Did you ever read a magazine that stuck with you?  Well, the May 2012 issue of Oprah really resonated with me.  This issue focused on “How To Get Better With Age” and featured letters from Oprah and others to their “younger selves”.  In those posts, the writers offered advice that they would give to their 20-something self based on what they have learned thus far (Michael J. Fox’s advice brought tears to my eyes).

This got me thinking about my younger self – at my age now, with all that I know, what would I have told her at age 25?  Would I be warning her?  Would I have stopped her from doing the things she did?

I decided to try this through tarot’s voice.  I shuffled my cards and focused on my younger self and where I am now in my journey.  After cutting the deck, I pulled three cards randomly and began to construct my letter based on those cards.  And here is the love note to my younger self:


Dearest young Theresa, 

You are going to let go of a lot of things in this lifetime.  It will be scary at times.  But it’s okay and ultimately for your own good.  You should never, ever hold on to something (or someone) just to be secure.  I know you want safety but life is uncertain. When you lose everything, you will find yourself.  Trust me on this.  Let go and see nothing as permanent.  (Queen of Pentacles reversed)

Sometimes you will feel as if you are operating in the dark.  But if you look within, you’ll notice that you have been blessed with a killer instinct and an amazing intuitive gift. It’s okay to follow your gut even if no one else gets it or supports you.  When you follow that “spidey sense”, you will make fewer mistakes – and you’ll end up with a life that you really love.  (The High Priestess)

Setting boundaries is okay and necessary.  Give yourself permission to put your shields up, hold your ground and to keep people out of your zone if they threaten your peace.  Oh and that security you want?  It WILL manifest and it will come through hard work.  Don’t be lazy.  But I know you won’t be. You rock!  (4 of Pentacles)




Myself at age 5

What would be your letter to your younger self?  Share yours in the comment section below:


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