78 Tarot Blogs and Websites Worth Checking Out

My tarot students often ask me where they can get good, solid tarot information. They want to know where they can find the best tarot blogs and websites.

There’s a lot out there and sometimes it can be overwhelming to pick through the good from the bad.  So I thought I would compile a list of some of the best and brightest tarot writing and information that the world wide web has to offer. Check out my list of 78 Tarot Blogs and Websites worth checking out.

*I have been going through this list and slowly updating it. I have removed old sites that were defunct or no longer relevant. I’ve added some of the newest tarot blogs on the block and updated urls. I will continue to update this from time to time. There may still be a few rogue sites I have not caught but I am working on it!

  1. Little Red Tarot (http://www.littleredtarot.com) This is a FABULOUS blog run by Beth Maiden. With tons of features and a focus on LGTBQ and social justice, this modern tarot blog is the ONE to read.
  2. Mary Greer (http://marygreer.wordpress.com/) Tarot author Mary Greer’s blog is full of all sorts of tarot goodness – from tarot history to art – and more!
  3. Tarot Elements (http://www.tarotelements.com/) Brilliant tarot writing with a great team of tarot and astrology bloggers.
  4. Rachel Pollack (http://rachelpollack.com/) Home to tarot author and deck designer, Rachel Pollack.
  5. Tarot by Arwen (http://tarotbyarwen.com/blog/) Witty and compassionate tarot writing.
  6. Learn Tarot (http://www.learntarot.com/) A great site for beginning tarot students by author Joan Bunning.  This is the BEST place to start learning tarot.
  7. Llewellyn Unbound (http://www.llewellyn.com/blog/) This smart blog features thought-provoking posts by tarot luminaries such as Barbara Moore and more.  A must visit.
  8. Ethony Dawn (http://www.ethony.com) I love Ethony Dawn! You will too. Check out all that she has to offer.
  9. Queen of Wands Tarot (http://queenofwandstarot.net/) A whipsmart tarot blog from Philly’s Queen of Wands, Jenna Matlin.
  10. Joanna DeVoe (http://www.joannadevoe.com/) I love everyting about Joanna DeVoe.
  11. 78 Notes To Self (http://78notes.blogspot.com/) Ginny Hunt’s delightful tarot blog.  Smart, snappy writing.
  12. Fool Stop Tarot Blog (http://usgs.typepad.com/) A great blog by tarot deck publishers US Games.
  13. Owl’s Wings (http://www.owlsdaughter.com/owls-wings/) The beautiful posts of Beth Owl’s Daughter.
  14. Melissa Cynova (Little Fox Tarot)  (http:www.littlefoxtarot.com) A fantastic blog by the author of Kitchen Table Tarot, Melissa Cynova.
  15. Tarot by Hilary (http://www.tarotbyhilary.com) The awesome blog from my apprentice, Hilary Parry.
  16. Corrine Kenner (http://corrinekenner.info/) Corrine Kenner’s clever tarot and astrology blog.  Great tarot writing for sure.
  17. Circle Ways (http://jameswells.wordpress.com/) James Wells makes tarot deeper and proactive with this blog.  Manifest some great stuff with his guidance.
  18. Tarot Thrones (http://www.tarotthrones.com) Alison Cross really delivers in this Court-card centered blog.
  19. Marcia McCord (http://marciamccordtarotreader.blogspot.com/) Author and deck designer Marcia McCord shares her personal stories and more in this very intimate blog.
  20. Starcana Cosmic Dirt (http://starcana.com/blog/) Tarot affirmations, daily astrology and more make this a complete stop for your regular astrology/tarot fix.  Starcana gives the total low down!
  21. Shivaya Wellness (http://shivayawellness.com/) Raven writes about things I wish I wrote about.  Tarot and healing for those who are really seeking.
  22. Angelo Nasios (http://angelonasios.com/) Angelo Nasios’ fresh, modern and cheeky approach to tarot.  Tarot with guts.
  23. The Tarot Room (http://thetarotroom.com/) Delightful tarot thoughts from Georgianna Boehnke.
  24. The Tarot School (http://www.tarotschool.com/) Correspondence classes, degree programs, coaching, and Readers Studio – the biggest tarot conference around!
  25. Aeclectic Tarot (http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/) Deck reviews with plenty of images so you can see what you are buying before you hit that “buy now” button. Now defunct.
  26. Gaian Soul (http://www.gaiansoul.com/) A beautiful blog from the creator of the Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert.
  27. Dream World (http://www.ciromarchetti.com/) Gorgeous decks and art from artist Ciro Marchetti.  Simply stunning work.
  28. Tarot Teachings (http://tarotteachings.com/) The home for Ava Venefica, a prolific tarot talent.
  29. Priestess Tarot (http://www.priestesstarot.co.uk/) Louise Underhill is a talented writer and she uses the Wildwood Tarot – great insights from an interesting deck.
  30. Asali Earthwork (http://asaliearthwork.com/) Such a good blog! This one is written by Asali Earthwork, a queer femme of color.
  31. Two Sides Tarot (http://twosidestarot.com/) This is an informative blog and one worth checking out!
  32. Donnaleigh’s Tarot (http://donnaleigh.com) Home to Beyond Worlds host Donnaleigh and her snappy blog.
  33. Incandescent Tarot (http://incandescenttarot.com/blog/) A new tarot blog I’ve been enjoying.
  34. Tarot Hunter’s Bunker (http://tarothunter.com/) This sassy blog by Debbie Burke is full of tarot brilliance.  I love the way this woman thinks!
  35. Sasha Graham (http://sashagraham.com/) Magic and tarot collide in the Tarot Diva’s fun blog.
  36. James Ricklef’s Tarot Blog (http://jamesricklef.wordpress.com/) An empowering blog with a deep philosophical flair.
  37. Liz Worth (http://lizworth.com/) Liz is one of my favorite tarot writers. So much goodness here!
  38. Mirrors of Consciousness (http://orbifoldtarot.com/blog/) A mindful blog from the creator of the Orbifold Tarot, Michael Bridge-Dickson.
  39. Quiet Mystic (http://tarotsalve.com) A spiritual and spirited blog from Bonnie Fernandez.
  40. Carrie Paris (http://carrieparis.com/blog/) Spiritual and passionate, this blog gives you “tarot with a twist”.
  41. Daughters of Divination (http://www.dodivination.com/) Get the scoop on Thalassa and all her teachings – plus SF BATS – the oldest tarot conference!
  42. Tarot Avenue (http://tarotavenue.com/) All the way from down under, David Harvey shares his wisdom!
  43. Tarot Passages (http://www.tarotpassages.com/) The site of Diane Wilkes.  It’s not updated much any longer but there is a wealth of info and deck reviews.
  44. Bonnie Cehovet (http://www.bonniecehovet.com/)  Enter the world of tarot author and reviewer, Bonnie Cehovet.  This is a VERY content rich site.
  45. Maddy Elruna (http://maddyelruna.co.uk/) Check out this excellent blog from UK’s Maddy Elruna, a tarot reader, and shaman.
  46. Tarot Garden (http://www.tarotgarden.com/) If you want a tarot deck, this is the place to get ‘em.  Every deck imaginable shows up here!
  47. Voyager Tarot (http://www.voyagertarot.com/) The creator of the Voyager Tarot, James Wanless.  Smart man with some great tarot concepts.
  48. Tiferettarot (http://tifettarot.com) Steven Bright always shares such thoughtful posts.
  49. Benebell Wen (http://www.benebellwen.com Benebell’s blog is so rich, deep, and full of useful information. She covers everything from beginning reading to going pro. A MUST read.
  50. The Hermit’s Lamp (http://thehermitslamp.com/) Check out the podcast from Andrew McGregor of The Hermit’s Lamp. It’s a great tarot resource.
  51. Coneflower Tarot (http://www.coneflowertarot.com/) A lovely and colorful blog with Wordless Wednesday, new ways to use the tarot, and more.  Lots to explore here.
  52. Soul Path Sanctuary (http://soulpathsanctuary.com/) Smart and therapeutic ways to work with the tarot from Carolyn Cushing.
  53. Carrie Mallon (http://carriemallon.com/)  A deep, thoughtful dive into the tarot.
  54. Maggie Moon Tarot (http://www.maggiemoontarot.com./) Maggie Lukowski is a lovely tarot reader and astrologer. You’re going to love this blog!
  55. Paige Zaferiou (http://paigezaferiou.com/) Paige is so cool – and her writing is pure magic.
  56. Kelly-Ann Maddox (http://kelly-annmaddox.com/) I adore Kelly-Ann Maddox. She’s so wise!
  57. New Age Hipster (http://newagehipster.co/) Vix has a fantastic, modern voice. Do check her site out!
  58. Robert Place (http://robertplace.com) The site of Robert Place, tarot artist and historian.  This is a smart and talented man with much to share.
  59. Courtney Weber (http://thecocowitch.com/) A tarot and witchcraft blog by the coolest tarot chick, Courtney Weber – the brains behind the sizzling Tarot of the Boroughs.
  60. Personal Tarot With Matt (http://personaltarotwithmatt.com/blog/) Matt Williams may be a “regular guy” but his tarot is anything but regular.  He’s new to blogging but his writing is top notch.
  61. Daily Tarot Girl (http://daily-tarot-girl.com/)  Daily Tarot Girl has some thoughtful tarot lessons ‘n more.
  62. TABI Tarot (http://tabi.org.uk/) You can count on the good people behind TABI to deliver the tarot goods.
  63. Tarot Shaman (http://tarotshaman.com) Can’t get enough Barbara Moore?  I can’t.  If you want more of Barbara’s great tarot thoughts, visit this site (pun intended).
  64. Christiana Gaudet (http://christianagaudet.com/) Lots of wise writing from one of the most seasoned tarot pros, Christiana Gaudet.
  65. Tarot Pugs (http://tarotpugs.com/) Tarot and pugs? YES, please.
  66. Practical Astrology & Tarot (http://practicalastrologyandtarot.com/astrology-and-tarot-blog/) Astrologer and tarotist Ellen Zucker gives you the scoop on what’s happening in the cosmos as well as some juicy tarot tidbits.
  67. Briana Saussy (http://www.brianasaussy.com/)  Briana Saussy has one of the BEST tarot and witchy blogs out there. I never miss this one!
  68. Super Tarot (http://supertarot.co.uk/) Tarot lessons with the Thoth deck from professional tarot reader and author Paul Hughes-Barlow.
  69. Inner Whispers (http://www.innerwhispers.co.uk/) This blog is SO full of information. Chloe McCracken is a prolific and talented writer + tarotist.
  70. Tarotpedia (http://www.tarotpedia.com/wiki/Main_Page) The online encyclopedia of tarot.  This wiki is jam-packed with everything tarot that you could imagine.  A good place to begin tarot research!
  71. Lisa Frideborg (http://www.angelorum.co) Lisa Frideborg is a tremendous reader and truth teller. Her blog is popular for a reason!
  72. Gabriela Herstik (http://gabrielaherstik.com/) Gabriela Herstik is the face of the witchy tarot future.
  73. Cassandra Snow (http://www.cassandra-snow.com/)  Cassandra Snow is one of my sheroes. Her Queering The Tarot feature is fantastic.
  74. The Numinous (http://www.the-numinous.com/) An all-around fab metaphysical blog, the Numinous has something for everyone.
  75. Inner Goddess Tarot (http://innergoddesstarot.com/) The blog of Lori Lytle, one of my favorite tarot readers.
  76. My Urban Illumination (http://www.myurbanillumination.com/)  Tatiana Tarot’s fantastic site for learning tarot.  Be sure to check out her videos!
  77. Jessi Huntenberg (https://jessihuntenburg.wordpress.com/) Jessi Huntenberg has such a delightful and informative blog. You gotta check it out!
  78. Hoodwitch (http://hoodwitch.com/) You gotta love the Hoodwitch!

Of course, this list is by no means the final word. There are many other worthy sites that you may discover in your tarot journey.  But I hope this gets you on your way with a big ole tarot world to peruse, ponder and delight!



© Theresa Reed 2011 | The Tarot Lady

PS In case you are new to tarot, the reason why there are only 78 sites listed is because the traditional tarot deck has 78 cards.  🙂

Oh, and I hope you find my blog to be just as awesome as the ones listed here.

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