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Page of Pentacles

Tarot Card by Card - Page of Pentacles - Tarot card meanings

Keywords: financial opportunity, news about money, student, new financial seed, new venture

General meaning: The Page of Pentacles is an indicator of new financial opportunities. This can be a raise, promotion, or new job.  It can also indicate the beginning of a new venture.  A new way to make money or good news about your financial situation.  Now is the time to plant your seeds.  If you are willing to invest time and energy, you can manifest your goals. Stay grounded and take a practical approach.  The Page of Pentacles can also represent a good student or an internship.  This is a studious person who takes great responsibility in learning their craft.  Small time hustler.

Reversed:  Goals that fall short.  Blockages and frustrations around money. An investment that turns out to be a dud.  Chump change.  An inability to get a venture off the ground.  Bad financial news.  A letdown.  A promising situation disappoints.  Problems with school.  A slacker who does not live up to their potential.  Lack of rewards.  Broke ass and broke down.  Triflin’ and petty behavior.

Affirmation: The seeds I plant will grow.

Theme song: “Started From the Bottom” by Drake

Journaling prompt: What would you like to manifest?  What steps are you willing to take to begin planting the seeds of your goals?  What can you do to turn your dreams into stone cold reality?  Journal about all your big money plans.


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