It’s no secret that I’m a busy woman.

Workaholic = guilty as charged.

Shit gets done around here.

People often ask how I manage to be so prolific.

My secret: a highly organized day, which allows me to be efficient and productive but with just enough play to stay sane.

Wanna get a peek at my methods of operation?  Here is my current daily routine:

I usually crawl out of bed around six or seven in the morning.  I rarely use an alarm clock because my body just knows it’s time to get up.

how i roll wake up

I’m religious about dental care so the tooth brushing gets handled first (and a few more times throughout the day).  A mug of tea later and I’m ready to get on the computer to get a handle on my social media and inbox.  I know, I know…the experts say never to do this first thing in the morning, but I’m nosy and won’t relax until I am sure all email fires are under control and my Card for the Day and Six Second Tarot videos are posted.


The next thing: get the cats fed.  By now, they are being jerks and I must tend to their needs.  (They have a lot of needs.)

After managing the boys, I grab a quick breakfast (I’m on a diet now so it’s either yogurt or a smoothie) and then get to work on my writing. It may be a blog post, a new e-book or class. I write something every single morning. (There is usually a cat on my lap at this time.)

how i roll cat at work

I take a quick scan of the news and then it’s time for self-care.

I like to get in my yoga and meditation daily.  On three days out of the week, I add in light weight training.  The weight training is a must because I love to eat plus I am trying to curb my osteoporosis (Random fact: did you know women lose an average of half a pound of muscle mass once they hit thirty? A woman my age can lose 0.4 pounds of muscle mass a year! YIKES.).

how i roll yoga time

After hitting the showers, I run errands with my husband.  We walk, go to the bank, visit my baristas, and talk.  This is sacred “together” time for us and we never miss it.  We also like to market every day for fresh groceries because I usually cook every day. (I wake up in the morning thinking  “what will I eat today?”)  Sometimes one of the children will join us for a coffee and chit chat.

Then, it’s back to work!  Even though I’ve already gotten stuff done, my official work day begins at 11AM and ends at 7PM.  I don’t see clients until 1PM.  The first two hours are emails.  Whether it’s email readings or scheduling, I hit that inbox hard.  (Theresa fact: I never answer the phone. All readings are scheduled via email so I can be efficient and keep track of appointments.)

I see clients four days a week.  It might be a mix of in person or over the phone. I also make time to check emails and social media a few times during my day.

tarot lady at work

On my non-client days, I have this set schedule:

Mondays: clean the house, teach two yoga classes, masterminds, and business meetings.

Wednesdays: business meetings, brainstorming, paperwork, mentoring, one yoga class.

Sundays: light email work and writing, power walking, cook fancy dinner, brainstorm, rest, make list for the week.

I rarely take lunch but I will graze on some snacks here and there throughout the day.  Once I’m working, lunch seems like a pain-in-the-ass interruption so snacking suits me better.

My office closes on-the-dot no later than 7PM.  Then, it’s time to grab a glass of wine and get my butt in the kitchen.

Cooking is my way to unwind at the end of the day. Plus, like I said above: I like to eat.  And I like to eat well.

On any given night it might be paella, roasted chicken, or some exotic fare.  Sundays, I go all out and will make something more complex + invite the kids over for dinner and some television.


And yes, I love, love, love television.  I get flack from people who think it’s not spiritual, but I don’t give a damn.  Give me the Food Network, Intervention, Girls, or Game of Thrones and I’m a happy camper.  It’s a delicious escape at the end of my day.

If nothing’s on, you’ll find me reading.  It might be a food or fashion magazine – or one of the many books on my reading table.  Curling up with some reading material is the perfect way to wind my grind all the way down.

If weather permits, I’ll take a nightly walk with my husband (need to get on that more but the weather has not been too friendly lately).


Then, I’ll check the inbox one more time before cleaning up and hitting the sack.  (I never like to keep clients hanging.)

I need my rest so I’m usually in bed no later than eleven o’clock.  Then I’m ready to boss up the next day, nice ‘n rested, same bat time, same bat channel.

So that’s how I do it, day in and day out.  Now tell me…how do you roll, playa?



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2015

photos from personal collection

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