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Ten of Wands

Tarot Card by Card: Ten of Wands - Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: oppression, burden, heaviness, hard work, weight, responsibilities, duty

General meaning: The Ten of Wands is about being weighed down with too many responsibilities, hard work or burdens.  Whatever the case may be, your load is heavy-duty.  Hard labor. There is an end in sight but it may be hard to see at this time.  The Ten of Wands is also about oppression.  How are you being held down?  How can you express yourself and stand up for your rights?  Fight the power or be held down by it. Trying to “do it all”.

Reversed:  The big release.  Finally saying no to “just one more thing”.  Standing tall in the face of oppression or hate.  Liberation from the oppressor.  Courage in the face of injustice. The goal is reached and you don’t have to be hustling so hard.  Taking a break after a long, hard slog.  Take this job and shove it.

Affirmation:  I work hard towards my goals and remember to rest when my work is done.

Theme song: “Heavy” by Collective Soul

Journaling prompt: What burdens are you currently carrying?  Which responsibilities do not belong to you?  How can you release some of that extra weight?  Journal about burdens and release.


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