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Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles

Keywords: practical, methodical, stable, offering, respect, grounded effort, financial focus

General meaning:  The Knight of Pentacles is a sturdy, hard-working fellow.  The energy behind this card is practical, methodical, and focused on reaping a reward for the effort.  Of all the Knights, this is the only one that is standing still.  He is grounded, rooted and respectful.  Committing to a goal.  Working “the land” and preparing for a big harvest.  Reliability and efficiency.  People who handle monetary affairs.  Trustworthy.  This card can also indicate taking responsibility for a project or situation.  Remaining committed to a cause.   And up ‘n coming shot caller.  Boss in training. A job offer.

Reversed: Falling short.  Refusing to take responsibility.  Immaturity.  A stubborn, inflexible man or mindset.  Focus solely on the material side of things.  A materialist.  Lack of results for the efforts.  Lack of respect.  Self-centered.  “Mine, mine, mine.”  A thug wannabe.  Broke ass.  Money goals falling short.  Poseur.  All flash, no cash.  Disrespect.  Unemployed or a low wage job.  Looking for a handout.

Affirmation: I commit to my goals.

Theme song: “24-7 Man” by Robert Cray Band

Journaling prompt:  What does it mean to be reliable and trustworthy?  How does that show up in your life?  Journal about that, yo.


He’s a hard working man
With a heart of gold
Working his way up
Can’t be bought or sold
Always there for you
When the chips be down
Ain’t no bullshitin’
Ain’t no effing around
Making that cheddar
Ain’t about being busted
You know he’s got yo back
This dawg be trusted.


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014


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