Full Moon in Libra 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Libra 2022 shows up on Saturday, April 16th at 2:55 PM EDT. This signals a change in the realm of relationships, legal affairs, social justice, and diplomacy. Full Moons bring closure, so it’s possible something is coming to an end in one of those areas. For example, you may settle a lawsuit or part ways with a partner. Whatever is happening gets complicated by a Moon-Pluto square at 5:57 PM EDT, an aspect usually associated with power struggles. This means the day could certainly feel wonky. Even so, you must be willing to tie up loose ends. You’re getting free.

Boundaries will be tested, so you’ll want to keep yours intact. The shadow side of Libra is manipulation and passive-aggressiveness. Someone may try to lay a guilt trip or gaslight you. Don’t fall for this. Remain firm, no matter how hard that may be. Once the Moon slides into Scorpio at 8:23 PM EDT, the ties will be cut and you’ll be on your way. Better yet: the Moon will trine Mars at 10:55 PM EDT, a fabulous aspect that puts a positive emotional spin into the evening. Suddenly, you’re moving forward at the speed of light and able to envision a bigger, brighter future. With nothing or no one to hold you back, the sky is the limit.

This lunation is marvelous for other types of changes: new levels with a partner, taking a stand against injustice, and revamping your surroundings. On the world’s stage, diplomatic efforts are in the spotlight – but will they work…or fail? Putin is a Libra so the ball is in his court. How he plays remains to be seen, but I’d like to say with that Moon-Pluto square, don’t expect him to give up his power-play easily.

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Libra 2022 Tarot Readings with the Rosebud Tarot!

Full Moon in Libra 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Death – You are on the cusp of a metamorphosis. Let go of the old so you can spread your wings and soar!

Taurus: Two of Water – The possibility of a deep connection is here. Make the effort, reap the rewards.

Gemini: Alchemy – You are able to transform your situation. The magic is with you – and up to you.

Cancer: Ace of Water reversed – Emotions spill over. It may be impossible to remain objective.

Leo: The Tower – You’ve had enough of the bullshit. Now you’re ready to tear it all down and burn those bridges.

Virgo: Emergence – You are awakening to new possibilities. Keep an open mind – and see what is waiting to unfold.

Libra: Ten of Air – What’s done is done. Put it behind you so you can begin the process of healing.

Scorpio: The Wheel reversed – Fate is deciding things at the moment. You need to wait this out.

Sagittarius: Sovereignty of Fire – Adventure awaits! You love exploring new trails – prepare to blaze a few.

Capricorn: Seven of Air – There are foxes trying to get into your henhouse. Shields up!

Aquarius: Eight of Earth – Your skills are continuing to improve. Practice is making you a pro.

Pisces: The World – You’ve come to a major turning point in your journey. All that hard work made you into the person you are today.



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