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Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles - Tarot Card by Card - Tarot Card meanings

Keywords: charity, sharing, giving, receiving, justice, begging

General meaning: The Six of Pentacles can be all about giving or receiving.  In terms of money, this could be sharing the wealth or being in a position where you have to ask for assistance.  Charitable organizations.  Giving aid to those in need.  Generosity. Being in a desperate financial situation and finding relief.  Welfare.  Refugees.  Amnesty.  A gift. Financial reward. Making it rain. This card can also indicate justice being doled out.  In questions about relationships, this card indicates superiority/inferiority.  Who’s giving and who’s taking?  Someone is in a more advantageous position.  One gives more to the relationship than the other.  Issues of give and take.

Reversed:  Stinginess.  Holding back.  Cutting people off from assistance.  Hoarding wealth. This is the lack of charity, the “fend for yourself” vibe.  Ignoring those in need.  Turning a blind eye to poverty.  Ayn Rand.  Being in a bad position and no way out.  Financial injustice.  A failed case.  Legal or financial shenanigans.  The balance of power shifts and not in your favor.  Not being able to get your needs met.  An inability to receive help.  Lack of humility.  Accepting crumbs.

Affirmation:  I am grateful for the gifts and blessings I have.

Theme song:  “Beggin” by Madcon

Journaling prompt: How does generosity show up in your life?  How often are you in a position of giving?  How does it feel to ask for help?  Journal about your relationships to giving and receiving.


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