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Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles - Tarot card meanings - Tarot Card by Card

Keywords: security, possessiveness, greed, stability, financial acumen, protection

General meaning: You have everything you need to feel secure.  Financial power.  Material success.  Money in the bank. Frugal habits.  Acquisitiveness.  Greed and a miserliness. The ability to amass wealth.  Livin’ large. Ballin’. This card also is about holding patterns such as refusing to let go of a situation. In relationships, the Four of Pentacles can indicate possessiveness or an inability to open up the heart chakra.  Shielding the heart.  Hoarders. Protecting what’s yours.

Reversed: Letting go.  Release. Opening up. Getting vulnerable. Spending like a drunken sailor.  Making it rain.  Financial insecurity.  Poor money management skills. Sharing what you have.  Giving it all away.  Financial sacrifice. Bankruptcy. An inability to get ahead financially.  Being a broke ass.  Taking what doesn’t belong to you. Epic greed.  Gordon Gekko.  Poverty consciousness.

Affirmation: I feel secure. I have enough.

Theme song: “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities

Journaling prompt: What makes you feel secure?  When do you feel the most stable?  List all the things that give you peace of mind.


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