Full Moon in Scorpio 2024 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Intuition rises when the Full Moon in Scorpio 2024 lights up the sky on April 23rd at 7:49 PM ET. This is the most psychic, emo Moon of the year, so get ready to feel your feelings – and all the vibes! If you’re a stoic type, this might feel uncomfortable. However, it’s best to lean into this sensitive energy. You might discover something about yourself!

Full Moons signal closure, endings, and change. In transformational Scorpio, you might be ready to let go of old baggage once and for all. This lunation also sheds light on your deepest desires. Hence, it’s essential to release whatever you’ve outgrown in order to make space for what you want. Keep in mind that Scorpio is a fixed sign. It tends to hold on for dear life. Relinquishing the old may feel scary around this day, but once you find the courage to say “bye,” relief will set in.

This lunar event is preceded by a harsh angle to Pluto, which pushes buttons and illuminates shadows. You may feel as if the Universe is pushing you out of your comfort zone before the Full Moon arrives. Sit with your feelings. They are giving you data on the transformation ahead.

Scorpio doesn’t do anything halfway. This is an all-or-nothing opportunity to clear the way for the new beginning your soul craves. So, settle in for a wild emotional ride, listen closely to your instincts, and be open to what is revealed. The change you want (or need) is just around the corner.

Here’s your Full Moon in Scorpio 2024 Tarot Readings for each zodiac sign with the Goddess Tarot!

Full Moon in Scorpio 2024 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Magic – Your power surges. Use it wisely. You can create miracles or mayhem.

Taurus: King of Pentacles – The practical work of the past is creating true security. Keep up the good work!

Gemini: Seven of Pentacles – You’ve come a long way but still have work to do. Don’t give up now!

Cancer: Five of Swords – A victory through unfair means never feels sweet. Do the right thing.

Leo: Beginnings – The old life is over. You can create a new story – with a happy ending.

Virgo: Ace of Cups – New love is possible. Be open to the possibilities. (Psst…love yourself first.)

Libra: Six of Cups – Make peace with the past. No matter what happened, you’re thriving now.

Scorpio: Temptation – New choices emerge. Some of these are delicious; others are mischievous. Choose carefully.

Sagittarius: Three of Swords – Conflicts reach a head. Do not fear this – you can clear the air once and for all.

Capricorn: Four of Wands – Celebrations, parties, small trips – all the fun things unfold for you now. Enjoy your life!

Aquarius: Princess of Cups – Where is your heart taking you? The only way to find out is to follow along.

Pisces: Seven of Swords – A friendly fox attempts to get into your henhouse. Stay alert – and you’ll keep them out.



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