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King of Swords

King of Swords

Keywords: thought leader, logic, clear headed, intellectual, fairness, truth, mental sharpness

General meaning:  The head rules the heart when this card arrives in a reading.  Emotions are out of the equation for the King of Swords.  It’s Mr. Spock time.  Thoughts are communicated masterfully and intelligently.  After all, this is the thought leader.  The master of clear thinking.  Mentally sharp and tough with an ability to cut to the quick.  Witty but at times blunt.  The truth seeker.  If it doesn’t make sense, it’s a lie.  This card can describe a powerful man, who works in a professional capacity (such as a lawyer).  He brings truth and fairness as well as an intellectual edge to every situation.  This is the dude to have in your corner when you’re ready to stop fiddling around and get down to business.

Reversed:  The logic turns cruel and merciless.  Cruelty, maliciousness, and merciless.  A cold, calculating mind hell-bent on getting what they want no matter who seems to be standing in the way. A cynic.  Con artist.  White collar criminal.  Someone who is unable to have any empathy at all.  Unrepentant.  Deceptive legal maneuvers. Corrupt politicians.  Bribery.  Someone who operates by a different code of ethics.  Abuse of power.  Physically and mentally abusive.  This can also indicate that you need to take a ruthless approach to a situation.  Gettin’ all thuggish.

Affirmation:  I always operate from a place of clarity and truth.

Theme song:  “The Logical Song” by Supertramp

Journaling prompt:  Does your heart lead your head – or vice versa?  How do you know when to listen to the emotions versus the logic?  Ponder, then journal it out, yo.


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