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The Hierophant

Tarot Card by Card: The Hierophant - Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: tradition, structure, teacher, mentor, counselor, religion, dogma, advice, status quo, organization, conformity, rules, church, obedience

Attributes:  Taurus

General meaning:  It may be best to follow the established rules at this time.  Don’t rock the boat – instead, go with tradition.  Feeling confused about a situation?  A visit to a wise counselor or teacher can help you sort that stuff out.  Sometimes a spiritual perspective is what you need to get back on track.  Been really bad? Get your arse to confession and stop that nonsense.  Often The Hierophant can indicate a religious ceremony like a wedding or baptism – so if your honey is acting reluctant, be patient.  You may get to that altar in due time.

Reversed:  Time to fight the man! Conformity goes out the window and a new order is ready to rumble into place.  Question EVERYTHING. Don’t accept the standard way.  This is time for revolution, even if only a personal inward one.  Break the rules and think for yourself.  Problems with authority.  Feeling like an outcast in your tribe.  Rebellion.  Originality. Don’t be a biter.

Affirmation:  “I embrace traditions both old and new.”

Theme song:  “Authority Song” by John Mellencamp

Journaling prompt:  Think back to a time when you had to follow the rules and fit in.  Was that challenging for you?  Or were you able to find a way to do this with ease?  Get your journal and write about authority figures and rules.


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