Get In Charge - the money e-course for mystical entrepreneurs

The e-course for spiritual business owners & service providers

who are sick of over-giving and under-earning.


You’re loving, caring, intuitive — and you’ve got spiritual skills that can really help improve people’s lives.

Maybe you read Tarot.

Maybe you’ve been doing astrology since your freshman year of high school.

Maybe you’re an animal whisperer, a Reiki master, a medium, or a life coach with a soulful spin to your practice.

You’ve got a LOT to offer your clients — but when it comes to actually charging MONEY for your talents, like a legit business owner?

OMG. Total freak out. Flushed face. Sweaty palms. Anxiety tsunami.

It’s tearing you apart because you really want to make a living through your craft.

You want to go pro and do this — for real.

But for some reason, thinking about pricing your products and services, setting up a professional online shop, and dealing with (gulp!) taxes throw you totally out of whack.

You’re in a cycle of money-stress, earning far less than you could — and it sucks.

Want things to change?

Then it’s time for you to…


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GET IN CHARGE is an e-course for spiritual business owners & service providers who are sick of over-giving and under-earning.

You can sign up and begin anytime.

The lessons are emailed to you automatically, one per day, for 21 days.

Read one lesson per day, or save ‘em up and binge-read a whole bunch of lessons on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. The pacing is up to you!

[get the course: $21]

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During each day of GET IN CHARGE, you receive a brief money-lesson — a quick but powerful ditty that you can read in 5-10 minutes or less.

Course topics include: pricing, setting boundaries, communicating with customers to clearly explain how you roll and win their respect, and dealing with tricky situations — like people who try to guilt-trip you into working for free.

You also get a Money Jam of the day: a hot song that will inspire you to BO$$ UP and charge what you’re worth. (DJ T-Swizzle in the house!)

Many lessons include fill-in-the-blank email scripts and website language that will help you to lay out your money policies, prevent annoying refund-requests, and repel freebie-seekers, haters and whiners from your business. These scripts? Major time- and sanity-savers. Priceless.

Here’s a peek at the lesson plan:

Day 1. Get a healthy money attitude.

Day 2. Decide what a “rich life” means to you.

Day 3. Decide how much you want to earn.

Day 4. Decide how you are going to hit your “number.”

Day 5. Get clear on what you are actually… doing.

Day 6. Lock down your money policies.

Day 7. Spruce up your website.

Day 8. Join the 21st century. Seriously.

Day 9. Announce the changes you’re making. No apologies.

Day 10. Deal with haters and whiners — gracefully.

Day 11. Elevate your industry. Be the exception, not the rule.

Day 12. Quit doling out freebies.

Day 13. Give strategically.

Day 14. Stop bartering. This isn’t freaking Burning Man.

Day 15. Stop putting your soul on sale.

Day 16. Don’t take any bullshit.

Day 17. Make peace with taxes.

Day 18. Nip refund-requests in the bud.

Day 19. Stop clients from flaking out, rescheduling, or canceling at the last minute.

Day 20. Use “slow seasons” strategically.

Day 21. Turn your fav clients into “repeat offenders.”

Expect sassy, no-BS encouragement to charge what you’re worth… valuable communication scripts… specific action steps to take… and my usual blend of swagger and love. 🙂

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Whether you choose to sign up for GET IN CHARGE, or not, your next move to stop thinking about yourself as a broke-ass hippie — and start thinking about yourself as a legitimate entrepreneur on-the-rise.

Remember that your services are valuable. Far more valuable that you might realize.

Through your mystical, spiritual or healing work, you are helping to improve people’s lives. You are providing clarity… focus… direction… confidence… self-understanding… in some instances, closure and peace of mind.

These kinds of spiritual and emotional benefits are not “worthless.” Not at all.

They’re worth more than gold.

Hold your head high — and charge accordingly.

The greater respect you give to yourself, the more respect (and well-deserved CA$H) you will receive from everyone else. That’s a fact. And you can take that to the bank!

[get the course: $21]

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Make this the year that you finally GET IN CHARGE.

I am rooting for your wealth & success!


*Special note: there are no refunds for digital products.  Please make sure you really want that swag before you hit the buy button!


little fox tarot melissa“As a small business owner, a lot of my business practices come from trial and error.  The great thing about this is that my business is very personalized and I can move comfortably within it. The bad part is that my boundaries with clients were wiggly, my money habits were iffy, and honestly I just made a lot of my policies up after I ran into a problem. After going through Theresa’s “Get in Charge” program, my boundaries are tight, my financial habits are strong, and there is no guesswork for my clients when it comes to where I stand. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have finished this course.  It was essentially like having someone give approval to my practices.” ~ Melissa, tarot reader


Beth_Maiden_2“Get in Charge is a no-nonsense guide to working through some of the most common issues for small business owners. It certainly spoke to many of the challenges I’ve faced over the first two years of running my tarot business.I love Theresa’s style. Each email is short enough to get your attention and fit seamlessly into your day, but detailed enough to provide insightful, relevant, actionable tips. It has changed the way I see and do elements of my business, and I found that my confidence as a boss was boosted by her helpful, encouraging lessons. I completed the course feeling more determined than ever to run my business in the absolute best way that I can.” ~ Beth Maiden, tarot reader + writer


jacquelyn tierney“Whether you are a newbie business owner or a seasoned vet, it’s always time to get in charge of your business, and Theresa Reed’s “Get In Charge” provides no b.s. tips and tricks on how to do just that. Need some scripts to help you put your foot down? Get In Charge offers that. Wish you could go on a mastermind retreat, but crunched on time? Get In Charge is your daily mental Vitamin. Want to breathe new life into your biz, but don’t know where to start? Get In Charge is a gold mine for ideas.The best part? The daily reminders that lead to those OMG Yes! lightbulb moments –and confirmations that your intuition was right all along.Now, go get in charge!”   ~ Jacquelyn Tierney, designer + Destiny card reader


 Hilary Parry“Most things in life are paid for with MONEY… not with a song, not with a sandwich, and not with a promise of a hamburger tomorrow for a hamburger today. Try asking your cell phone provider if they’d like a tarot reading in exchange for this month’s usage, and see how it goes! With Theresa Reed’s new e-course Get In Charge, it’s time to take hold of your financial reins and get a healthy understanding of what money is, what you can do with it, and how to get more of it. I have gone from someone who dreaded tax season to someone who celebrates it. Think of Get In Charge as a handy guide to immersing yourself in the energy of the Pentacles suit while keeping your Cups heart intact.”—Hilary Parry, professional card reader, writer, and editor,

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