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Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

Keywords: financial decisions, juggling, choice, options, balance

General meaning:  You may find yourself juggling more than one thing.  Balance and agility.  Being able to do more than one thing at the same time.  Dexterity.  Multi-tasking.  Staying grounded and flexible during a busy time. The 2 of Pentacles can also represent options and choices.  More than one option to choose from.  Weigh the pros and cons carefully.  The answer may lie in the middle. Travel.  Money from two sources.  Working two jobs like a true hustla.

Reversed:  Imbalance.  Trouble managing your resources, time, or responsibilities.  Too many choices.  Poor financial decisions.  Having a difficult time paying the bills.  An inability to handle your day to day grind.  Unsteadiness.  Sitting on the fencepost and not able to make a decision.  An inability to commit.  Irresponsibility.

Affirmation:  I easily manage my life.

Theme song: “Middle Way” by The Suicide Machines

Journaling prompt:  How do you create balance in your busy life?  How do you manage, especially when the responsibility is on you?  Journal about your life balance.


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