Theresa’s Approach

I’ll bet you think that a tarot reading is spooky or hokey, right?  It’s not at all!  A tarot reading can provide calm and reliable guidance through life’s ups and downs.

My approach to tarot is very grounded, practical and down to earth.  We’ll take a look at your future and see what is coming so that you know what to expect.  Predictions can be very empowering – if we have an idea of what may happen, this gives us the ability to reconsider the path that we are on and make better choices.

I’m not only an intuitive tarot reader but I am also a STRATEGIST, meaning that if the outcome doesn’t look good, we’ll look at other options to help you get a better handle on what’s happening.

I don’t believe anything is cut in stone. I feel our lives are determined by our choices and we can live consciously if we are aware of the consequences of those choices.  My readings are geared towards those who are ready to take control of their lives!  (Check out testimonials from the people whose lives I have touched with my work.  Let me help make a difference in your life!)

In a full half hour reading, we begin by doing a “general outlook” in which I give you a snapshot of what I see for the year ahead.  Often times, this beginning spread will answer many of the questions you may have.  We then spend time focusing on the questions you want to ask.  During our time, you are allowed to ask about anything you feel that you need to know.  We will then finish off with a “closing spread” which ties everything up nicely.

In a 15 minute reading, the focus is squarely on your questions.  We’ll spend that time wisely on what you need to know now.

All phone readings are by appointment only! Please make sure you check with me for my availability if you have a specific date or time in mind!

It’s easy to get a reading from me.  Just visit my Buy A Reading page and scroll down to purchase the reading you want through PayPal.  I will usually contact you within 24 hours to confirm that I have received your payment – if you do not hear from me within that time frame, please contact me via email.

Phone reading tips:

1.  Make sure you are in a quiet space.  A loud environment may cause you to become distracted.
2.  Have your questions prepared in advance.  Please refrain from asking the same question again and again – this will never produce a good reading.
3.  Please do not interrupt me when I am doing the reading – often information comes to me like a ticker tape – an interruption can shut off the flow.
4.  The reading is like a snapshot of where you currently are and where you are going.  You can change course at any time.
5.  Nothing is cut in stone! If you do not like something that comes up in a reading, know that you always have free will and can alter your life any way that you wish.
6.  Timing is the hardest thing to predict.  A tarot reading can only give a general outlook on timing.  If you need exact dates, you may be better of working with an astrologer instead.
7.  Please do not try to hold me on the phone after our appointment has ended.  I expect you to respect my time as much as I respect yours.
8.  If I do not pick up the phone immediately for our scheduled appointment, I am most likely still on the line with someone else.  Wait a minute and then try again.
9.  I do not work well with aggressive personalities. If you are aggressively trying to push me to get the answer you want, I may refuse to work with you in the future.
10. Please put space between your readings.  Too many readings in a short period of time may cloud my objectivity.
11. Do not expect me to have the answers to all questions.  No one has that ability.