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Queen of Swords


Keywords: intelligence, logic, sharpness, thought leader, self-sufficient, air, clear sight

General meaning:  The Queen of Swords is the feminine thought leader.  She is quick-witted, intellectual, and clear-sighted.  She is ruled by logic, not her heart. That does not mean that she’s heartless, she simply wants to make sure that things make sense.  A keen judge, she is always about what is fair.  When this card shows up in your reading, you may be called to embody those characteristics.  This can sometimes manifest as criticism and bluntness.  Speaking the truth at all cost, unworried about who gets hurt.  Judge Judy.

Reversed:  The energy turns cold and ruthless.  Frigid.  Vindictive and catty. She’ll cut a bitch!  A bitter worldview. Unable to see the positive.  This card can also indicate someone who speaks with a forked tongue.  Backstabber.  Dishonesty.  Unable to control anger.  Lack of compassion.  Unable to understand someone else’s feelings.  A hater.  Black widow.

Affirmation:  I speak my truth with absolute confidence.  I get my point across clearly.

Theme song:  “Killer Queen” by Queen

Journaling prompt:  How do you communicate with others?  Are you clear and to the point?  Or do you hesitate to speak your truth?  How can you get your message across better?  Journal it out, yo.


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