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Five of Wands
Tarot Card by Card: Five of Wands - Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: competition, fight, game, opposition, conflict, aggression, change, power struggle, rivalry, assertiveness, dog eat dog, bullies

General meaning:  Be aware of competition but don’t be afraid of it. Power struggles may be brewing.  Opposition to ideals.  A spirited debate or match is good for the soul and will prevent complacency.  Jump into it and give it your all.  Real true playas welcome a good bout and never shy away from it.  Get in the game and show them who da real boss is.  Kicking ass and taking names.  Taking on a bunch of punk-ass bullies.

Reversed:  The Five of Wands reversed indicates that the struggle comes to an end or someone gives up and walks away.  Cowardice.  Besting the competition.  Grudge match.  Restarting an old conflict – and for what?  The spoils may not go to the victor but to the one who is wise enough to say “enough”. Someone may be trying to jock your fresh – brush your shoulders off and ignore that biter.

Affirmation: I am pursuing my goals with vigor and complete confidence.

Theme song:  “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J

Journaling prompt:  How do you feel about competition?  Do you fear it or welcome it? What you fighting?  What kind of competitor are you?  Journal about your feelings about competition.


You gonna fight
Or just back on down
When you be confronted
By a group o’ clowns
If you in it to win it
You put up yo fists
And show those biters
That you be pissed
The strongest playa
Don’t sit and grin
He grabs his swag
And jumps right in
Word to the wise
Word on the street
Haters mean muggin’
They ass get beat.
Cause trill be tough
And spitting game
And grimey bustas
Are rolling lame
The only way to deal
Is to show they front
And bang it out
Slam it dunk.


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013


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