Full Moon in Taurus 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign
The Full Moon in Taurus 2019 shows up on Tuesday, November 12th at 8:34 AM EST. This is a glorious day to pamper yourself. Indulge your senses! Surround yourself with flowers, get a massage, sleep in, eat a fancy dinner, put on a face mask – basically, anything that makes you feel good. As Calgon takes you away, ponder how to make self-care rituals a regular thing. After all, you don’t need the excuse of the Full Moon in Taurus to treat yourself right!

Because Taurus rules money, this is also a fab day for organizing your finances. Start by looking over your budget. From there, plug the leaks, pay the bills, balance the checkbook, and file your papers. It feels good to be in charge of your revenue! Also, if you have energetic blockages around money ala poverty consciousness, this might be the right day to go deep, root out the source of those beliefs, and let them go once and for all. Take responsibility for your income and your attitude – and you’ll carve out a secure future.

Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde at this time. It’s possible that an old flame or outstanding debt may try to get your attention around this day. If something (or someone) pops up, let this be your day to say “bye boy/debt.” Do not carry anything forward into the next year that weighs you down.

The Moon will be void-of-course starting at 10:48 AM, making the rest of the day best suited for quiet activities, rest, and contemplation. Do not push yourself or start new things. This day is for endings instead.

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Taurus 2019 mini Tarot readings with The This Might Hurt Tarot!

Full Moon in Taurus 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign


Aries: Three of Cups – Parties and celebrations beckon. As the holiday season kicks into high gear, you’re ready to party down! Have fun!

Taurus: Temperance – Slow down. Ponder your options. Everything in your life is up for review. You’re in the midst of a new life.

Gemini: King of Wands – Take command of your life. Step up your game and lead the way to the future you want. BE BOLD.

Cancer: Page of Wands – Good news arrives today. Opportunity knocks. This could be a new job, a creative venture, or promotion.

Leo: Nine of Swords – If something has been bugging you, seek support. Make your mental health a priority today (and always).

Virgo: Five of Cups – Give yourself permission to grieve. If you have experienced a loss, you need time to let your feelings flow.

Libra: Knight of Cups – If you want more romance, a chance is here to make that happen. State your intentions! Wear your heart on your sleeve!

Scorpio: Three of Swords – A stormy day. Things go from bad to worse. But bear with it. A silver lining is about to be revealed.

Sagittarius: Two of Cups – Connections deepen. Relationships can thrive. Make your move and get closer.

Capricorn: Five of Wands – You’re never afraid to hustle. Today, let your ambitions rule. Throw your hat in the ring and go for the gold!

Aquarius: The Hanged Man – Instead of trying to force an outcome, why not let it go and see what happens? The Universe might surprise you.

Pisces: Knight of Pentacles – You’re on firmer ground at this time. Remain practical in all your endeavors. Do not waver.



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