Is Tarot Bad or Evil?

by Theresa Reed on June 25, 2013


This month, I’m answering some of your biggest, gnarliest (and most common) questions about tarot.

Today’s question: is tarot bad or evil?

Short answer: no.

Long answer:  some people believe that reading tarot is “evil” or “the work of the devil”.  This fear based mindset is often due to negative portrayals of tarot in the media or through religious beliefs.

My thoughts are this:  while there are perhaps some rather negative tarot readers out there, the cards themselves are rather neutral. They are nothing more than 78 paper cards with images on them.  

Perhaps the intent of the user could determine if they are negative.  But if we go by that theory, then a kitchen knife should be evil because someone MIGHT do something harmful with one.

Most people who use tarot do so because it helps them find direction.  They see it as a tool for problem solving and decision making – as well as an ally on their life’s journey.  And the majority of readers get into tarot professionally because they want to help people – and tarot just happens to be their preferred method.

It is up to tarot readers to educate the public as often as possible – this is the way to take the fear and stigma out of tarot’s reputation.  If we show how tarot can be a helpful tool for self development, we can shine a positive light on it.

If you are dealing with people who have a negative world view of tarot – here is my rule of thumb:

For the people who assume that tarot is against their religious beliefs, then it is best to respect that and leave it be.   You don’t need to be converting anyone.   Do not take their opinion personally.  Instead be a model of mutual respect – honor their beliefs and do not ridicule nor argue – and encourage them to do the same when it comes to your tarot lovin’ ways. We can coexist even if we disagree!

There are also some people who have fears around tarot due to other reasons: they are afraid that they’ll hear something bad.  Or maybe they might “get possessed” (yes, I have heard that).  All a reader can do in those circumstances is make them as comfortable as possible.  Give them a little lesson in how tarot works and they may be more relaxed and open for the reading.  If they are too scared, it is best to not read for them.

Tarot is a wonderful guide in life’s journey but it’s not for everyone.  And you know what?  That’s okay.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013

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layla September 21, 2013 at 3:41 am

Thanks for writing this it has helped me I like using tarot just the things people say are off putting lnl x

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