Astrology Bytes Episode 164 - Astrocartography with Rebecca Gordon


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Episode 164 – Astrocartography with Rebecca Gordon

Do you ever travel somewhere and feel like it’s “home?” Or how about the opposite – you arrive and want to leave as soon as you put down your bags? Astrology may have something to say about that. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, Rebecca Gordon talks about Astrocartography, a method of locational astrology that shows how the placements of the planets affect the vibe you might feel in one location versus another. Astrocartography is unique for each individual’s chart – it’s basically a “map” of where the stars were rising or setting at the time you were born. This creates “planetary lines” that show why you might love one place (Venus) and find another not-so-great (Saturn). It’s also used in the Solar Return. Rebecca shares the basics you need to begin understanding this fascinating method!

About Rebecca:

Rebecca GordonRebecca Gordon is a world-renowned New York City astrologer. She is the resident astrologer at Harper’s Bazaar and has been featured in leading publications such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Financial Times, Forbes, The Oprah Magazine, and Vogue amongst others. Known for her shockingly accurate readings and predictions, she has been sought after to predict trends in everything from finance to culture, technology, and fashion.

Rebecca is also known as the teacher of teachers in the world of astrology. Over the last decade, Rebecca has led astrological team-building events for companies such as Google, Adobe, and Gary Vee, curating brand partnerships, hosting international retreats, and keynoting global conferences. She has been gifted with the ability to translate cosmic symbols into everyday wisdom that is as transcendent as it is practical and actionable. Rebecca has made it her mission to align people with their own unique brand of stardust so they can step into their highest potential.

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