Tarot by the Mouthful Theresa Reed and Kyle Cherek

Kyle is a foodie who loves Tarot. Theresa is a Tarot reader who loves food. 

Together, we host Tarot by the Mouthful: a mouthwatering, multi-media culinary tour through the world of Tarot. 

Sublime recipes. Soulful stories. Essays, videos, interviews and delicious surprises. 

Join us every Sunday for a new installment — and get ready to sip, slurp, crunch and savor your way through the entire Tarot deck! 

This week: Page of Wands

page of wands tarot by the mouthful

Page of Wands: An enthusiastic and energetic young person.  A student who loves to learn and engage in creative pursuits.  Good news.  An important – and positive – message.  The sign you’ve been waiting for arrives and now you can  move forward. A new creative venture. An opportunity to turn over a new leaf.  Fresh starts and excitement.

This week, Kyle is busy with Wisconsin Foodie so it’s all me.

Theresa – Always a student

The Page of Wands can represent an enthusiastic student who loves to learn.  When I think about food + tarot, specifically this Tarot by the Mouthful project, I’m never at a loss on how I keep on learning about both.

Although I’ve been working with tarot for 35 years, it never ceases to amaze me at how much more there is to learn.  As I often say, one never masters tarot. It’s an art, a skill if you will, that has more depth to explore.  So I keep on examining the cards, reading for people and myself, and finding so much more in those seemingly simple images (they are not that simple).

It’s the same with cooking.  I have my basic recipes but I don’t just stay with what’s tried-and-true. Plus I know that recipes don’t always taste the same every single time. There might be a bit more salt or spice, a better sear, a new technique that changes the flavor.  Can one master cooking?  Perhaps.  But I think it’s safe to say that any good chef, home cook, or tarot reader for that matter, will always remain a student.

There is always more to learn.

Throughout this Tarot by the Mouthful gig, I’ve tried new things, made some bold moves,  attended classes, researched things I never would have otherwise, and I’ve learned quite a bit about chefs and the food industry through Kyle’s contributions.

As we close in on the last few remaining cards in the Wands suit, I am aware that there is a finish line not too far off in the distance. We have two more suits to explore – Swords and Pentacles.  What more will I learn?  What will I teach Kyle about tarot? What other correlations might we discover between tarot and food? And how might this change my relationship to both?

Like the Page of Wands, I’m open. I’m excited and curious.  I know that there is so much more to tarot, to food, to the world.

I remain a student of all for life.

Stay curious, my friends.  Keep learning, always.

Psst…the Page of Wands also symbolizes good news.  And I have something great to share with you today.  If you want to learn to read tarot in a fun and engaging way, my book is now available for pre-order on Amazon: The Tarot Coloring Book.  I’m sooooo stoked about this!  Cannot wait to share more with you, my dear readers.

Bon Appetit!

Theresa and Kyle

© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2016

photos from personal collection and Jessica Kaminski

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