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The Hanged Man

Tarot Card by Card: The Hanged Man - Tarot Card Meanings

Keywords: sacrifice, letting go, faith, suspension, waiting, hang-ups, martyr, illusion, surrender

Attributes: Neptune

General meaning: Now is the time to put things on hold until you can get a better perspective.  Non-action.  A period of waiting may be necessary and wise.  If you don’t like the way things are looking, you may need to look at them differently.  This is also the card of sacrifice, letting go, surrender – what do you need to release?  What are you reading and willing to let go of? Wait it out. Have faith.

Reversed:  Holding on for dear life.  Fear of letting go.  Feeling like a victim.  Persecution complex.  If you are adopting these mindsets, your situation will persist.  Only by having the faith to let go can you move past your limitations.  This can also represent being victimized or framed.  Depending on the other cards present, this can indicate finding the courage to let go once and for all.  Stand on your own two feet, fool.  Benedict Arnold.

Affirmation:  I trust that things will work out as they should.

Theme song: “Surrender” by Cheap Trick

Journaling prompt: Consider a time when your faith was tested.  What was that experience like?  How did you feel?  Get your journal and write that shizz down.


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