Full Moon in Sagittarius 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Sagittarius 2019 arrives on Monday, June 17th at 4:31 AM EDT. This is your cue to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. If you have something to say, do not hesitate to speak up. Say what’s on your mind and let the chips fall where they may. Your truth can be your weapon – or your tool for freedom. Let it serve you well.

Because the Full Moon favors letting go, it may also be a smart day to reflect on the beliefs and truths that no longer feel relevant. Perhaps you’ve told yourself a story over and over. Maybe at one time that story was true and it served a purpose. But if it’s holding you back or making you feel like crap, why keep telling it? Release that old version of your life to make way for a new vision.

This is also a fantastic day to get your travel plans for the rest of the year squared away. Look at your calendar. Where do you want to go? What might satisfy your wanderlust? Schedule in your adventures and gear up for some marvelous journeys.

This Full Moon will be immediately void-of-course at 4:31 AM, which means you certainly don’t want to begin working on any new projects this morning. Keep your day as light as possible. Rest if you can. By 12:13 PM, the Moon will shift into industrious Capricorn, giving you the nudge to get to work.

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Sagittarius 2019 Tarot Readings with The Neo Tarot!

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign


Aries: The Sun – Spend the day in the sun. Play. Leave your worries behind. The future’s oh-so-bright right now. Everything is possible.

Taurus: Nine of Cups – That thing you want the most? Yeah that. You’re about to get it. Make your wish!

Gemini: Two of Wands – All of your plans are coming together beautifully. Success is at hand! The world is your oyster.

Cancer: Four of Swords – Of all the signs, you are most sensitive to the Full Moon. Rest up. Don’t push yourself.

Leo: Three of Swords – The potential for drama and misunderstandings is high. Watch that your emotions don’t get the best of you.

Virgo: The Hanged Woman – Everything is on hold at the moment. That’s not such a bad thing. Let go and let the gods take over.

Libra: Temperance – You may feel as if you are in the midst of great change. Go with the flow. See where it takes you.

Scorpio: Queen of Pentacles – What you nurture grows. The energy is fertile and rich. Plant your seeds and take care of them.

Sagittarius: King of Cups – You’re more sensitive than normal right now. That’s okay. Wear your big heart on your sleeve.

Capricorn: Queen of Cups – Everybody wants your advice right now. You’re deeply tuned in and will deliver the goods, every time.

Aquarius: Eight of Wands – Ship ahoy! Get your travel plans together. Already on the road? Enjoy the view.

Pisces: Ten of Cups – All of your goals are coming along in divine time. Your happy ending is here. Celebrate a recent win!



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Here’s the best time to watch the Moon (it’s also called the Strawberry Moon!).

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