The Entrepreneurcast - A 12 month forecast for business owners

The Entrepreneurcast.   

A 12-month forecast for business owners who want to get focused, energized & clear. Get your cosmic roadmap — and get the most out of your year!

Business is my business.

I’ve got an uncanny knack for business. Perhaps it’s those biz classes Dad forced me to take in high school.

Or maybe it’s my addiction to shows like The Apprentice and Bar Rescue.

My business instincts are hardwired and as natural to me as breathing. But one thing’s for sure… I do business differently.  I rarely follow the “gurus.” Instead, I listen to my gut and the stars — with a deck of tarot cards close by my side. This combo has served me well for decades. (I’ve been running a profitable Tarot business for 28 years and a successful Yoga business for 16.)

I do planning differently, too.  Once a year, I do a cosmic forecast to map out my business plan for the entire year. Dates to know. Drama to avoid. Big themes to focus on. Hidden opportunities to leap on. Offers to pass on. Insights into what my customers really need & want to know. Everything I need to know… to help my empire grow.

I call it… The Entrepreneurcast. 

It is THE single most important planning tool for my business. And now — I am offering it to YOU!

This batch has been sold out! But no worries – it will be back! Doors for the next round will open June 2020. Worried you’ll forget to check? Get your name on the waiting list to get an email notification when the Entrepreneurcasts are available again!








Ready for a cosmic roadmap? Book it now… or read on for all the details.

Your Entrepreneurcast includes:

personalized forecast for 2020 based on your birth chart. (The goal? To help you cut through the noise and FOCUS on the projects and opportunities that deserve your full attention, this year.)

The best dates for product launches, pitching the media and makin’ big moves. 

The best dates to lay low, chill out, go on a creative retreat and recharge.

Icky dates to watch your back (and, say… back up your computer hard drive).

Answers to your three biggest business questions (Think: Im having an identity crisis! Who am I supposed to serving?!” or Is it time to quit my day job and go full-out with my business? or How can I stop worrying so much about my competitors, and find the courage to do my thing, my way? I’ll whip out my trusty deck and share what the cards have to say.)

Everything listed above is delivered to you in a beautiful, easy-to-read digital booklet. No astro-babble or mystical jargon. Just plain English and clear, actionable guidance. (Plus… a few extra surprises. Like your power cardpower number and theme song for the year! ????

One week after you receive your Entrepreneurcast booklet, we’ll have a 30-minute phone reading to wrap things up with a bow. This phone reading is your chance to ask follow-up questions, get clarification on anything that doesn’t feel crystal clear, brainstorm possibilities for new revenue streams, or just squeal and clap your hands with excitement about all the great work & good times ahead. (I’ll be celebrating right along with you!)

How to book your Entrepreneurcast.  I will do 10 Entrepreneurcasts for June 2020. The rate is $475. Once they are gone, they are gone. The next round won’t be available until November 2020.

You’ll receive a payment confirmation note straight away — along with a request for your birthday, birth time (it must be exact for accuracy), birthplace and your three burning questions. Your Entrepreneurcast will arrive by June 30, 2020.  The follow-up phone consultations will be booked between July 1-31, 2020.

December’s batch is sold out! Get on the waitlist for the next round.

When it comes to your business, a GREAT plan makes all the difference. I can’t wait to get all up in yo’ business… help you get focused and clear… and get you squared away for the BEST possible year!


“After years growing a business that I absolutely adored, I’d started hearing a little internal voice that it was time to move on to the next phase of my entrepreneurial journey. At first, I resisted. But the more I logically argued with myself that I didn’t need to change course, the louder that little voice got. I sent Theresa the questions that were keeping me up at night. My Entrepreneurcast reaffirmed what my intuition was telling me while helping me to see the where I needed to be cautious as I made this transition and where I could go all in. It’s become a huge part of my strategic planning for 2015 – and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my business has already 2x over the year before in just the first 6 months of this year!”

– Racheal Cook, Racheal Cook and The Yogipreneur

“My Entrepreneurcast from Theresa Reed has given me superpowers! With this in my hands, I’m unstoppable. No cape required. Like all biz ladies, I’ve got work to do on this planet. And there’s no time to waste. Using Theresa’s insights, support, and super savvy skills, I’ve got the inside track on when to put the pedal to the metal, ease up on the gas, or gently apply the brakes. And maybe even stop at a red light now and then. It’s a treasure-trove of goodies! Plus, from a calendar planning perspective — I am a Virgo after all — this guide is gonna do some heavy lifting and help me plot out the next year (and beyond) for me. The clear, direct, detailed, and amazingly useful information contained in this baby ensures it’s always within arm’s reach. If you’re like me and want as many insights as possible to rock your empire-building, order yours pronto!”
– Victoria Prozan,

“I love watching Theresa ‘do business’ because she trusts her gut and doesn’t get derailed by all the noise and nonsense out there. That’s rare. She is one of the few people on the planet that I go to when I need ‘clarity’ or ‘direction’ for my business, and her Entrepreneurcast provided me with a generous helping of both. So smart. So focused. So clear. I am even more energized and ready for the New Year!”

– Alexandra Franzen,

“Entrepreneurs need as much knowledge and insight as they can be able to build a solid foundation for a thriving business in the world and that’s exactly what The Entrepreneurcast provides. It’s the perfect mix of astrology, tarot, and numerology to give you a really clear insight into the rhythms and patterns of your business. Being able to understand the forces of play under the board and peak times for launches is a perfect, powerful mix of “aha” for the entrepreneur that is looking to amp up their opportunities, minimize wonkiness, and to be able to maximize the amount of moolah that they are bringing in their business. It’s rooted, grounded, and practical, accessible, and infinitely valuable. I think The Entrepreneurcast is totally needed and will be super usable to anybody who is looking to put their thing out into the world with added insights and support behind their business.”
– Fabeku

“I’ve never done an “Entrepreneurcast” before but when I saw Theresa’s invitation, I jumped on it. My intuition was telling me that a major shift was about to occur – what better way to get a handle on it than a tarot reading from Theresa. Little did I know how impactful this reading would be to the direction I decided to take in 2015. I carry the Entrepreneurcast with me. Among several specific areas that have already proven fruitful (and it’s only February!) are the number and card for the year. Both have significant meaning to me, something Theresa would not have known beforehand so to have these appear in my Entrepreneurcast just made it that much more exciting. Without Theresa’s Entrepreneurcast I don’t know that I would have had the guideposts, the information, the direction from which to move into 2015. Toward the end of the Entrepreneurcast, Theresa offered words of wisdom to take into 2015. I actually took five of the words and made them my creative process for 2015. I had them professionally printed individually and have them hanging across the mirror in my Sacred Space Studio. I stand perfectly balanced on the precipice of the already unfolding shift in my world in 2015. I am grateful to have had both the intuition and wisdom to invest in Theresa’s Entreprenueurcast.”

Jill Campana, Vice President – The Nutman Co. USA, Inc., Black Belt Nia Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Facilitator

“Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra support when you make decisions. This is when I turn to Theresa and her Tarot skills. That’s why I jumped on the offer for a business forecast for the coming year. And I wanted to get specific questions answered. What I got was nothing short of amazing. Theresa provided a structure of beneficial dates, required skills and warning signs I should look out for. Part of the Entrepreneurcast was a half hour reading on the phone. This was when we cleared up all the questions I had, looked at the energy around specific areas in my business and mapped out ways to get me where I want to be at the end of 2015. The new year is still young and I find myself going back again and again to my Entrepreneurcast, checking for times of activity and rest, times to move full speed ahead, and times to launch programs. I find it mind-boggling how clear she can see what’s ahead of me. Thank you Theresa.”
– Tiny Jaentsch,

“I’m a big fan of Theresa’s work. Huge actually. Her readings are clear, incredibly accurate, insightful and potent. I’m such a big fan that even my very logical husband utilizes Theresa’s readings when making work decisions. Good stuff! I had heard about her Entrepreneurcast through other impressed business owners and I knew they were swept up quickly so when I was able to snag one, I was stoked! Receiving this information was such a useful part of my yearly planning. Knowing what dates may involve more challenge and what dates may have a little extra magic for launching… Priceless info for any business owner. And of course that’s just a piece of it, Theresa goes deep into the overarching theme of your year as well as the layers that make up the whole. And as usual, she’s not afraid to say what needs to be said. That kind of truth speaking, is an absolute must for me when seeking any kind of guidance or coaching. If you’re looking for sound, useful input about your business, the investment in an Entrepreneurcast from Theresa will itself back tenfold.”

– Danielle Cohen, photographer and luminous truth seer,

“I’ve done several readings – via phone and email – with Theresa. She’s scary-right-on accurate, insightful and crazy helpful. Every time. So, when I heard she was offering the Entrepreneurcast, I was stoked. Adding her magic to my business plan? That’s a no brainer.  I wasn’t fast enough to snag one of the first 10 she offered. After much teeth gnashing and wailing, I was relieved to see she planned to offer another ten just a few short weeks later.I literally put the day and time of the release of the Entrepreneurcast on my calendar… with a five minute lead time.   I sat in front of my computer hitting “refresh” on the Buy Now screen until I saw that magical button activate. Then, I pounced.  And, it’s a good thing I did. Those ten ‘casts sold out within seven minutes! Einstein reportedly said, “If you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”  That’s not a a problem for Theresa.  My understanding of Astrology ends with being able to list the 12 signs. OK. Maybe *most* of the 12 signs. Yet, I had absolutely no problem understanding the wisdom, insight, and guidance outlined in my Entrepreneurcast. The beauty of Theresa’s talent is that it’s not limited to tarot and astrology. She’s also a biz whiz. That makes her sort of bi-lingual. Or, is that tri-lingual. She can take the mystical magics she sees in my chart and in the cards, and translate it into concise, clear, easy-to-understand language that I can actually use to move my business forward. I made a huge financial investment in my business for 2014 as I was laying the foundation for 2015 and forward. The ‘cast helped verify that I had made the right decision, was moving in the right direction, and that my investment – financial and otherwise – would payoff in a big way. The ‘cast gave me a roadmap of how the year is going to play out energetically. Knowing where the highs and lows are likely to show up and which pieces of my business they’re going to impact is invaluable. Here’s a perfect example: I’m in the midst of evaluating making a big change in the way I work with my clients. I’ve been angst-ing and struggling and analyzing and meditating and, and, and trying to figure out the right way to turn. Something in the whole process triggered a memory of something Theresa wrote in my Entrepreneurcast. I picked up my packet and read what the expected energies were for this time of year. Blammo! The decision I’m trying to make is spelled out there, in the ‘cast. Not the answer, mind you. But, clues about where the question was coming from, the fact that this question needed to be answered, and where/how it would impact my biz going forward.”
– Kellie Walker, coach, truth teller

“Out of the many products and services I’ve bought for my business, the Entrepreneurcast is the most holistic and impossibly helpful tool I’ve invested in thus far. Theresa has created a personalized resource that gives me confidence about the way I helm my business, and the information provided has inspired me to obsessively follow news of any Entrepreneurcasts to be released in the years to come. This is my secret weapon!”

– Esmé Weijun Wang, writer, speaker, and creative consultant,

“The Entrepreneurcast – what can I say except MIND? BLOWN. She weaves together astrology, Tarot, music, advice, support… everything you want and need in your life. If my year turns out to be 1/10th as amazing as she says it’s going to be, I will be thrilled!! This forecast really set me on the right track to lay out the year in my business, and I look forward to watching everything unfold – if I know Theresa, it will all go exactly as she says and I couldn’t be happier.”
– Devon Clement, doula

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