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Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

Keywords: mental aggression, bold communication, pushing forward, assertiveness, haste, truth teller, debate, mental challenge

General meaning: When this card comes up, you can be sure that someone (even you) is working overtime to make sure they are heard.  This is all about strong, bold communication.  It’s the card you want to see when you need an aggressive attorney defending your case.  The Knight of Swords always makes his point, even if he pisses people off along the way.  This card can also represent moving quickly towards the goal or vantage point.  Strong, intense fighting and aggressive strategies.  Truthseeker. A crusader.  In love, it’s a young man who enters the picture quickly, brings excitement and stirs things up.

Reversed: Mental aggression becomes cruelty.  Words that wound.  A deliberate attack.  An act of vengeance.  An out of control situation or person.  The sharpness turns dull.  A dullard or blowhard.  Intolerance.  A person who may be trying to push their truth or worldview onto others.  A total prick.  This card can sometimes indicate a mentally and/or physically abusive partner.  Violence.  Police brutality. Fighting unfairly.   Passive aggressive.  Ill-conceived plans.  Cowardice. Abuse of power.  Criminal behavior. Ruthlessness.  A bitch move. Shifty behavior.  Thug.  Sucker punch.

Affirmation: I speak my truth but still respect other people’s truths.

Theme song: “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones

Journaling prompt:  Have you ever felt a need to defend your point of view in an aggressive manner?  How do you react to people who come at you in that way?  Write about a time you had a heated debate with someone.


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