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Episode 170 – NeptuneTransits Through the Signs

In this next series of episodes, we will explore transits, beginning with transits through the signs. Today we will cover Neptune transits through the signs with brief descriptions of how each transit might impact the general public.

Neptune transits last about fourteen years, which means it takes 165 years to move through the entire zodiac. Neptune transits show where dream, create, and find faith. It also can shed light on where we may be delusional. 

Let’s go through each sign:

Aries – When Neptune is in Aries, it’s time to find the line between individualism and the collective. While doing your own thing may seem like the ideal fantasy, it can also mean you’re ignoring how you fit into the bigger picture. Aries is a warrior, so this transit can also bring holy wars or foolish risks. 

Taurus – When Neptune is in Taurus, idealism around money and resources is possible. You may have get-rich-quick-schemes or feel like abolishing the patriarchy. This is an excellent transit for artists – you can apply practicality to your visions. Gambling should be avoided as much as possible during this transit. One minute you’re up; the next, you’re broke. 

Gemini – When Neptune is in Gemini, writers have the ability to convey their thoughts beautifully. Communication becomes transcendent, and there may be much originality in music, literature, and poetry. Spiritual teachers emerge, bringing new messages of hope to the world. The shadow side is a lack of focus or a feeling of disillusionment with the world. When that happens, apathy sets in, and not much gets done. 

Cancer – When Neptune is in Cancer, the psychic ties to the home, family, and past become stronger. Empathy is also elevated, giving everyone the opportunity to understand how the other guy feels. An ideal house or family may become possible. However, the ties to the family can also become addictive and clingy. 

Leo – When Neptune is in Leo, dreams become big and bold. Music, art, and cinema reach new heights. Life feels downright romantic and glittery too. However, you must exercise great caution during this period. If you’re spending like there’s no tomorrow, you could squander your resources. The Roaring 20s happened when Neptune was in Leo – a cautionary tale of too much of a good thing. 

Virgo – When Neptune is in Virgo, it’s not happy. The dreamy energy becomes brought down to earth. During this transit, you need to focus on practical matters. Instead of the extravagance of Neptune in Leo, thriftiness and saving are necessary. It’s time to get back to basics, including taking care of yourself. You’ll also want to watch out for excessive worry, which can quickly turn to hypochondria. 

Libra – When Neptune is in Libra, life seems to go back into balance after the extremes of Leo and Virgo. We can find the middle road, and peace prevails. Relationships could be idealistic – or you might find the rose-colored glasses get ripped off, revealing an unpleasant truth. This transit is excellent for artists and designers. 

Scorpio – When Neptune is in Scorpio, sex, drugs, and rock and roll are the mood. Intuition is elevated, and everyone wants to tune in, turn on, and drop out. Morals could become blurry, and what was once taboo may be out in the open. This is a marvelous time to develop your clairvoyance. Spiritual regeneration is also a possibility. The shadow side is secrets coming to the surface. That thing you want to stay in the dark is suddenly thrust out, and now everyone knows. 

Sagittarius – When Neptune is in Sagittarius, we’re all on a quest for truth and spirituality. We want to broaden our horizons through travel to distant places or exploring different religions. This is the time to question your place in the world. What’s it all about? Sometimes people can fall under the spell of dubious gurus or spiritual leaders during this time. The rise of cults and fanaticism could lead to the other extreme: cynicism. 

Capricorn – When Neptune is in Capricorn, we can build the dream at last. Dreams can become a reality, provided you’re ready to do the work. During this transit, governments and institutions can become unstable. Suddenly it’s revealed that the emperor doesn’t wear clothes. New ideas on how things should be run could emerge. This transit can bring problems with the stock market and financial institutions – you’ll want to invest carefully if you wish to avoid draining your resources.

Aquarius – When Neptune is in Aquarius, technological advances are possible. New ideas on how to use technology can change the way we live. This is an amazing transit for science – many breakthroughs could happen. Neptune in Aquarius puts humanitarian causes front and center. Instead of “me me me,” an equitable world becomes attainable. 

Pisces – When Neptune is in Pisces, it’s at home because Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Spirituality, art, and intuition are elevated. Many spiritual leaders, mystics, activists, and artists will arrive on the scene. This is a lovely time to explore your creative side as well as your connection to something greater than yourself. The shadow side of this transit is addiction, religious zealotry, and a willingness to turn a blind eye toward oppressed people. 

That’s it on Uranus transits through the signs! Next up: Pluto.

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