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Six of Cups

Six of Cups - Tarot Card Meanings - Tarot Card by Card

Keywords: pleasure, nostalgia, friendship, meeting, gifts, security, romance, the past, reunion, childlike

General meaning:  If you are in the market for love, you may be meeting a romantic partner or being courted.  This could be someone new but more often, it’s a suggestion of a blast from the past or someone with whom you are already familiar.  The energy here is about returning to one’s roots.  Whether that be an old love, a former job, or old memories, the past is calling.  The Six of Cups may also indicate that you may be receiving a gift – don’t look that gift horse in the mouth.  Say thank you.

Reversed:  The energy moves from nostalgia to being hung up on the past.  As in constantly bitching about the present and longing for days gone by.  Those good old days may not be as good as you remember.  It’s time to stop clinging to what was and embrace what is.  Any sort of emotional immaturity, yours or others, will hold you back now.  Man up and stop that b.s.

Affirmation:  I respect the past but embrace the present moment.

Theme song: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day

Journaling prompt: What have you learned from your past mistakes?  What are your takeaways that you can bring into the future for better decision making?


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