AStro-Biz Digest - A Monthly Horoscope for Entrepreneurs


All the important dates and details you need to know
to run your business like a boss.

Self-employed? Freelancing? Running your own business? The Astro-Biz Digest is for you!

It’s an astrological forecast + planning guide that’s totally focused on business. 

I explain how to put your time and energy into the right places—at the right times—so you can maximize your efforts.

It’s $99 for a 1-year subscription—and your subscription begins on the day you sign up. You get a new digest delivered to your inbox every week – plus a monthly summary at the beginning of each month.

Get more done. Make more money. Jump on opportunities at just the right moment. Experience less stress and frustration. Get more people replying “Hell yes!” to your emails and invitations. Get bigger results from every hour of work you put into your biz.


When you’re working with the flow of the cosmos—instead of against it—everything goes more smoothly.

Subscribe to The Astro-Biz Digest

A monthly summary on the 1st of each month [12 in total]


A weekly forecast and Tarot card on Sunday of each week, outlining the week ahead [52 in total]

Simple, clear explanations. Helpful dates that you can plug right into your calendar. No mystical jargon or confusing terminology!

What’s Covered

  • Ideal dates to begin a new project.
  • Ideal dates to launch a new offering and sell it like hotcakes.
  • Ideal dates to schedule important meetings and negotiations.
  • Ideal dates to take a breather, book a vacation, and recharge your creative tank.
  • Dates to definitely avoid certain types of projects and tasks—I don’t want you to waste your precious time! No thank you!
  • All the Power Days in the year and how to maximize each one.
  • Details about the big cosmic shifts—like Retrogrades and Moon Cycles—and how they relate to your business, and how to use each one to your advantage.

The Astro-Biz Digest is $99 for a 1-year subscription. This breaks down to less than $2 per week—a seriously sweet deal! Your subscription begins on the day you sign up. You can sign up anytime. How about… today?

Fine print: This is a non-refundable purchase – no exceptions. Not sure if you’re going to like The Astro-Biz Digest? Please take some time to familiarize yourself with my work before you purchase this. You can read my blog, check out my Star School astrology series, and general monthly horoscopes, all of which are free. If you love those, then you will definitely love The Astro-Biz Digest. Still have questions? Reach out to me directly before you hit “buy.” Shop mindfully, yo. 

Please note: Your 1-year Astro-Biz subscription will renew annually, automatically, each year. If you don’t want your subscription to renew for another year, no problem. Just email me at and let me know!


Want to give The Astro-Biz Digest to somebody as a gift? Aw, you’re such a cool friend! Purchase it here. Then email and tell me the gift recipient’s name and email. I’ll send them a “welcome!” note and get them all squared away.


A few lovely reviews from clients and customers…

“As an amateur astrology buff, I have read many astrological columns over the years.  This one is by far one of the very best.  It is a perfect length, easy to understand and filled with just enough detail and intrigue. I looked forward to receiving it each week and often referred to it as the days went by.  It helped me to manage the daily ups and downs of  work and career.  Things made so much more sense- both before and after the fact.  I have worked with Theresa many times throughout the years.  Her attention to detail, high standards and relentless work ethic make her a delight to work with.”

— Ellen Fondiler,

“I always appreciate Theresa’s astro advice and I love the snappy forecasts for the Astro-Biz subscription. I add a few notes to my calendar to make sure I’m setting myself up for a good week. I love getting all the Universal tweaks I can!”

— Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mentor,

“Theresa Reed is my #1 favorite. I constantly return to her because I love her simple, straightforward take on things. No jargon. Just plain English and clear explanations. She’s so business-savvy AND she’s hysterically funny! I highly recommend her Astro-Biz Digest. Every weekly installment is like a big ‘high five’ packed with love and smart guidance for the week ahead!”

— Alexandra Franzen

“My business is about to get a whole lot more aligned. And then? Watch out.”

— Tanya Geisler,

“I profoundly trust Theresa’s readings and very often consult with her when making decisions regarding my business (so does my husband). So Astro-Biz Digest is a no brainer for me to have in my business toolbox. It gives me a little bit of Theresa’s wisdom, insight and pragmatic-magic (pragmatic?) genius every single day. When it arrives on Sunday it’s like getting to glance at an accurate weather report of the week ahead which helps me shape how I use my energy, schedule things and know when I’ve got extra universal support coming my way. Simple, helpful, powerful. I’m so in!”

— Danielle Cohen,

“I have a conflicted relationship with astrology. I really want to dig into it because, despite not loving 99% of what’s out there on the astrology front, I know these are real influences that have a real impact on our lives. So, you can consider me skeptical-but-interested. My struggle has always been to find people talking about astrology in a way that a) actually makes sense + b) is actually useful. Theresa has solved this + then some. She’s clearly got rock solid astro chops. But the fact that she can deliver it in such a precise + specific + no-bullshit way, free of a heavy handed dose of Neptune being conjunct triple square to Pluto’s retrograde conflux in the 32nd house? Brilliant. And needed. And rare. And awesome. Then add to that her ability to apply this brilliance to business stuff (because she not only obviously groks astro stuff, but also biz stuff) + it’s the perfect thing to amp your business magic by working in smart-and-coherent ways with these heavenly forces that shape-and-shift stuff on earth. And she does it all in a way that’s crystal clear + perfectly accessible + immediately useful. I might not know a cusp from a conjunction, but I super dig this + find it infinitely valuable.”

— Fabeku Fatunmise,

“If there is one aspect of the Sacred Arts that I think everyone can relate to and benefit from it is astrology. This is doubly the case if you run your own business – knowing about significant celestial movements can help you time everything in a clearer and more effective manner. Enter the one and only Tarot Lady! Theresa’s Astro Biz Digest gives you plenty of information about what the stars and planets are up to without overloading your brain with astro babble. This is a brilliant service for your business and for your bottom line and I am so thankful Theresa has made it available!

— Briana Saussy,

Since I started receiving the Astro-Biz Digest, I’ve made all of my BIG biz decisions based entirely on what Theresa had to say. It’s been MAGIC. Like no joke, when I save things for a more auspicious day, they go better. When I ease up off work when she says to, I am refreshed for the next big push. It’s the best investment you could ever make for yourself and your biz.

— Amanda Krill,

“I wasn’t sure how applicable the digest would be at first, but Theresa’s insights have more than paid for themselves. Within the first two weeks of signing up, I recouped my investment by following one of the day’s prompts. One of the suggestions was to take care of financial administration stuff on a specific day, and if I hadn’t done it I would have missed a deadline that I wasn’t aware of! Now I do my best to time things based on the weekly and monthly suggestions, and things are flowing beautifully in my business!”

– Nathalie Lussier, Founder

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