Tarot Card by Card – Ten of Cups

by Theresa Reed on September 29, 2013

Join me each week for “Tarot Card by Card” as we go through each card individually with fresh interpretations and a sucka free approach.  Learn to read tarot in a fun, irreverent, modern way.

ten of cups

Keywords: happiness, the happy ending, completion, support, family, celebration, “the good life”, home, security, unity, harmony

General meaning:  Pleasure and happiness.  This card indicates that life is looking good, particularly in domestic and family matters. There are many reasons to celebrate now – even if only the simple joy of being with your loved ones.  Support is present if you need it.  Whether this is for your home or work, the energy is “one big ole merry ‘n harmonious family”.  This card can also indicate a perfect wrap up to a situation.  Parties, celebrations, family reunions.  Break out the bubbly and enjoy the upbeat vibe.

Reversed:  Family troubles create a crack in the foundation.  Squabbles and disagreements make for a hellish home environment.  The end of a good situation.  Disintegration of support.  One of those icky family gatherings with the people you want to see the least.  The empty nest.  The family from hell.  Putting the fun in dysfunction.

Affirmation:  I have all the love and support I need.

Theme song: We Are Family by Sister Sledge

Journaling prompt: What does “family” or “home” mean to you?


When you work real hard

And yo day is through

Time to hang with the fam

Or yo favorite crew

Cause it’s all about love

At the end of the day

It’s all dat matters

Don’t downplay

Give yo mom and dad

Some hella mad props

They brought you here

And raised you up

You wouldn’t be you

Without their genes

Spittin’ that truth

In my rap routine.


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013


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