Tarot For Kids

Tarot for Kids

A Tarot deck for little ones
Perfect for ages 8 to 14


Available Worldwide
September 21, 2021

Finally a Tarot deck for kids! Yay!

Tarot for Kids is a beautiful Tarot deck especially for littles ones, ages 8 and up.

Give this deck to your child. Watch their eyes light up and imagination ignite.

Based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck and illustrated with the lush, vibrant art of Kailey Whitman, this is the perfect starter deck for kids. Grown-ups will love it, too.

Tarot is a great way to:

  • Spark curiosity, creativity, and imagination.
  • Do story-telling games and build verbal skills.
  • Teach kids how to trust their instincts and intuition.
  • Support kids in setting goals and creating the future they want.
  • Help kids express themselves and talk about difficult topics (arguments with friends, bullying at school, feeling lonely) in a safe and empowering way.
  • Show kids that you have choices in every moment—and you can choose to be a hero.
  • Get kids away from the phone, tablet, and TV! Tarot is a screen-free, unplugged activity that the whole family can do together.
  • Grown-ups? This deck is for you, too. Connect with your inner child, worry less, and play more.

Why you’ll love Tarot for Kids:

  • Complete package. Includes 78 card deck, guidebook, and everything you need to start learning Tarot.
  • Gorgeous artwork depicting diverse kids from all cultures and backgrounds.
  • Age-appropriate cards. No scary or sexual overtones. For example, the traditional “Death” card has been turned into the “Change,” and the “Lovers” card is “Best Friends.”)
  • And yes—it’s a *real* Tarot deck! Traditional decks have 78 cards with a combination of Major and Minor Arcana cards. Tarot for Kids follows the classic 78 card format. It’s a true Tarot deck (not a dumbed-down version) which means grown-ups will love it, too.

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“As a mother of two children and a professional tarot reader, I have been searching for this deck for forever and of course the amazing Theresa Reed has created exactly what I needed! I love how the cards have been put into language that is especially child-appropriate, for instance, the Devil turns into the Bully! The cards feel good, are a bit oversized (perfect for those chubby little hands) and the illustrations are just lovely. Theresa’s explanations provide an excellent gateway for your Tarot-curious child, and I would also say that even seasoned readers will get new ideas from them. Truly a tarot for all and the ages!”

— Briana Saussy, author of Making Magic and Star Child

Tarot for Kids was written by Theresa Reed, known as The Tarot Lady.

Theresa picked up her first Tarot deck at age 15 and has been in love ever since. An intuitive reader for more than 30 years, she has built a worldwide following of fans who love her hilarious, down to earth, no-nonsense style.

Theresa is the author of multiple #1 bestselling books on astrology and Tarot. She has been featured in InStyle, Nylon, Refinery 29, The Huffington Post, and many other publications.

Kailey Whitman is an illustrator and designer whose work can be found in magazines, newspapers, books, cards, on posters, murals, and all around the internet. Her clients have included The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, NBCAmerican Greetings, Random House, and the Philadelphia Eagles. She loves to draw and feels very lucky that it’s her job. When she’s not working, she’s baking, hiking, reading books, and trying to pet as many dogs as possible. kaileywhitman.com

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