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Did you ever get a psychic reading and walk out thinking “that’s not what I really wanted”?

Was it because the reader wasn’t good – or was it because they did not provide the type of service you were looking for?

Believe it or not, there are many types of psychic services available and not every reader/psychic is going to be able to serve you the way you want. That’s why it is important that you know what is out there so that you can make an informed decision.

I’ve compiled a list of some common types of psychic or metaphysical services available in the hope that this can help you narrow it down before you pick up that phone (I still encourage you to do your research before you set up an appointment with anyone.  Please remember, this is basic info and does not cover the whole gamut nor do I provide a complete analysis of how they operate as each person will still be unique):

Psychic – When I am talking “psychic” in a general sense, I am referring to those who use no tools. They simply tell you what they see.  Some psychics may wish to hold your hand or an object to get a “vibe” (this is called psychometry).  Some may be able to see your “aura”.   Psychics can be clairvoyant (able to “see”), clairaudient (able to hear), clairsentient (able to feel) or a combination of many different feeling senses.  There are also those who able to “talk to your guides” or angels.  Sonia Choquette is a well respected psychic:  http://www.soniachoquette.com/

Medium – These psychics talk to the dead. This is what you want to look for if you are looking to connect with a departed loved one.  John Edward is an example: http://www.johnedward.net/

Channel – This is a person who goes into a trance and becomes “possessed” by a spirit, entity or guide who talks through them.  One of the most famous is Esther Hicks, who channels “Abraham”.  http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

Pet Psychic or Animal Communicator – This type of psychic works with animals and may be able to help you understand your pet.  Some also are mediums and can talk to deceased pets.  Carol Schulz is one: http://carolschultz.com/

Medical Intuitive – This is a psychic who has a specialty of “seeing” illnesses or helping you in the healing process.  Judith Orloff is a well known one:  http://www.drjudithorloff.com/

Business Intuitive – This type of intuitive focuses primarily on business related issues.  Hiro Boga would be a great example: http://hiroboga.com/

Astrologer – An astrologer constructs a chart based on your birthdate.  That chart may reveal personality traits, karmic patterns, problems, compatibility and more.  They may also look at the current transits of the planets and decipher how that is affecting your life.  Astrologers are great when it comes to timing.  If you are thinking about picking a date to open up a business or to get a surgery, an astrologer can be invaluable.  (There are many different types of astrologers – be sure to ask about their focus or specialty.) Starcana is an example:  http://www.starcana.com

Numerologist – A numerologist creates a chart based on your birthdate and name. From that, they can also tell you some of the same stuff as an astrologer (personality, karmic patterns, timing, etc.)  I’ve had remarkable readings with numerologists who were able to look at past events and future ones with incredible accuracy.  Christine Delorey offers an excellent service: http://creativenumerology.com/

Dream Interpreter – These people may or may not be psychic but they have a special gift for understanding dreams.

Past Life Regressionist – If you wish to learn more about past lives, you may want to seek the services of a past life regressionist.  (I do not know of any so cannot make a recommendation here.)

Tarot Reader – Tarot readers use tarot cards and look at the patterns and determine what it means for you. There are many variants here – from therapeutic tarot readings (James Wells), to interactive (Mary Greer), to intuitive (yours truly), esoteric and more.    Don’t assume a tarot reader is going to have psychic abilities – many claim that they simply read the cards.

Palmist – A palm reader looks at your hand and divines your personality traits, skills, and  future.  Baeth Davis is a well known hand analyst:  http://yourpurpose.com

Some tips:

  1. Know the jargon. Get clear on what service you are actually seeking.  The list above should get you started in the right direction.
  2. After you have determined what type of reading you want, be sure to ask the psychic how they work and what their abilities, specialities and limits are.  If you know what you are getting, you’ll be less likely to be disappointed. For example, you are not going to like a therapeutic tarot reading if you are looking for predictions.  Most psychics and readers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!
  3. Be sure that your personalities are compatible.  A “tell it like it is” psychic may make you uncomfortable while a super new agey type might turn off another person. Look at their website and see if they seem like someone you’d like to spend time with.  A comfortable vibe ensures a better reading.
  4. If the psychic/reader does not seem like a good fit, move on until you find someone who is.  There is a lid for every pot and no one can possibly read for everyone.  Don’t assume the psychic “sucks” because they can’t get a hit on you.
  5. Have realistic expectations.  If you think your reader should give you exact dates, know the color of the underwear you are wearing as well as what happened in your life on May 23rd, 1977, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment – and you are putting the psychic on the defensive. Come in with an open mind and see what happens!
  6. If you are on a tight budget, shop around.  There are plenty of talented psychics who offer great rates.  Just because someone charges $1000.00 an hour does not guarantee that they are going to be the ultimate experience for you.
  7. Always remember – buyer beware.  If the psychic starts talking about “curses” and demands outrageous sums of money to “remove” it, get the heck out of there – pronto.  No reputable psychic – NONE – would ever do such a thing.  This is the first sign of a scammer.
  8. Get a referral.  Find out who your friends trust.  Ask for feedback on their experience. But once again, remember – what works for one may not work for you.  Trust your instincts and do the proper research.

As with any service, it’s all about finding someone you can trust. That requires you to be a smart and informed consumer.

“One of the Internet’s strengths is its ability to help consumers find the right needle in a digital haystack of data.” ~ Jared Sandberg



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2012


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