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King of Cups

Tarot Card by Card: King of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: love, compassion, mastery of emotions, capacity for giving, generosity, creativity, paternal

General meaning: I often refer to this card as the “King of Love” when he comes up in a reading.  The King of Cups is the ultimate romantic ideal – caring, nurturing, patient and loving.  He’s the type of guy who makes great husband and father material.  You can also bet that he’ll be giving you his whole heart, ‘cause he’s a lover, not a fighter.  This guy is a real softie.  This card can also indicate that you adapt the qualities of this card: be sensitive, loving and nurturing.  Like a “love boss”.

Reversed:  Mr. Sulky is in da house.  Love turns cold or whiny and your King of Love becomes a pouty, dishonest jerk.  Big time drama, amplified.  Emotional vampire – or emotionally unavailable.  This can be a signal of addiction issues, especially when combined with the Devil.  Emotionally abusive.  A wussy.

Affirmation: I nurture and guide those who need it.

Theme song: “King of Love” by Dave Edmunds

Journaling prompt:  In what way do you care for the needs of others?  Journal about a time when you put others first.


This king won’t hold you back
He’s the one with da love attack
He might be fly he might be phat
But you know he won’t do you like dat
He only do you right
Be home with da kids at night
Make love make you feel allright
Do da dishes? He just might!
He love his crew but he love you too
This man knows how to treat his boo
You know he always gon come through
If you want straight-up love, he’s for you.


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013


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