Asking an Ancestor About Another DOJ Scandal by Nancy Hendrickson
How many times have we heard Bill Barr described, not as the Attorney General, but as Trump’s personal lawyer? More times than I can remember.

Since I work with ancestral energies, I wanted to see if an ancestor would talk to me about the current Department Of Justice disgrace. (By the way, ancestors aren’t always interested in the same things we are.) Interestingly, as I began my work, I was told to investigate a DOJ scandal during the presidency of Ulysses Grant. I found a doozy.

George Williams – the William Barr of 1875 – ran the Department with what Wikipedia called “slackness”. Williams dropped a case he was supposed to prosecute because the criminals gave Williams’ wife $30,000. Williams also used DOJ funds to pay for his personal household expenses. Unlike Barr, Williams was fired by Grant, but not before giving the DOJ one helluva black eye. Williams landed on his feet, though, eventually becoming Mayor of Portland, Oregon.

I thought it would be interesting to see what the ancestors had to say about Barr as well as Williams.

The DOJ Scandal Tarot Spread

I encourage you to use this spread with one of your own ancestors. If you don’t know one who lived during this time, ask who would like to come forward. I didn’t know the ancestor that I tapped into, other than they were a farmer from the Midwest.

Shuffle, cut, and draw the top five cards, laying them 1-5, left to right.

Asking an Ancestor About Another DOJ Scandal by Nancy Hendrickson

Position 1: How alike or unlike were George Williams and William Barr?
Position 2: Did Williams’ unethical behavior color your view of government?
Position 3: Did the Grant-era scandals impact your life in any meaningful way?
Position 4: What would you like us to know about William Barr?
Position 5: Do you have any information on how life will treat Barr in the long run?

The most interesting thing I learned is that Barr and Williams share the 7 of Swords – traditionally called the Thief Card. This feels as though they are very alike, and because the thief is slipping away from the tents, I wonder if Barr is ‘stealing’ far more than we ever knew or will know. I also wonder if he is in possession of blackmail-type dirt on Trump? What do you think?
For some reason, I also wondered if Barr had been Williams in another lifetime? That, I don’t know.

I wasn’t surprised that Williams’ scandals didn’t color my ancestor’s feelings about government or have much impact. After all, 1875 America had about 50 million inhabitants versus 330 million today. Events in scandalous Washington, D.C., were far away from a little farm in the Midwest.

Two more things – the farmer said that patience was part of his everyday life and he knew he could wait out the corruption. Plus, the country was only ten years out of the Civil War, and he, along with most of his neighbors, still respected Grant, himself.

So, what do you think about the Fool for Barr? I think my ancestor is saying that Barr is walking way too close to the cliff. And, if he slips, he’s a goner, as we all know that Trump will not reach out to save him. If Barr does anything Trump doesn’t like, Barr will meet his under-the-bus fate.

As for Barr’s long-term reputation? I think the reversed Ace of Pentacles tells us that his reputation is gone, and what I heard is that he is heading for a major health problem. After laying out the cards and listening to my ancestor, I admit it helped me with my own lack of patience around Barr. The farmer was right – hang in there and Williams/Barr will be gone.

I hope you put this spread to the test, and if you do, let us know what you learn. Can’t wait to hear what more people in Spirit have to say about this one.

~ Nancy Hendrickson

About Nancy:

Nancy Hendrickson is a genealogist and tarot expert. She writes about Tarot and uses it for shadow work, past lives, and Tarot journaling. Next spring (2021) you can pick up a copy of her new book, Ancestral Tarot (Red Wheel/Weiser). Connect with Nancy on her Sage and Shadow website or over on Instagram.





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