Astrology Bytes Episode 89: Saturn, the Moon, and Money with Alice Sparkly Kat


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Episode 89: Saturn, the Moon, and Money with Alice Sparkly Kat

What are the histories of the symbols for Saturn and the Moon through the lens of traditional and modern astrology? How might we work with these two planets in a way that benefits the collective? In this episode of Astrology Bytes, author and astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat joins me to discuss those questions and more.

I’m a big fan of Alice’s work and when I noticed that she’s got a new book coming out on this topic, I wanted to know more! Money Magic: Etymologies of Saturn and Moon is available for pre-order. Listen in, learn what it’s all about, and be sure to get your copy. You know you want one after hearing her take on this subject!

About Alice:

Astrology Bytes Episode 89: Saturn, the Moon, and Money with Alice Sparkly KatAlice Sparkly Kat is a queer astrologer of color with four years of experience in individual consultation, lectures, workshops, and writing. They use astrology to speculate on the ways culture inhabits biology. To them, astrology is a process of imagining the cultural alien through the metaphor of outer space.

This work has inhabited MoMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Hauser and Wirth. Their Astrology and Storytelling book (for sale on their website) is a workbook where readers write a work of fiction based on what the sky looked like at the time and place of their birth. Follow them on Instagram at @alicesparklykat for memes and other ephemeral content or read through their website at for astrological lessons, articles, worksheets, and other resources.

Instagram: @alicesparklykat


Money Magic Preorder:

Etymology of Saturn:

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