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The Moon

The Moon - Tarot Card Meanings - Tarot Card by Card

Keywords: intuition, illusion, deception, darkness, reflection, fear, subconscious, dreams, difficulty, fear, imagination

Attributes:  Pisces (Water)

General meaning:  The Moon portends a difficult, unclear path ahead. Things may not be what they seem – therefore, you need to proceed with caution.  There may be unexpected problems and drama, which could complicate matters.  The primary vibe here is anxiety – it may be time to examine your fears.  The dark night of the soul.  Imagination could be rampant – ground yourself and try not to work yourself up in a lather. Watch out for liars and haters.

Reversed:  The objectivity you seek finally becomes oh-so-clear as day.  All things come out in the open and you now know what you are working with.  Truth always comes to the surface.  No more hiding – it’s obvious.  Fear has vanished and you can proceed with confidence.  A strong message in your dreams – pay attention to that shit.

Affirmation:  I know that I will find my way.

Theme song: “The Killing Moon” by Echo and the Bunnymen

Journaling prompt:  I am a huge believer in recording dreams.  If you have not, start a dream journal and begin keeping track of your nightly visions.


Nothing is clear
You cannot see
What lies ahead
What can dat be?
You feeling scared
Chillax homie
Just slow it down
No anx-i-ety
Sometimes the dark
Hides the biggest crime
But nothing is as shady
As my dope ass rhyme!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013

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