Tarot By The Mouthful

Tarot by the Mouthful Theresa Reed and Kyle Cherek

Kyle is a foodie who loves Tarot. Theresa is a Tarot reader who loves food. 

Together, we host Tarot by the Mouthful: a mouthwatering, multi-media culinary tour through the world of Tarot. 

Sublime recipes. Soulful stories. Essays, videos, interviews and delicious surprises. 

Join us – and get ready to sip, slurp, crunch and savor your way through the entire Tarot deck!

Intro: Food + Tarot = My Two Greatest Loves, Swirled Into One

The Fool: what does tarot, David Chang and a soufflé have in common?  RISK.

The Magician: how to make magic in the kitchen (hint: get your tools in order).

The High Priestess:  intuition in the kitchen (say that ten times fast)

The Empress: the mother of all tarot cards and our favorite recipes from our moms.

The Emperor: what does it mean to be an authority in tarot…or food?  I interview Mary Greer and Kyle Cherek.

The Hierophant: mentors, Escoffier and Theresa’s attempt at Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s French omelet.

The Lovers: the chef’s exodus from the garden and ways to spice up your meal with your honey.

The Chariot: you know that this involves a road trip to a drive-in, right?

Strength: baking bread takes some power, yo.

The Hermit: the secret to becoming a great chef (or home cook)? Testing, researching, looking within.

The Wheel of Fortune: working the line, change + the evolution of meals on wheels.

Justice: bad pho and food laws.

The Hanged Man: getting out of the way of the ingredients, sacrifice + blessing the meals.

Death: every exit is an entrance and sacredness on our plates.

Temperance: Kyle and Theresa learn the true secret behind the perfect cocktail from Katie Rose of Goodkind.

The Devil: my addiction was sugar and Aunt Deal was my dealer.

The Tower: talkin’ about a food revolution.

The Star: how I tame + balance my appetite for destruction with some healthy  habits.

The Moon: the shadow in the kitchen and things that go munch in the night.

The Sun:  the joy that comes from standing in a field of sunflowers and getting kids to eat right.

Judgement: on higher callings.

The World: the world as a woman and expanding our palates, one worldly plate at a time.

Ace of Cups: creating connections through food + learning about love through our first meal.

Two of Cups: partnerships despite simplifying +  toasting.

Three of Cups: what happens when three gals blaze through Milwaukee in search of vegan fare?  FUN.  Feast your eyes on this post.

Four of Cups: no bad parts and avoiding cooking boredom.

Five of Cups: don’t focus on what is gone…look at what is left.  Yep, leftovers!

Six of Cups: Kyle + I reminisce about the good old days with caviar and candy.

Seven of Cups: killing your darlings and avoiding the “I don’t know what to cook” dilemma.

Eight of Cups: on walking away and returning home.

Nine of Cups: pleasure is great but pants don’t lie.

Ten of Cups: fatherly advice and food as the cure for cantankerous families.

Page of Cups: a tale of romance and fish.

Knight of Cups: our picks for two chefs who embody the romantic nature of the Knight of Cups – Francis Mallman and Brandon Weeks.

Queen of Cups: the first person to come in  mind is local chef Maria Miller, the perfect Queen of Cups.

King of Cups: our choice for the King of Cups: Andy Schneider of Le Rêve.

Ace of Wands: white heat + the spark that changed the world.

Two of Wands: tossing Michelen stars and planning a meal.

Three of Wands: adventure on a plate…or in this case, a skewer.

Four of Wands: celebrating with old traditions and new.

Five of Wands: change + challenge helps us to grow…in the kitchen.

Six of Wands: rewards + victory.  Kyle and Theresa talk about food awards and victory gardens.

Seven of Wands: feel the fear and bake bread anyways.

Eight of Wands: are food trends real progress – or just plain faddy?

Nine of Wands: the kitchen is a battleground but we press on, even after we fail.

Ten of Wands: there are no heroes but at the end of a hard day, you can be one.

Page of Wands: remain a student of food, tarot, whatever….always.

Knight of Wands: our picks for chefs who embody the Knight of Wands – Stefano Viglietti and Marco Pierre White.

Queen of Wands: our queen of fire is local pastry chef, Katie Romenesko.

King of Wands: leadership in the kitchen and grilling magic in Watertown.

Ace of Swords: every kitchen needs an Oathkeeper.

Two of Swords: how we feed ourselves in the future could go one of two ways plus kitchen contemplation.

Three of Swords: heartbreaking decisions of a chef plus curing the blues when your favorite restaurant ditches you…with a big bowl of ramen.

Four of Swords: the healing power of Jacques Pepin and why resting matters.

Five of Swords: in the professional kitchen, the Five of Swords can be ruinous.  In the home kitchen, it’s genius.

Six of Swords: sometimes we just need to move the heck on.

Seven of Swords: The Belly of Paris and the stealthy home cook.

Eight of Swords: what happens when we let go or decide to free ourselves?

Nine of Swords: when I’m sick, only one thing will do.

Ten of Swords: the biggest kitchen failure, ever.

Page of Swords: Kyle picks chef Joey Dunscombe as the Page of Swords – and I learn how to wield a knife like a pro.

Knight of Swords: Kyle chooses chef Will Borgstrom for the Knight of Swords – and I am officially out of kitchen boot camp.

Queen of Swords: all hail this queen!  Kyle picks Peggy Magister of Crazy Water as his  Queen of Swords – and I pick  Amanda Freitag as mine.

King of Swords: talking with the ultimate King of Swords, knife sharpener Lee Frederick of Sharp Brothers.

Ace of Pentacles: in the culinary world, both cash + gardens are king.

Two of Pentacles: we’re all multitaskers.

Three of Pentacles: hustling and learning.

Four of Pentacles: protecting your secrets and preserving your food.

Five of Pentacles: eating well when you’re broke AF.

Six of Pentacles: keeping the balance and helping the needy.

Seven of Pentacles: hard work and food waste.

Eight of Pentacles: apprenticeship and quality cream puffs.

Nine of Pentacles: doing things on your terms + luxe food pics.

Ten of Pentacles: the real legacy begins at meal time.

Page of Pentacles: keep learning.

Knight of Pentacles: Kyle picks Patrick McCormick and I pick Jamie Oliver.

Queen of Pentacles: only celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli will do.

King of Pentacles: it’s good to be this earthy king.

The Tarot By The Mouthful Dinner: and the culmination of our partnership is a six course tarot-inspired dinner with tarot readings and more!  Plus the launch of The Tarot Coloring Book!

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And that’s a wrap!  We’re done with the whole darn deck.  Bon appetit!

Theresa and Kyle

© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2016

images courtesy of Jessica Kaminski

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