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Five of Wands
Tarot Card by Card: Five of Wands - Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: competition, fight, game, opposition, conflict, aggression, change, power struggle, rivalry, assertiveness, dog eat dog, bullies

General meaning:  Be aware of competition but don’t be afraid of it. Power struggles may be brewing.  Opposition to ideals.  A spirited debate or match is good for the soul and will prevent complacency.  Jump into it and give it your all.  Real true playas welcome a good bout and never shy away from it.  Get in the game and show them who da real boss is.  Kicking ass and taking names.  Taking on a bunch of punk-ass bullies.

Reversed:  The Five of Wands reversed indicates that the struggle comes to an end or someone gives up and walks away.  Cowardice.  Besting the competition.  Grudge match.  Restarting an old conflict – and for what?  The spoils may not go to the victor but to the one who is wise enough to say “enough”. Someone may be trying to jock your fresh – brush your shoulders off and ignore that biter.

Affirmation: I am pursuing my goals with vigor and complete confidence.

Theme song:  “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J

Journaling prompt:  How do you feel about competition?  Do you fear it or welcome it? What you fighting?  What kind of competitor are you?  Journal about your feelings about competition.


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