Full Moon in Libra March 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign
The Full Moon in Libra arrives on Wednesday, March 20th at 9:43 PM EDT which signals an excellent time for reflecting on your relationships. Are they balanced and healthy? Or are things lop-sided? Consider whether you’re giving as much as you’re getting – and vice versa. Look for ways to even the scales so that you’re not dragged down – or bringing anyone else down. Harmony is possible but only if you are willing to end the habits and mindsets that are not serving you…or your relationships.

This day could bring closure, forgiveness, or a relationship reboot. It’s also possible that a key partnership may come to an end. Perhaps you’ve outgrown it. Or maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you see that it’s not going anywhere fast (that friends with benefits thing is so old). You deserve better than that! Delete them from your phone, unfriend, unfollow, LET GO. This will create space for someone better to show up.

The Full Moon in Libra is also a fantastic time for seeking balance in other areas of your life. Are you overdoing it? Taking on too much crap? Saying yes when you really want to say no? This is your day to stop the madness. Find your center – and stay there.

By the way, we get another chance to sort out relationships and life balance next month when we get a second Full Moon in Libra. So don’t feel bad if you find that you’re still hanging on to those unhealthy relationships or habits far longer than you’d like. April will give you another shot to cut the cords, say no, and restore balance ‘n order. 

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Libra mini Tarot readings with the Tarot Universal Dali!

Full Moon in Libra March 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Judgment – A wake-up call blasts you right in the face. Are you ready to release the old and start anew? The time is here for a real rebirth.

Taurus: Nine of Swords – Something you’re worrying about becomes real. No more hiding your head in your hands. Face your fears head-on.

Gemini: Ten of Swords – Endings are on the way. Do your part to let go. Ahead, a new day is rising – and it’s golden.

Cancer: Reina De Copas – You’ve got a big heart and today, let it bleed. Share your feelings. Trust that your emotions are sending you the right signals.

Leo: Eight of Wands – Pack your bags and hit the road. Take a trip if you can. If you can’t, look for other ways to expand your horizons.

Virgo: The Emperor – Everything is under control! All that hard work you’ve been doing has put you in the power position. You’re the BO$$!

Libra: Six of Pentacles – If you need help, ask. Don’t be afraid to let others know what’s going on. Also: be ready to return the favor if you see suffering.

Scorpio: Four of Swords – While everyone else is running around like maniacs, you can rest up. Why get your knickers in a twist when you can chill out?

Sagittarius: The Hanged Man – A sacrifice must be made. What are you ready and willing to let go of in order for your dream to materialize?

Capricorn: Ace of Cups – New love or a fresh emotional beginning are coming your way. If you’re ready for a new relationship or a new life, the Universe is about to deliver.

Aquarius: Seven of Swords – You can’t handle it all – nor do you need to. What can you stop doing in order to create space for what you want to do?

Pisces: Sota De Bastos – Be bold. Go for the thing you want the most now. Opportunity knocks – what are you waiting for? Take a chance!



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