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Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Keywords: security, possessiveness, greed, stability, financial acumen, protection

General meaning: You have everything you need to feel secure.  Financial power.  Material success.  Money in the bank. Frugal habits.  Acquisitiveness.  Greed and a miserliness. The ability to amass wealth.  Livin’ large. Ballin’. This card also is about holding patterns such as refusing to let go of a situation. In relationships, the Four of Pentacles can indicate possessiveness or an inability to open up the heart chakra.  Shielding the heart.  Hoarders. Protecting what’s yours.

Reversed: Letting go.  Release. Opening up. Getting vulnerable. Spending like a drunken sailor.  Making it rain.  Financial insecurity.  Poor money management skills. Sharing what you have.  Giving it all away.  Financial sacrifice. Bankruptcy. An inability to get ahead financially.  Being a broke ass.  Taking what doesn’t belong to you. Epic greed.  Gordon Gekko.  Poverty consciousness.

Affirmation: I feel secure. I have enough.

Theme song: “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities

Journaling prompt: What makes you feel secure?  When do you feel the most stable?  List all the things that give you peace of mind.


What’s it gonna take
For you to feel secure?
More dollah bills
Ain’t really a cure.
You can hold on tight
With all your might
But material shizz don’t matter
At the end of the night
Set your brain on grateful
Don’t need to fear it
The wealthiest man
Is rich in spirit.


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014


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