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Five of Pentacles

Tarot Card by Card - Five of Pentacles - Tarot Card meanings.

Keywords: loss, financial anxiety, hard times, codependence, limping along, out in the cold, desperation, poverty consciousness, homeless

General meaning:  The Five of Pentacles signifies a difficult change in fortune. This is often an indicator of loss such as a job loss or losing your home. Financial hardship creates worry and anxiety.  Losing your way in life.  Living without the basic necessities.  Being a broke ass.  Bad decisions lead to financial strain or ruin.  This card can also indicate being “out in the cold” in a situation.  Being left behind.  Leaning on a partner during a hard period.  Codependent relationships.  Help is there but you are unable to see it.  The pity party.  Poverty consciousness: the feeling that you will never get ahead or that you don’t deserve better.  A vow of poverty.  Knee problems.

Reversed: Help arrives. Ready to accept the help being offered. Financial shift towards rebuilding.  Coming out of a hard time and starting again.  Awareness of where you went wrong.  A new job or home after a period of uncertainty.  Going home after a disaster (ex: returning home after a tornado).  Shelter. Refugee. Welfare. A period of healing.  Moving past worry towards a hopeful new future.  Leaving the mean streets.

Affirmation: “I can get through this.”

Theme song: “Ain’t With Being Broke” by Geto Boys

Journaling prompt: When have you faced a hardship?  Have you ever been down on your luck? What got you through it?  Journal about your most broke down break throughs.


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