Astrology Bytes - Episode 81: Mars Retrograde Transit


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Episode 81: Mars Retrograde Transit

In the last two episodes, I covered the Mercury retrograde and the Venus retrograde transits. This week, we’re talking about the Mars retrograde transit.

Here’s what you need to know… Mars retrograde happens about once every other year. It generally lasts about two months. During a Mars retrograde, anger and aggression can get out of hand. This is NOT the time to start a fight or war. Whichever side starts it usually loses.

This means you’ll want to practice some restraint when it comes to expressing your anger. You’ll also want to take a more chill approach when it comes to anything that requires aggression including sales. If you’re involved in sales or running your own biz, this is not the time to push hard. A softer approach will go further.

I cover this and a few other tips (don’t do surgery or launch a biz during this transit!) in this episode.

Grab your astrology chart, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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