Tarot Card by Card – The Empress

by Theresa Reed on March 3, 2013

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Keywords: feminine power, abundance, fertility, pregnancy, marriage, creativity, receptivity, pleasure, mothering, nurturing, giving birth (literally or figuratively)

Attributes: Venus

General meaning:  This beautiful card indicates that a period of great creativity is ahead.  Whether that be creating art, a new life, a new venture, or a child, this is a marker that all signs are a go.  The energy of the Empress is abundant – the wheat field at her feet suggests a good harvest in the future.  When discussing relationships, this card can indicate marriage.  This is one of the best indicators of pregnancy – in a reading asking about motherhood not only can this indicate conception but also the ability and readiness to be a good parent.

Reversed:  A lack of abundance or fertility issues.  Unexpected or problem pregnancy.  Whoops.  In a reading about marriage, this can indicate problems ahead.  Creative blocks.  Issues with mom (aka Mommie Dearest!).  Turning into mom (not necessarily a bad thing – unless your mom is Joan Crawford). Baby momma drama.  Helicopter parenting.  Let your kid breathe and just be a kid, eh?

Affirmation:  “My creativity and abundance are unlimited.”

Theme song: “Mother” by Danzig, “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham

Journaling prompt:  When do you feel the most creative?  Grab your journal and unload your thoughts on creativity.


You gotta believe

If you wanna conceive

It’s positive perception

No Immaculate conception

Total reception

No such thing as recession

My money is long

My beat is strong

My love for my momma is

In dis song

Can you feel me now?

Is dis the real me now?

Don’t sweat ma technique

Don’t get it freaked

Da chillax queen Empress

Don’t need to impress.

Go awn now…..


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady


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