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Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

Keywords: apprentice, collaboration, teamwork, skill, creating, building, plans

General meaning:  The Three of Pentacles is all about teamwork and collaboration.  How well do you work or play with others?  In order to get a project finished to completion, you may need the help of your coworkers.  Working together for a similar goal.  This card is also about apprenticeship and skill development. School.  Learning a trade.  Working with mentors to refine your talents.  It’s also about building or renovation, especially if it shows up in a question asking about a house.  This card can also indicate a ceremony such as a wedding or baptism.  Getting shizz done.  Entourage.

Reversed: Sloppy craftmanship.  Lack of skill.  An inability to work with the team.  Lack of recognition for a job well done.  Repairing.  Fixing someone else’s poor work.  Squabbling with coworkers.  Office politics slow the job down.  Lack of commitment.  A project gets delayed again and again.  Faulty plans.  Changing up the game at the last minute.  Dissing someone else’s efforts.  Haters be hatin’ on your work.

Affirmation: I am open to learning new skills and working with others.

Theme song:  “Let’s Work Together” by Canned Heat

Journaling prompt:  Think about a time when you had to collaborate with others.  What role did you play?  Were you able to be a team player?  Journal about your ability to work and play well with others.


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