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Nine of Pentacles

nine of pentacles

Keywords: security, gratitude, wealth, comfort, leisure

General meaning:  The Nine of Pentacles is about the luxe life, financial security, and creature comforts.  Wealth and material comforts surround you.  You have the ability now to collect and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  The big harvest.  Enjoying life’s luxuries.  Big ballin’.  Living large.  Diva.  Time off for leisure and pleasure.  You have everything you could need or want.

Reversed: The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence.  You may not appreciate what you have.  Envy.  Coveting your neighbor’s goods. Feeling bored and stuck.  Wanting what you don’t or can’t have.  Squandering wealth.  Poor little rich girl.  Money grubbing.  Conspicuous consumption.  Materialism.  Living beyond your means. Gold digger. Flossin’.

Affirmation:  It is safe for me to be abundant and wealthy.

Theme song: “Material Girl” by Madonna

Journaling prompt:  Look around you.  Notice all the blessings you’ve been given.  Now journal about all the things that you are grateful for.  Make a big list and feel that gratitude flowing through you with each stroke of the pen.


Livin’ large money in the bank
Big gold whip who you thank
Giving props to yo self or yo maker
It’s all good work dat shaker
Count  dat cheddar appreciatin’
Floss dat cabbage don’t be hatin’
Rolling in the deep with all dat dough
You got it made dontcha know?


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014


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