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King of Cups

Tarot Card by Card: King of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: love, compassion, mastery of emotions, capacity for giving, generosity, creativity, paternal

General meaning: I often refer to this card as the “King of Love” when he comes up in a reading.  The King of Cups is the ultimate romantic ideal – caring, nurturing, patient and loving.  He’s the type of guy who makes great husband and father material.  You can also bet that he’ll be giving you his whole heart, ‘cause he’s a lover, not a fighter.  This guy is a real softie.  This card can also indicate that you adapt the qualities of this card: be sensitive, loving and nurturing.  Like a “love boss”.

Reversed:  Mr. Sulky is in da house.  Love turns cold or whiny and your King of Love becomes a pouty, dishonest jerk.  Big time drama, amplified.  Emotional vampire – or emotionally unavailable.  This can be a signal of addiction issues, especially when combined with the Devil.  Emotionally abusive.  A wussy.

Affirmation: I nurture and guide those who need it.

Theme song: “King of Love” by Dave Edmunds

Journaling prompt:  In what way do you care for the needs of others?  Journal about a time when you put others first.


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