall financial picture. Stay alert for an opportunity – or a problem. Eclipses can be good or bad, so this is not the day to be asleep at the wheel. Mars will be settling into your 7th house of relationships for a few weeks starting on the 12th. This could bring about aggression from partners, both romantic or business wise. Old beefs may come to the surface, and new drama could add an extra element of ick. Communication will be wonky, but things can improve when Mercury turns direct on the 19th. Save crucial conversations until then and avoid unnecessary conflict as much as possible. The 19th is also ideal for travel – the Jupiter and Neptune trine is excellent for exploring a new place. If you’re thinking of doing some end of the summer travel, go for it. The 23rd puts the Sun into your 3rd house, another good vibe for short trips. Wanderlust is kicking in and gets even more intense when the Full Moon adds a layer of restless on the 26th. With Mercury direct, why not head out for an adventure? It might do your soul right. As the month comes to a close, Mars is direct on the 27th. Conversations with partners become productive at last. If you can save your fussin’ and fuedin’ for now, you might find that you actually have nothing to fight about after all. 


leo astrology

Leo: This is your birthday month, dear Leo, which means your ruler, the Sun, is hanging out in your sign for a few weeks. Typically, this might be a green light to shine as brightly as possible and toot your horn. But with Mercury and Mars retrograde, you may feel a bit more subdued. Quiet celebrations may be more your speed. That’s perfectly fine. Leo doesn’t always need to be in full-on Liberace mode. DO YOU the way you feel suits YOU. Romantic may be on your mind when Venus moves into your 3rd house on the 6th. If you’ve been looking for love, this may be the right time to mingle. Update your online profile, say yes to blind dates, attend events that might put you in good company with other singles. You never know who you’ll meet! Most importantly: relax. Let this be an enjoyable adventure, not some dire survivalist feat. Don’t lead with your need. Career may be somewhat unpredictable when Uranus begins its annual retrograde motion on the 7th. Unexpected twists and turns in the upcoming months could make you feel less sure about the direction you’re going. It may be time to question where you are, what you want, and how to get there. Resist the urge to be impulsive though. Instead, consider which strategies might free you. That could be building your own business or looking for something entirely new. You have plenty of time to sort this out. A Solar Eclipse hits you directly on the 11th. This marks the close of a series of eclipses that have been moving through your sign in the last year. Look at where you were a year ago. How have things changed? How have you grown? What old parts of yourself are you ready to shear off? Make the necessary changes today. If an opportunity arises for you to pivot, DO IT. Work issues become a bit testy on the 12th when Mars heads back into your 6th house. The weeks that Mars resides here will test your patience. Remain grounded. Again: this is not the time to be impulsive. Thoughtful decisions and a calm mindset will serve you well. Others may be acting aggro, but you remain chill. Mercury will be direct on the 19th – and suddenly, you’re back to your old, flamboyant Leo ways. You can express yourself with lots of flair now, which feels so much better than all that restraint you’ve been channeling. This day also puts Jupiter and Neptune in a beneficial trine that will affect your home and finances. Is it time to buy a house? Waiting on a loan? Or thinking of renovating? You’re luckier with real estate matters so get your move (or fixing) on! The financial outlook brightens considerably when the Sun leaves your sign and saunters into your 2nd house on the 23rd, making it possible for you to invest your resources. Again, if you’re looking to buy a home, there is probably no better time of the year. The Full Moon on the 26th removes any obstacles to making this dream come true. This day could also bring a financial opportunity that moves you in a secure direction. Finally, Mars will be direct on the 27th, and things at work will begin to straighten out. The aggravation and restlessness will settle down – giving you more time to explore possibilities. It’s likely that a career change may be coming in the next few years but the more thought you can put into it, the better. Breathe easy and consider what might spark your interest and make the best use of your skills. 


virgo astrology

Virgo: Quiet time will do you good this month, dear Virgo. With the Sun hiding out in your 12th house and both Mars ’n Mercury retrograde, it’s better to slow down and rest up. Take the first three weeks of this month for copious amounts of self-care. Focus on YOU. Meditate, chill out, get therapy, take a sabbatical – your soul will thank you. Finances sweeten when Venus sashays into your 2nd house on the 6th. You’re a money magnet while it’s sitting here. BUT you may be tempted to liquidate that cash as fast as it comes in. Sure, it’s nice to treat yourself, but a little Virgo practicality can keep you from blowing the whole wad. Keep yourself – and your wallet – in check. If you’re thinking about going back to school or planning a trip, you can get serious about this not he 7th when Uranus turns retrograde. Do not be impulsive. Consider all plans with great care. Explore which decisions will broaden your horizons the most – and then begin laying down the best way to make this happen. A solar eclipse in your 12th house on the 11th signals a day to lay low. Reflect on your goals. Don’t push things. If your introvert side wants to hang back, honor that. Mars will retrograde back into your 5th house on the 12th – romance could get a bit funky during this transit. Partners may be aggressive or way too passive for your tastes. It could be hard to make headway when you’re not on the same page. Be patient but ask yourself this: “what can I do to get things moving in a healthy direction?” If you’re single, do not push matters. If you do, you may turn off the one person that you’d like to know better. Thankfully, your communication will improve when Mercury turns direct on the 19th. Suddenly, you can convey your feelings with precision. It will be much easier to say what you mean and be understood as the weeks unfold, which could bring the harmony back to any relationships that have gone sideways. The 19th is also quite good for a short trip with a partner. The trine between Jupiter and Neptune is ideal for a “second honeymoon” or quick jaunt. This could add some sizzle to your summer. On the 23rd, the Sun enters your sign which means it’s officially Virgo season! Time to come out and play!  You are full of vigor and ready to take on the world. You’ll be getting a lot of attention in the weeks ahead – bask in that good vibe. You GLOW! A Full Moon on the 26th clears away any remaining drama from your love life. This day could bring a meaningful conversation that could change things. It’s possible that you may finally find out what that special someone wants – or you may be ready to let go of a relationship that isn’t going anywhere once and for all. This will pave the way for a better romantic future. More good news on the romantic front: Mars will be direct on the 27th, intensifying the passion factor. Things could get downright lusty in your world. If you’re in a relationship, it’s about to get mighty hot in there. Single? Don’t be afraid to make a bold move. You’ve got game now. Use it.


libra astrology

Libra: The hot summer days and evenings pave the way for a busy social calendar, dear Libra. The Sun is situated in your 11th house at the beginning of the month, giving you about three sweet weeks for parties, celebrations, date nights, summer festivals, and more. You’re on everyone’s invite list so be ready to hit the town and have a blast! Your ruler, Venus, will be in your sign on the 6th, making you the “it girl/guy” of the season. You’ve got that something special now – don’t be surprised if you have fans fawning all over you this month. Your finances could get shaken up a bit when Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th. The money you were counting on may not come through. Or you may get some other unexpected news around taxes, loans, or joint finances. This could derail even the most well-planned budget. Be prepared to balance – and rebalance as much as necessary for the rest of the year. This would be a great time to work with a financial advisor. A professional could rein in the problems and get you back on track. The solar eclipse in your 11th house on the 11th could bring a massive change in your social circle. You could meet someone who becomes a valuable ally, or a friendship may come to a close. Be ready to say hello or goodbye on this day or the days that surround it. The 12th puts retrograding Mars into your domestic zone, which could bring old quarrels with family back on the front burner. If you thought something was resolved, you’ll learn quickly that it’s not. Tempers could flare, and some members of the family may want to play dirty. Keep your cool and know that this will be changing for the better by the end of the month when Mars turns direct on the 27th. Real progress can begin then so don’t let things get under your skin. Let essential conversations wait until then. Also, Mercury is retrograde until the 19th, which doesn’t help matters. But once the 19th kicks in, discussions become productive, useful. The 19th also brings a financial opportunity when Jupiter trines Neptune. This could be an opportunity that comes out-of-the-blue or a well-deserved promotion. There is an element of luck here too – so don’t be surprised if you are in the right place at the right time. The Sun will leave the 11th and glide into your 12th on the 23rd, which means it’s time to step off the disco floor and take a sabbatical. The weeks that follow will be good for meditation, seclusion, and time spent working on top-secret projects. After a bustling summer, this will feel good. Pay attention to the 26th when the Full Moon hits your 6th house of work. This day could bring a significant ending. It could be the end of a project or the close of a business. If an ending occurs, know that it will open you up for something better. Of course, the 6th house is also the health section of your chart – if you’ve been overindulging with all that party stuff, this might also mark the time when you need to clean up your act. Get rid of the bad habits and start that new fitness regime. It’s never too late to turn back the clock or the scale. 


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: This month will feel like a big cosmic test, dear Scorpio, but if you approach it with mindfulness, you’ll emerge a winner. The Sun in your house of honors promises a stunning month at work. Your reputation is rising, and no one will doubt your prowess. This is your time to nail PR – if you’re in the public eye, you’ve got the charisma to wow even the staunchest critics. Just watch that your ego doesn’t take you on the cocky route – remain humble, even if you’re getting all the accolades. Mars retrograde in your 4th house at the beginning of the month brings demands from family. This could feel a bit dramatic if left unchecked. Do not allow grievances to escalate – carve out time for your family and you can keep things running smoothly. Romantic life could be going undercover when Venus moves into your 12th house on the 6th. This transit can indicate secret love affairs or time alone with a special someone. If you’re looking for some clandestine action, you may just get it. But be careful – Uranus will be retrograde in your 7th house starting on the 7th, making a few months where relationships could go unexpectedly blow up. If you’re doing something on the down low, it could be revealed – and that could spell trouble. You’ll want to think long and hard about your relationships now. If you’re feeling restless, it may be time to explore what is causing that rather than doing something rash. A bit of impulse, no matter how exciting it may seem, might not be worth it if you jeopardize a current situation. Of course, if you’re single, this whole thing could indicate lots of random hookups. If that sounds groovy, go for it (but be wise). The Solar Eclipse on the 11th puts the spotlight on you. This day could bring great rewards and achievements – or significant scrutiny. If you’ve been up to no good, you’ll want to protect your rep as much as possible on this day or the days that surround it. But be mindful – Mars will move into your 3rd house on the 12th, which could negatively impact aggressive communication on your part. You’ll want to think carefully about what you say and how you say it. A wrong word or tweet could derail all of the goodness that this month offers. It will be easier to make your point when Mercury turns direct on the 19th. If you’ve made any gaffes, a bit of damage control can turn things around. I would still urge a bit of caution until you’re well out of the shadow period at the end of the month. The 19th also has a bit of magic for you. Jupiter is in your sign and will be in a harmonious trine with mystical Neptune – your intuition could guide you into making fabulous decisions now. Listen to your gut – it will not steer you wrong. This day could also cast you in a favorable light – again, no matter what may have happened earlier in the month, you may be able to come out smelling like a rose – or even benefit from a bit of bad publicity (sometimes bad publicity is better than none!). Get your networking on when the Sun hits your 11th house on the 23rd. Your social life could bring loads of opportunities. Get yourself out there in the weeks ahead – you never know who you’ll run into! The 26th finds the Full Moon directly in your 5th house, which means this day could be a game changer in the romance department. A relationship could come to a close, or you may be ready to take the next big step (engagement? baby? marriage?). Whatever the case may be, know that things will be heading in a new direction. The next day, Mars will be direct, perfect for a short trip before the month ends. If you’re itching for a bit of travel, you can go ahead. It might be the ideal way to cap off a pretty crazy August. 


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: The open road is calling you this month, dear Sagittarius. With the Sun sitting high in your 9th house of travel, that wanderlust will be powerful as can be. While this transit may be ideal for all sorts of adventures to parts unknown, do be aware that Mercury and Mars are retrograde for most of the month, which could wreak havoc on even the best-laid plans. You can still go if your heart wants to roam but expect delays and minor aggravations. Remain patient and don’t go aggressive, even if you’re dealing with surly people at the airport. A Zen attitude will help you to enjoy your travels no matter what may be happening around you. Your social life bristles with romantic opportunities starting on the 6th when lovely Venus casts a spell over you. Friends may become lovers or a night on the town may find you catching the eye of an admirer. If you’re single, there is no better time for you to get out and mingle! Just don’t be hasty. Remember: retrograde. Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th in your work sector. This could bring sudden changes to your work or restlessness. Some of this might be a bit jarring. However, if you’ve been feeling bored with your current line of work, this might be a splendid few months for questioning your vocation. Explore new jobs. What might you really want to do? What would give you the freedom you desire? Question what you’re doing and where you want to go. You may develop a whole new radical plan for 2019. You may also want to explore going back to school when the Solar Eclipse lights up your 9th house on the 11th. This would be a perfect day for looking at the training you need to embark on a new path. Finances need care starting on the 12th when Mars retrogrades back into your 2nd house. Unexpected expenses could cramp your style. Or you may be tempted to throw down your dollar bills on some crap you don’t really need. Keep your impulse buys to a minimum over the next few weeks and you’ll avoid buyer’s remorse. The 19th is significant. For one, Mercury will turn direct, which opens up the doors for travel in a big way. You can go where you want now without hindrance. Better yet, your ruler, Jupiter will be in a trine with Neptune as well, which could be quite lovely for spiritual work – or matters with the family. You can heal old wounds, forgive and forget, or spend a quiet day with your mom. The Sun will enter your career sector on the 23rd, which puts a mega-spotlight on you. You could receive an award or a promotion. Or you might be asked to take on a leadership role. This is your time to stand tall. You’ve more than earned this recognition! The 26th may be the right day to make an important decision about your living situation. The Full Moon will be hitting your 4th house directly that day – if you’ve been thinking of moving, buying, selling or any other change, now is the time to shit or get off the pot as my grandmother used to say. Do not fear to make the wrong decision – you’ll get the cosmic sign you need this day to know what you should do. Trust that. The 27th finds Mars direct. While this marks a few weeks where you’ll be ambitious for making money, you’ll still want to keep that spending in check. Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind, yo.


capricorn astrology

Capricorn:  With Saturn and Pluto both retrograde in your sign, you may be feeling more internally focused, dear Capricorn. That’s fine because ultimately, the real work always begins within. This is a time for soul work. “Who am I?” Ask yourself that question over and over. Soon, the answer will arrive. The Sun is hanging around in your 8th house, giving you lots of intuitive downloads this month. You can see deep inside yourself but also perhaps in others as well. Information gathered from the psychic realms can help you navigate tricky relationship issues. Because Mercury is retrograde, it may be hard to share what you’re learning but you must. Intimacy requires sharing – especially the stuff that makes you feel vulnerable. Mercury and Mars retrograde are both in your financial houses, which means August could be a funky month for your income. It may be hard to get the money you want, and when it comes, it seems to disappear. Keep track as best as you can. It’s the best you can do until these planets turn direct late in the month. Venus will enter your 10th house on the 6th, giving you the magic touch at work. You can charm the boss or the public. Work this to your advantage for the rest of the month, and you may score big opportunities. Uranus will be retrograde on the 7th – time to reflect on your romantic life. Is it going the way you want? Or are you ready for a break? Things could be a wee bit unpredictable for the rest of the year in that realm. The best path is to avoid making impulsive decisions. Think it out. Look at matters from all sides. Remember: you’re knee deep in inner work at this time too. Figuring out the whole “me” and “we” thing may seem like a bit much, but if anyone can solve these major questions, it’s you. A Solar Eclipse on the 11th may bring a green light on a loan or new source of income. This could ease your mind a bit. But again: remain frugal until later in the month. Mars will be retrograding back into your sign on the 12th, which signals a few weeks to slow down. Do not make any drastic changes to your look or your routines. Stay hydrated and continue on with the inner stuff. There’s gold there, and you’re ready to discover it. When the 19th kicks in, it will seem as if everything begins to move for you at last. Mercury will be direct, and Jupiter will form a glorious trine with Neptune – the doors to your goals are open. Better yet, you’re feeling more clear than you did at the beginning of the month. The good vibe continues when the Sun sails into your 9th house of travel on the 23rd, giving you a few weeks to get in an end-of-summer getaway. If you’re itching for adventure, nothing will stand in your way after this day. GO. The Full Moon on the 26th is an especially good day for a trip. Mark that in your calendar and make a point to go somewhere, even if only the next town over. Your energy surges on the 27th when Mars turns direct. Everything is beginning to move full speed ahead. And you, at long last, can start moving towards your bigger vision goals. There is still much inner work to do, but this is the start of momentum kicking into high gear. By the time this year comes to a close, you’re on your way to becoming a new, better version of yourself from the inside out and the outside in.



Aquarius: This month: chill out. Seriously. With Mars retrograde in your sign plus Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your 12th house, this is not the time for major action, dear Aquarius. Instead, focus on things already in motion. Don’t push matters. Know when to step away from drama. The Sun in your 7th house gives you a chance to focus on meaningful relationships. If you’re trying to make a connection or a correction, you can do that BUT Mercury in retrograde means you’ll want to listen more than you talk. Misunderstandings are possible, but a patient ear might help you to skirt around the problems towards a solution. If you’re trying to get close to a new person, take your time. Get to know them. Trying to get back with an ex? Are you really sure you want to do that? If so, you’ll want to make sure that they are genuinely ready to do the work otherwise you risk going right back to the same crap that drove you apart before. Romantic travel is in the stars when Venus cruises through your 9th house starting on the 6th. A getaway could bring you closer together – or may be the perfect opportunity to meet someone new if you’re single. Your ruler, Uranus, will be retrograde in your domestic sector starting on the 7th, giving you months to get your home in order. The rest of the year is ideal for decluttering, renovating, and deep cleaning. If you’re thinking of moving, this might also be a definite period for examining the local real estate market. There may be some exciting properties coming on the market – you may luck out if you’re alert. That being said, make darn sure you’re looking closely at these properties, so you don’t end up with some unwelcome surprises later on. The Solar Eclipse on the 11th brings a change in a relationship. This could be the fresh start you’ve been wanting. Whether it’s a new partner or a chance to get things right with a current flame, this day could be significant. Mercury will turn direct on the 19th, which will elevate the communication factor. This could significantly improve relationships. As the weeks unfold, you can talk it out – or make your move. Your game is much, much better! The 19th also finds Jupiter and Neptune making a sweet angle – this could bring fantastic news for your career. A lucky break could be on the way, one that brings a nice bump in your income. More good money news: the Sun will be sliding into your 8th house on the 23rd, upping your earning potential even more. You can make a lot of cheddar in the weeks that follow so do max this out. A Full Moon on the 26th will also hit open financial doors. Even ones that seemed closed to you are now accessible. The economic gods are truly on your side! When Mars turns direct on the 27th, you’re ready to capitalize on this. Your ambition is about to skyrocket, which could move you to baller status. Your fiscal dreams may become a reality at last. 


pisces astrology

Pisces: Work matters need your attention, dear Pisces. The Sun is sitting in your 6th house along with Mercury retrograde at the beginning of August. The first few weeks of the month could find you putting out fires and dealing with grouchy co-workers or clients. It will seem as if Murphy’s Law is in action, but you have the wherewithal to move through this energy with more patience than most. Your sex life can heat up when Venus moseys into your 8th house on the 6th. Intimacy is IN. Get out the satin sheets, light some candles, and put the “do not disturb” sign on the door. Who knew August could be so hot? Uranus will be retrograde starting on the 7th, marking a few months where you can think outside the box. Innovation is possible – and the best way to find those new ideas is by looking within. Find time to brainstorm, and you may be coming up with the next revolutionary product. Of course, this transit can also indicate erratic thinking – in that case, you’ll want to curb your restless nature and channel it into something productive. The Solar Eclipse on the 11th will land in your 6th house – perfect for updating your fitness regime. If you’ve been remiss in your workout, now is the time to get back on that treadmill. Habits started today could yield stunning results in short order. Mars will retrograde into your friend zone on the 11th, which indicates trouble within your social circle. You may experience a falling out with a trusted friend or could be called to play diplomat between two warring friends. Keep your cool and minimize damage. If possible, avoid drama altogether by keeping a low social profile this month. Mercury will be direct on the 19th, which brings improvements to work communication. If you’ve had issues with coworkers or clients, you can talk it out. This is also a time when you can express some of your most significant ideas to the boss. That could lead to some much-deserved pats on the back. The 19th also finds Jupiter and Neptune in a trine – since you’re ruled by both of these planets, you can expect a bolt of good fortune today. It’s possible that a wish will be fulfilled or a new spiritual journey will begin. Pay attention to opportunities and high fives from the Universe. The Sun will be in your relationship sector on the 23rd, giving you ample opportunities in the weeks that follow to improve partnerships. Put the spotlight on what your partner needs. It could bring you closer. Single? No better time to update that online profile. A refresh could bring new eyes on you. The 26th finds the Full Moon in your sign, a marvelous day for culling your wardrobe and getting some fresh threads. If you’ve been rocking the same ‘do since the 80’s, get thee to the beauty parlor and invest in a modern cut. You’ll be glad you did! On the 27th, Mars will be direct, which sparks a few weeks where you can go full-on towards your goals. If you got sidetracked, now is the time to push it – push it real good!

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