Want to learn the meanings for tarot in a fun, hip, and modern way?  

Sick of the “standard” interpretations?

I hear ya. After a while, it becomes one big ole tarot snoozefest. Meh.

Which is why I decided to shake things up and out with my own modern slant on the tarot. There’s nothing typical about how I interpret reversals, advice, and affirmations for each card. On top of it, I provide suggested theme songs, attributes, and raps.  

Yep,  you read that right – I’m doing a rap for each card.  


Why?  Because I have found that mad rhymes are a great way to get something to stick in my skull. And for those who know me well, you know I am a fan of hip hop – so yep – that’s how it’s going to go down around here.  


And yes, everything is in order – sorry but I have Virgo tendencies and I like some order around The Tarot Lady hub.

Ready? Oh, don’t worry – it won’t be the usual.  

Git ready to get your tarot on like Donkey Kong.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana symbolizes the big picture, fate, or major lessons. These are the things and events that feel outside our control but help us to grow.

The Fool

Take a chance.

The Magician

Manifest your destiny.

The High Priestess

Keep your third eye open.

The Empress

You rule.

The Emperor

Who’s your daddy?

The Hierophant

Seek guidance.

The Lovers

Love is the law.

The Chariot

A triumph awaits.


You’ve got this!

The Hermit

Alone again.

The Wheel of Fortune

What goes up must go down.


Follow the rule of law.

The Hanged Man

Let it go.


It’s over.


Seek the middle way. 

The Devil

The devil is in the details. 

The Tower

Burn it down.

The Star

Hope floats.

The Moon

Who’s afraid of the dark?

The Sun

Happy times.


Rise and shine!

The World

Spiritual graduation.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana symbolizes our day to day activities, the things that we can control, and the people who may be influencing situations.


Wands symbolize creativity, enterprise, work and passion. The element is Fire.

Ace of Wands

Thumbs up!

Two of Wands

The world is your oyster.

Three of Wands

Your ship is sailing in.

Four of Wands

Celebrate good times, come on!

Five of Wands

Let the games begin!

Six of Wands

You’re a winner!

Seven of Wands

Hold your ground.

Eight of Wands

Going the distance.

Nine of Wands

Watch your back.

Ten of Wands

Take a load on.

Page of Wands

The firestarter.

Knight of Wands

And he’s off!

Queen of Wands

She’s lit!

King of Wands

The inspiring leader.


Cups symbolize love, relationships, and our feelings. The element is Water.

Ace of Cups

Love overflows.

Two of Cups

The attraction factor.

Three of Cups

Girl’s night out.

Four of Cups

Meh…so boring.

Five of Cups

Grieve for what is lost.

Six of Cups

A blast from the past.

Seven of Cups

A kid in a candy store.

Eight of Cups

The seeker.

Nine of Cups

Wishes fulfilled!

Ten of Cups

All in the family.

Page of Cups

The beloved child.

Knight of Cups

The romantic hero.

Queen of Cups

The intuitive.

King of Cups

The King of Love.


Swords symbolize conflicts, thoughts, and mental processes. The element is Air.

Ace of Swords

Truth is your weapon.

Two of Swords

Wait it out.

Three of Swords

Unbreak your heart.

Four of Swords

Put it to rest.

Five of Swords

The victory through deceit.

Six of Swords

Smooth sailing ahead.

Seven of Swords

Getting away with it.

Eight of Swords

It’s an inside job.

Nine of Swords

Sleepless nights.

Ten of Swords

Stick a fork in it…it’s done.

Page of Swords

Ready for action.

Knight of Swords

The sharpshooter.

Queen of Swords

Killer Queen.

King of Swords

Mr. Spock.


Pentacles symbolize money, material goods, security, and our values. The element is Earth.

Ace of Pentacles

Mo’ money.

Two of Pentacles

The Juggler.

Three of Pentacles

Let’s work together.

Four of Pentacles

The Miser.

Five of Pentacles

The Outsiders.

Six of Pentacles

Ain’t too proud to beg.

Seven of Pentacles

A watched pot never boils.

Eight of Pentacles

Whistle while you work.

Nine of Pentacles

Treat yo’ self!

Ten of Pentacles

The Legacy.

Page of Pentacles

The good pupil.

Knight of Pentacles

Mr. Reliable.

Queen of Pentacles

The Earth Mother.

King of Pentacles

King Midas.

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