Astrology Bytes - Astrology Podcast

Astrology Bytes: The Podcast

Bite-sized astrology lessons for people who want to learn astrology…but don’t have all day!

Curious about astrology? Want to learn the basics—but don’t have tons of time? Want things to be short and snappy? This podcast is for you!

With Astrology Bytes, you can learn about astrology in super-short bursts. Each episode is 15 minutes or less. Your host, Theresa Reed (that’s me!), breaks things down into plain, simple explanations—no confusing terminology!

On this show, you’ll learn about:

+ Astrology and money—what are the ideal times to make a big financial decision, like buying a house?

+ Astrology and romance—are certain signs more compatible than others? Which ones?

+ Astrology and family—using astrology to plan a wedding, a family reunion, even pregnancy and the birthdays of your kids.

+ Mercury Retrograde—what is it and why do people always complain about it?

+ Your Birth Chart—what do all those confusing sections, dots, and lines mean?

+ Zodiac signs, planets, houses, and every single itty-bitty detail so that you can interpret a chart with confidence.

+ Your Rising Sign—what is it and what does it say about you?

+ And more!

Grab your astrology chart, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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