Is Tarot appropriate for kids?

Tarot has been around for more than 500 years. 

Some call it a “card game.” Others call it an “intuitive art.” Many folks (like myself) love Tarot because it’s a wonderful way to explore options, listen to your instincts, and make confident decisions. 

But is it appropriate for kids? 

As a professional Tarot reader who has worked in the metaphysical industry for more than 30 years—and a mom who has raised two terrific kids with kind hearts and good manners—my opinion is, “Yes. Tarot is great for kids.”

It’s totally fine for kids to get a Tarot reading, or learn how to do Tarot. 

But—very important butwhen you’re doing Tarot with children, always make sure you’re using a Tarot deck that is age-appropriate. 

If you grab a random Tarot deck off the shelf at your local bookstore, this deck might include images that are scary or confusing for kids. 

For instance, in a traditional Tarot deck, there’s the Death card (which often depicts a ghoulish figure), the Tower card (a blazing, crumbling tower with people leaping from windows and fleeing for their lives), the Lovers card (ahem…use your imagination). 

That’s why it’s super important to grab a deck that is kid-friendly—with language and artwork that is age-appropriate for youngsters. Think: G-rated Tarot deck instead of R-rated. 

Just like you wouldn’t let your kid watch just “any” movie or read “any” book, don’t let them use “any” Tarot deck that they happen to grab with their adorable little fingers!

Is Tarot appropriate for kids?

Best Tarot decks for kids

Tarot for Kids

A great deck for your kid, or anyone who wants to feel like a kid again! 

I wrote the guidebook for this deck. Kailey Whitman contributed the beautiful artwork. 

Cat Tarot

I’m obsessed with cats so obviously, this was a must-have-deck for me. It doesn’t get more adorable than this!

Kawaii Tarot

This deck is so stinking cute – and the simplified images make it easy to understand.

Happy Tarot

A sweet, funny little deck that any kid will enjoy!

Witchling Academy Tarot

Pamela Chen’s latest creation is perfect for the anime lover in your world!

Affirmators! Tarot Cards Deck

This is a colorful, positive tarot deck. Great for beginners – but old dawgs like me will love it too!

Is Tarot appropriate for kids?

Teaching kids how to do Tarot

Teaching kids how to do Tarot…is pretty similar to teaching adults. Kids are smart and they’ll pick up the basics quickly.

You can explain to your child:

– There are 78 cards in the Tarot deck.

– Every card has a different picture…and a different message for you.

– Think about a question. Say the question out loud, if you want.

– Shuffle the deck.

– Spread out the cards.

– Pick one card. Look at it closely. What do you notice on the card? What do you think this card is saying to you? Do you think this card has a message for you or an answer to your question? What is it?

– Invite your child to share what they notice and feel.

– Discuss what they’ve shared together. Try to arrive at a place where your child feels like they’ve gotten an answer to their question and they feel clear on what to do next.

That’s a quick and simple way to introduce kids to Tarot. 

From there, there’s so much more to learn. 

Get Tarot for Kids and read the 96-page guidebook that accompanies the deck. 

This guidebook covers everything you need to know to introduce kids to Tarot.

Tarot is definitely not just for grown-ups. It’s a wonderful tool for kids and teens, too. 

Learning how to do Tarot can help kids:

– Compare options (“Should I do A, B, or C?”) and make better decisions.

– Feel powerful instead of victimized (“No matter what’s going on, I always have choices.”)

– Tune into their instincts and gut feelings.

– Understand the connection between actions and rewards, as well as actions and consequences.

– And (especially when it comes to smaller kids) build motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

As a parent, doing Tarot with your kids will become a cherished family tradition—something your kid looks forward to doing just like bedtime stories or movie night. 

You might be surprised by the wise, profound, or hilarious things that your child says to you during a Tarot reading.

Grab a deck and play! 



@ Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2021

images from stock photography, Danielle Cohen, and Nathan Ricks



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