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MAY 2024

After April’s dramatic cosmic weather, May feels like a breeze. That doesn’t mean it will be dull! Read on to learn more.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, stations retrograde on the 2nd, marking the beginning of a significant period that extends until October 11th. This annual event presents a unique opportunity for deep self-reflection and personal growth. It’s a time to ask yourself: how are you asserting your power? In what ways are you claiming your space? What aspects of your life are transforming? With Pluto in Aquarius, it’s also a time to consider your role in your community. How can you contribute to the collective? Remember, Pluto will return to Capricorn on September 1st and leave the sign of the Goat on November 19th, bringing issues of progress and the old way to the forefront during the election cycle. 

Get ready for a potential financial boost when the New Moon in Taurus arrives on the 7th. This is a highly favorable time to seek a promotion, ask for a raise, explore financial opportunities, or start a new side hustle. It’s also a great time to invest in things that bring you joy and comfort, such as a special meal, cozy pajamas, or a relaxing massage. Taurus energy is all about creating a positive financial vibe. Set your intentions around financial security and pleasure, and watch as the universe aligns to support your goals. 

Speaking of Taurus, Mercury will be in the sign of the Bull from the 15th through June 3rd. Thinking becomes creative, and slow conversations rule the day. Why rush when you can savor words – and brainstorm beautiful ideas? The shadow side of this transit is stubbornness. If you encounter obstinate types or feel that way, it’s best to let things be. Time might provide a fresh perspective. 

Everything lightens up when the Sun skips into free-spirited Gemini on the 20th. This four-week period is ace for wit, short trips, gossip, and learning all the things. Indulge your curiosity as much as possible – and make time for social activities. Guard against fickle vibes, which could scatter your energy. Gemini remains here until June 20th.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd reveals a truth. Be ready to face the facts – and take action. Whatever you learn today could change your game, so pay attention. 

Flirty energy kicks in when Venus strolls into Gemini on the 23rd. You can find the right words to win hearts or bed ’em. It’s also excellent for poets, musicians, rappers, and writers. Again, if you are hunting for the perfect bon mot, now is the time. Venus remains here until June 17th.

The Jupiter-Neptune sextile on the 23rd elevates creativity. Tap in, and you might download the next great novel or whatever else your imagination can conjure up!

The big news of the month: Jupiter leaves earthy Taurus for quicksilver Gemini on the 25th. Jupiter isn’t keen on this position, yet it’s fab for writing, traveling, learning, and socializing. That sounds pretty good to me! Jupiter remains here until June 9th, 2025, plenty of time to finish a manuscript, make new friends, or see the world!


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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly horoscopes:

Aries - Monthly Horoscopes

Aries:  Thanks to Mercury and Mars in your sign, dear Aries, you have plenty of pep as the month begins. This dynamic duo blesses you with sharp thinking and superhuman energy. In short, you’re unstoppable! A new source of income shows up on the 7th’s New Moon. After all your hustle, this is a sweet reward. Expect your ideas to generate more revenue when Mercury moves into Taurus on the 15th. You’re a bold original, and this transit promises generous returns for your genius. An urge to travel hits hard when the Sun rolls into your 3rd house on the 20th, followed by Venus and a Full Moon in Sagittarius three days later. Consider this trio your permission slip to indulge your wanderlust as much as you’d like. Jupiter in Gemini on the 25th signals a year of new adventures and big thinking. Why settle for the mundane when you can broaden your horizons in exciting new ways? Sally forth and see what you discover. 

Taurus - Monthly Horoscopes
Taurus: This is your season, dear Taurus. A bevy of planets are sitting pretty in your sign at the beginning of the month, giving you star power. You can win hearts, change minds, and turn heads. So go ahead – strut your stuff! Update your wardrobe or debut a fresh trim when the New Moon arrives on the 7th. This is your best day if it’s been too long since you’ve had a makeover. You’ve always been excellent at attracting money, but your earning potential increases dramatically the week of the 20th. The Sun will enter your money sector on the 20th, followed by Venus three days later. A debt could get wiped out on the 23rd when the Full Moon illuminates a solution. Perhaps a benefactor may help, or you might get a green light on a loan. More fiscal good news: Jupiter will trot your 2nd house on the 25th, blessing you with a year of financial opportunity. By next year’s time, you could be in a better, more abundant position. Yay!
Gemini - Monthly Horoscopes

Gemini: Rest up, dear Gemini. Your season is coming this month, so you must get ready. The introspection portion of your chart is lit as May begins, a signal to turn down the party dial just a bit. There’ll be plenty of time for that. Mercury and Mars are dancing through your 11th house, tempting you to hit the dance floor all night. Resist that noise as much as you can. The New Moon on the 7th is ideal for a “me day.’ Schedule a massage or other pampering pursuit on that day. It will recharge your batteries for the fun about to come. Secrets are revealed when your ruler, Mercury, dips into Taurus on the 15th. Suddenly, you’re getting the skinny on everyone’s naughty adventures. While you have a reputation for being a gossip, you’re good at zipping your lips when it matters. In these cases, it does matter. Gemini season is officially in the house on the 20th when the Sun enters your sign. Come out, come out and play! Hit the clubs, brunch with your besties, flit about the globe – in other words, get social! The Full Moon on the 23rd frees you from ill-fitting relationships. It’s possible you’ll bid farewell to one or more funky folks around that day. This is not a negative. You mustn’t keep anyone around if they dull your shine. And that shine gets brilliant when Venus prances into your sign on the 23rd. This ups your attraction factor, which means you’re bringing all the boys/girls/cats to the yard! You’ll also be able to get more cash flowing in your direction. Yay! But the big news: Jupiter is in Gemini after twelve years away. Lady Luck smiles on you for the following year. If you felt hemmed in, that’s over. Broaden your horizons, show up as the biggest version of you, travel the world, read every book on that nightstand, take risks, and go for the gold! It’s not just your season… it’s your YEAR.

Cancer - Monthly Horoscopes

Cancer: May delivers a jolt of fab energy at the beginning – and then settles down for a chill vibe, dear Cancer. Mercury and Mars in your career zone elevate your reputation in exciting new ways. You have a chance to command center stage, so don’t hang out in the wings – aim for the spotlight! Your social life is also lively, thanks to a bevy of planets circling your 11th house. You’ll flit from one event to another with little time to rest. But no worries – you’ll have plenty of time to get your zzzs soon. The New Moon on the 7th is super-duper for parties. Why not host something? A celebration of your success? Why not? Mercury keeps the invites flowing when it joins the 11th house party on the 15th. But you’re ready for a break once the Sun slides into Gemini on the 20th. A sabbatical will soothe your overstimulated nerves. Whether you travel to an ashram or bunker down for a staycation, the time out will prepare you for a busy summer. Invite your boo to stay in with you when Venus slips into your privacy zone on the 23rd. Cozy up on the couch – Netflix’ n chill is IN. Jupiter in Gemini on the 25th provides spiritual protection for the upcoming year. No matter what happens, your angels have your back. Whew!

Leo - Monthly Horoscopes

Leo: Your star power is fully displayed this month, dear Leo. Your ruling planet, the Sun, sits high in your chart along with a bundle of other planets, putting every spotlight on you. You’ll dazzle ’em with ease, so go ahead and strut your stuff! An exciting opportunity arises with the New Moon on the 7th. Could this be the career move you’ve dreamed of? Perhaps. Don’t wait around to find out – nab it! Mercury helps you inspire the masses when it skips into Taurus on the 15th. Your words hold power for the rest of the month. Speak up, and you could motivate people to do great things! Social activity increases when the Sun moves into your 11th house on the 20th, followed by Venus three days later. Suddenly, your calendar fills up with invites to cool parties. Expect lots of flitting from one shindig to the other over the following four weeks. Thanks to the Full Moon, the 23rd could also bring a romantic surprise. A current flame may be ready to go steady – or you might meet an intriguing new paramour. For some Leos, this lunation could bring a different surprise: a pregnancy or birth of a child. One thing is for sure: you’ll have someone to love. (Psst…for those Leos who want to take a break from romance, that’s fine. A time out focused on self-love will heal your big heart.) The 25th puts Jupiter smack dab into the friend zone, which means you’ll have much more fun in the upcoming year. Parties, new friends, hot dates, and one or more major goals unlocked – go you!

Virgo - Monthly Horoscopes

Virgo: Is the travel bug biting, Virgo? I ask because your 9th house is getting plenty of planetary action this month. If you’re already on the road, carry on. If not, it may be high time to book a trip! The New Moon on the 7th is perfect for a long-distance journey. Look over your travel bucket list – and pick the one place that tugs at your heart. You’ll be glad you went. Not possible? A staycation can check all the boxes if done right. Of course, you are a perfectionist, so you’ll figure out the best way to turn your home into your own private retreat. Your ruler, Mercury, zips into Taurus on the 15th, which could indicate sightseeing and quick road trips. Yay! Once the Sun waltzes into your career zone on the 20th, it’s time to focus on your career. New projects are lining up, which could put your attention back on practical matters. Your rep gets a happy bump when Venus enters Gemini on the 23rd. Suddenly, the public adores you – and wants to see more of you! You’ll have no trouble winning hearts, so don’t be shy! The 23rd also brings a Full Moon in the domestic sector of your chart. This signals an end to a family problem. You’re unbothered even if the other side wants to keep the drama going. A career expansion is possible when Jupiter settles into your 10th house for a year, beginning on the 25th. New options could take you to new, exciting levels. RISE and SHINE!

Libra - Forecasts and horoscopes

Libra: Passion is elevated this month, dear Libra. A conga line of planets moves through your chart’s relationship and intimacy sectors, adding heat and excitement to your partnerships. Romance could be steamy, while business connections could become fruitful. Because you’re a “we” person, this is great news! The New Moon on the 7th creates the possibility for a new sexual partner – or money-making idea. Maybe a wealthy lover? Or a business deal that feels hot? Either way, it’s a fantastic lunation for saying yes, please. Wanderlust kicks in when the Sun moseys into your travel zone on the 20th. Venus follows suit three days later, the perfect pair for romantic journeys and second honeymoons. Set sail for someplace tropical – and you’ll enjoy more heat! The 23rd also puts a Full Moon directly in your house of short trips. Is a road trip in order? If that feels righteous, grab a map and go! Epic adventures await when Jupiter tours your 9th house for an entire year beginning on the 25th. This is your green light for world tours. It’s also divine timing for higher education, spiritual practices, and publishing. If you ever wanted to return to school or write a book, now’s the time. 

Scorpio - Forecasts and horoscopes

Scorpio: This month finds you attempting to balance your personal life with work demands, dear Scorpio. Your ruler, Mars, is zipping through your 6th house, a transit that promises too much work and plenty of hustle. Meanwhile, a cluster of planets is hanging out in your partnership sector, which could be pleasant (romance!) or aggravating (everyone wants a piece of you!). Boundaries will be necessary if you wish to avoid burnout or tension with loved ones. An interesting new person may enter your life when the New Moon arrives on the 7th. This could be the start of a meaningful relationship, so remember the connection, even if it seems random. Finances get a massive upgrade when the Sun steps into your 8th house on the 20th. You’ll have four weeks to attract more cash, apply for a loan, or update your budget. Your money should be in excellent shape by the end of next month. Venus will partner up with the Sun on the 23rd, which is fab for making money or love. As they say in some parts: boom-chicka-wa-wa! That same day, the Full Moon releases a fiscal issue once and for all. For example, you may pay off a bill or end an unprofitable line of work. This opens up space for more abundance to come. Speaking of that, Jupiter begins a tour of your 8th house on the 25th. This welcome transit brings the possibility for true financial security. Over the next year, you’ll be able to make more money – and finally get yourself situated nicely. Wealth looks good on you. 

Sagittarius - Forecasts and horoscopes

Sagittarius: Your job will be full of pleasant surprises this month, dear Sagittarius. Your 6th house is busy with a long line of planets moving through, which keeps the office humming with possibility. Take the lead, and you’ll score victory after victory. The New Moon on the 7th reveals an exciting opportunity. This could be your moment to grab the top rung – be ready to pounce! Once the Sun skips into your relationship zone, your mind turns to partnerships. Dynamic people will circle your orbit, and some relationships might deepen. This will be true for your love life when Venus enters the scene on the 23rd. Could this be “the one?” You have a few weeks to explore whether you’re ready to commit. The Full Moon on the 23rd raises your sensitivity. If you get a feeling about anything (especially your love life), go with it. Jupiter brings fortunate connections when it shimmies into your 7th house on the 25th. For the next year, you’ll have luck attracting excellent people. Take care of these relationships, and they’ll take care of you.

Capricorn - Forecasts and horoscopes

Capricorn: Are you in the mood for love, dear Capricorn? Your busy true love zone says, “Yes!” Expect plenty of opportunities to snuggle, cuddle, and canoodle this month because the planets favor romance! The New Moon on the 7th is super-duper for making a bold move or rebooting your dating profile if you’re single. Even if you’ve been off the market for some time, there is no better nudge for getting back out there! Partnered Goats may be ready to commit – at long last, you can make it official. The Sun in Gemini on the 20th puts you in a leadership position at work. You’re a natch at this, so you’ll be in your element. Venus joins the Sun on the 23rd, elevating your charm factor. Charismatic leadership = the team will be happy to support you! The Full Moon on the 23rd is ideal for a time-out. Put a massage or pampering session on the calendar. (Invite your honey and double your pleasure!) When Jupiter strolls into Gemini on the 25th, your star rises on the job. New opportunities to claim your spot at the top of the company ladder will fall into your lap for the following year. By next year’s time, you’ll be sitting pretty in the CEO chair. Right where you belong.

Aquarius -- Forecasts and horoscopes

Aquarius: You might feel more inward-focused when Pluto stations retrograde in your sign on the 2nd. You’re the innovator of the zodiac, and now Pluto is challenging you to reflect on the reinvention that has been tugging at your sleeve for the past two years. What’s next? Who will you become? Like Bowie sang, “Turn and face the strange.” Over the next few months, a new you marinates. An active domestic sector in your chart puts family on the front burner all month. How can you tend to your inner needs while managing your loved ones? It’s tricky, but you have the wherewithal (and love) to handle this. The New Moon on the 7th brings a change in your home. A new crib, family member, or the start of a renovation project – it’s all possible (not at the same time, silly). When the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, a relationship gathers steam. If you are in a new relationship, this could be the moment where you get all the feels. You’re not known for that, but this might be a special person. Venus adds more heart emojis to your world when she slides next to the Sun on the 23rd. Something is definitely up. Maybe you’re letting your guard down – or getting out of your head? For partnered Aquarians, the possibility of a serious commitment or a baby might be up for discussion. The 23rd also puts the Full Moon in your social sector, an ideal night for a soiree with friends. Perhaps you’ll have something to celebrate? Pay attention to the 25th. On that day, Jupiter enters your true love zone for a whole year, raising the possibility of a deep, loving relationship. If you want to expand your family, this transit indicates fertility. Either way, you’ll be less lonely in the coming year.

Pisces - Forecasts and horoscopes

Pisces: May brings money, short trips, and brilliant ideas, dear Pisces. The planets are moving through your chart’s earned income and mind sections, a delightful romp that promises cash upgrades, creative thinking, and mini adventures. Where will you go? What do you need to purchase? And what projects are you ready to work on? This energy will undoubtedly inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and into new territory (literal and figurative). The New Moon on the 7th is a hot spot for a road trip with a friend or sibling. Why not book something on the spur of the moment? It will certainly add some pizzazz to the daily grind. The week of the 20th activates your home zone, beginning with the Sun’s entry into Gemini. Once that happens, your attention shifts to your domestic sphere. Home improvement projects, family drama, or a move might be on the docket for the upcoming month. Venus in Gemini on the 23rd favors an upgrade for your nest. So put the drama aside, grab a bucket of paint, and start making your crib a castle! The 23rd also brings recognition, thanks to the Full Moon in your reputation sector. This could be a moment where you finally receive accolades for a job completed months ago. Or it might be the promotion you’ve hoped for. Either way, your star is bright that day! On the 25th, Jupiter will settle into your 4th house. This transit brings improvements to your living situation as well as the family dynamics. The home environment could be expanded to include more people – or you may take up residence in faraway places. Lastly, if you want to move to a bigger space, this transit says it’s doable. 


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